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[PDF / Epub] ✅ And Then... Author Brenda Bryce –

And Then...In A Time Of Plenty, On A Planet Of Wealth, Boredom Is Abated By Witnessing Life And Death Struggles.Geoff, A Human Gladiator Slave, Is One Of Two Survivors Of The Day S Entertainment Ardis Is A Non Human, Unlike Any Being Geoff Had Ever Encountered In His Restricted Life When Ardis Offers To Comfort Him And Care For His Wounds For The Night, Geoff Can Do No Other But Accept For On The Morrow They Are To Fight Each Other To The Death.

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    In a futuristic world humans seem to be degraded to a primitive time They no fight for live, but use slaves as gladiators in arenas A gladiator has no hope for freedom, even if he is the last one to survive For him it means only a one night before the next fight.This time, Geoff, a human, a Ardis, a man with the pelt of an animal, are the two to survive They don t hate each other, and so for this last night they decide to share a room and spend time healing each other and loving each other Geoff has always been a slave, he doesn t know other life, but Ardis was a freeman, and tries to convince Geoff that outside the arena there is a world worthy to be seen.The story is pretty short, less than 60 pages, but it s very enjoyable Geoff and Ardis, even if strong warriors, aren t animal They have feeling and dream, and the need for a lovely touch...

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    2.5 sweet but not much thought or definition put into any of the details, thereby keeping everything a blurry fantasy

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    3.5 Stars

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