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[Ebook] Reality 2048 By Derek Cressman –

Reality 2048 An Inquisitive Woman Goes Through The Dreary Motions Of Life In A Not Too Distant Los Angeles That Has Lost Its Vivacity Vera Escapes Her Hollow World Through A Deep Search Within Herself To Avoid A Deluge Of Commercial Information She Gradually Develops The Capacity For Independent Thought, Falls In Love, And Must Then Avoid A Seductive Technology That Could Render Her Catatonic.This Post Orwellian Dystopian Thriller Explores How The Truth Drowns In A Sea Of Alternative Facts, Verified Information, And Sensationalized Politics Instead Of Deprivation, Censorship And Doublespeak Of 1984, We See A Future Where Corporations And Political Elites Fuel Vapid Consumerism And Control Individual Thought Through A Barrage Of Advertising, Propaganda, And Addictive Entertainment Streamed Directly Into The Brain.More Than Pure Science Fiction, Reality 2048 Is Among Today S Foremost Political Books That Challenge The Tenants Of Ayn Rand, Globalism, And Judicial Activism With Characters Who Confront The Murky Boundaries Between Rationality And Emotion, Objective Truth And Lived Experience Vera S Journey Explores How Socially Manufactured Identity Blocks What Each Of Us Can Comprehend And Asks Whether Democratic Society Can Exist When We No Longer Believe That Anything Is True It S Where Reality TV Could Take Us If We Cannot Find Ways To Reconnect With The Real World And With One Another.

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    Have you wondered what American society might be like if Donald Trump wins a second term in office Not what happens in 2020, but what the long term consequences might be It s worth a good deal of thought And Derek Cressman s thoughtful new dystopian novel, RealityTM 2048, presents one plausible scenario You won t be surprised to see that it s not a pretty picture.Reality 2048 is, of course, a novel It s the story of Vera, a woman of thirty four with a tedious mid level bureaucratic job As she learns about how her work is used, she grows steadily unhappier with the company that employs her and attracted to the radical organization that seeks to overthrow the system But Vera is one of the fortunate ones Unlike most of the millions of others who live in Los Angeles, she lives in a comfortable apartment and owns a car Should she be grateful More and , she thinks otherwise Because the world of Globalia that she lives in is a terrifying place.Economic inequality and massive climate changeFor starters, Cressman s portrayal of 2048 resembles today s reality, only much so The gap between rich an...

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    I won this book from a giveaway with Goodreads This book was an interesting read The book s setting is in 2048 obviously lol , so the author introduces you to a world where we re all distracted by entertainment and instead of having your phone in your hand, your entertainment is a chip implanted in your cerebral cortex Vera is the main character and you go on a journey of her attempting to unravel the truth of the society that she lives in I honestly thought this book was a little too ...

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    I received this book from Goodreads giveaways This book had an interesting premise, and the storyline was pretty good A few things I would change would be the title of the book because I almost didn t read it even though it was free due to the cheesy title alone , better editing, and a section of the middle of the book that was so boring it put me to sleep everytime I tried to read it One of the characters even kept commenting about how boring it was The information was mostly necessary to the storyline, but it could have been presented in a much easier to digest fashion Luckily, ...

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    Los Angeles, CA 23rd floor Magnificent Estates LuxureLifeTM suite When not at the Department of Information workplace Vera establishment member watched TV episodes through MyndScreen chips that were implanted into her cerebral cortex.Big Mother Gets Real was 1 of Vera s TV choices Vera was still quite fascinated with mindfulness even though it was outdated Vues lower consumer class still relied on old school technology of the MyScreen virtual reality helmets In 2045, Vera had lost track of her husband.She was daily medication for diabetes, high blood pressure, the onset of Alzheimer s disease.Vera s car was a MiOttoTM coupe.The Vues rode in driverless cabs for transportation Vera s job at the Department of Information consisted of monitoring misinformation to society by using Perception Management PM, Effispeech Fear Mongers others were their biggest concerns Vera was a historical researcher Virtual reality sex or MyMassage was used often by those of age because there was an outbreak of gonorrhea in parts of the world.Chatterfeed was quite popular with both genders Pepsoilent machines let you get food, 3 D protruders manufactured most products Delivery was done by drone.Vues did not have this luxury.The 2 presidential candidates are Susan Downley former Army General , Jack Danforth.The Tribunal of Educates had jurisdiction over all economic social policy.It seemed senseless to have a President Chase, Vera were becoming an item.It was time for her to find Gary Vera s hu...

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    A vivid picture of a dystopian society, which seems an entirely plausible future as a result of social media ever increasing rule our daily lives and how we form our biases and opinions Derek Cressman has written a wake up call concerning where we are headed By using familiar references to pop culture and technologies that are already becoming ubiquitous, he has managed to stitch together a vision of a primarily passive and accepting culture A society which is mostly ignorant of history involved only in the theatre of politics rather than the substance.The story centers around Vera, who today we might call a fact checker, who works for an agency that reduces information which while factually accurate is distilled by her higher ups into small digestible bits Pretty much like the headlines of today that can be very misleadin...

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