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PDF / Epub ✅ Gone by Midnight Author Candice Fox –

Gone by MidnightCrimson Lake Is Where People With Dark Pasts Come To Disappear And Where Others Vanish Into Thin Air Four Young Boys Are Left Alone In A Hotel Room While Their Parents Dine Downstairs When Sara Farrow Checks On The Children At Midnight, Her Son Is MissingDistrustful Of The Police, Sara Turns To Crimson Lake S Unlikeliest Private Investigators Disgraced Cop Ted Conkaffey And Convicted Killer Amanda Pharrell For Ted, The Case Couldn T Have Come At A Worse Time Two Years Ago A False Accusation Robbed Him Of His Career, His Reputation, And Most Importantly, His Family But Now Lillian, The Daughter He Barely Knows, Is Coming To Stay In His Ramshackle Cottage By The LakeTed Must Dredge Up The Area S Worst Characters To Find The Missing Boy The Clock Is Ticking, And The Danger He Uncovers Could Well Put His Own Child In Deadly Peril

PDF / Epub ✅ Gone by Midnight Author Candice Fox –
  • Hardcover
  • 352 pages
  • Gone by Midnight
  • Candice Fox
  • English
  • 27 February 2018
  • 9781250317582

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    Just Amazing This is the 3rd in Candice Fox s Queensland based series featuring Ted Conkaffey, ex police detective, with a traumatic past after a false accusation ruined his reputation and destroyed his life and marriage He now lives by Crimson Lake with his 7 geese and dog, Celine, who have provided much needed therapy and sanity in his life He works with the offbeat tattooed Amanda Pharrell, with her past as an ex convict, in her detective agency, where they have experienced some success Ted may no longer be a person of interest to the police, but this does not stop others making assumptions of his guilt and his reputation continues to plague his life His wife is allowing him to have his young daughter, Lillian, who he rarely sees, to stay with him for a few days Only trouble is that one of the geese, Peeper, is very sick, plus he and Amanda have just landed a new case of a missing boy, Richie Farrow, who disappeared from the 5th floor of the White Caps Hotel He was with 3 other boys whilst his mother, Sara, and the other parents were dining downstairs.Ted loves and is entranced by Lillian, but needs Val, the medical examiner and close friend to help look after her as he tries to find Richie with Amanda The police team is led by Damien Clark, who is not happy with Ted and Amanda being employed by Sara to find Richie, but like the rest of the police, shows deeper animosity to Amanda after the death of police officer Pip in their last case Not that this bothers Amanda, who is an old hand at breezing past any opposition with a screwball determination and bounce that demolishes any resistance that dares to stand in her path, as we see when a motor bike group fail to prevent her becoming a close member of their group However, Amanda has a dangerous and deranged stalker, with a none too good a handle on reality The police are stumped when it comes to any leads on Richie, and as the minutes tick by, the less likely it is that he will be found alive Can Ted and Amanda succeed where the police are struggling If you haven t read Candice Fox, I strongly urge you to do so, although I do recommend starting this series from the beginning to get the most from it I look forward with great anticipation to every new addition, and this one is an absolute corker It has humour, comic touches and laugh out loud wit, the geese are a inspirational inclusion in the series and Ted s daughter, Lillian, is a great source of amusement and joy here Amanda may be allergic to children, but this does not bother young Lillian in the slightest, convinced that Amanda is a glorious fairy Haha, would you ever There are, of course some dark, tense and nightmarish moments provided with Richie s inexplicable vanishing Then there is the off the wall Amanda with her dogged stalker but Fox s mix of darkness, danger, Ted s burgeoning new romance laced with obstacles, the beginnings of a poignant father daughter relationship and the fantastic supporting characters make for a brilliant read A wonderful Aussie series Many thanks to Random House Cornerstone for an ARC.

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    Candice Fox takes readers back to the Crimson Lake region of Australia for a new and exciting adventure When Richie Farrow disappears from his hotel room, his mother is frantic and cannot handle the pressure and grief that are flooding over her Reaching out to Ted Conkaffey, through the police, she seeks his assistance as a private investigator to help determine what s happened Ted, still leery of showing his face in general public, tries to set aside the false accusation of child abduction and molestation recently vacated against him and turns to helping find this eight year old boy With the help of his partner, unpredictable Amanda Pharrell, they start poking around the hotel and environs for clues Once Ted learns a deep secret that Sara Farrow has kept from others which also happens to shed light on why she chose him he is able to take a new approach to the disappearance and seeks to have Amanda use her off the wall antics to look under every rock However, Amanda has her own battles to fight with those in blue Not only is she burdened with a murder in her past, but she was tangentially involved in a local cop s death not too long before Fighting to clear her name and move the case forward, Amanda soon discovers that she is in for the battle of her life If things were not busy enough, Ted is finally being given some time with his daughter, Lillian, a ball of energy at three As he balances being a father and investigator, Ted must locate Richie and determine what s happened, with little evidence with which to work Could there be an abductor lurking in the shadows or even in plain sight Fox does a masterful job yet again to lure the reader into this story before loading them up with plot twists and character development Recommended for series fans, as well as those who love a good Aussie crime thriller.I have long admired the work that Candice Fox puts into her writing, as it is high calibre story development worthy of a second look This series is one that caught my eye as soon as it began, with two outcasts finding one another in rural Australia and trying to clear their names by helping with local situations There is no shortage of backstory or development that Fox offers when it comes to her two protagonists, both of whom are admirable and angering in equal measure Series fans will know that Ted Conkaffey was forced out of his job by a false accusation of child abduction, something that has lingered for years and kept him from being able to keep his foundation level He fled the reporters and the glamour of the 24 hour news cycle to small town Australia and still remains off the beaten path with his animals Fox helps show his paternal side when Lillian comes to visit, though there is much juggling and trying to re learn the art of being a father With a sharp mind and acute sense of danger, Conkaffey seeks to focus much of his attention on the crime at hand, which leads to mixed results for him throughout this piece Amanda Pharrell has no issue being herself, though she remains burdened with the yoke of her past, as well as a set of false accusations tied to a police officer s death She wants to succeed, but refuses to let anyone inside her bubble, including the adorable Lillian Struggling and trying to fight for justice, Amanda will do all she can to help find Richie, but won t stick her neck out too far for anyone else Others who populate the pages of this story offer enriching angles to propel the narrative forward, while keeping the protagonists from getting too comfortable in their own skins The story was well developed and is able to keep the reader s attention, something that Fox has never had an issue doing She has developed an interesting trademark in this series, creating nameless and numberless chapters, forcing the reader to forge onwards without any strict guidelines as to how far they have traveled on the journey It works well, as it fuels the just a little syndrome with readers who are enjoying what is before them, turning a quite coffee break into an afternoon of reading Fox provides realistic settings and local dialogue to keep the reader enthralled as they feel a part of the Australian community, tagging along with the likes of Pharrell and Conkaffey Definitely a series that readers curious about police procedurals should note, as Fox seems well grounded in her writing and story development no matter what series she is writing Kudos, Madam Fox, for another success I am eager to see what is to come with this and other series in which you have a key role.Love hate the review An ever growing collection of others appears at Book for All Seasons, a different sort of Book Challenge

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    On the fifth floor of the White Caps Hotel, four young boys are left alone while their parents dine downstairs But when one of the parents checks on the children at midnight, they discover one of them is missing Ted is a disgraced cop and Amanda is an ex con who runs a Private Investigation company Four families were staying at the hotel for two nights Four 8 year old boys had been left in one of the rooms An adult had been checking on them every hour On the second night, when one of the parents checked on them, there was only three boys The boys insist that they haven t left the room and CCTV confirms this How could a child escape from a locked room What a gripping read this book is It s set in Australia s Queensland Although this is the third book in this series it can be read as a standalone Both the main characters have their own set of problems My heart was in my mouth as the search went on to find the missing child The first 24 hours are crucial The characters are believable and true to life We find out quite early who the main suspect is but we don t know what the connection is What a great this is.I would like to thank NetGalley, Random House UK, Cornerstone and the author Candice Fox for my ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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    Sara and some other parents are having dinner in a hotel restaurant while their sons play noisily, and finally fall asleep, in an upstairs hotel room Someone checks on the boys every hour, but when the dinner is over and the final check is performed Sara s 8 year old son Richie is missing, seemingly having vanished into thin air Sara asks the police to involve the private detectives Ted Conkaffey and Amanda Pharrell who, as outcasts, have joined together as an investigative team Although this is the third book in the series the author provides enough details of the Conkaffey and Pharrell backstories to make this work as a standalone However, I liked all three books and recommend them I m very fond of the two detectives, whose pasts put them at odds with the police One cop in particular has a grudge against Amanda I often find side tangents and personal details annoying time wasters in detective novels, but I like reading about Ted geese, 3 year old daughter, excellent baker and Amanda cats, tattooed motorcycle lover, extremely prickly This story includes a sprinkling of humor along with the detection, suspense and fight scenes I hope the author continues with the series I received a free copy of this book from the publisher.

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    What a brilliant read I love Candice Fox s Crimson Lake series and this third episode is the best so far There is so much to love about the series the location near Cairns where misfits and those running away come to hide on the edge of the rain forest near croc infested creeks, the sharp and often amusing dialogue, as well as the characters themselves Ted Conkaffey, is hiding and licking his wounds after losing his marriage and career as a detective as a suspect in a high profile child abduction case Although he s no longer a person of interest to the police, he can t go out in public without people pointing him out and shielding their children from him Now he works as a private detective with the damaged and quirky, Amanda Pharrell, herself a convicted criminal who served time in prison Amanda is one of the most original PIs I ve come across Socially inept, but smart and with a quick mind, she is often refreshingly direct in her questions and observations and is hated by the local police So when Ted and Amanda are engaged by the mother of a missing child, the police are not at all happy.The child, Ritchie, an 8 year boy has gone missing from a locked hotel room where he was left playing and watching movies with three other boys while their parents had dinner downstairs Despite hourly checks, Ritchie was discovered missing at midnight With no one detected on CCTV around the hotel and the other boys unable to say when Ritchie disappeared, the police and Ted and Amanda have their work cut out finding him.The timing is bad for Ted, as his ex wife Kelly and her new partner have just dropped off his 3 year old daughter Lillian for a visit and he needs to make it work but instead finds himself having to ask a friend to babysit Nevertheless, it s lovey watching Ted and Lillian bonding and finding that special father daughter relationship denied to him for so long Amanda also has her hands full with a policewoman who has not forgiven her for her involvement in the death of a detective previously and is out to hurt Amanda Amanda s creative ways of fighting back are often humourous, especially when her friends, a group of bikies who live in the rainforest, get involved Although I didn t think the plot was especially strong, this is a character driven than plot driven thriller and the final scenes than compensated for that Can t wait for the next episode in this brilliant series

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    I love the Crimson Lake series, and its two intriguing private investigators I had to restrain myself from hugging the delivery man as I was so excited when he brought the book to my door What better way to be shut in the house during a winter snowstorm, than to be vicariously transported to Crimson Lake, North Queensland, with its sweltering heat, mangrove swamps, rainforests and crocodile infested rivers and lakes There is a blizzard outside, but I have just spent an enjoyable and thrilling day revisiting Ted Conkaffey and Amanda Pharrell, two intriguing characters, as they carry out their latest crime investigation Ted was once a respected policeman once employed in the Sydney drug squad He was arrested and falsely charged with the abduction and rape of a young girl and later released due to insufficient evidence His reputation shattered, his fellow police officers and his wife turned against him He lost his home, his job, and access to his infant daughter Due to media attention, many people still regard him as a pedophile He located to Crimson Lake with the futile hope that he would not be recognized He now works as a private detective alongside Amanda Pharrell Amanda is a quirky, petit, trash talking, rhyme spouting woman who is heavily tattooed and her body art defaced by scars from a crocodile attack Her bizarre behaviour and inappropriate conversation cause townspeople and police to regard her as a weirdo It is well known that she spent 10 years in prison for killing a classmate As a fictional character, I love her She hired Ted Conkaffey as the only person in Crimson Lake hated than herself Cases come their way from people who don t trust the local police to carry out a decent crime investigation The story begins with Ted having a very bad day One of his seven beloved pet geese is near death and is rushed to a vet Two young policemen have come on his property, handcuffed him and led him away, while his 3 year old daughter is soon arriving to visit him at his home for the first time An eight year old boy, Richie Farrow, has gone missing, from a locked 5th floor hotel room where he was with three other boys while their parents had dinner One of the parents checks on them every hour On the second night of this arrangement, when a parent checks at midnight, Richie is missing The boys deny they noticed him missing and that they all stayed in the room Cameras confirm that none of them exited the building The hotel has been thoroughly searched with no trace of Richie The police chief informs Ted that the missing boy s mother has asked for his help in the search, but under no circumstances is he to include his partner, Amanda, in the investigation Of course, there is no stopping Amanda Ted now has less time to spend with his daughter who has just arrived Amanda is in danger from a deluded member of the police force and would like to make her suffer, to be gone, or dead This is just the beginning of a gripping, exciting plot which is suspenseful and full of danger, but with touches of humour Interactions between the germ fearing Amanda and Ted s infant daughter are hilarious.The character development is superb Will Richie be found either alive or dead As time passes several suspects are under surveillance and interviewed, and the search now shifts to finding the body The final chapters contain frightening scenes of violence and some surprises I hope Candice Fox will continue this enthralling series.

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    This was a really great read that kept me guessing throughout and though part of an ongoing series I think there are two before this can totally be read as a standalone story I did no issues whatsoever everything here is of an extremely self explanatory nature.So the blurb says it all really four boys in a room left to there own devises while their parents are dining downstairs in the hotel restaurant Checking in with them every hour but when Ritchies mum checks on the boys at midnight her son is missing gone without a trace sending all involved into a sense of confusion and chasing their own tails as the hunt for Ritchie intensifies.So this was a great crime thriller and I really adored that aspect of this but I also found the backstory of Ted Conkaffey and Amanda the private detectives this story encompasses so fascinating indeed.It was almost a story within a story and I was avidly glued to the unfolding drama.There was just so much going on here in terms of story direction and I for one was hooked completely.We have both Ted and Amanda colourful pasts alongside Ted finding his feet with his young daughter and also balancing this paternal relationship with the new case he is embroiled in.Also an emerging new friendship with the local vet who is unaware of his past notoriety.Meanwhile his partner and boss Amanda is hanging out with local Bikies and also trying to repel some stalker advances of someone out for revenge at what she perceives as Amanda s past sins.So a lot going on behind the scenes here.On top of that is the mystery at the heart of this and this puzzle enthralled me immensely.I liked where this eventually took us and was extremely satisfied with the eventual end game.This was such an enjoyable read that I m happy to recommend to you.I voluntary reviewed an Arc of Gone by Midnight Crimson Lake 3.All opinions expressed are entirely my own.Reviewed By Beckie Bookwormhttps beckiebookworm

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    Gone by Midnight by Candice Fox is the third book in a series and it took me a while to get into the story.A boy goes missing from a hotel room and the police are hoping to find him soon Two investigators are hired by the child s mother to look into the case These characters are pretty unusual and not quite believable.Thank you NetGalley and Random House UK, Cornerstone for my e copy in exchange for an honest review.

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    4.5 midnight blue STARS This book is for you if you re a crime fan that enjoys the thrill of both human and animal predators Australia is dangerous, people Not at all like what all the WAT people tell you Overall.What an awesome book Worth the wait and way better than the predecessor I ll apologize in advance for the boring and short review, I ve got low energy levels today but know I won t come around to reviewing this for another couple of days, sooooThis series is fantastic The sequel was a bit of a meh thing for me, but this third instalment was excellent A thrilling and chilling hunt for a kidnapper kept me on the edge of my seat at all times I like how many themes are addressed in this story, reoccurring sometimes trauma, abuse, parenting struggles, postpartum depression, the list goes on and on and on and o you get the idea The German audiobooks are excellent and on Spotify So give this series a chance What s happening.Just as Ted Konkaffey is about to welcome his daughter for an extended stay at his place something he s ached for for quite some time he s called to help in the investigation of a case A boy vanished from a hotel room, no clues left As the investigation intensifies, it s questionable what new scars this case will cause._____________________ writing quality easy of reading pace 4 plot story in general 4 plot development 5 characters 5 enjoyability 5 insightfulness 4

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    Private detectives Ted Conkaffey and Amanda Pharrell are hired to find an 8 year old child that has disappeared from a Cairns hotel room He was there with three of his friends while their parents enjoyed dinner downstairs When the parents return, Richie Farrow is missing Fox provides a new twist on the classic locked room mystery The eccentric savant Amanda takes the lead role as Ted is distracted by a week long visit with his 3 year old daughter Lillian, and a sick goose As always, Fox provides plenty of action in hot, humid Queensland And yes, there will be crocodiles

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