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[[ PDF / Epub ]] ☉ Barnstormers: Game 1 Author Loren Long –

Barnstormers: Game 1Griffith, Graham, And Ruby S Father Passed Away In The War And Now They Must Join Their Mother And Their Father S Wartime Traveling Baseball Team, The Travelin Nine, On A Tour Of America To Raise Money No One Will Tell The Kids Why The Team Needs Money So Badly Their Only Clue Is A Baseball With A Hole The Size Of An Acorn In It That Their Uncle Owen Gave To Them The Night Of Their Father S Funeral They Know Very Little About Its Significance Except That Their Father Made It With His Own Two Hands And Carried It With Him Throughout The War And When All Three Kids Hold The Ball, Strange Things Begin To Happen

[[ PDF / Epub ]] ☉ Barnstormers: Game 1 Author Loren Long –
  • Paperback
  • 160 pages
  • Barnstormers: Game 1
  • Loren Long
  • English
  • 27 January 2017
  • 9781416918844

    10 thoughts on “[[ PDF / Epub ]] ☉ Barnstormers: Game 1 Author Loren Long –

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    If this book and series had come out 20 years ago, I would ve bought it and them for my son, so I could read them too I d only heard of the series after reading a review in last Sunday s paper of Book 5, which is set in New Orleans each book takes the traveling baseball team to a different city So, as I was interested in the N.O baseball connection, I decided to see what the series was all about.It is very well written, and you and your baseball loving youngster if you have one will also get a smattering of history to go along with it, as the team members are veterans of the Spanish American War it s set in 1899 You also get to see in this book a little bit of what Cincinnati must ve been like back then Old time baseball terms are defined in unobtrusive sidebars Did you know that the outfield used to be called the garden So there was left garden, center garden and right garden, instead of the terms we use now.The illustrations are gorgeous and well suited to the time period.I...

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    This book is unlike anything I would usually read, but it was well recommended to me by a respected GR Friend I wish this, which is part of the Sluggers series, had been written when my two sons were involved in Little League Perhaps my 5 year old grandson will have an interest in baseball and I can provide him with the set.This was a quick little read for me, providing a pleasant interlude in a busy day It was the first of the books, originally entitled Barnstormers Game 1 Set in 1899, the early years of baseball, when teams would travel around the country to small towns and cities, earning their pay through the ticket proceeds, a clear picture of the time was viewed The story involves a family of barnstormers, description of games played and a neat little mystery I discovered belatedly that I would have to continue on with other installments to find the solution.Although Loren Long is named as the author, he is also a talented bestselling illustrator His m...

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    I really didn t care for this book I was pretty much confused for the whole first half, I think because there wasn t enough back story Which, I know is hard in a book with 133 pages I also really didn t care for the audio version There were quite a lot of historical baseball terms used and, yes, that part was pretty cool but the narrator kept inserting the modern equivalents directly after each term It really broke up the flow of the book It would have been better to have a glossary at the end, even if some of the terms would have been unfamiliar while reading I ve not seen the print copy yet, so I do...

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    This book was like a first chapter Unless a kid was only interested in reading baseball books, I can t imagine that they would be motivated enough to pursue this series.

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    Originally known as Barnstormers when it was a hardcover only series, now known as Sluggers in hardcover paperback Simon Schuster This has a similar feel to the Dan Gutman series, in that it combines baseball and magic, but aren t high fantasy no goblins, trolls, etc There are six in the series so far My favorite aspect of this series is that a lot of baseball terminology and slang are used right in the prose, and then defined in the margins ...

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    Excellent and magical

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    Great danger lies ahead Things will speak to you in different ways See the things that others don t These are Uncle Owen s words to Griffith after his father s funeral But what do they mean Before he has time to explain, Griffith, Ruby, Graham and their mother Elizabeth must leave Elizabeth plays in the place of her husband on the Travelin Nine barnstormers baseball team Of course, she is disguised as Guy It is an effort to raise a lot of money for their family after the death of their father.They start in Cincinnati and drum up business in order to play the Cincinnati Swine gotta love that name The three siblings watch the game and things are going well for the Travelin Nine Then Griffith notices the baseball seems to be trembling This is the baseball that Griffith s father carried with him while he was fighting in the war Was it really trembling After that, Griffith sees a switching signal appear on the third base side of the field accompanied by fog and the roar of a train The Travelin Nine seem to fall apart that inning with the Swines scoring a to...

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    Reviewed by Sally Kruger, aka Readingjunky for TeensReadToo.comHere s the beginning of great new series for kids BARNSTORMERS THE TALES OF THE TRAVELIN NINE is written by Phil Bildner and illustrated by Loren Long Set in 1899, BARNSTORMERS brings historic baseball to life for readers The story centers around three siblings, Griffith, Ruby, and Graham Still recovering from the death of their father, the three children are traveling with the colorful ball team, the Travelin Nine Their exhibition games are meant to earn money to pay the debts left behind after the death of their father Adding excitement to the story is a mysterious baseball given to the children by their father s brother, Uncle Owen The baseball has seen better days, but its torn stitching and acorn sized hole seem to promise miraculous things if the siblings keep it close during these trying times Could it be the baseball that causes the crazy visions the team sees on the field as they play ball Bildner creates a wond...

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    Barnstormers Game One by Phil Bildner and Loren Long I listened to this audiobook on a short drive with my son yesterday It was only about an hour long, and definitely just the beginning of this fun middle grade series Very intriguing plot, and I liked the side explanations of the historic baseball terms I m guessing these are footnotes in the book The narration was terrific, and I d like to listen to the next two books in the series I picked this one because I like both of the authors already, and am always looking for book series for my 3rd graders Historical fiction, with a twist of magic and mystery...

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    This is a story set in the late 1800s about three kids who are out on the barnstorming circuit with their mom because their dad has been killed They apparently owe someone a great deal,of money which they are trying to earn back by playing baseball There is a lot of o...

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