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Reading ➿ Thin Places: Essays Between Knowing and Nothing Author Jordan Kisner –

Thin Places: Essays Between Knowing and NothingA Lit Hub Chicago Review Ms Magazine March Pick A Lambda Literary Most Anticipated BookIn This Perceptive And Provocative Essay Collection, An Award Winning Writer Shares Her Personal And Reportorial Investigation Into America S Search For MeaningWhen Jordan Kisner Was A Child, She Was Saved By Jesus Christ At Summer Camp, Much To The Confusion Of Her Nonreligious Family She Was, She Writes, Just Naturally Reverent, A Fact That Didn T Change When She Much To Her Own Confusion Lost Her Faith As A Teenager Not Sure Why Her Religious Conviction Had Come Or Where It Had Gone, She Did What Anyone Would Do You Go About The Great American Work Of Assigning Yourself To Other Gods Yoga, Talk Radio, Neoatheism, CrossFit, Cleanses, Football, The Academy, The American Dream, Beyonc A Curiosity About The Subtle Systems Guiding Contemporary Life Pervades Kisner S Work Her Celebrated Essay Thin Places Best American Essays , About An Experimental Neurosurgery Developed To Treat Severe Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Asks How Putting The Neural Touchpoint Of The Soul On A Pacemaker May Collide Science And Psychology With Philosophical Questions About Illness, The Limits Of The Self, And Spiritual Transformation How Should She Understand The Appearance Of Her Own Obsessive Compulsive Disorder At The Very Age She Lost Her Faith Intellectually Curious And Emotionally Engaging, The Essays In Thin Places Manage To Be Both Intimate And Expansive, Illuminating An Unusual Facet Of American Life, As Well As How It Reverberates With The Author S Past And Present Preoccupations

Reading ➿ Thin Places: Essays Between Knowing and Nothing Author Jordan Kisner –
  • Hardcover
  • 272 pages
  • Thin Places: Essays Between Knowing and Nothing
  • Jordan Kisner
  • 24 October 2017
  • 9780374274641

    10 thoughts on “Reading ➿ Thin Places: Essays Between Knowing and Nothing Author Jordan Kisner –

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    In her debut collection of essays, Jordan Kisner ponders identity and spirituality in modern day America reading this as a European, I can say that many of these texts capture those cultural aspects of the U.S that seem particularly foreign to us, especially when it comes to religious attitudes and s like debutante balls All of the 13 essays somehow negotiate the relationship between inside and outside and the question whether these borders are permeable Relating to that, the title giving text states In thin places, the Celtic folklore goes, the barrier between the physical and the spiritual world wears thin and becomes porous Distinctions between you and not you, real and unreal, worldly and otherworldly, fall way Kisner s essays combine reportage, memoir and factual reasoning Often associative and re constructing ways of thinking, the meandering texts tend to take their readers to unexpected places, drawing connections between the immigrant experience and coming out as queer, beach parties and church services, or mommy bloggers and activism against Trump If you want to get an idea about Kisner s writing you can check out Jesus Raves , which won a Pushcart Prize in 2016, or Thin Places , which was selected for The Best American Essays 2016.An interesting collection, but over the length of the book, Kisner didn t always hold my attention I felt like some texts were lacking urgency.

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    I don t read essays as a rule I m not sure why and going by how much I enjoyed this one, that rule really needs to change But that s just to say that this collection didn t have an immediate attraction to me, outside of the fact that one of the essays was about OCD That immediately interested me But the thing is, it doesn t matter how you come to the book sometimes, it only matters that you get there and I am so very glad I came to this book, because it was absolutely terrific Thin Places are places in the world where the realities can bleed into each other, liminal and uncertain, complex, label defying layers that comprise so much of life And Jordan Kisner makes for a superb guide to those places She writes about faith, love, language in such a clever way, interspersing observational and personal perspectives I suppose that s the beauty of essay as a form, it allows for such infusions of personality, wherein journalism alone is valued for its detached objectivity I m not sure I appreciated that fact before now But because essays are such personal beasts, the crux of their appeal hinges on the author and in this case, it works out perfectly I ve never read or heard of the author prior to grabbing this book off of Netgalley, so there were no expectations and had there been any, that would have still be blown right out of the water, because Kisner is just such a great writer, an absolutely awesome yeah, awe inspiring combination of stunning emotional intelligence, eruditeness and command of language The best way I can describe this reading experience is it was like having a conversation albeit format restricted one sided version thereof with a smart well spoken person who told you the best, most interesting stories about all the things you found interesting The range of these stories alone from Mormon women uniting in their efforts to promote ethical which is to say not the current one government to Shakers to yes, that OCD one is notable The way Kisner writes about things, putting them in historical and political context, drawing on facts and personal experiences it s so compelling And she manages to give going on tangents a good name too, I absolutely loved the way the author veers off into a personal experience and then get right back to the main subject without skipping a single step, perfectly seamless connections between the author and their stories And never not interesting, not for a moment You can t wait to see what she says next It s such a pleasure as a reader to be this engaged with, this excited by a book Frankly, by a mind Made me an instant fan If all one sided conversations were this good, I d pass on dialogue altogether Loved this book and I can only hope it finds the wide readership it deserves Recommended Thanks Netgalley.

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    I started reading these essays on a plane and allllmoooost wanted the flight to last longer because Jordan Kisner s writing is just that good Culturally relevant topics stunningly beautiful prose deep thoughtfulness nonfiction catnip for me There wasn t a single piece that dragged or felt out of place in the collection Stellar

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    I could have gone without the first to essays, but out of 13, I really enjoyed 10 of them Over all 3.5 out 5 More thoughts to come.

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    you ever read a book so good it pisses you off That s how I feel right now I am so MAD this book is so good, the sentences are so beautiful, what the FUCK

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    Jordan Kisner announces herself humbly as a master of her genre, with essays that exude brilliance individually and then perhaps even so as a carefully ordered collection Her thin places are the spaces where the barrier between the physical world and the spiritual world wears thin and becomes porous Invisible things, like music or love or dead people or God, might become visible there There s no way to walk away from her collection without feeling as if you live in a thin place as if you might never have to leave it Reading her feels like listening to that guitar part in a favorite song when all other sound falls away and then, suddenly, your body falls away, and your self spreads to take up the entirety of a room Kisner writes about OCD and the boundaries of selfhood, about a New York artist using empty space as a feminine medium, about a Martha Washington pageant obsessed with lineage held on the Laredo, Texas and Nuevo Laredo border She writes of young Christians clubbing and converting during summers spent in Montauk, of forensic pathologists in Ohio quietly defending the dead who can no longer speak for themselves She writes along tightropes, but in the world of her mind, these spaces widen to become comfortably navigable pathways In a world that seeks to erase the spaces between, this may be the most important book you read this year.

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    A thin place is where one can walk in two worlds the worlds are fused together, knitted loosely where the differences can be discerned or tightly where the two worlds become one Internet Quote I really enjoyed these essays, Kisner has a way with words that makes you sit up and pay attention In Thin Places she explores modern American spirituality, culture and personal identity Through these 13 essays she shares some of her own intimate experience as well as insightful reportage on contemporary American society From debutant balls, to OCD, to foresnic pathologists, to club hopping young Christian s, and This is a complex collection I feel like any description I give wont do it justice It was a facinating read to say the least This collection never once comes across as preachy, but rather open minded, journalistic, inquisitive and personal Kisner s writing is excellent, lyrical prose that keep you wanting So looking forward to whatever she does next Thank You to the tagged publisher for sending me this arc opinions are my own For of my book content check out bookalong

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    Thin Places by Jordan Kisner is a series of essays exploring diverse topics such as the author s wrestling with her Christian faith, experiencing postmodern popup churches in Montauk, talking with Mormon mommy bloggers, and facing her own morbidity in the morgue when doing a story on forensic pathologists Kisner is able to take an apparently mundane topic and dig into it like an archaeologist, searching for deeper truths Sometimes she finds it sometimes she doesn t If you re into nonfiction and longform essays, this is the book for you.

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    Book Review Thin Places Essays from In BetweenAuthor Jordan KisnerPublisher Farrar, Straus and GirouxPublication Date March 3, 2020Review Date November 4, 2019I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review From the blurb In this perceptive and provocative essay collection, an award winning writer shares her personal and reportorial investigation into America s search for meaning.When Jordan Kisner was a child, she was saved by Jesus Christ at summer camp, much to the confusion of her nonreligious family She was, she writes, just naturally reverent, a fact that didn t change when she much to her own confusion lost her faith as a teenager Not sure why her religious conviction had come or where it had gone, she did what anyone would do You go about the great American work of assigning yourself to other gods yoga, talk radio, neoatheism, CrossFit, cleanses, football, the academy, the American Dream, Beyonc A curiosity about the subtle systems guiding contemporary life pervades Kisner s work Her celebrated essay Thin Places Best American Essays 2016 , about an experimental neurosurgery developed to treat severe obsessive compulsive disorder, asks how putting the neural touchpoint of the soul on a pacemaker may collide science and psychology with philosophical questions about illness, the limits of the self, and spiritual transformation How should she understand the appearance of her own obsessive compulsive disorder at the very age she lost her faith Intellectually curious and emotionally engaging, the essays in Thin Places manage to be both intimate and expansive, illuminating an unusual facet of American life, as well as how it reverberates with the author s past and present preoccupations I know this is a very long blurb I needed to include it all, because this book of essays is so complex and varied, that on my own, I would not be able to hint at what the book is like This is one of the most extraordinary books I ve ever read For starters, the language itself is gorgeous Jordan writes about so many different aspects of her life and I was thoroughly engaged throughout each of the essays I highly, highly recommend this book If you are intellectually curious, if you have a love of language, if you are fascinated by current day America, you must read this book The author was new to me and I m very grateful to have been introduced to her writing I will search her out elsewhere Thank you to FSG for allowing me an early look at this magnificent work Good luck to Jordan on Thin Places and all her other writing This review will be posted on NetGalley, Goodreads and netgalley FSG thinplaces jordankusner

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    Thin Places Essays from In Between from Jordan Kisner is that rare collection where each essay makes an impact While all collections are, by nature of being collections of separate entities, uneven this one is as as minimally uneven as any I have read in quite some time.I like essays, I read them a lot, whether in collections such as this or in various publications physical or virtual I try to vary my expectations to suit what I am reading Some are very instructive but don t necessarily make a big personal impact Some touch me because of some commonality but after some time they fade away though I often revisit these This collection touched me emotionally and intellectually, made me try to understand her and what she experienced, understand those she wrote about, and most importantly try to better understand myself based on those new insights.Perhaps the greatest gift this book offers is the gift of a new or renewed type of perspective Many of the experiences will be both unknown to you while also seeming so familiar You will likely, as I did, think about times in my past that might be roughly comparable, where those thin places are briefly exposed Then it made me want to approach the future with a similar perspective, alert to the nuance of what is happening around me Even important, I think, is being understanding in this new perspective Of other people, of other ways of seeing and being in this world, and of what I might both gain and offer through this openness to those special thin places Whether they be evident in the moment or only through hindsight.I highly recommend this to any reader who likes to think about life, about what it means and how it means Even if you don t usually read essays I think you will be pleasantly surprised by how these may speak to you.Reviewed from a copy made available by the publisher via NetGalley.

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