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Come Back for MeFrom New York Times Bestselling Author Corinne Michaels Comes A New Emotional And Riveting Standalone Love StoryOne Night, Eight Years Ago, She Gave Me PeaceNo NamesNo PromisesJust Two Broken People, Desperate To Quiet Their Pain And GriefIn The Morning, She Was Gone And Had Taken My Solace With Her I Left For The Military That Day, Vowing Never To Return To PennsylvaniaWhen My Father Dies, I M Forced To Go Home To Bury Him At Least I Ll Finally Be Rid Of His Farm, Which Is Grown Over And Tangled With Memories I Ve Fought To ForgetAnd That S When I Find Her She S Even Beautiful Than I Remember And Has The Most Adorable Kid I Ve Ever SeenYears Have Passed, But My Feelings Are The Same, And This Time I Refuse To Let Her Go They Say You Can T Bury The Past, And They Re Right Because When Long Ago Secrets Are Exposed, Rocking Us Both To The Core, I Have No Choice But To Watch Her Walk Away Again

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    Available Now This book is just everything I have never been so completely captivated by two characters as I was with them Connor and Ellie are two souls that need each other so desperately and their heartbreak, love, loss and triumphs are breathtaking Available Now AppleBooks Barnes Noble Kobo Google Play Audible

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    5 stars Coming back here has given me something I never thought I d get a second chance I can always count on Corinne Michales to give me all the feels, and she did just that with Come Back for Me This story captivated me from the start and was such a emotional and beautiful read This book is a stand alone, but it s also the start of a series of standalones featuring four brothers Connor Arrowood is the youngest of the four Connor is back in his hometown of Sugarloaf, PA for the first time in 8 years He vowed to never come back, but now that his father is dead, he has to take care of the farm before he and his brothers can sell it Ellie has been married for 8 years to an awful man and has the sweetest daughter She loves her daughter than anything, but her life isn t easy Connor and Ellie met one time 8 years ago before he left town They had one incredible night together, and that was all No names, no promises, just one night Even though it was only one night, Connor never forgot Ellie And when he sees her again, it s a huge shock to him But he wants Ellie He doesn t care that she has drama in her life and baggage, he wants her no matter what Just her I don t care if there are pieces of you that are damaged I don t care if every inch of you is scarred Believe me, there are parts of me that are so fucking mangled it would take a miracle to straighten them It s not about perfection or being whole it s you being you This wasn t an easy read There were some parts that truly broke my heart and were so difficult for me to get through I can t even imagine going through some of the things Ellie and her daughter went through, and I m so glad she had Connor to be there for her I loved that he was there for her as a friend first and don t even get me started with his relationship with her daughter It was the sweetest thing ever When that little girl called him her best friend, I melted Connor and Ellie have had a connection since the first time they met, but their romance isn t easy It has a rough start, but Connor is everything Ellie needs in a man and nothing she s ever had He was truly the most amazing guy I admired Ellie s strength and love she had for her girl I can t imagine being in her shoes Overall, I just adored this book and these characters so much Come Back for Me is an amazing start to the Arrowood brother s books After the way it ended, I m dying for the next brother to get his story If you re looking for a story that s gripping, emotional, well written, steamy, and sweet, pick this one up I loved everything about it She s everything I want and need, and she s here

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    Amazing start of new series This is a beautiful second chance love story This story is everything you expect from Corinne Captivating and engaging Plot Realistic and relatable characters Flawless writing story characters that stay with you long after the story ends I literally binge read this book I was enthralled and captivated with the story and Connor Ellie I loved Connor, the youngest Arrowood brother Both Connor and Ellie are hurt by those close to them Family is what matters in this life, without that, you have nothing When we cross this threshold, we re back home We re with those who love us and this, my sweet boy, is where you will always belong The story had heartfelt emotions and was heart meltingly beautiful I don t want to give any spoilers but this is definitely a Must Read and such an amazing start of this new series I am looking forward to reading the other Arrowood brother stories and find out how their stories would unfold and they get their HEA I was excited and looking forward to reading this book since I saw the teasers about the book on social media and had already preordered my copy and was anxiously waiting for Jan , I was absolutely over the moon when I received the advance copy of this book from the author It s beyond what I had expected and took me by surprise in the best possible way I can t wait to re read it again when I get my preordered kindle and audiobook copies Perfect narrator choice for Connor Ellie s characters I can t wait to listen Zachary Webber Andi Arndt bring this story to life Looking forward to reading books in this series Definitely worth all the stars

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    I m going to kiss you, and I need one of us to have some control She s been mine this whole time, and now I have to wait until she s ready for me again Corinne Michaels gives us a story like nothing she s given us before I was truly surprised by where this story took us and happy with the journey screams from excitement This book was not what I expected which made it so much better This is a story you want to enjoy without spoilers You ll feel You ll laugh and smile And you ll reflect There s something to be said about natural real connections I believe in them We get to meet all the Arrowood brothers and OH MY GOODNESS a girl is not ready for all this hotness BUT a girl can try.

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    4 Stars ARC provided by author Connor Arrowood is the youngest of four brothers from a small town in Pennsylvania called Sugarloaf He left town eight years ago to become a Navy SEAL, and vowed to never return Now as he s settling back into civilian life he learns his father has died, and it s time to go home to tie up loose ends He s ready to be rid of the farm where he grew up, and finally escape the memories that have haunted him for years Then he comes face to face with the woman who has consumed his dreams and thoughts since the one magical night they spent together Ellie Walcott is a teacher in Sugarloaf, but her most important role is mom Her daughter means everything to her Then she crosses paths with the one man she could never forget She spent an unforgettable evening with a man who made her believe in love and everything good They were two broken people who didn t exchange names or promises Now he s back, and time has done nothing to lessen how gorgeous he is He s still just as sinful looking as she remembers, and their chemistry is still on fire.Connor has held on to the memory of the woman who saved him the night he was at his lowest point His angel now has a name Ellie is even beautiful, and he wants her to be his This time he refuses to let her go, but will secrets from the past threaten their future Ellie consumes my thoughts and dreams Just a smile can set my entire world ablaze She s everything I want and need I want it all, and I want it with her I ll wait forever for you Come Back For Me by Corinne Michaels is the first book in the Arrowood Brothers series, and is a complete standalone It s an emotional, second chance romance full of heart, hope, and love I really enjoyed this story and can t wait for Declan s book NOW AVAILABLE

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    You guys just wait I have NEVER loved a couple as much as I do these two

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    This book THIS BOOK took me to places I didn t think I wanted to be and yet, Ms Michaels took me there as a willing captive one that eventually admitted to herself that Connor Arrowood had done the IMPOSSIBLE He has overtaken my undying, unconditional love for a Dreamboat of a man and I m not at all ashamed to admit it He is ALLLLL the things I ve come to expect from this author.and sooooooo much In typical Corinne Michaels fashion, this book has enough angst and drama to sink a battleship Especially when it comes to what the Arrowood brothers have had to deal with and overcome from a past none of them thought they d HAVE to, and what Ellie and her daughter Hadley are currently being subjected to I thought my heart would explode into a million tiny little pieces.and it DID, but then, Connor s Alpha to the MAX swoon factor kicked in and I was a goner Completely and TOTALLY obliterated my heart for any other Although, to be fair, I think the OTHER Arrowood brothers may just give Connor a run for his money because, from what I already know about them, their DNA is STRONG and they are cut from the same cloth, soooooooAs for Ellie, I don t know that I have EVER felt THIS much emotion for a heroine certainly not one of Ms Michaels Ellie is so amazing, so resilient, so strong even if SHE doesn t think so Her fierce love for Hadley, the daughter she would die to protect, her willingness to do whatever it takes to get out of the situation she finds herself in through no fault of her own and her vulnerable heart made me fall just as much in love with her as I did with the sexy as all get out neighbor of hers And Hadley My heart cracked wide open while getting to know this little spit fire right along with Connor and everyone else I can t wait to see what happens with her in the future I m sure it ll be hilarious to watch her wrap ALL of the Arrowood men around her tiny little finger Once again, THIS BOOK has wrapped itself around my heart and gotten into my soul in a way that few books ever do I can say with confidence that Come Back For Me will remain on my TOP READS LIST of 2020 throughout the s just THAT good It s a DEFINITE MUST READ, imo I m going to kiss you, and I need one of us to have some controlPreorder AppleBooks Barnes Noble Kobo Google Play Goodreads with Corinne Newsletter Sign Up Reader Group

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    NOW LIVELeave it to Corinne Michaels to once again rip my heart out and mend it in a few hundred pages Come Back for Me, book one in her Arrowood Brothers Series took me on a gorgeous ride through Sugarloaf, Pennsylvania and had me missing the place where I grew up.Connor Arrowood is back in town after his father s death Due to stipulations of the will he s got to stay on the property he vowed to never return to for six months Upon his return he befriends a little girl he never knew he needed in his life and the woman of his dreams he never thought he d see again You re everything I remembered and nothing I was prepared for Ellie Wolcott is stuck in ways than one Her only saving grace is her little girl Connor comes back into Sugarloaf and turns it all upside down and rightside up.This story is one for the record books Corinne Michaels is known for her ultra feelings books and Come Back for Me is no different This book had me in tears, laughing in stitches, and sighing with so much love.

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    Omg this book is everything I love love love Connor Connor is struggling with having to walk back into a life he left behind to only be thrown an absolute curveball and comes face to face with the girl that he sees every night in his dreams Elli is living a nightmare of a life for the last 8 years and is constantly returning to her dreams of a man she met years ago The only beautiful in her life is her amazing daughter, Hadley A simple twist of fate brings these three into each others lives and rocks everyone s world This amazing STANDALONE book will stick with me forever It was absolutely beautiful, heartbreaking, refreshing, and reassuring all in one Don t wait to get this book NOW LIVE

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    OMG Wow I am trying to gather the words on just how spectacular this book was Corinne will make you hope and believe and then rip your heart out She ll mend it in the end giving you that heartwarming ache from a great romance It was about second chances, facing fears and redemption For Connor coming back to the one place he vowed never to return was a turning point It brought him back to his angel And Ellie needed to conquer bigger demons and fears She needed the love and care of a real man to guide her Together they seemed to weave together reuniting and overcoming those fears together They had an undying connection that even with past demons trying to break them apart their bond couldn t be stronger.Oh and who could forget the sweet and innocent Hadley She was so adorable and the way she wormed her way into Connor s heart was so precious.And damn Corinne for introducing us to Arrowood brothers Each are going to own a piece of my heart I know I just finished but I need .

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