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[PDF / Epub] ☃ Defending Zara (Mountain Mercenaries #6) By Susan Stoker –

Defending Zara (Mountain Mercenaries #6) For A Mountain Mercenary And A Desperate Woman, Love Becomes A Dangerous Refuge In New York Times Bestselling Author Susan Stoker S Novel Of Heart Gripping Suspense Mountain Mercenary Hunter Meat Snow Has A Mission Eliminate The Human Traffickers Scouring The Barrios Of Lima For Vulnerable Prey But It S Meat Who S Taken Down Separated From His Team And Beaten Within An Inch Of His Life, He S Left For Dead When He Wakes, It S To The Intimate Care Of A Beautiful Stranger Who Knows All About SurvivalZara Layne Was A Child When A Brutal Murder Left Her Orphaned And Abandoned In Peru Ever Since, She S Fended For Herself On The Streets, Outrunning Its Predators Trusting Men Is Not In Zara S Blood Until It Warms To The Exhilarating Touch Of The Wounded Hero Who Promises Deliverance As Each Other S Rescuers, They Return To Colorado For A New NormalBut When Meat Disappears, Zara Discovers How Ruthless The Past Can Be With The Help Of The Loyal Mercenaries, She S Drawing On Her Own Skills Of Endurance To Find Him And For Zara, There S No Danger Great Enough To Come Between Her And The Man She Loves

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    When a Mountain Mercenary is kidnapped, the woman he loves will risk it all to save him.Defending Zara US UK AU dp B07VHG2NBV CA

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    I just love these Mountain Mercenaries This series has been pretty exciting with the way the author has these courageous men meeting their woman and how they save and protect them I had planned on just listening to this audiobook on my drive to and from work, and yet I just couldn t stop listening when I arrived home and it was time to stop the audiobook I m sad and excited that there is only one book left Sad to see the series end, but very excited about the final couple Also, I highly recommend listening to the audiobooks The author has used the same narrator for each book and she is just fantastic.

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    Such a beautiful, tremendous personal journey This story hits the ground running with Zara and her friends in Lima, Peru rescuing a badly beaten Meat and risking everything to nurse him back to health As Meat is healing, he discovers that Zara was abandoned there in Lima when she was ten years old after the murder of her parents Now fifteen years later, he knows that once he gets back to his team, their new mission will be to get Zara back home.The first part of the book gives us a no holds barred look at the life of the very poor barrio residents, then transitions to the cutthroat media frenzy surrounding Zara s return and the vast inheritance she finds waiting for her There are plenty of vultures hoping to separate her from her money, and the Mountain Mercenaries have to keep one step ahead of those who mean her harm.Throughout all this, we get to see Zara adjust to a life of comfort and plenty after so many years of living in abject poverty Her relationship with Meat is so pure, so sweet, regardless of the circumstances that brought them together He s her partner and champion, and provides the perfect emotional safety that she needs as she blossoms into the person she was always meant to be.This is a well written, exciting story with a strong emotional foundation and a heartwarming romance The surprising twist at the end hints at a long awaited break for one of their team, and I can t wait to read about that in the next book in this thrilling series I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.

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    Another great book in this series I m sad it s almost over.Zara saves Meat and then he saves her Lots of help from all the previous couples And then the epilogue.mouth open, jaw dropped, did not see that coming.

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    Awe, stun, shock Defending Zara is the next book in the amazing series Mountain Mercenaries and let me tell you, you don t want to miss this one On the one hand, I want to do this review justice by telling you all a little about Zara and Meat but on the other, which is probably where I m leaning towards, I m going to not say a thing The only thing I will say is that the awe, stun and shock factors are big.and I guessed one of them a while ago Happy reading and I can t wait for Rex s story next

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    Meat and Zara s story was wonderful Zara is an amazing woman and perfect for Meat.The story of her child hood and how she came into Meat s life was incredible I love the Mountain Mercenaries and their women They are always there for one another The story of Zara learning how to be part of the mercenary family and adjusting to her new life, I didn t want to put the book out down.

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    THIS WAS SO GOOD AND NOW I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT WAIT FOR REX S BOOK Caps because I can t stop flailing over the ending.

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    Wow Another winner in the Mountain Mercenaries series. Zara was kidnapped and abandoned in the barrios of Peru as a young child and has struggled to survive every day for fifteen years when she encounters Meat Meat is there, working with the Peruvians, when he is brutally attacked and left for dead Zara rescues him, then trusts him with her story.While all of this author s books tug on the heart strings, this one was especially poignant as it shines a light on the plight of children and the very poor in some countries Despite the horrific circumstances, Zara somehow manages to maintain a sense of right and wrong This is an engaging novel that had me hooked from the very first page and kept me flipping pages until the very end I couldn t put this one down and stayed up way too late reading it This one is a must read as if you enjoy the genre, you will love this book Put it at the top of your TBR list, or, better yet, pre order it so you don t have to wait a moment longer than necessary to read it The author is on my must read authors list.

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    They went to Peru on a mission The soldiers with them are corrupt, aiding sex traffickers of children A motley crew of women are working in the dark to save children and women They risk their very existence to do their work When they rescue a beaten up American One found a way home from 15 years of being lost But is she safe once state side, and what happens to the women left behind Another amazing romantic adventure story.

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    Wow I can t believe I survived this book I can t imagine a child of ten surviving Zara s experience Now I have to wait to get closure due to the cliffhanger Mag s story will be compelling for sure I m curious about the angle the author will take to explain why Mags was still in Peru during the time Zara was there How long do I have to wait for the next installment

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