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Download ☆ Outside the Womb By Scott B. Rae –

Outside the Womb The Use Of Assisted Reproductive Technology ART Is On The Rise In Our Culture As An Alternative For Couples Facing Infertility Issues And Single Women Desiring To Have Children Is It Right Morally, Ethically, Biblically To Engage This New Technology Are There Some Aspects Of ART That Are Acceptable Than Others Outside The Womb The Ethics Of Reproductive Technologies Addresses The Whole Issue Of Making Life , Providing Valuable Information, Both Theologically And Scientifically, For Christian Couples To Reflect Upon As They Consider The Various Fertility Treatments.

Download ☆ Outside the Womb  By Scott B. Rae –
  • Paperback
  • 256 pages
  • Outside the Womb
  • Scott B. Rae
  • English
  • 10 April 2018
  • 9780802450425

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    Outside the Womb 978 0 802 45042 5My husband and I are currently going through IVF, so a title like Outside the Womb Moral Guidance for Assisted Reproduction definitely caught my attention As it turns out, I couldn t be a worse audience for this book First of all, the title of this book really should be Outside the Womb Protestant Christian Guidance for Assisted Reproduction because the only ethical source used here is the Protestant Christian Bible I have no problem with literature designed to cater to a specific demographic, but books should be labeled as such and moral guidance implies to me a much broader range than just Christian doctrine.Literally nothing is consulted in this book except carefully excised passages from the Bible, and the authorial interpretation of those passages There s no mention of the science or technology behind infertility or assisted reproduction in fact, the book claims that infertility as well as all illnesses or difficulties is a result of the entrance of sin into the world The author is a Biblical literalists who believes that Adam and Eve existed and that the first family should be modeled in all reproductive choices He insists that third party participation in reproduction i.e., surrogacy, donated eggs, donated sperm, donated embryos is not God s plan for people s lives The concubines that the Biblical patriarchs had are excused here as being property I m not sure what we re supposed to take from this Don t ...

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