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[Read] ➵ The Damned Utd ➼ David Peace –

The Damned UtdThe Damned United Is Directed By Tom Hooper John Adams, Longford, Elizabeth I , And Adapted For The Screen By Peter Morgan The Queen, The Last King Of Scotland, Frost Nixon From The Bestselling And Critically Acclaimed Novel By David Peace, The Damned United Stars Michael Sheen The Deal, The Queen, Frost Nixon As The Legendary, Opinionated Football Manager Brian Clough With Timothy Spall Secrets And Lies, Sweeney Todd, The Last Samurai As His Right Hand Man, Only Friend, And Crutch Peter Taylor.Overachieving And Eccentric Football Manager Brian Clough Was On His Way To Take Over At The Country S Most Successful, And Most Reviled Football Club Leeds United, Home To A Generation Of Fiercely Competitive But Ageing Players The Battle He D Face There Would Make Or Break The Club Or Him.David Peace S Extraordinarily Inventive Novel Tells The Story Of A World Characterised By Fear Of Failure And Hunger For Success Set In The Bleak Heart Of The 1970s.

[Read] ➵ The Damned Utd ➼ David Peace –
  • Paperback
  • 368 pages
  • The Damned Utd
  • David Peace
  • English
  • 15 October 2018
  • 9780571249558

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    During my gap year I worked as a nanny My ward was a tremendously shy and emotionally inhibited young boy One of my tasks was to take him to watch Chelsea FC play The first game we went to together was an evening kick off What I remember is the otherworldly green of the grass under the floodlights, the almost phosphorescent white glow of the chalk lines But most of all what I remember is the uninhibited joy of my ward when Chelsea scored We became the best of friends after that evening While I can t say I m at all interested in reading about football, I am interested in David Peace because he s a writer I greatly admire He s something of an original, a great stylist who likes making fiction of fact He s written about the Miners strike, the Yorkshire Ripper and a serial killer in post WW2 Japan Here he turns his attention to the legendary football manager, people s champion and outspoken maverick, Brian Clough The novel has two timelines Clough s phenomenal achievement of winning the championship with a small and ailing club, Derby County and his subsequent job at the tremendously successful but universally hated Leeds Utd Peace does a fantastic job of ventriloquism in approp...

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    A remarkable piece of historical literature that just so happens to be centred in the world of English football.David Peace is clearly an exceptionally talented writer of semi noir stories His Red Riding Quartet being the darkest, bleakest, deepest black that the modern take on the genre gets And on the face of it a fictional tale of a high profile sports personality from 1970s England doesn t automatically lead you in that direction His portrait of Brian Clough however ticks the majority of the boxes required of a noir protagonist and it is this portrait that lifts this novel head and shoulders above all other books about football and perhaps even, as The Times said in its review, every novel ever written about sport.Forty four days in the life of a disturbed genius Forty four chapters of self loathing and doubt interspersed with examples of his brilliance and an almost biographical look at how it was that Brian Clough came to be in the position he found himself in It plays out with a sense of inevitability, the kind of relentless and futile struggle that you might find in such classi...

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    8 10Having read Brian Clough s autobiography a number of years ago I ve always been intrigued by the man and his achievements, fair to say he was a quality player and a quality manager This book focuses on his worst management period where he took over Leeds United, the previous league winners and a team who he had berated in the press for their style of football and lack of discipline To say this was a poor management choice is quite the understatement The narrative weaves between the 44 turbulent days Clough was in charge of Leeds but also his successful period running up to the job where he gained promotion and won the league with Derby County before alienating himself with the board and forcing himself into retirement It s literally split every other half page so some could be irritated by this narrative style but I liked it Especially come the end where it could be seen how he was forcing the playing staff of Derby to give the new manager a hard time due to his circumstances and his time at Leeds where he was facing the hard time from their players The book can be a bit over indulgent in the profanities, which doesn t bother me but eventually I noticed it which means it was in there a lot It s not a totally fair reflection on the Leeds players and Clough as this is a fictionalised account of the events but it s got the general gist right...

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    Having once briefly worked with Cloughie in the late 1970s when I was promoting a series of football talk ins and he guested Shave your beard off, young man were his first words to me and having enjoyed the uncannily accurate characterisation of this controversial figure on film by Michael Sheen, I was particularly interested to catch up with David Peace s fictional portrayal, the novel that inspired the film.So glad I did Peace nails the self obsession, the paranoia, the manipulative but compelling speech and eccentric behaviour, and above all the sheer neediness of the man who set out deliberately to create his own legend and came close to being destroyed by the ghost of another, Don Revie.Throughout we live in Cloughie s tortured mind first person voice for the Leeds episodes, constantly switching to second person for Derby and other scenes of the past It s an uncomfortable lodging, but the very best place to explore his troubled psyche, and it does not restrict Peace who brilliantly illustrates the seedy, shambling, low level corrupt and amateurish nature of professional football in the 1970s, and colourfully recounts the tale of Clough s 44 day tenure as Leeds United manager.This is a fascinating story, seared by truth, and a great character study, powerful, dramatic and original than any sporting biography or autobiography you are likely to read, ghosted or otherwise It may not be, as the cover claims, the best novel...

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    A biographical account of Brian Coughs tenure at Leeds United, told from he s point of view it s an insightful look at that ill fated spell.Of course there s some liberties taken with the story, but I felt it helped gives an idea as to why he ...

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    That the story would read as brilliant as it is to a stubbornly romantic football fan like me, was expected That Peace s writing would go all the way down a dark, haunting, decadent poetic road with such elegance and soul, such music, was not Apparently, Brian Clough was an impossible person He was arrogant and he was angered He wouldn t take criticism He was vengeful and bitter Perhaps unforgiving Definitely annoying And he was isolated, isolated, isolated It nevertheless didn t feel like he was alone The Damned Utd effectively avoids the clich of yet one novel about withdrawal and how we fill our misery Brian Clough didn t need to fill his misery, because his faulted heroic nature was shadowed by his ambition It s in almost every page of this book that you can feel the demons in his mind being threatened by his obsession to excel It didn t always work, but when it did, another page of glory was added to the history of the sport.Engaging Brian Clough with empathy was probably a challenge back in the day But this book isn t trying to make you like Clough anyw...

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    I don t believe in God.I don t believe in luck.I believe in football I believe in family and I believe in me,Brian Howard Clough , , dirty dirty Leeds United.H , 44 Leeds , , , , , , , .

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    I am writing this two years after I actually read this book The reason I remembered this book is nothing than Leicester s glorious rise to the top this season, which has been nothing less than a fairy tale.Well, Derby s rise was nothing less than a fairy tale either, only made possible by the genius of Brian Clough and Peter Taylor They took a team hanging by the threads, struggling at the bottom of the second division to the top of the first division Why Because of Clough s obsession with Don Revie, of course This book explores Clough s inner demons, his rise to glory, his obsession with Revie and Leeds United and his subsequent failure as Revie s successor at Leeds The plot is nothing short of a top notch drama novel in itself Clough did go on later to win double European Cup with Nottingham Forest now Champions League but that is another story Go take a read to experience of one the greatest sports stories ever told O...

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    Forget the movie, this came first It s the best damn book looking inside the mind of a single human being I ve ever read An obsessive man, an anxious man, worrying and fretting about the same things over and over again as Peace writes a human mind as non linear set of concentric circles closing in on itself The language and voice drive you through this book and you come out the other end knowing this character better than you know yourself You don t need to know anything about football either to enjoy it It is powerful stuff and maybe not for everybody, but I have no problem recommending it It will forever remain on my all time top ten list.Having just reread it in 2019 I see...

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