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[PDF] Glimpse By Jonathan Maberry –

Glimpse How Far Would You Be Willing To Go To Save Those You Love Rain Is A Young Woman Trying To Rebuild Herself After Years Of Drug Addiction And Abuse Ten Years Ago, At Age Sixteen, She Gave Up Her Baby After The Father, Her First Love, Dies In Iraq Now, Three Years Clean And On The Way To A Job Interview, Rain Borrows A Pair Of Reading Glasses From An Old Lady On A Brooklyn Train The Lenses Are Cracked And Through The Crack She Catches A Glimpse Of A Little Boy Running And Screaming The Boy Looks So Much Like Rain S Dead Lover Like Their Son Must Look Now Rain Realizes That The Glasses Give Her Quick Glimpses Of Her Lost Son, Dylan, Who Needs Her To Find Him Dylan Is Important To Our Damaged, Hopeless World But He S In Terrible Trouble Because Evil Creatures The Shadow People Are Trying To Corrupt And Destroy Him If Dylan Dies, Then Hope Dies But How Does A Recovering Junkie Fight Supernatural Monsters And How Far Will One Woman Go To Save Her Lost Son GLIMPSE Is A Supernatural Thriller By NY Times Best Selling Author And Time Bram Stoker Award Winner Jonathan Maberry It Will Be Published In Hardcover By St Martin S Griffin In

[PDF] Glimpse  By Jonathan Maberry –
  • Paperback
  • 352 pages
  • Glimpse
  • Jonathan Maberry
  • 14 June 2018
  • 9781250209535

    10 thoughts on “[PDF] Glimpse By Jonathan Maberry –

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    3.5 Well, that was certainly different What would you do if you woke up one morning to realize you missed out on an entire day That s exactly what happened to Rain as she set off for a job interview, only to discover she d missed her appointment by 24 hours On her way to the missed interview, Rain encounters an unusual elderly woman who gives her a cracked, but very exceptional pair of glasses Somehow they allow Rain to see clearly than she ever did before How wonderful But now she s seeing things that could not possibly be real Rain s life slowly begins imploding as well as those of her friends around her Why does everyone seem to be sharing the same nightmares and visions This book is definitely out of my comfort zone It has elements of horror combined with the supernatural Normally those are genres that I wouldn t touch But every once in a while you need to step outside your bubble, right This is one of those dark, creepy reads you d want to lose yourself in, but wary not to read after dark A slow read that builds to a very satisfying ending If you enjoy a book that leans a little towards horror than thriller then this might be a great fit for you Thank you to NetGalley, St Martin s Press and Jonathan Maberry for granting my wish.

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    They re his nightbirds They always watch you They want to steal your time Whatever you do don t say his name..Glimpse by Jonathan Maberry is a chilling story that bridges nightmares and reality to it s raw core.Our main character Rain wakes up getting ready for a job interview Rain is a recovering addict trying to get her life back on track Rain has a very strange encounter while getting ready for her interview the shower curtain starts moving on it s own But, no window is open in her bathroom how can something move on it s own Rain quickly starts to spiral down into a world that is real or wait is it a nightmare with ghosts Rain starts to have these strange dreams where I guess I would categorize them as your own demons and fears I felt like I was hallucinating at some point reading some of these events that Rain experiences I have to give the author Jonathan props this was definitely on the stranger side but also very creative on his part This was a little slow for my taste and I was waiting for something to pop out and grab me But, it just didn t I would say this is a slow building horror story I m not sure I was categorize this as a mystery There is the typical theme of good vs evil in this novel Whatever you do don t say his name One of the things that I did not like was characters called Gay Bob and Straight Bob in this novel This really bothered me and I could not get past these names at all I m not sure where the author was going with this and why this was necessary Overall, 3 stars It was just an ok read for me loved the short chapters too Thank you to Netgalley and St Martins Press for granting my wish in exchange for my honest review.Published to GR 3 24 18Publication date 3 27 18

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    The book blurb for Glimpse by Jonathan Maberry starts off calling it a chilling thriller but to me thriller are generally real people and real events with maybe the occasional touch of supernatural Glimpse however already tells a reader that it is blending reality and nightmares so to me this one lands much into the horror side of things.The book starts off with the main character Rain having awakened to get ready for her job interview, a recovering addict she struggles day to day and that includes finding a good steady job While in the bathroom getting ready though Rain has her first encounter that begins to show her things are not quite a normal day with the shower curtain moving on it s own and then thinking she felt something behind it.After the eventful time just getting out of the house already dropping readers into the what in the world is going on category Rain has happen on the way to her interview A woman offers her reading glasses when Rain finds she forgot her, Rain sees things in these glasses that are not really there, then upon arriving Rain finds she s missed an entire day in her own life when she finds out she s a day late for the interview.These events are just the beginning for Rain as she finds herself tumbling into her own nightmares I think at times reading the whole book almost made me feel like I d become an addict myself and had slipped into hallucinations Learning of Rain s nightmares and how she became who she was and the events happening to her were definitely what I d call on the strange side.For me this one read a little on the slow side too thus my lowered rating, of course I will readily admit that I often have no patience and want all the answers now now now and tend to think things are building slowly The story eventually became a good vs evil type of thing and the answers began to fall into place Oh and a slightly small pet peeve with this one was a couple of characters named Gay Bob and Straight Bob everyone had somewhat weird names but I kept waiting for Sponge Bob to jump in with these two so yeah, just an annoyance that also kept me from falling in love In the end though I actually did quite like how it all wrapped up so I d say this one turned out to be an OK read for me by the end.I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.For reviews please visit

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    Thank you St Martin s for granting my wish through Netgalley and providing a digital copy of this book to read and review.For some reason, I got this author confused with the one who wrote Raising Stony Mayhall I guess I was mixing that zombie book up with Patient Zero Ha Anyhow, this is my first Jonathan Maberry book and there were pros and cons I really liked the characters and thought their troubled pasts and addictions were done well Rain is the main character She was a pregnant teen whose lover was killed in the Iraq War She decided to give the baby up for adoption Her parents were pretty horrible Her mother was a ballet dancer who felt like having Rain ruined her career Then, she wanted Rain to be a dancer so she could live vicariously through her Thankfully, Rain loved dancing, so it didn t bother her But when her birth control failed, her mother acted like Rain ruined her life again Then, after giving birth, Rain turns to drugs.She has a sort of rag tag group of friends from Narcotics Anonymous There is Straight Bob, Gay Bob, and Yo Yo, all recovering addicts They get caught up in the shenanigans Rain meets Sticks, a disabled war vet taxi driver, and then there is Monk, a private investigator who has his own paranormal thing going on.Anyhow, they all end up involved in this crazy dream turns into reality nightmare involving a shadow person energy vampire type being called Doctor Nine, who has a couple of henchmen women to help him steal time and hope from his victims There is a psychotic nurse who loves to inflict pain and has a weird sexual obsession Maybe I should go back and say it all starts to build when Rain is given a pair of cracked glasses that can see nonphysical things That is when she starts seeing a boy she thinks might be her son I felt like the book was a bit hard to get into at first and then I wanted , but by the end, it was like crazytown Ghost versions of people blurred with physical ones, and it got a little sappy and woo woo I liked it overall.

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    GlimpseFirst a big thank you to the publisher and netgalley for a copy of this book to review.I love the Joe Ledger series My best friend Morgannah Lefebvre teases me that hes my book boyfriend So I wasn t going into this novel unfamiliar with Maberry s work Yet in some ways I may as well have been In this story of an addict named Rain, who gave up her baby immediately after delivery at the tender age of 16 and refers cryptically to a Dr Nine is very different as a MC than Joe Ledger Yet they do have some aspects in common They are both broken people that have an inner strength They both represent in different manner the good in humanity forced through destiny, or fate or subconscious hoices to confront evil.Maberry s style is colliquial without being lingoistic it is just a straight ahead balls to the wall I have a story to tell style which IMO makes him very readable and keeps the reader turning the pages.Years ago Uncle Stevie and Robert Mccammon announced their retirements within a very short time of each other Luckily the retirement from writinf didn t seem to stick with either of then, yet wheb announced it felt like their retirement would leave a genre void With this story Maberry really steps up his writing announcing he is truly ready to fill any void.

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    Thank you to the publisher for an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review I didn t couldn t finish this book because of these issues 1 The protagonist, Rain, is unreliable and not likable I spent too much time trying to grab at wispy strands of the story and getting frustrated with the character and her constant questioning.2 I hear the book improves with the introduction of some entertaining characters later on, but I didn t feel like being patient with 100 pages to get to that point.3 I think that relying on past drug abuse is the lazy way of building paranormal or supernatural experiences and I have trouble wading through hazy, psychotropic, unreliable dreamy realities Anyways, I DNF d this book very early on because I have a large TBR and I generally don t like suffering through a book I m not enjoying my other books are waiting I m genuinely not turned off on Maberry as an author though and would like to try again with something else.

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    Forced to give up her child at the age of sixteen, recovering drug addict Rain now lives a life in the shadows of regret and plagued by nightmares When she finds herself running extraordinarily late for a job interview, she s discovers she s even later than imagined Rain has, inexplicably, lost an entire day and has no memory of the twenty four hours between Thursday and Saturday Dejected, Rain encounters a mysterious woman on her train ride home who gives her a pair of cracked glasses and then vanishes When looking through the fractured lens, Rain catches glimpse of people otherwise unseenincluding a strange young boy in the company of an even stranger, older man a man she knows as Doctor Nine, a man who has been haunting her nightmares.Jonathan Maberry is a hugely prolific author, and one that I wish I could say I ve read of over the years Although he s perhaps best known for his Joe Ledger series, I ve only previously read his zombie stuff, the YA Rot Ruin series and Dead of Night I enjoyed those five titles quite a lot, but they did little to prepare me for what to expect here Glimpse is a far cry from those zombie thrillers, and Maberry crafts here a complicated, twisty, layered work of horror I spent a good long while puzzling over how the various pieces and characters fit together while Maberry constructed and slowly built this tapestry of damaged characters and haunting encounters within New York and the strange, ethereal land of The Fire Zone This is an assuredly complex story than those earlier, straight forward zombie pulps It also has a surprising amount of depth to it, and the amount of information and story within belies the page count When I say Glimpse feels like a much longer work, I mean this in the best possible sense This one s a dense little sucker, hefty in its ideas and methodical execution Glimpse also feels a heck of a lot like the offspring of Joe Hill s NOS4A2, and I couldn t help but wonder how inspired Maberry was by that earlier work, or if this book would have existed without Hill s influence There s a lot of commonalities between the two books, circling a number of similar themes and occurrences, and while they share a lot of the same genetic material a strange villain capable of maneuvering between this world and another by way of a uniquely identifiable classic car, and The Fire Zone is almost a direct inverse of Christmasland , Glimpse stands well enough on its own, and Maberry is certainly comfortable enough in his own authorial skin, for this work to feel similar without being a derivative retread of the other At it s core, Maberry is writing about hope and redemption, of fighting for a better life in times of hopelessness I would have liked to have seen of the nicely creepy Doctor Nine, but the apocalyptic intonations and mythological folklore baked into the character are absolutely wonderful Glimpse slowly builds toward a catastrophic, potentially apocalyptic, climax whose scale so terrifyingly casts a huge shadow over the characters that you can t help but feel a foreboding sense of hopelessness The question then, of course, is how, or even if, Rain and her small support group of recovering addicts, can possibly overcome the all encompassing terror surrounding them It s heady stuff, and Maberry does a remarkable job strumming all the various strings he s pulled together here Glimpse is loaded with great characters, and I d be remiss not to mention the tattooed psychic PI, Monk, who deserves a book of his own one day, and some very well depicted moments of fright and terror All of this is wrapped up in a mind and time bending, perfectly executed, package Note I received an advanced copy of this title from the publisher via NetGalley.

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    4 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum is my second book by Jonathan Maberry, and I felt like I was taking a little bit of a chance because several years ago my attempt to read his book Patient Zero did not go so well However, the premise simply sounded too good, and in the end I m glad I overcame my hesitation to give this one a try because I really enjoyed it In addition to being a blend of horror and the paranormal, this chilling story also has an element of otherworldly suspense that I think will make it appeal to fans of Joe Hill or Dean Koontz.Glimpse follows recovering junkie Rain Thomas, a twenty something young woman who has struggled to overcome tragedy and loss to build a life for herself in New York City At age sixteen, she became pregnant and was forced to give her child up for adoption after Noah, her first love, was deployed to Iraq and killed in an IED attack before he even found out about the baby An embarrassment to her upper crust family, Rain was essentially left to fend for herself after she succumbed to her grief and fell into of life of drug addiction.Now three years clean, Rain is trying her best to stay that way, attending her support group meetings and trying to find steady employment However, on the day of a big job interview, strange and disturbing things start happening around her First, it was the malevolent presence she felt in the bathroom as she was getting ready that morning, then on the train heading into Brooklyn, an old woman gives Rain a pair of broken reading glasses before vanishing like she was never there But what shakes Rain to her core is the sight of a little boy she catches through the cracked lens of the borrowed glasses, a boy who looks so much like her dead boyfriend Noah that she can t help but think she is seeing a vision of the child she gave up almost ten years ago With terror, Rain also believes she can sometimes recognize another figure in these creepy glimpses through the lens Known only to her as Doctor Nine , he is a cruel and evil man who has been haunting her dreams, and now Rain fears that this creature out of nightmare may have her son.Hands down, my favorite thing about this book was Rain, who was in every way my kind of protagonist a tragic heroine, to be sure, but also a fighter and a survivor who has managed to pick herself up and out of the darkest time of her life Maberry did a great job exploring and developing her personality because I found her to be very convincing she s just so genuine, so flawed, and so undeniably and deeply human that my heart really went out to her There s also a charm about her that I found strangely endearing, an almost protective feeling I developed for her character even though Rain has proven time and time again that she is strong enough to hold her own in the face of the most difficult or terrifying situations.Rain s past is also complex and well developed, revealed mostly through her intimate confessions at group therapy These moments were woven seamlessly into the narrative, helping readers grow closer to the protagonist without resorting to awkward and sterile flashbacks to her childhood or teenage years In fact, these interludes quickly became some of my favorite sections of the novel because of the way they made the story feel much immediate, even if many of them were heartbreaking to read I was affected in a way I rarely feel with a lot of horror fiction, and certainly, I felt much here than I did with the author s first Joe Ledger book, which mostly just left me feeling disconnected and bored.Glimpse, on the other hand, is a much elaborate and elegant novel It s incredibly atmospheric, for a start, dialing up the creep factor to 11 We also have a fantastic villain in Doctor Nine, who reminds me very much of a Charles Manx like creature from Joe Hill s N0S4R2, a predator who is able to slip in and out of a secret world that exists alongside ours in order to stalk his young victims As well, Glimpse is made up many different components, including the POVs of a handful of other characters besides Rain, plus plenty of snippets from the past that are integrated into the present There s also an abstract element involving the bending and twisting of time and reality, which might not come across too clearly at first, but in the end, I was quite happy with how it all came together.On the surface, Glimpse may be billed as a novel of paranormal horror and suspense But dig a little deeper, and you will also find a tale of redemption and recovery, a story about confronting the demons of the past both the figurative and literal ones Simply put, it was a great read, with the plot holding my attention captive from beginning to end I would love to read like this from Jonathan Maberry.

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    I lived in a haunted house, except it was me who was haunting it I don t even know where to start with Glimpse This book was recommended to the Night Worms by Michael Patrick Hicks, and he was spot on Glimpse is so odd, and I loved it This book has a slow, creeping horror, and it really sneaks up on you I loved questioning where it was going throughout the novel because I had no idea what was going to happen Sometimes horror and or thriller novels can start to blend together, but this was a standout for me I don t think it s going to be for everyone, and that s okay A huge portion of this book is about loss and struggling Some parts were sadder than I expected, but I think hope and brokenness were woven together well in this book My only complaint is some of the character nicknames I don t really understand why they were necessary there were 3 that I thought were odd choices you ll know if you read it I enjoyed reading this book, and I can t wait to read from Jonathan Maberry this was my first book by him Thank you so much to St Martin s Press for sending us copies

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    I don t believe I ve ever read a novel quite like GLIMPSE before I m not even sure how to categorize it After Rain has spent about 3 years trying to get clean, she is now battling a new demon who is trying to destroy her son Such a truly creepy story filled with, not just dreams, but nightmares This book definitely held my attention I will be looking for by this author.

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