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➣ Forbidden Love Ebook ➩ Author Kaye Manro –

Forbidden Love They Are Galaxies Apart So Different Yet So Much Alike Dr Maya Belle Knows Reptiles While She Is In The Desert Researching Habitats, A Sudden Burst Of Sand Engulfs Her She Can T Believe What Stumbles Out Of A Massive Dune.While On A Survey Mission Over The Planet Terrain, T Kon Crashes His Spacecraft Near Maya S Desert Home He Cannot Remain On This Primitive Warring Planet For Long He Must Repair His Craft And Leave As Quickly As He Came.When Lust Stirs Between Them A Sultry Unbidden Passion Hotter Than The Desert Sands Seizes Them, And Changes Everything Will Maya Abandon Her World For Her Alien Lover Or Will T Kon Set Forth Without Her Forsaking Their Powerful Forbidden Love

    10 thoughts on “➣ Forbidden Love Ebook ➩ Author Kaye Manro –

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    I read this book back in 2011 It s one of the books that got me hooked into reading SFR science fiction romance Too bad it s not available any.

  2. says:

    Poorly written sci fi romance novella Just an amateurish effort all around.

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