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[Ebook] Heat and Light By Mike Wallace –

Heat and Light In Heat Light, A Legendary Journalist And A Journalism Professor Join Forces To Offer A One Of A Kind Guide For Our Next Generation Of Great Journalists Drawing On The Authors Decades Of Experience At The Top Of The Field And Inspired Directly By Beginners Most Frequently Asked Questions, Heat Light Offers Invaluable Advice On Such Topics As Balancing Drama And Information Heat Vs Light Generating And Evaluating Story Ideas The Secrets To Crafting Good Ledes Creating Strong Packages For The Internet, Tv, And Radio The Specific Requirements Of Writing For Print And Broadcast The Art Of The Interview Along The Way, The Authors Share Countless Anecdotes From Their Own Storied Careers And Discuss Larger Questions Such As The Rapidly Growing Role Of Digital Media And What It Means For Today S Aspiring Journalists Includes An Extensive Reporter S Toolbox Of Checklists, Techniques, And Resources

[Ebook] Heat and Light  By Mike Wallace –
  • Paperback
  • 288 pages
  • Heat and Light
  • Mike Wallace
  • English
  • 04 November 2018
  • 9780307464651

    10 thoughts on “[Ebook] Heat and Light By Mike Wallace –

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    It comes as no secret to web readers that the news media is going through the greatest revolution since the days of William Randolph Hearst Newspapers, like Hearst s, are trimming back or going under entirely, while cable news and the internet have dismantled the 24 hour news cycle and put a strain on much of its credibility Who better than seven decade reporter, Mike Wallace, to give us insight into where news journalism has been and where it is going Heat Light Advice for the Next Generation of Journalists written by Wallace and his former CBS News associate and Fordham professor Beth Knobel, serves both as an instruction manual for a new crop of aspiring journalists as well as shedding light on the myriad of processes involved in bringing a story to market Journalistic methodologies from finding stories, to fact checking, to interview techniques are presented from both the authors years of experience as well as the additional expertise of many of their friends and associates in the field 60 Minutes Scott Pelley, veteran reporter Marvin Kalb and others lend a host of personal examples, to illustrate what makes their reporting unique Historical examples from Vietnam era reporting to current day stories of the Obama White House and ...

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    I was skeptical when I first picked up Heat and Light It was not a book I was obligated to read for class, nor was it a book I was told to read for a job it was a book I wanted to read for my future journalist self While I wanted to read it to learn about the ins and outs of journalism, I was still scared that maybe this book would be too technical, too full of lists, and ultimately boring However, after reading the first page, I realized how wrong I was.This is not one of those bullet pointed checklist books telling you how to be a journalist It is not a book so full of information, rules, and guidelines that it makes you lose interest by the second chapter And it is not a book which leaves your brain hurting and your eyes tired No, Heat and Light is a book filled with engaging stories, useful tips, and rewarding advice on how to strive in today s and tomorrow s journalism industry.Written by the prominent Mike Wallace of 60 Minutes, and award winning journalist turned professor, Beth Knobel, these two experienced reporters show not tell what it takes to make it as a journalist in both present day, and future, journalism Along with inspirational and motivational anecdotes from other noteworthy reporters, producers, editors, and anchors, the pages ...

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    Some really good insight for anyone working in Broadcast Print Radio news Towards the end, a lot of the material seemed to be common sense, but added historical facts with certain cases and situations.

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    It was interesting I liked the late chapters than the opening chapters It could be easier in it s language I need it as a journalisim student though iam gonna readi again D

  5. says:

    The Bible for journalists Period.

  6. says:

    Wallace was a brilliant journalists I revered when I was younger One of us has gotten older and simplistic.

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    Good information with a little bit of humor Really great interviewing advice for both broadcast and print journalists.

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