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Fake It Til You Break It FakeThat S What We AreThat S What We Agreed To BeI Thought It Would Be Harder, Convincing Everyone Our School S Star Receiver Was Mine And Mine Alone, But We Played Our Parts WellSo Well, The Lines Between Us Began To Blur Until They Disappeared CompletelyThe Thing About Pretending, Though, Someone S Always Better At It, And By The Time I Realized My Mistake, There Was No Going BackI Fell For Our LieAnd Then Everything Fell ApartIt Turned Out, He And I Were Never Playing The Same Game He Didn T Have To Break Me To Win But He Did It Anyway

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    FAKE IT TIL YOU BREAK IT Is a full length, stand alone, New Adult Romance novel by Meagan Brandy Spoken in Dual Perspectives Demi Nico.Being that the author is Meagan Brandy of course I was going to jump on this one Going into this I had high expectations, this was one of my most highly anticipated books and coming from a series that I loved from this author I knew that this one wouldn t disappoint And it didn t This was a slow burn, about half way ish all the drama, the angst, and all the feels starting cannonballing into me from out of nowhere, and that s exactly what I wanted and needed to happen.These two were perfect for each other, like this book their romance slow burned but you could feel where the author was going with this, their connection simmered away in the background, and just at the right time it ignited and I LOVED seeing that combustible connection It s was raw, it was beautiful, it was heartfelt and it was utter perfection This book was adorable, from the fake relationship to it slowly evolving into , from seeing these two characters grow as individuals to a couple was endearing And that right there cemented me to them I loved these two, from the ups and downs, from the topsy turvy way of going about dating made for an enjoyable, unputdownable read.

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    AVAILABLE NOW FULL REVIEW GAHHHH BRAND NEW WORLD NEW CHARACTERS I absolutely love this story The heroine is so fun, the hero is to die for I fell in love with these two as they fell in love with each other And in true Meagan fashion, she has some surprises up her sleeve Get ready for amazing Demi and Nico are all of the things Every single one Nico seems all broody and stolid, but there is so much below the surface, so much he is trying to shield With each chapter, Meagan showed us pieces behind the mask, and I was unable to resist him Demi is the sweet girl we love Very different from her previous heroine, but still able and willing to stand her ground when pushed too far I lived for those moments when she did There is also a whole host of secondary characters I loved The friendship between the girls and Nico and Trent adds so much depth to the characterization of Nico and Demi as well as the plot Additionally, the chemistry between these two is so good The tension, the flirting, the uncertainty that comes with a fake relationship made me flip threw these pages so fast I couldn t get enough of them With all Meagan Brandy books, though, wait for those surprises because she has them coming and they are GOOOD So Good It ties all the pieces together and makes Nico and Demi s hard fought HEA so freaking magical Meagan Brandy has delivered another cast of characters to love, another swoon worthy, brooding hero, and another romance to get swept away in Fake It Til You Break It is sure to be a fave BETA read

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    FIRST TOP READ OF 2020 HEAVEN SENT ME NICO, and I loved every minute FACTS Meagan s newest hero is HAF You re gonna jizz your pants when you read this book You might throw your e reader a couple times Come on, it s Meagan The heroine is TO DIE FOR The tension is off the charts ..FAKE IT TIL YOU BREAK IT is LIVE US CA UK AU Paperback FITYBI NewAdult ComingSoon Standalone EnemiesToLovers FakeRelationship FITYBI MUSTHaveBookBoyfriend NewAdult MeaganBrandy TeaserTour

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    This book was so cute.From time to time I really enjoy high school romances, they give me all the nostalgic vibes and feels However, when you move HS Romance to the New Adult category it can be difficult to get it right Very often you see characters that are larger than life, absurdly rich, controlling the whole school, etc and while that can be fun, it can get old very quickly too.So, I was very pleasantly surprised that this wasn t the case with Fake It Til You Break It This was a sort of down to earth story, where you can actually see or remember lol teenagers behaving the way they did in the book refreshing.Of course, you have the fake relationship that is nothing new under the sun Guy likes girl, there s a sort of absurd reason for them not to be together, they start a fake relationship that evolves to something real, Yadda yadda But, the way the story is told is honestly ADORABLE The overall conflict was a bit exaggerated, and their parents were over the top bad parenting much But other than that the miscommunication made sense, and I can see 18 year olds ish behaving and talking like they did in the book I loved all the characters, they were such a fun gang And the chemistry between Nico and Demi SWOONY.Thank you Wildfire Marketing Solutions and Meagan Brandy for sending me an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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    Release Date February 5, 2020 Actual Rating 5 stars Young Adult Romance Opposites Attract Fake Relationship EEEPPP I ve been CRAVING a book like FITYBI for so long that I almost gave up in my pursuit because I couldn t find what I was looking for But this book gave me ALL I NEEDED in a romance and truly blew me away This book is EVERYTHING From the first few pages I was obsessed and this obsession grew with each word Being in this world was like being in heaven and I couldn t put it down Meagan Bandy SLAYS the new adult romance genre and it s very apparent WHY when she writes a book like THIS Gosh, it s so good I may even have to go read it a second time just to get these feels all over again Fake It Till You Break It is a smorgasbord of tropes LOL I never thought I would use that word in a review but it s so FITTING This book is an opposites attract romance, a fake relationship romance, and new adult young adult HIGH SCHOOL romance It s much tamer than The Brayshaw series but just as swoony I love how Meagan can write uber sexy novels and sweeter romances she has the skill to nail them all This book is also set in a brand new world that I hope to see of I know it s a standalone, but maybe some day in the future well see some books Here s to hoping Anyway, in this one readers will meet Demi and Nico Demi is the kind of girl who doesn t care about boys and relationships she d rather do good in school She s not a nerd per se but she definitely sits closer to that than being a pompom welding girl who prefers socialization over grades Nico on the other hand is a brooding bad boy He s got an ALPHAtude in the beginning of the book, but readers will see a little bit of a softer side as the book progresses NOT too much though he still comes off as a bad boy through and through I loved this I don t always want to see heroes change for the heroines and it was nice to see him still stay in the same shell Nico and Demi, while totally opposite, decide that they should pretend to be dating Why Well, I won t tell you because it will spoil some of the story, but they DO, and it turns into something neither of them were expecting Of course, there s a bit of drama and everything they build during their fake relationship comes tumbling down at their feet Can they overcome it all Or are they destined to stay FAKE You ll have to read to find out Once again, Meagan Brandy writes absolutely PERFECTION Readers will quickly see why when reading this one and are sure to have a hard time putting it down I highly recommend it Let s Connect My Blog Bookstagram Facebook Page Twitter Bookbub

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    5 Only a matter of time stars IT S LIVE You don t have to be looking to find the best fucking thing for you.Sometimes all you have to do is open your eyes and realize it found you first A strange thing really I m drawn toward Meagan Brandy s books like a moth to a flame and even though she is burning me down every single time, i just can t seem to stay away and i don t ever want to There isn t a book of hers that it doesn t draw me into it and swallow me wholeAnd i m loving when something like that is happeningI love all the drama, the angst and the refreshing touch that she is providing me with through her writing.And this book wasn t an exception and i had so many expectations of her after the Brayshaw series and she met them all Who am I kidding there is no preparing for a guy like him.Fake feelings or not Guys, it s time for you to meet Demi and NicoTwo wonderful kids with many parental issues that are about to fake date Or not Ugh Well, i loved these two very muchNico was the broody, silent guy who is making you hot and bother just because he exists and Demy was so carefree and wonderful when the opportunity to be like that was showing upThese two used to spoke to each other some years ago, after all they are neighbors, but then Nico stopped every interaction with Demy and life just go on He thinks he s a candy bag and all girls have his kind of sweet tooth, and when you don t, you re as worthy as a wallflower Seems the boy knows you better than you think Does he Now, they are becoming partners at school and even though, Demy is not very happy with this arrangement, she can t do anything for thatAnd since that moment, Nico seems to be everywhere around her and he is proposing a strange arrangement that will benefit both of themShe will win the one that she wants and he is claiming that he has his own reasonsWill this fake dating will be beneficial after all or it will comfuse things further You re supposed to act like you want me That is your job After a moment I nod, reiterating what he said to me before, Make people believe this He shakes his head, reaching up to tuck a loose piece of my hair behind my ear No No, he confirms Not people Me Make me believe it, D When I think of her, I want When I touch her, I hate to stop When I look at her, I see mine I need her to feel the same I loved Demy very much She had her own issues to face, but she was always so nice and easygoing I loved how she were with her friends and I liked how devoted she was to dancingI also liked how she was when she was with NicoNico had serious problems in his life And he didn t want to drag Demy or anyone into themHe just needed his peace, but he is about to lose it once and for all.I love how well he was playing this game I liked how he tricked Demy to participateAnd even though he wasn t admitting it, he had so much things to gain from this arrangement and that was showing through out the book all the time Slip of the tongue, i guess My little Pixie An elusive unattainable creature Can hardly see it Can t possibly catch it Could never keep it This is a problem because I no longer want to fake date Nico I sort of want to keep him Well, i loved this story and this couple very muchI loved the intensity and the connection between themI loved how beautiful they were fitting togetherI even loved their stubborness and bad decisionsI loved the feels and the anticipation that i was having through out the reading processAnd I loved their friends very much Even if we had to fake it to make it, I was sure of Even when you had no fuckin clue you were my baby Oh no Don t you dare to think that i loved everyone in hereThere were persons that i hated with all my guts and that i would love to put some sense inside their shitty heads several times Bahaha But that s the beauty of reading To love and to hate so intensely I need to distance myself of Nico becauseWhen he says it s time to break, I just might.He and I, we re nothing.Fake as the smile I ll wear today I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC copy of this book

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    Even when you had no fuckin clue you were my baby NO FREAKING WORDS This is exactly the proof why Meagan took New Adult romance world like a hurricane and turned it upside down Her writing style is flawless Her stories are unputdownable Her characters are perfectly imperfect and instantly likeable FITYBI is absolutely amazing I was captivated right from the first page and I couldn t put this book down even for a second Nico and Demi made me completely obsessed with their story This new world Brandy has created instantly sucked me in I swooned, I laughed, I got pissed and got all hot and bothered FITYBI has everything perfectly balanced it has suspense, angst, steam and sweetness Secrets that have been kept throughout the storyline has me at the edge of the seat, while at the same time I was immensely enjoying Demi and Nico s relationship development But Meagan Brandy, completely in her style, was throwing curveballs every now and then and those unexpected twists often left me stunned and speechless And that made piecing the whole picture so much sweeter Nico has my heart There are no words to describe my love for this guy He s stubborn, persistent and a little hot headed He s also guarded and at first he seems aloof, but as we get to know him we see that it s a mask he wears With all walls down he s a caring, sweet and resolute guy Did I mention that he s sexy AF and I wanted to climb him like a tree from the very beginning Demi is a loveable girl, always nice and dutiful, but she has also inner strenght that shows exactly when it s needed That girl definitely knows which battles she needs to fight and when to let go I loved that she was so down to earth but also fierce at the same time These two were so much than just a fake relantionship Their chemistry was electrifying and sexual tension was combustible I was constantly biting my lip when they were together and every turn in their relationship left me gasping I adore them separately, but there are no words to express my love for them as a couple Fake It Til You Break It is perfect in every way it has unique storyline, characters to die for, surprising and thrilling plot twists It s delicious, intense and sexy as hell Meagan Brandy has created another addicting and brilliant story that s a MUST READ ARC received in exchange for an honest review.

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    English Portugu s logo abaixo 4 starsI didn t know the author, but from seeing the cover and comments on my instagram feed, my desire to read FAKE IT TIL YOU BRAKE IT was only increasing The book tells the story of two senior students in high school, who were friends as children, but with time they stopped talking with each other The don t see eye to eye at the beginnig, but you can tell right away that there s something going on The author s text is so good and so fluid that I started reading and when I blinked I was already 40% of it I was so immersed in the story that I didn t even realize how much I had read And that s great, it confirms that I was really entertained by the story.I really liked that the characters are around 18 years old and they act as such And although it takes place in high school, the book has very hot parts It was very nice to follow Nico and Demi of supposed enemies and all the evolution until reaching in to a relationship While they got to know each other as a couple, I really enjoyed that the author worked with each of the characters, also showing their own dramas and a growth during the story.Another thing I loved was how much Demi was united with her friends I felt a real friendship there and it was really nice to read those parts Trent was also a really good friend But, what about Nico From the beginning I liked him and as the pages turned my love grew and .FAKE IT TIL YOU BREAK IT was such a nice book to read, fun and with drama in the right dose It was my first reading of Meagan and I loved everything And if you still don t know the author I highly recommend it An ARC was provided Thank you 4 estrelasN o conhecia a autora, mas de tanto ver a capa e coment rios no feed do meu instagram minha vontade para ler FAKE IT TIL YOU BRAKE IT foi s aumentando O livro conta a hist ria de dois estudantes do ultimo ano do col gio, que eram amigos quando crian as, mas com o tempo deixaram de ser Os dois n o se bicam, mas d pra perceber logo de cara que tem algo ali O texto da autora t o bom e t o flu do que eu comecei a ler e quando pisquei j estava em 40% da leitura Estava t o imersa na hist ria que nem percebi o tanto que j tinha lido E isso timo, confirma que eu estava mesmo entretida na hist ria Curti muito que os personagens tem por volta de 18 anos e eles agem como tal E apesar de se passar no col gio, o livro tem partes bem quentes Foi muito gostoso de acompanhar o Nico e a Demi de supostos inimigos e toda evolu o at chegar em um relacionamento Enquanto eles se conheciam como casal, curti bastante que a autora trabalhou cada um dos personagens, mostrando tamb m seus pr prios dramas e um crescimento durante a hist ria Outra coisa que amei foi o tanto que a Demi era unida com as amigas dela Senti uma amizade verdadeira ali e foi muito gostoso ler essas partes O Trent tamb m foi um bom amigo Mas e sobre o Nico Desde o come o eu curti ele e ao passar das p ginas meu amor foi s aumentando FAKE IT TIL YOU BREAK IT foi um livro t o gostoso de ler, divertido e com drama na dose certa Foi minha primeira leitura da Meagan e eu adorei tudo E se voc ainda n o conhece a autora eu recomendo demais Recebi um ARC desse livro Obrigada Pick a Book Facebook Instagram Twitter BookBub pb.responde

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    Here I sit after a binge of four Meagan Brandy books and I still want no NEED MORE More of Brandy s breathtakingly beautiful and brilliantly wielding words More of her captivating characters More of her carefully crafted and creatively plotted worlds More of what this master storyteller and a new favorite author of mine pens into words Meagan Brandy delivers big in FAKE IT TIL YOU BREAK IT, a can t put it down devilishly delight of a YA romance with ALL THE FEELS This book was my DRUG and I could not inhale it fast enough Amusing Arousing Angst filled Addicting I was so CAPTIVATED and CONSUMED that I devoured like demolished this romance in one sitting I couldn t put it down A little of her would never be enough A taste would only leave me starved Fake It Til You Break It With its laugh out loud banter, witty dialogue, playful plot, compelling characters with fire hot chemistry, enticing enemy friends lovers storyline, and slow burn that blazes the whole time reading what s not to love I fell hard for the cocky alpha of a hero with a hidden heart and the sassy beauty of a heroine who was created for him in a romance forged by fate Demi s sass mixed with Nico s broody persona peppered with all the angst was off the charts hot A hero and heroine who exploded together Perfection He has to feel it, right Fake It Til You Break It is FIRE fused with FEELS A heady hit of heat, humor, and heart that I devoured from beginning to end I loved it, craved it, and need now This romance is simply IRRESISTIBLE A can t miss guilty pleasure that OWNED EVERY OUNCE OF ME All I saw was you Group Twitter

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    LAWWWWWWD When Meagan Brandy said Fake It Til You Break It FITYBI was a fake relationship story with a twist she really wasn t kidding Good Lord was this story amazing Nico and Demi were EveryDamnThing and then some This story had sexual tension in SPADES And Nico Ummmm I may secretly love him just as much as Big Man His swagger, his possessive nature and his chemistry with Demi was fireeeee They seriously burned up the pages with their connection I have been a fan of this author for a while but when I heard she was writing outside of the Brayshaw world I was intrigued But honestly This book just legit came out of nowhere and knocked me flat out And all I can say is Effin Meagan Brandy Angst, man It kills me and my stomach every damn time I might have thrown my kindle times than I could count because the secrets and shocking twists and turns between Nico and Demi could rival a rollercoaster Overall, I loved this story so much The love, the friendships, the passion, the angst and the gut punching revelations made this an amazing five star ride from beginning to end 5 stars Ratula

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