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Problem Child (Jane Doe, #2) She S Cold, Calculating, And Can Deceive With A Smile Jane Doe Is Back In The Charts Bestselling Series And This Time She S Met Her MatchAfter A Brutal Childhood, Jane Doe Has Been Permanently Wired To Look After Herself And Only Herself Now, Looking Next To Normal, Jane Has A Lover And A Job But She Hasn T Lost Her Edge It Sharpens When She Hears From Her Estranged FamilyJane S Deeply Troubled Sixteen Year Old Niece, Kayla, Has Vanished, And No One Seems To Care Neither Does Jane Until She Sees A Picture Of Kayla And Recognizes Herself In The Young Girl S Eyes It S The Empty Stare Of A SociopathJane Knows What Vengeful And Desperate Things Kayla Is Capable Of Only Jane Can Help Her By Being Drawn Into Kayla S Dark World And No One S Aware Than Jane Just How Dangerous That Can Be

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    4.25 starsAnother fabulous buddy read with Tucker the Reader thanks for suggesting it I ll call a spade a spade and a bitch a bitch You are a goddamn devil child and you always were Jane Doe is. .different. Has been ever since she was a child and she s learned to accept her differences even use them to her advantages.She s already ruined the life of the man who drove her best friend to suicide, completely dominated the corporate world and snagged herself a sweet boyfriend who wants to move in together Everything is looking upand Jane s bored Very bored.And when Jane s bored, bad things happen Every once in a while, like right here in this moment, I want to be what other people are and I hate who I am. And just when she feels the most trapped, Jane learns that Kayla her niece has gone missing Vanished without a trace.Nobody, except for Jane, realizes that Kayla is unique She s different, different in the very same ways Jane is. Is it possible A little Baby Jane out in the world Jane is on a mission and there is no one alive who would dare stand in her way.Jane Jane Jane Jane As before, I absolutely adored the character of Jane, and not just for her love for the literary world Pardon Nope, I repeat But I didn t ask anything Well, I m reading But also in the way her emotions are slowly developing it makes me sooo happy to see her give in to her emotions Luke is a sweet guy with a bit of a blind spot, which is how he ended up with me. That being said, this one was a smidge less of a thriller than I expected it was of a road trip with your friendly neighborhood sociopath note still entertaining, just not what I expected.I did really love watching Jane and Kayla interact every time they both were on the page, my anxiety and excitement skyrocketed I wish the ending was longer cause there was so much crazy goodness and I was SUPER hooked.The one thing that threw me out of the book was the sex I get adding in sex to enhance the book or bring about another dimension, but at this point it just felt clunky and distracting it actually is the major thing that knocked down my rating awkward painful to read.Overall, I did enjoy this book gratuitous sex aside and it was a fun buddy read And after that ending I really, really, really hope for a third like reallllllly Thank you so much to Publishing and the author for sending me a free copy in exchange for an honest review I am ecstatic YouTube Blog Instagram Twitter Snapchat miranda.reads

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    Jane is back, Jane is BACK The first 25% and the last 25% were the best bits and the rest could have been cut way down but it was still loaded with Janeisms and her hilarious observations Like fries that aren t quite crispy, even those parts were still better than most stuff.I appreciate her observations and the lens through which she, as a sociopath, views the world There is just enough Jane in all of us to both recognize ourselves and be horrified by her It s fabulous.The ending of this book sets the stage for the third installment and I ll be first in line Thank you to Victoria Helen Stone, Lake Union Publishing, and NetGalley for giving me this ARC in exchange for an honest review

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    Yes, as like Sir Elton John s song name THE BITCH IS BACK But best theme song for definitely coming from Talking Heads and let s sing the chorus together for Jane Doe Psycho Killer Qu est ce que c est Fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa far better Run, run, run, run, run, run, run away This time my mash up psychopathic, sociopathic, this woman is not a regular badass chick, she is completely out of control stars swinging between 3 to 4 I feel like I put a glass on my quija board yes I got new one to scare those mean kids next door, shooting my video when I was performing my happy dance it moves between 3 to 4, 3 to 4 Okay I rounded up to 4 stars, but I think a sequel is coming up and I m not so sure, I ll give high stars to the third installment I love Jane but I also love to meet new characters of the author Our favorite sociopath is back, working at law office, climbing career ladder by orchestrating the best schemes could be imagined She has a stable, regular relationship with Luke poor, innocent, decent, patient soul has no idea that he s dating with Dexter s soul twin sister , not giving any heck of the blood sucker parent s drama till she gets a call and finds out one of her brother s child from the flock of the woman he impregnated is missing and nobody cares about to find her At first Jane didn t care, too But well as she found out, her niece is also younger mini Jane Doe, had sociopathic tendencies, that girl grabbed her full attention This book is a little slower, repeating itself but good thing is we learned new ugly facts about Jane s family history and it gave me so much reason to declare them as the most despicable, punch able, disgraceful fiction beings Ending of this book was creepy, because we already have our lovely predator and now we have her mini Doe version but unfortunately this young minion is not easy to empathize She really gave me chills I didn t get bored any second and Jane Doe s awkward antics, way of thinking, her POV about the world and her motives always got my attention I loved her at the first book I still enjoyed her new adventure But I think I ll stop from here If it s planned as a trilogy and having a surprising, vengeful ending, I m still in But if books to come and minion Does are to be introduced to us I ll pass Special thanks to NetGalley and Lake Union Publishing for sharing this spooky ARC COPY with me and thanks to Victoria Helen Stone to bring my one of the favorite villanelle back

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    When I got approval to read this book early, I COULD NOT WAIT to read it That lasted till around the 25% point Then, I COULD NOT WAIT for it to end Jane is back, but this time, she is CRASS than she is SNARKY She is playing amateur detective, as she tries to find her 16 year old niece, Kayla, who has gone missing This storyline is not as interesting as the story of REVENGE, which introduced us to Jane, in book 1, Jane Doe, one of my most frequently recommended books from 2018 There is a lot of filler about Jane s childhood, which I found boring, and the search for Kayla drags on too long At about the 75% point of the book, things get interesting again, as the author sets the scene for what seems to be an INEVITABLE , Jane Doe 3 Jane Doe 3 seems like IT WILL BE what I was hoping for from Jane Doe 2 I wish the author had condensed the entire middle of the book into a few chapters, and given us THAT story now Sigh But despite NOT loving this bookI really do think I will enjoy the next chapter of Jane s storyThank You to Netgalley, Lake Union Publishing, and Victoria Helen Stone for the digital ARC I received in exchange for a candid review This book will be available on March 24, 2020

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    3.5 StarsJane is back and she is colder and scary calculating than ever before At times I was cheering her on and other times I was cringing with the length she went with her deception I started off fascinated and couldn t wait to find out about Jane s niece and I was turning those pages as fast as I could till the very last page I loved that last paragraph and what a way to end the book However, I felt a bit let down as I think I missed the plot of the story here and didn t get much out of Jane other than just how mean she is It was entertaining at times but just didn t feel like a developed plot So after sharing some thoughts with my friends, I think we are in store for a fascinating character to come I just wished it didn t feel like it took a whole book to set that up.Traveling Friends Sister group read You can find our discussion here All thread contains spoilers received a copy from the publisher on NetGalley

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    Jane, our favorite sociopath from Jane Doe, has company Baby shark, doo doo Mama shark, doo doo When Jane finds out that her sixteen year old niece Kayla has disappeared, at first Jane s all, why should I care But then Jane hears that Kayla is a coldhearted, distant person just like Jane herself and sees a picture of Kayla with the empty look of a sociopath in her eyes And suddenly Jane is interested.So Jane takes time away from her boyfriend Luke who s stressing Jane out with his talk of moving in together and from her law firm where she s been busily bringing about the downfall of a particularly obnoxious young partner and travels to her childhood town to see if she can find a missing young girl who might just need what Jane has to offer.3.66 stars, mostly because the middle part got really slow paced, when Jane s visiting her completely dysfunctional family and wandering around town looking for clues, and possibly a little action She gets this rather odd fascination with wind turbines that eventually leads her to some insights into her relationship with Luke and her own psyche That subplot took too long for too little payoff.But the story picked up nicely in the final third, with a memorable ending And Jane comes up with gems like this What he doesn t know is that his testicles don t imbue him with immortality, and I could easily get out a gun while he s fumbling with the button of his pants I could kill him and leave his body in the dirt where no one would spot it from the highway Like he s a woman Like he s one of a million dead women Why did he have a drink with her if he didn t want it Why did he let her into his truck Why did he go off with her if he wanted to say no What did he expect to happen You really have to be smarter if you don t want to get murdered by strange women Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the ARC Content notes F bombs and some sexual content not quite what you might think, but .

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    Many thanks to Lake Union for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review Kayla nods and smiles back, a dollop of whipped cream adorably perched on the end of her little nose But her eyes stay cold and careful, waiting Good girl I can t tell you guys how excited I was to be back in the world of Jane Doe This entire series is a set of the most creative thrillers I ve ever read As I ve said in other reviews, almost anyone can write a barebones thriller but it takes someone with real talent to write one like this So, what s this book about Problem Child is the sequel to Jane Doe though both can be read on their own with minimal confusion as Jane mostly sums up what happened in the first book That said, this series is a whole experience and I really recommend reading the entire thing We pick up an unspecified amount of time likely a few months after Jane Doe Jane has moved to another job and is happily well, as happy as she can be living her life But now, she has someone to share it with Jane and Luke are officially dating AHHHHHH I don t know how or why but Jane and Luke are my OTP They don t have good ship name options, though It s either Juke or Lane Anyway, Jane is just living her sociopathic life when out of the blue, she finds out that her niece, Kayla, has gone missing At first, she doesn t care But then, a relative gives a description that chills her to the bone After looking at a picture, Jane is sure Her niece is a sociopath And so, she goes on a long, thrilling adventure to find her niece and save her from herself Looking back, this novel was not nearly as much of a thriller It was a lot humorous and, somehow light hearted, than Jane Doe That s not to say that this wasn t a thriller There were many dark scenes but this one was overall less bleak Jane AAARRGGGGGHH Jane If she was real, I would find her and SLAP HER Because she was so infuriating I didn t have any problems with the decisions she made throughout the book, except one She wouldn t recognize her fatal flaw, even though it was standing right in front of her Jane is afraid to put her trust in others This is a fear I totally get One of my bigger fears is trusting people Like Jane, I can socialize and even trust people generally speaking But, like Jane, in the end, it s extremely hard for me to fully trust someone Because trusting is dangerous But not trusting is even dangerous.I really hope that in the third book which had better be coming Jane works her sh t out Luke Luke did not get the screen time page time whatever he deserved I was very sad that he wasn t prominent in the story Especially because he was so PERFECT He was so kind and caring to Jane even when she didn t deserve it I m still just annoyed that Jane was so awful to Luke when he was so nice to her AND I GET IT That s part of who she is but she could have tried to show some appreciation TL DR Luke is perfect Jane is not Jane needs to get her sh t together in book three Kayla I ll just be completely honest I hated Kayla I really don t see what purpose she served other than being a plot device She was really immature and bratty Now, Miranda and I were talking about this and she made a good point It could be that Kayla was being annoying as an act to manipulate Jane Maybe But either way she was annoying and I didn t like her and telling myself that she was just a bratty teenager makes it easier to hate her Finally, I want to discuss how kind of gross this book is There is so much blatant sex Once again, I get that it is what Jane feels she needs to do to manipulate the men how she needs to but still not fun to read Also, I would love to, at some point, see a redeemable male character who isn t Luke Or a female antagonist I mean can we move on from this men are sex craving monsters narrative, please Overall, I really did enjoy this novel Even though it was dark and rather bleak, it made for a great sequel and I can t wait to see where the author takes this series.Bottom Line4 starsAge Rating R Content Screening Mild Spoilers Educational Value 0 0 Positive Messages 1 5 As I said, this book is forking bleak Violence 3 5 Car chases, punches, guns Sex 4 5 Main character has sex with multiple people to get them to do what she wants Language 3 5 F k, sh t, sshole, d ck Drinking Drugs 3 5 Alcohol Trigger and Content Warnings Sex trafficking, Underage sex with and without consent, Drugs, Underage drinkingRepresentations Sociopath Cover 3 5 Characters 3.5 5 Plot 4 5 Publication Date Publisher Lake UnionGenre Thriller Fiction 4.5 stars Even better than the first one i can t wait spend some time with my all time favorite sociopath Buddy read with Miranda Reads Goodreads Blog Pinterest LinkedIn YouTube Instagram

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    3.5 Fangs Jane Doe was such an amazing thriller I loved reading about Jane s journey and I was so happy it had a sequel in Problem Child.Jane is working in the city She has her loving cat and she s still in a relationship with Luke who s oblivious At work, she s planning to punish another lawyer who has been using her work without giving her the proper accolades Then, she gets a phone call Her niece is missing At first, Jane couldn t care less She doesn t want anything to do with her family None of them are good for anything This is until she is sent a picture of her teenage niece and she realizes she has that empty stare Jane has herself.Jane decides she needs to know for sure Is her niece Kayla the same as she is or is the picture just a picture With this in mind, Jane goes back home She meets with her brother, who s in jail and her parents who are living still in the same place Her mother has no lost love for Jane but Jane couldn t care less, she just wants to find her niece During her investigation, she realizes that Kayla has gotten involved with the wrong kind of people People who are powerful and who would not bat an eye about killing a young woman.For the most part, Problem Child gave me all the right emotions I love being in Jane s head and I love how deceiving she can be She s a strong female character which I adore and just like Dexter, she can feel something for someone I felt the storyline dragging in the middle of the book and I was losing interest in the search for Kayla That brings me to my last point, I didn t like Kayla I hope if there is a next book, Mrs Stone changes my mind.I wasn t shocked by the ending but it leaves the door wide open for a third installment.Cliffhanger No3.5 5 FangsA complimentary copy was provided by Lake Union Publishing via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.MrsLeif s Two Fangs About It Facebook Twitter Instagram

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    So good to be back with Jane Doe, everyone s favourite sociopath She s settled down in Minneapolis, has a good job as a lawyer, a cat and a steady boyfriend who sort of gets her She s working out ways to get back at a lazy colleague who takes credit for her work but apart from that she s bored When she gets word from her home town in Oklahoma that her sixteen year niece Kayla is missing, she really couldn t care less until she hears that her niece is somewhat like her cold, smart and calculating and now Jane has a project to capture her interest.While I enjoyed the first and last third of this book, the middle section felt a bit lacking in substance and sharpness view spoiler What was that scene with the wind turbine for hide spoiler

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    When I got approval to read this book early, I COULD NOT WAIT to read it That lasted till around the 25% point Then, I COULD NOT WAIT for it to end Jane is back, but this time, she is CRASS than she is SNARKY She is playing amateur detective, as she try s to find her 16 year old niece, Kayla, who has gone missing This storyline is not as interesting as the story of REVENGE, which introduced us to Jane, in book 1, Jane Doe, one of my most frequently recommended books from 2018 There is a lot of filler about Jane s childhood, which I found boring, and the search for Kayla drags on too long At about the 75% point of the book, things get interesting again, as the author sets the scene for what seems to be an INEVITABLE , Jane Doe 3 Jane Doe 3 seems like IT MIGHT BE what I was hoping for from Jane Doe 2 I wish the author had condensed the entire middle of the book into a few chapters, and given us THAT story now Sigh At this point, I am not sure if I want to continue the series or not didn t see that coming 2.5 stars rounded up

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