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The Radio ManThe Exciting First Novel In The Radio Man Series Of Stories Starring Myles Cabot Read About His Advent On The Planet Venus, His Encounter With The Ant Men And The Cupians Human Like Beings Fully Illustrated With The Original Artwork From The Pulp Magazines In Which The Story First Appeared.

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    Sometimes, it seems, a man must go through any number of occupations before hitting on the one for which he will be best remembered Take, for example, the case of Massachusetts born Roger Sherman Hoar, who, before he turned 37, was an assistant attorney general and state senator, taught classes in engineering and math, and wrote books about patent, tariff and Constitutional law after moving to the Midwest, Hoar would also become a state senator in Wisconsin An impressive enough career for any man, to be sure, but today, Hoar is undoubtedly best remembered for the science fiction novels that he somehow found the time to write, hidden behind the pen name Ralph Milne Farley The first novel of Farley s to see the light of day, The Radio Man, was initially serialized in the pages of the 10 cent weekly Argosy magazine, a four part affair stretched over the June 28 July 19, 1924 issues that first issue featured gorgeous cover artwork for the serial by famed illustrator Stockton Mulford Farley s novel was later reprinted as a three part serial in the 12 39 2 40 issues of Famous Fantastic Mysteries which, despite its name, reprinted prodigious amounts of sci fi and fantasy , and was finally released as a hardcover book, in 1948, by the Fantasy Publishing Company, featuring another impressive cover, this ti...

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    I had fun with this Fairly standard Sword and Planet kind of tale While experimenting with radio, an earthman, Myles Cabot, accidentally projects himself to Venus, which he finds ruled by a population of intelligent, horse sized ants There s a humanoid population that is subservient to the ants, and, of course, a princess The usual adventures ensue.Althou...

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    WARNING SOME SPOILERS AHEAD __________AN EARTH MAN ON VENUS a.k.a The Radio ManTRAPPED ON A PLANET OF PERIL, HE DARED CHALLENGE ITS MONSTER RULER SEE MYLES CABOT S EXPERIMENTS THAT ACCIDENTALLY TRANSMIT HIM BODILY TO THE PLANET VENUS SEE MYLES CABOT PROTECT PRINCESS LILLA FROM THE GIANT ANT MEN THRILL TO THE DANGEROUS FIGHT BETWEEN AN ALMOST UNPROTECTED EARTHLING AND A MONSTER SPIDER GO ALONG ON THE THRILL A MINUTE FLIGHT FROM THE ANT MEN INTO THE COUNTRY OF THE CUPIANS WITNESS THE DUEL TO THE DEATH BETWEEN MYLES AND THE EVIL PRINCE YURI FIGHT WITH THE ENSLAVED CUPIANS FOR THEIR FREEDOM FROM THE HORRIBLE PEOPLE AND ENJOY HIGHT ADVENTURE AND STRANGE ROMANCE ON A WORLD OF MYSTERY __________That s what this pulp novel from 1924 promised, and also what I expected I had to get my mind off things and thought this kind of trash literature was just the thing I needed The cover of the comic book version looks like this So I started this book putting myself in the role of Myles Cabot, the Earthling , rescuing this beautiful princess Lilla from one of the ant man and I m going like pew pew pew and the ant man becomes an ex ant man and me and Lilla are going to marry and live happily every after At least that was my plan But it seemed like the book had different plans for me It started off alright with Myles Cabot, a scientist, experimenting with radio waves in order to build some kind of teleporting device, when one of the exp...

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    I own the entire series and have read the first three entries thus far This was the strongest of the three Written to compete with the kind of fantasy adventures in which Burroughs had found success, this is a refreshing change from the bleak and pessimistic political and social satires common in 1920s sci fi from Europe This is a grand example of the kind of heroism and escapism Americans craved after WWI and into the Great Depression To give you a little insight into how it is written, I read this and two of the sequels to my kids, and they enjoyed it in different ways My 4 year old daughter loved the romance with the butterfly princess, Lilla whereas my pre teen son was inspired to start experimenting with crystal radio The series does challenge young readers to experiment with wireless, and does contain a lot of ha...

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    This is pulp, but it s good pulp From the golden age of pulp sci fi, an exciting tale of the Earthman Myles Cabot and his journey to Venus, the Radio Planet Full of adventure, it may not be great literature, but it s a lot of fun to read Recommended.

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    The Radio Man An Earthman on Venus was first published in 1924 So it is another of my time travel via Project Gutenberg adventures I believe the desire for this stems from watching old monster movies on channel 43 from Cleveland hosted by the intrepid SuperHost The movies were so bad they were good.That s what The Radio Man An Earthman on Venus was for me Stephen Jay Gould ruined forever for the the notion of giant insects wreaking havoc in Size and Shape , but he at least did it in a marvelous way The Radio Man An Earthman on Venus purports that after a radio experimenter accidentally transports himself to Venus he finds it populated with giant insects with a dominant ant like race enslaving a humanoid fairylike people.Our hero has many adventures, romances the lovely princess and frees the s...

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    no spoilers belowIf it s pulpy 1920s sci fi that you want, you will not be disappointed Available for free from project Gutenberg, it is chock full of imaginative adventure and expected gender stereotypes, with a dose of post WWI war justification And there are little nuggets even for hard sci fi fans,...

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    Wow, this is one of those books that s somewhat difficult to review with a straight face nearly 100 years after it was first published Yes, the original copyright was 1924 That s pretty close to the dawn of the radio age, in the immediate aftermath of World War One Keep that in mind.I actually read the Project Gutenberg EPUB edition, PG 52167.The premise of the book is that the protagonist, an inventor named Myles Cabot, goes missing Turns out, he accidentally transported himself to the planet Venus while doing experiments with 3D television He was working on a prototype matter transmission machine using radio because, you know, that was the whiz bang technology of the day.OK, fine, we ll check our incredulity at the door and go with it On Venus, Cabot finds giant insect life, mainly ants called Formians, who have flying cars and communicate via short range radio waves Unrealistically, while being held captive for purposes of study he learns their written language in just a few days, then bootstraps that knowledge into obtaining a laboratory where he invents a headset that can turn...

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