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[Ebook] ↠ The Man Who Didn't Call Author Rosie Walsh –

The Man Who Didn't CallInstant New York Times Bestseller I Absolutely Loved This Book And Didn T Want It To End Liane Moriarty, 1 New York Times Bestselling Author Of Big Little Lies This Is An Accidentally Stayed Up Until 4 A.m Because It S Impossible To Put Down Kind Of NovelUSA TodaySeven Perfect Days Then He Disappeared A Love Story With A Secret At Its Heart.When Sarah Meets Eddie, They Connect Instantly And Fall In Love To Sarah, It Seems As Though Her Life Has Finally Begun And It S Mutual It S As Though Eddie Has Been Waiting For Her, Too Sarah Has Never Been So Certain Of Anything So When Eddie Leaves For A Long Booked Vacation And Promises To Call From The Airport, She Has No Cause To Doubt Him But He Doesn T Call.Sarah S Friends Tell Her To Forget About Him, But She Can T She Knows Something S Happened There Must Be An Explanation.Minutes, Days, Weeks Go By As Sarah Becomes Increasingly Worried But Then She Discovers She S Right There Is A Reason For Eddie S Disappearance, And It S The One Thing They Didn T Share With Each Other The Truth.

[Ebook] ↠ The Man Who Didn't Call Author Rosie Walsh –
  • Paperback
  • 352 pages
  • The Man Who Didn't Call
  • Rosie Walsh
  • 17 April 2018
  • 9780525522799

    10 thoughts on “[Ebook] ↠ The Man Who Didn't Call Author Rosie Walsh –

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    For anyone who has ever waited for the call that didn t come I ve never shied away from the fact that I m a reader with a strong opinion, so why start now It s not that I enjoy writing one star reviews or labeling something as not for me , but the reality is, there are books that walk into my life and don t work for one reason or another.It was the promise of a love story and the loaded title, wrapped in a pretty package, that started the incessant pitter patter in my chest I was so sure, this would be one to remember.In hindsight, maybe I should have listened to the voice in my head telling me after only a few chapters this wasn t going to go well and simply moved on Instead, ever the optimist and down a BOTM credit, I decided to stuff those nagging feelings somewhere deep and forge ahead with an open mind I could make this work, right The first red flag, my inability to succumb to the author s style Her writing lacked finesse and landed on the bland side of the spectrum, when she wasn t getting caught up in the weeds literally Rosie Walsh has a strange penchant for drifting off and describing the outdoor scenery, regardless of the fact that her characters find themselves indoors or that it s simply irrelevant to the storyline I m talking trees, grass, valleys, grass, ...

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    Ghosted was a frustrating read The majority of my frustrations stem from the book s structure While there are some wonderful pockets, as a whole this book did not work for me Sarah and Eddie met by chance They spend seven glorious, passion filled days together and make plans for the future But then Eddie ghosts Sarah, who cannot comprehend why the love of her life would vanish without a trace Sarah verges on obsession trying to find out what happened to Eddie and begins to question whether or not there time together was real.My reading experience It took until I reached the 50% mark for me to get into this I found the first half boring and Sarah s obsession with Eddie began to grate on my nerves Since the reader only gets glimpses of her time with Eddie vs being immersed in their time together, I didn t feel their connection and began to wonder if Sarah was mentally ill I was going to DNF and began scrolling through my tbr to plan my escape But I had some questions about Sarah and came up with a crazy theory, so I kept on reading to see if I was right about her I was completely wrong There s a major twist, which threw me for a loop and finally drew me ...

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    3.5 Stars GHOSTED Verb When someone you love disappears without explanation Then your friends and family act like you re crazy Urban dictionary knows how it feels Sarah Mackey has been Ghosted and she is not okay After almost a full week of pure bliss, Sarah and Eddie have fallen hopelessly in love with one another despite having only just met Yes, it s a shameless bout of insta love, and I, for once, didn t hate it When life finally pulls these two lovebirds out of their romantic cocoon, Eddie promises Sarah he ll call BUT he never does Convinced this is the real deal, Sarah becomes desperate for answers and will stop at almost nothing to obtain them, even if this quest includes compulsive phone calls and incessant messaging, until it gradually devolves into the self depreciating task of flat out googling why didn t he call This plot is focused, and squeezes its reader into the manic grip of Sarah s growing insanity, dragging us on a journey that is both obsessive and dryly comical She s kind of unraveling, and it s kind of ridiculous, but I also kind of loved it because wh...

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    2.5 rounded up.This is one that I thought I would love what s not to love about a love story But I just didn t connect There were several things that rang true in this novel marriages don t always work, accidents happen and handling grief is difficult and different for each of us There definitely were some tough things that happened to the characters and I felt for them over their losses, over the burdens they carried But the premise of the book that had a woman falling apart after a one week affair with a man who disappears from her life just didn t work for me, mainly because there just wasn t enough of their time together shown to reflect a realistic connection between them for me If I had felt that connection, I could have gone with the flow and accepted all of the coincidences that made this feel a little contrived with a predictable ending It s barely 3 stars for me Bottom line is that I m not the audience for this, but I wo...

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    I ll be honest and say that this book has left me feeling conflicted The concept of ghosting intrigued me but Ghosted ended up being something other than what I expected Sarah Eddie meet, spend a week together fall deeply in love Maybe my romantic heart has hardened with age but the fact that this thirty something year old woman became OBSESSED with Eddie after 7 days just didn t seem romantic to me It felt unstable All her frantic, unanswered attempts to reach out to Eddie crossed a line in my mind She appeared desperate, unbalanced and stalkerish I found myself feeling annoyed with Sarah s behavior I simply had no sympathy for her as a character, mostly because of the way she was acting She was very self centered not even noticing what her friends were going through around her due to her Eddie Tunnel Vision Yet, I admittedly was still intrigued by what could have actually led to Eddie ghosting her Walsh laid out several breadcrumbs and my curiosity was definitely piqued There was no doubt that I had to know what was actually going on Was Eddie married Was he a criminal Was Sarah actually mentally unbalanced and imagining the connection they had So, back to my conflicted feelings regarding Ghosted Sarah genuinely annoyed me and I found the whole insta love aspect far fetched Yet, I have to also admit that I found the book compulsively readable I couldn t put it down because despite its failings, I di...

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    I ll preface this by saying that many readers will be enthralled by Ghosted It may be my cold, dark heart but I am not among them After spending six days together, Eddie and Sarah fall hopelessly in love Both are pushing forty and I can t help but think this is quite a stretch Poof Eddie disappears Sarah is devastated and spends an...

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    This is one of my favorite fiction reads of 2018 I think it helped just jumping right into the book without rereading the synopsis that I had long ago forgotten Really all you need to know is Sarah and Eddie spend an incredible week together even though they have just met, make plans to see one another after Eddie comes back from vacation, and then Eddie ceases all communication with Sarah and she is left wondering what happened I just really love how the author used the whole ghosting concept in the book I think it is totally relatable as a dating fear, that you will connect with someone and then the person just mysteriously vanishes from your life and you are left to wonder what went wrong It brought a level of mystery to the story as you wondered what exactly happened to make Eddie stop contacting Sarah The pacing of the story was excellent as the author did not drag the mystery until the last 5 pages to reveal what happened Instead the story unfolded ...

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    4.5 Stars GHOSTED by ROSIE WALSH was such a beautifully written love story that had a hint of mystery to it and a few surprising twists, that I absolutely adored This book was extremely gripping, intense, and a heartwarming story that had me totally engaged and interested right from the very first chapter to the very last page I was totally intrigued and emotionally invested in this whole story and I really appreciated that I went into this one blind Some parts of this novel I had an intimate and emotional connection to ROSIE WALSH delivers an original, well paced and well written read here with believable and convincing characters I could totally relate to Sarah Eddie s characters and their short and intense relationship My relationship with my husband was so similar to the love story in this book So for that very reason I found this story both intense and beautiful and had me choked up quite a few times I was totally entertained and flew through those pages Publishing Date July 24, 2018This was another extremely compulsive read for me as I was emotionally invested and gripped right from the beginning which followed through to that extremely touching and stunning conclusion Would highly recommend Thank you so much to Edelweiss, Pamela Dorman Books Pengu...

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    Although I did finish this book, and the ending had some touching moments, I do not feel comfortable assigning a rating This is because, quite frankly, I skimmed through quite a bit of this I just never connected with many of the plot points, and also thought there was way to much teenage angst present, from a middle aged woman This was a sisters read and many loved this s quite possible it is not the book that is at fault, but myself who ...

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    Norma and I read Ghosted with seven of our Traveling Sisters and we had some very strong views on this one that not only split us into two different Coulees but two Coulees nowhere near each other Ghosted starts off a bit slow and weighted down a bit as we are introduced to a story that seems like boy meets girl and they fall in love, but there is much going on in this story than meets the eye though For some of us we started to see a different story here hidden in the coincidences of this love story that really isn t a love story This is where we started to split as some of us did not buy into the love story and wanted to see into the relationship between our two main characters Sarah and Eddie Sarah blinded by love and what started off as an intense happy feeling of love and bliss soon turns into an obsession of thoughts as Sarah tries to find out the truth Rosie Walsh explores something deeper here and it really isn t a love story but a story hidden deep within the relationship of Sarah and Eddie She explores something common but not something often talked about or something we were aware of before reading this story as well as exploring pain, loss and family drama and dynamics, which at times does feel a bit too dramatic Ghost...

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