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Epub ❤ Someone Knows Author Lisa Scottoline –

Someone Knows Bestselling And Award Winning Author Lisa Scottoline Reaches New Heights With This Riveting Novel About How A Single Decision Can Undo A Family, How Our Past Can Derail Our Present, And How Not Guilty Doesn T Always Mean InnocentAllie Garvey Is Heading Home To The Funeral Of A Childhood Friend Allie Is Not Only Grief Stricken, She S Full Of Dread Because Going Home Means Seeing The Other Two People With Whom She Shares An Unbearable SecretTwenty Years Earlier, A Horrific Incident Shattered The Lives Of Five Teenagers, Including Allie Drinking And Partying In The Woods, They Played A Dangerous Prank That Went Tragically Wrong, Turning Deadly The Teenagers Kept What Happened A Secret, Believing That Getting Caught Would Be The Worst Thing That Could Happen But Time Has Taught Allie Otherwise Not Getting Caught Was Far WorseAllie Has Been Haunted For Two Decades By What She And The Others Did, And By The Fact That She Never Told A Soul The Dark Secret Has Eaten Away At Her, Distancing Her From Everyone She Loves, Including Her Husband Because She Wasn T Punished By The Law, Allie Has Punished Herself, And It S A Life SentenceNow, Allie Stands On The Precipice Of Losing Everything She S Ready For A Reckoning, Determined To Learn How The Prank Went So Horribly Wrong She Digs To Unearth The Truth, But Reaches A Shocking Conclusion That She Never Saw Coming And Neither Will The ReaderA Deeply Emotional Examination Of Family, Marriage, And The True Nature Of Justice, Someone Knows Is Lisa Scottoline S Most Powerful Novel To Date Startling, Page Turning, And With An Ending That S Impossible To Forget, This Is A Tour De Force By A Beloved Author At The Top Of Her Game

Epub ❤ Someone Knows  Author Lisa Scottoline –
  • Paperback
  • 416 pages
  • Someone Knows
  • Lisa Scottoline
  • 05 June 2017
  • 9780525539742

    10 thoughts on “Epub ❤ Someone Knows Author Lisa Scottoline –

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    2.5 starsToo much It s like the author threw everything but the kitchen sink into this one Despite having some problems with it, I still was interested in the story until the last quarter of the book or so At that point though, it veered so far into ridiculous territory it made me cranky.I had read and enjoyed a book by the author a few years ago and had plans to check out her other books but never got around to it until now When the opportunity to read an advance copy of this one popped up, I jumped on it I found the premise of the book intriguing as it s basically a story about a group of people who were involved in something terrible back when they were teenagers Twenty years later the secret they have kept about what really happened is taking a toll on their lives.The majority of the characters in this book are unlikable people, but that s not really the problem I had with the story The mystery of what happened and what was going to happen in the present time was enough to sustain my interest so it didn t matter much to me I didn t like some of the people I had much of an issue with too many characters being used to advance the plot...

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    Sadly this is a DNF for me at 60% Lisa Scottoline has written some of my favorite books, in particular Every Fifteen Minutes was a psychological thriller that I loved Someone Knows has so many dysfunctional characters that it s unbelievable and that s just the teenagers One teen is manic with a destructive, abusive side, another is crushed under the weight of his father s notoriety of being a well known pediatrician in prison for pedophilia, one teen is beginning to question whether he is gay and testing his theory by pretending to care for one of the girls, another is overtly spying on someone he supposedly loves and on and on and on, and these teens aren t even in high school yet, they average 15 years old The characters I could have dealt with if there was a great plot, but sadly I didn t find that to be the case Half way through the book the teens are still sneaking around burying and unburying a gun which never should have been available to them, then bullets and now a blast and a murder So one of the teens is also a murderer, because someone left a bullet in the gun.I ve just come to the conclusion that t...

  3. says:

    I m not going to leave a full review of this book I ve left my thoughts with the publisher There are glowing reviews for this elsewhere and you can read those This is a book about extremely bad, very spoiled rich kids and their egregious parents This is not about a prank gone wrong It is about suicide, murder, extreme mental illness, horrifying incest, pedophilia and It made me sick to read it and that was with me only skimming through much of it I appreciate th...

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    Wow, that was absolutely excellent I would say it was my favorite of Scottoline s but I ve only read two of her books so I m not sure that statement would be fair Even so, this one was a lot better than After Anna her other book I ve read Our cast of characters include Allie, a fat girl who is struggling to find her place among her peers She is also still reeling from her sister, Jill s, death She is the main character of the novel and she felt so real and dimensional Even though they were her own thoughts, there was a tiny bit of fat shaming Fair warning Julian, is a rich asshole I hated him I m honestly not sure if he was supposed to a protagonist or antagonist I kept waffling between the two I mean he had a lot of creepy scenes like watching his neighbour undress. What the heck but I also pitied him because his dad sucks and his mom is sad and weird David is a gay I think young man, who is friends with Julian no idea why and sometimes...

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    Lisa Scottoline is one of those authors that I have added her backlist to my endlessly long TBR after really enjoying the few newer titles I ve managed to pick up Seeing her name across the front of Someone Knows was enough to make me want it but looking closer at the cover I couldn t help but think my favorite phrase, popcorn drama and of course with old friends and secrets and lies you get plenty of drama with the suspense.Someone Knows is a story that starts looking back twenty years before joining the characters in the present and is told from multiple points of view throughout As teens twenty years ago Allie and her group of friends were out doing some really stupid and dangerous stuff when they pulled in the new kid and things of course went wrong.Twenty years later the group loses one of it s own and that forces them together again which in turn has them confronting the past Someone has to know how the prank went so horribly wrong and now Allie wants answers to the past that has haunted her for years.This book is one that may have just as many disliking it...

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    A gripping tale of a teenage secret that shattered the lives of five teenagers forever SUMMARYAllie Garvey is heading home to the funeral of a childhood friend Allie is both grief stricken and full of dread Going home means seeing the other two people with whom she shares an unbearable secret.Twenty years prior, a horrible incident shattered the lives of five teenagers, including Allie Drinking and partying in the woods, they played a dangerous prank that went tragically wrong The teenagers kept what happened a secret, believing that getting caught would be the worst thing that could happen But time has taught Allie otherwise Not getting caught was far worse.For the past twenty years the dark secret has haunted and eaten away at her Allie now stands at a crossroads She s ready to learn how the prank went so horribly wrong She digs to unearth the truth, but what she finds is a shocking conclusion that she never saw coming.REVIEWIn your youth, did you every do anything really, really stupid Kids just do things, they get caught up in the moment, caught up in peer pressure, and the next thing you know, something terrible has happened SOMEONE KNOWS is a thought provoking story of teenage mistakes, the kind of mistakes that tend to stay with you the rest of your life The teenage drama, dysfunction and angst in the first portion of the book made me think I was perhaps reading a young adult n...

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    Someone Knows was good, but not great.There was a lot of unnecessary words and descriptions in the book it probably would have been a good 50 pages shorter if the editor had cut all the needless babble out.I did have a hard time keeping track of who the parents were I had to give myself a little...

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    Lisa Scottoline is one of my favorite authors I gave her last book, Feared, a 5 star review So why did I dislike this book so much I guess entitled, privileged teenagers aren t my favorite protagonists, plus a book with no likable characters doesn t usually work for me I don t think I would have even finished this one if I hadn t received an advance review copy in exchange for an honest review But I did finish it, and I really disliked both the char...

  9. says:

    Unfortunately, this was not my favorite Scottoline book There were too many inconsistencies and the ending felt implausible I ve enjoyed many of her books Hopefully the next one will be better.

  10. says:

    I won this in a Goodreads giveaway What if your darkest secret wasn t a secret Allie Garvey is going back home to the funeral of a childhood friend Allie s life is a mess because of a dark secret she s been keeping for 20 years When she was in High School a horrific incident shattered the lives of her group of friends.Someone Knows sounded so good but it was just meh Nothing happened This book was plotless Even when the horrific incident happens its rushed through I was so bored Also why are we still Burying the Gays in 2019 I like Lisa Scottoline I ve read on...

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