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[ Epub ] ❥ The Ambassadors Author Henry James –

The AmbassadorsAs Often As Possible, The Annotations To The Text Have Been Made By Referring To James S Other Writings.A Map Of Strether S Paris And A Virtually Unknown Photograph Of James, Which Originally Appeared With The Serial Of The Ambassadors, Have Been Added To This Second Edition, And The Original Frontispieces To The New York Edition Of The Novel Have Been Reproduced In Their Proper Sequence For The First Time The Author On The Novel Contains James S Notebook Entries On The Inspiration For The Ambassadors As Well As The Long, Remarkable Preliminary Statement That The Author Drew Up Before Writing His Novel The Selection Of James S Letters On The Ambassadors Has Also Been Expanded For The Second Edition Criticism Is Comprised Of Fourteen Essays That Represent Than Seventy Years Of Analysis Of The Ambassadors, By H M Alden, Percy Lubbock, E M Forster, F O Matthiessen, F R Leavis, Joseph Warren Beach, Joan Bennett, Leon Edel, Ian Watt, Sallie Sears, Nicola Bradbury, Maud Ellmann, Millicent Bell, And Philip Fisher.A Chronology And An Expanded Selected Bibliography Are Also Included.

[ Epub ] ❥ The Ambassadors Author Henry James –
  • Paperback
  • 543 pages
  • The Ambassadors
  • Henry James
  • English
  • 14 September 2018
  • 9780393963144

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    Reading The Ambassadors is like progressing through a circular maze The reader roams around the edges at first, coming up frequently against dead ends Why is Chad Newsome so difficult to figure out What are the author s intentions for Maria Gostrey Will Mrs Newsome, or even her formidable sounding daughter, Mrs Pocock, ever make a physical appearance in the story The enigmas in this early stage are such that if the reader found herself accidentally back at the start she might be tempted to abandon the maze altogether But it would be a difficult choice to make because in all her frustrated revolvings she has nevertheless passed through some exquisite passages She continues, and little by little she finds herself circling a smaller space, and she tells herself that perhaps she is finally getting closer to the heart of the story Yet even when a new direction seems full of promise, she still comes up against the same blind alleys as before and she despairs of ever getting to the centre.At this stage she stops worrying about finishing She s enjoying the convoluted...

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    A gay friend of mine once put Henry James tendency to play hide and seek with the reader down to the same trait within himself with regards to his sexuality Apparently he was deeply suspicious of everything that gave him pleasure Nothing came to him simply And in this novel nothing comes to us simply either.I think it took me longer to read this than War and Peace And that s because virtually every sentence is like trying to figure out a rubic cube There s a moment when a character feels he is moving in a maze of mystic closed allusions I couldn t help wondering if Henry, not a renowned comedian, was having a laugh at the reader s expense because that s exactly what I felt as a reader during this novel There were times when I was reminded of Nabokov and especially Ada, another novel that only inches open its door by degrees when we knock So there s something very modern about The Ambassadors There s a character who says, Oh I don t think anything now That is but what I do think And this kind of mystification, these modifying clauses and sub clauses are a constant trait of this novel Every sentence is a maze it takes two readings to get out of It d be easy to certify this novel as insane, an over elaborate joke whose wit is lost on virtually everyone except the author, but once I manag...

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    Lewis Lambert Strether,55, a prim widower, considers himself a failure, completely dependent on the kindness of wealthy widow, and still attractive, Mrs.Newsome, from fictional, Woollett, Massachusetts, his fiancee, for a living set circa 1900 , he s the editor of a small magazine review, that is financed by her, owner of a company that manufactures it is never said, in the novel Sent by Mrs Newsome thus the title , The Ambassadors, there will be others , to get her son, the immature Chad wick 28, living in Paris, for three years, back home and do his duty , run the family business, but there are complications, he is involved, his relatives believe, in a sordid affair, with a married woman, but quite a charming one, beautiful, Marie de Vionnet, 38, separated from her brute of a husband Mr.Stether, first lands in England, to meet his best friend, the laconic, Waymarsh, an American lawyer, who has made a great deal of money there, but does not like Europe and wants to go home He encounters too, bright, pretty, Maria Gostrey,35, another American, who skillfully guides tourist around the continent, she is very popular, they become very close, maybe romantically and Lambert confides in her, his many troubles Arriving in the French capital, our hero, looks around, meets all the important people he needs to, and strangely begins to change his views, becomin...

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    Henry James has taken circumlocution and obfuscation to new heights in this novel I don t often rate a book an ungenerous two stars, but this novel was in many ways an impossible book for me I appreciate the architecture of James s novel the beauty of Paris as a backdrop for temporarily exiled Americans to meet and discover, or not, the underlying theme knowing how to live But I never felt the intended drama, or the sudden discovery of self, partly because I nearly drowned in James s nebulous, impenetrable sentences which, while exuding a certain beauty, often defied understanding Lambert Strether goes to Paris on behalf of Mrs Newsome, who wants her son back in the fold in New England Strether finds Chad Newsome in Paris, and he is, they all say, an altered man He has discovered the moveable feast that the man of simpler prose called this great venue, and Strether feels a bit lost Until he begins to feel the pull of Paris as well, and of the women residing there This is basically the story Will...

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    The Ambassadors , by Henry JamesThis is Daisy Fuentes Miller, reporting to you live from the set of MTV s Real World Gay Paree Six strangers, from totally different backgrounds, thrown together, forced to live under the merciless glare of the Hankcam, which documents their every move for posterity Let s see what happens when the gloves come off, and things get real Strether Hi I m Strether I m engaged to Chad s mom She s pissed at him, and sent me over to bring him back to Connecticut to run the family business Paree sure seems like an awesome party town.Chad This is the Chadster I don t wanna go back to Connecticut I m dating this totally hot older lady Who s a countess She s been giving me some private life coaching lessons If you know what I mean.Countess allo Zis is Marie you can call me Countess Cougar Sacre bleu, but you American boys are fine Strether Damn, that countess is one hot MILF Chad no rush about going home We should just hang out here in Paris and par tay 6 weeks later Sarah This is Sarah, Chad s older sister What the f is going on here Stret...

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    It is important to remember that Henry James s later works his major phase are very much the roots of modern literature whatever that means , and should be read in the same way as Proust s A la recherche du temps perdu, Joyce s Ulysses, Woolf s The Waves and Mrs Dalloway which is to say slowly savored James himself was cognizant of this and admonished his readers to read only five pages a day a challenge which I found impossible, but rather read in small ish bits over each day In Barthes s The Pleasure of the Text he advises in reading modern texts as opposed to classical ones Read slowly, read all of a novel of Zola, and the book will drop from your hands read fast, in snatches, some modern text, and it becomes opaque, inaccessible to your pleasure you want something to happen and nothing does the interstice of bliss, occurs in the volume of languages, in the uttering, no tin the sequence of utterances not to devour, to gobble, but to graze, to browse scrupulously, to rediscover This is sound advise, suited perfectly to find pleasure in James s The Ambassadors the master s, and my own, favorite of his works There is a painstaking and almost painful subtlety to James s major phase which is canonized in the present work, ...

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    Catching up with the classics 20I am not a fan, but I WILL finishI hate this book I m never going to finish thisFor god sake I read this entire book with the main male character, Strether, making everything his business, for him only at the end to say that that none of it his his business WTH was this book about then, James You must have been paid by the prepositional phrase And had no editor to tell you that most of your novel was...

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    I m sure Henry James is a genius and all, but untangling his prose is like trying to talk to a verbose, over educated person who s drunk off his ass but refuses to pass out For example, he might start off with The effect of the man s speech was as if he were a tippler who then meanders here, there, and over there to the other bar, and then wanders back toward you, but veering off at the last second, borrows several drinks by which I mean to imply words off surrounding tables by which I mean, words that ought to belong to other sentences entirely , and then, seeing the end of the sentence approaching which, by continuation of our metaphor, would be meant to suggest the end of the night, or bed, or the end of drinking festivities, which drunk would prefer at all accounts to avoid and so stalls to keep off at a distance , he throws any number of adverbs, barstools, prepositions, gerunds and the like in between himself and that end, and once you are fully convinced he has lost all sight of his aim in telling you the original anecdote he had introduced, he sometimes arrives back at that point, but other times, he does not, and if you were to map his meanderings, it would take a smarter person than most readers nowadays to derive any sense from it, and at that point, the other woman whirled rig...

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    I have been reading quite a bit of James Last year, I audio d The Bostonians and Washington Square I read The Aspen Papers, reread Beast in the Jungle, and read Turn of the Screw which I disliked found it excruciating And then this spring read a large collection of James stories ed Fadiman , then Wings of the Dove, and now The Ambassadors I love the late James Even though these books are long, and there is a certain degree of artificiality in the dialogue much worse in Dove much economical in The Ambassadors , these two late novels represent a form of psychological thriller, the patient unraveling, layer by layer, of the inner drives and narrative outcomes of some remarkably rich characters Kate Croy , Strether , Madame de Vionnet all remarkable, and none so than the latter two It is shocking to find James creating a female character that one actually has the hots for And Maria Gostrey is a close second And Strethers what a character HE is I am surprised at the ambivalence about this book It is an absolute masterpiece, in my opinion I found nothing flabby or any excess in Ambassadors while it is a slow and patient read it is nearly perfection.The one thing I would add that makes the Ambassadors a bit difficult is that it is NOT as Dorothea Krook correctly saw actually a tragedy as one expects fro...

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    Lambert Strether, the needy editor of a little New England literary magazine, is sent to Paris by his patroness, wealthy Mrs Newsome His mission as ambassador or emissary for the Newsome family is to fetch the wayward heir Chad and return him to the USA to work in the family business Strether s presumed reward upon successful completion of his mission, would be marriage to his rich patroness During a stopover in England, Strether meets Maria Gostrey who acts as a guide for the innocent American about to confront the strange ways of Europe However, once in Paris other guides emerge, including Chad s expat artist friend, Little Bilham and a sophisticated French woman, Chad s mistress.Strether soon falls under the spell of Paris and his charming new companions In fact, Chad and company play Strether the way Heifetz played the violin, but Strether is a than willing victim As he says to Little Bilham, Live all you can it s a mistake not to Strether having failed in his mission, Mrs Newsome arrives with ambassadorial family in tow to ratchet up pressure on delinquent Chad.A masterpiece of James s late period, it s the sort of book readers either love or hate There s no middle ground with an uncompr...

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