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The Fall of LegendFrom New York Times Bestselling Author Meghan March Comes A New Deliciously Dangerous Alpha Hero In The Fall Of Legend, The First Book In The Brand New And Utterly Addictive Legend Trilogy We Come From Two Different Worlds I M From The Streets She Might As Well Live In An Ivory Tower I Made My Living With My Fists I Doubt She Could Even Throw A Punch Our Paths Never Should Have Crossed We Never Should Have Met That Doesn T Change The Facts I Would Sell My Soul To Taste Those Red Lips Fight The Devil Himself To Hear Her Laugh Burn In Hell To Have A Single Night Scarlett Priest Shouldn T Even Know Men Like Me Exist, But Sometimes Temptation Is Stronger Than Will If This Is How I Go Down, It Ll Be Worth Every Second Of The Fall

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    THE FALL OF LEGEND is the first full length book in Meghan March s Legend Trilogy In this we are lucky enough to meet Gabriel Legend and Scarlett Priest Spoken in Dual POV s , , .As soon as this dropped on my kindle that was me, life at that point was put on hold It all kickstarted off with a kidnapping Gabriel Legend, our hero is running from his past, trying to make better of himself, a man with the world on his shoulders with many waiting in the background to take him down a peg or two His club is failing and his only hope to bring it back to life is Scarlett , .Scarlett Priest, is like no other heroine I ve encountered, we saw her change so much in such a short time, a socialite born into a world of glamour, one thing she strived above all else was her father s love and approval, but when that evaded her she took life by the horns and grew a backbone And from that point onwards I was hooked Enjoying this new world I found myself in Wanting, needing , questions left up in the air that I m hoping get full closure in the next book When opposites attract that from two very different backgrounds can t break that connection whenever they are around each other, the sexual chemistry, that just sizzled off the pages I enjoyed watching them step into the unknown, These two were utterly perfect for each other.A slow burn that once it took off got its hooks into me Teasers used are off the authors facebook page

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    AVAILABLE NOW 4 Give Me More CROWNSAs with any Meghan March book, color me intrigued I m completely hooked into the story of Gabriel and Scarlet.Gabriel Legend is a man with the weight of the world on his shoulders Although he is that alpha man, there are a lot of areas of his life that he is struggling with, and I found this to be a nice change of pace to her typical alpha heroes who have it all together and rule their kingdom His guilt over the past, the need to prove himself as , motivates him I found a really respected him as a male character Scarlet is a unique heroine I liked that she seemed to be the pursuer in this relationship Even in book one, she evolves and changes so much, and she isn t afraid to go after what she wants, even if she gets burned This is book one of three, so a lot of this book is the exposition who they are, their pasts, their conflicts, and the layering of issues these two will face independently and as a couple There is much story in terms of plot progression, as a result What I can say is that what she has hinted at in terms of what is two come over the course of trilogy is going to be one heck of a ride, and I am here for it The Fall of Legend is gearing up to another great suspense My mind is already running with all the possibilities ARC received in exchange for an honest review

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    From the moment Gab Legend saw her face on the magazine he knew she could help him with his problems but made 1 mistake by voicing his thoughts to his best friend and manager of the club Q Bump overheard the conversation and did what anyone with Bump mental capacity could do, Yes he kidnapped socialite Scarlett Priest and rolled her up in a carpet and brought her to his boss friend Gabriel Legend night club Legends.Gabriel Legend earn his money the best way he knows how, with his fist and put all that he had into his night club called Legends Scarlett Priest comes from money socialite, mother was a high fashion model and father build Priest Pharmaceuticals So they come from two different worlds Gab from the streets and Scarlett in her ivory tower He would sell his soul for one taste of those red lips Fight the devil himself to hear her laugh Burn in hell to have a single night.Scarlett Priest shouldn t eve know men like Gabe exist, but sometimes temptation is stronger than will Once reality hit Gabe does what he believes is the right thing Continue with the shrade with Ms Priest Gabe told her why she was there, he wanted her to use her influence to pump life back into his club All while believing if he let her go he would have to do jail time for kidnapping if he let her go We started bargaining that she would show up at my club 2 Saturdays in a row then every other Saturday get people in the door by taking selfies and posting that she is here So getting kidnapped in exchange for not dying she must save someone s business.Scarlett decides she would help cause looking into those blue eyes has got her off her game but she remembers her tool of a boyfriend Chadwick who brings her closer to her father because he works for Priest Pharmaceuticals However the spark and electricity she feels with Gabe is undeniable Will Scarlett risk it all for 1 night with Gabe or be the good daughter n money pit for Chadwick

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    Meghan March has done it again From the moment Legend made an appearance in White Knight, I knew that he was special and I couldn t wait to read his story I needed his story and boy did I get it She knows how to bring her characters to life and this story was no exception Legend and Scarlett were so good They were both strong characters in their own right Let me just say that she was not lying when she said that this was going to be epic The only problem that I had with this story was that it had to end and now I have to wait I cant wait for book 2 I received an ARC of this book and I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.

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    Y all already know my obsession with Meghan March runs deep so the minute Fall of Legend hit my kindle, I was ready to get lost in Gabriel and Scarlett s world This story was a great introduction to this new and amazing world Meghan created I was so here for it Being the first book in the series, Fall of Legend was of an introductory novel in the series, as we met all of the main characters and who they were to Gabriel and Scarlett Here s what I loved Book 1 lays the foundation and set the stage for an amazing story I loved the characters Overall, I loved how strong Scarlett was She was assertive and determined and a breath of fresh air Likewise, Gabriel was delicious He was sexy and aggressive in the best ways but I did find him to be of a vulnerable alpha hero than March s recent dominant heroes ie Mount and Savage I am so excited to see of them both and the further development of their connection, chemistry and story Bring on book two I am so here for it

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    This is a hard review for me to write becasue I am a big fan of Meghan March but this book was just not what I was expecting The story started of fast pace and captivating but it quickly reduced speed There is a lot of fill in fluff that could have been condensed becasue I found myself flicking through the pages a tad bored at times It was not until about the 75% that the story really started going again and then I was back into it.I look forward to the next book in the trilogy House of Scarlett to see where this story leads as I am sure Meghan has something big up her sleeve to come.

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    AHH When Meghan March drops a new series, you run as fast as you can to start it Fall of Legend was a great start to a new series Gabriel Legend and Scarlett Priest have a connection and despite their different upbringings, circumstances bring them both into each other s lives and boy was I here for it I for one cannot wait for the next book in the series Without giving away any spoilers, this story provided a detailed background of Legend and Scarlett and the different cast of characters Gabriel and Scarlett had a connection like all of March s heroes and heroines but I feel like this story was different from her previous books as Gabriel almost seemed vulnerable and unsure about himself with Scarlett as the pursuer vs the usual aggressive alpha males we ve come to expect in her stories Overall, I enjoyed their chemistry and can t wait for 4 stars Ratula

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    The Fall of Legend is another hit by Meghan March The woman is adept at creating engaging stories with relatable characters I expected a wild passionate ride and she did not disappoint This book is a ten on the hotness meter.I loved all the characters created by Meghan, and Gabriel and Scarlett were no different From the moment I met him, I knew they would be great together From two separate worlds, their paths should not have crossed, but circumstances brought them together He lived in the shadows she lived in the limelight They may be worlds apart based on their social and financial status but when it came to negative forces in their lives, they were on common ground.Scarlet Priest is a social media influencer who was determined to create her own identity Despite her success as an influencer, she was never able to gain her father s love and approval She would do anything to get it even it meant accepting ill treatment from her boyfriend Eventually, she would recognize she deserved and Gabriel was the man to give her just what she needed.Gabriel grew up rough Life had never been easy, and he fought hard literally and figuratively to be where he is today.He is not interested in dating or any relationship with a woman His only interest is to save his club and repay his debts However, when he came face to face with Scarlett, his body, mind and heart had other ideas He has never relied on anyone to rescue him until now and it created an uncomfortable feeling.The story began on an interesting note, and from that moment, I was hooked The story moved at a slower pace than I am used to from the author, but it did not hinder my enjoyment This being the first book in the trilogy, the author provided sufficient background information about the characters, allowing me to understand the reasons behind their actions This made it easier for me to handle the push and pull between Scarlett and Gabriel There was enough sexual tension to overheat my kindle.I was prepared for the cliffhanger, but I did not expect the heartbreaking ending OMG As the story began to get hotter, BAM it ended Based on what have transpired so far, I am looking forward to a thrilling conclusion.Conclusion RecommendationAll in All a great read Meanwhile, I am looking forward to the next book, House of Scarlett, which will release next month.

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    3.5 Ladybug StarsI realize this book is the first part of a trilogy They re are many dynamics to this story and they are all quite intriguing I understand that setting up the foundation of Gabriel Legend and Scarlett Priest is essential to the trilogy They come from different backgrounds and live totally different lives And while I did like getting to know their backgrounds, their life and their close circle of friends, I found that in the middle of this story is where I found myself skimming I think it was just that the story didn t develop as fast as I thought it would But towards the end, I found out that I really started to enjoy the relationship between Gabriel and Scarlett When I finished I wanted and I can t wait to see how their relationship develops in the next book There are many twists and turns and coincidences that I know will fuel the trilogy Gabe s tight knit group and Scarlett s posse of friends add a level of closeness to the story as well.I m looking forward to seeing how Scarlett takes control in House of Scarlett advanced copy provided in exchange for an honest review

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