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!!> Ebook ➥ Quit Like a Woman ➦ Author Holly Whitaker –

Quit Like a Woman The Founder Of A Female Focused Recovery Program Offers A Radical New Path To Sobriety You Don T Know How Much You Need This Book, Or Maybe You Do Either Way, It Will Save Your Life Melissa Hartwig Urban, Whole Co Founder And CEOWe Live In A World Obsessed With Drinking We Drink At Baby Showers And Work Events, Brunch And Book Club, Graduations And Funerals Yet No One Ever Questions Alcohol S Ubiquity In Fact, The Only Thing Ever Questioned Is Why Someone Doesn T Drink It Is A Qualifier For Belonging And If You Don T Imbibe, You Are Considered An Anomaly As A Society, We Are Obsessed With Health And Wellness, Yet We Uphold Alcohol As Some Kind Of Magic Elixir, Though It Is Anything ButWhen Holly Whitaker Decided To Seek Help After One Too Many Benders, She Embarked On A Journey That Led Not Only To Her Own Sobriety, But Revealed The Insidious Role Alcohol Plays In Our Society And In The Lives Of Women In Particular What S , She Could Not Ignore The Ways That Alcohol Companies Were Targeting Women, Just As The Tobacco Industry Had Successfully Done Generations Before Fueled By Her Own Emerging Feminism, She Also Realized That The Predominant Systems Of Recovery Are Archaic, Patriarchal, And Ineffective For The Unique Needs Of Women And Other Historically Oppressed People Who Don T Need To Lose Their Egos And Surrender To A Male Concept Of God, As The Tenets Of Alcoholics Anonymous State, But Who Need To Cultivate A Deeper Understanding Of Their Own Identities And Take Control Of Their Lives When Holly Found An Alternate Way Out Of Her Own Addiction, She Felt A Calling To Create A Sober Community With Resources For Anyone Questioning Their Relationship With Drinking, So That They Might Find Their Way As Well Her Resultant Feminine Centric Recovery Program Focuses On Getting At The Root Causes That Lead People To Overindulge And Provides The Tools Necessary To Break The Cycle Of Addiction, Showing Us What Is Possible When We Remove Alcohol And Destroy Our Belief System Around ItWritten In A Relatable Voice That Is Honest And Witty, Quit Like A Woman Is At Once A Groundbreaking Look At Drinking Culture And A Road Map To Cutting Out Alcohol In Order To Live Our Best Lives Without The Crutch Of Intoxication You Will Never Look At Drinking The Same Way Again

!!> Ebook ➥ Quit Like a Woman  ➦ Author Holly Whitaker –
  • Hardcover
  • 304 pages
  • Quit Like a Woman
  • Holly Whitaker
  • English
  • 22 July 2018
  • 9781984825056

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    It s my book so I definitely, definitely recommend it xo

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    QLAW is not the type of book that I would normally read, but I consider myself fortunate enough to have been able to so, and loved it The book is a combination of the history and workings of Big Alcohol and the impacts it has, Holly s personal journey through her struggles with alcohol and getting sober, and how others can find a path to sobriety It is beautifully written and conveys a true sense of the author For anyone thinking about reading this book, I would recommend, even if you don t have an issue with alcohol I believe everyone who reads QLAW can take something from the book that will be a positive impact on their life and on society at large, whether it be a better understanding of those that are dealing with substance abuse issues, a better understanding of people that have historically been marginalized in our society, or for someone who may have an unhealthy relationship with alcohol or other substances a helpful tool in their path to healthier life.

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    My only critique is the title There s so much great information in here for everyone Gents, don t be deterred everyone should read, learn, and self examine.

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    At once a beautifully written memoir and a meticulously researched examination of the insidious role alcohol plays in our lives There are so many ah ha moments in the book that will forever change the way you think about drinking, along with solutions for cutting it out of your life entirely A truly revolutionary read

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    I feel like I m reading HUNGER GAMES 4 I m eating this sh up and bookmarking every f ing page This FEMINIST MANIFESTO takes down the patriarchy of the alcohol industry and current recovery models It s STUFFED with WISDOM TOOLS So much f ing RESEARCH went into this book I feel like I m being deprogrammed from old a oppressive beliefs about recovery and alcohol that have been drilled into me by society and the alcohol industry since I was a child This sh is fresh, fresh, fresh, empowering, accessible, trauma informed, and harm reduction friendly This really needs to be read by EVERYONE but it specifically speaks to the experiences of WOMXN AND MARGINALIZED COMMUNITIES that have been underserved in current masculine recovery modalities Quit Like a Women teaches us to access our inner wisdom, KNOW WHAT NOT TO F WITH, and how to map out our personal recovery needs through a holistic lens For those already in recovery and worried that this will convince them it s ok to drink again, NOPE DEFINITELY NOT, I read this book three years sober and the knowledge in this book makes it a lot easier to get through any kind of craving or thoughts about drinking using because I have information about how much it hurts our bodies and society The approach laid down in this book is big picture and zooms out to include much than traditional recovery models IF THERE ARE ANY BLIND SPOTS in your recovery this book will help you find them.

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    This book is fantastic Truly game changing If you ve ever been interested in understanding why drinking is a feminist issue read this book.

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    This book changed my life Uncovering the true nature of the way alcohol keeps us small and oppresses us will forever change your view on how we are told we need to make alcohol work.

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    Thank you to The Dial Press and Random House for generously providing me with this ARC in exchange for an honest review Quit Like a Woman has been one of my most anticipated reads since Holly announced she was working on a book last year.I listened to Holly and Laura McKowen on their HOME Podcast weekly for over three years and therefore feel like we are on a first name basis I loved their friendship, conversations, and interviews with key players in the recovery space I loved how thoughtfully they discussed the various way people try to get sober, and how to learn to live in recovery For me, this book was highly informative, and a well researched extension of these conversations Holly writes in an accessible, conversational tone, but is really able to drive home some important points for the reader to consider about the role alcohol plays in society and the lives of women.I read Quit Like a Woman as a person in long term sobriety and it honestly shook me because Holly sheds light on many things I have never considered before Early in the book, she explains that there is not a clinical test a person can take to confirm that they are in active addiction or abusing alcohol, and expands on how the term alcoholic is problematic in reality is subjective and self diagnosed condition Based on that, it makes sense then that there is not one prescriptive way or even a correct way to recover I did not go to treatment, and have been going about my recovery in the traditional 12 step method The way Holly dissects the traditional patriarchal recovery modalities may be upsetting to people, but I found her analysis and critiques to be enlightening and thought provoking I loved this book because Holly expertly lays out the facts, and then provides very practical tools a person can try out if they think they may have a problematic relationship with drinking She encourages people to build healthy habits and coping mechanisms, and encourage people to not view sobriety as an illness or a life sentence, but as an opportunity to recover to being the truest version of oneself I love her quote It s not about never getting to drink again It s about never HAVING to drink again I wish this book had been published and available to me when I got sober over eight years ago, because it has so much practical and insightful information Holly investigates some major questions and themes throughout this book, and thoughtfully weaves in her own story and experiences If you are interested in any of these themes, I highly recommend pre ordering the book, or buying it when it is released on December 31 You can also participate in dryjanuary or whole30 if you are interested in seeing how cutting out alcohol for a short period of time may feel for you Holly also leads a sobriety school called jointempest and the website thetemper.

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    Having followed the author s writing on other platforms, I was thrilled to receive a copy of her book It was an absolute groundbreaking powerhouse of a bookpacked with need to know knowledge sewn together with honest personal stories I wish this was out when I was trying to quit drinking, but it s here for everyone now which is what matters QLAW looks at the role big alcohol has in keeping us sick and points out so many correlations to big tobacco The book really made me think deeply about my past drinking and how I was stuck and very sick and the reasoning behind the madness, and how our culture wants us to stay in the cycle.This book is a must read

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    Quit Like a Woman is an extremely important addition to the current literature on addiction and recovery It beautifully weaves together a discussion of the myriad of ways alcohol damages our lives and our culture with the beautiful story of Holly s recovery journey The many practical tips and tools for designing an individualized recovery path for yourself make this a must read for anyone who wants to understand or renegotiate their relationship with alcohol.

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