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[Ebook] ↠ The Intended Victim Author Alexandra Ivy –

The Intended Victim ONCE, SHE GOT AWAY The Body Lying On A Cold Steel Slab Bears All The Hallmarks Of The Chicago Butcher There S A Cruel Slash Across Her Throat, Deep Enough To Sever The Carotid Artery, And A Small Crescent Carved Into Her Right Breast Her Delicate Features Are Painfully Familiar To Ash Marcel, Once A Rising Star In The Chicago PD But Though The Victim Resembles His Former Fianc E, Remi Walsh, He Knows It S Not HerBUT THIS TIME Though Remi Escaped A Serial Killer Five Years Ago, Her Father Died Trying To Save Her Grief And Guilt Caused Her To Pull Away From The Man She Loved Now Ash Is Back In Her Life, Insisting That Remi Is Still In Danger IT S A DEAD END Someone Is Targeting Women Who Look Just Like Remi With Or Without A Badge, Ash Intends To Unmask The Butcher But The Killer Isn T Playing Games Any Longer He S Moving In, Ready To Finish What He Started, And Prove There S Nothing Terrifying Than A Killer S ObsessionPraise For Pretend You Re Safe Alexandra Ivy Gives Readers A Nice Balance Of Romance And Suspense In Her Fast Paced, Well Plotted Novel Kat Martin, New York Times Bestselling Author A Satisfying Mystery Ivy S Clever Foreshadowing Keeps The Tension High Throughout This Fast Moving Tale, And The Romance SizzlesPublishers Weekly A Pulse Raising Romantic Thriller BookPage

[Ebook] ↠ The Intended Victim  Author Alexandra Ivy –
  • Paperback
  • 384 pages
  • The Intended Victim
  • Alexandra Ivy
  • 19 July 2018
  • 9781420143836

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    The Intended Victim, a mystery thriller book, was a solid 4 stars The book centers around main character Remi a woman who managed to escape a serial killer dubbed The Butcher 5 years earlier Remi is desperately trying to get her life back on track after the horrific ordeal five years earlier that ended with her detective father dead and a destroyed relationship with Ash her father s former partner When a woman who looks eerily like Remi is found murdered in present day, it seems like The Butcher is back and Remi is his intended target The Intended Victim was a very entertaining book, it is filled with mystery and romance that many readers will enjoy I not only enjoyed the well developed characters in the book but also the twist at the end Recommended to fans of mystery and romance books Thank you NetGalley for providing me a copy in exchange for an honest review.

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    First, I absolutely love the cover Secondly when I pick up a romantic suspense book by Ms Ivy, I always know that I am going to get something good A great plot, great characters although the author does tend to go with second chance romances a lot but hey why fix it when it ain t broke 5 years ago, Remi Walsh was nearly the next victim of the Chicago serial killer The Butcher, but her father sacrificed himself to save her The guilt weighed her down and, in the end, she ended up pushing everyone away The Butcher was never caught and 5 years later he she is back to finish what he she started.Ash Marcel lost his fianc e to the Butcher, but he has loved her all this time But new victims keep on turning up that look extremely like Remi The countdown is on and it is for the police and Ash to find out who it is Ms Ivy knows how to write suspense and I enjoy her books a lot I can t give it the full 5 stars though because I called it and well, I found that to be disappointing to say the least I would love for Jax Marcel to get a book, just saying.

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    I ve really enjoyed previous stories in this series as the author who I usually associate with paranormal stories really pushes the boundaries This time it s a second chance romance set amidst what appears to be the reappearance of a Chicago serial killer When Remi was attacked five years ago her father was apparently also the killers victim but as Remi has no memory of that night she cannot say exactly what happened or indeed where her father s body is The stress, strain and sheer grief drove her and Ash apart but when a body is found that s been surgically altered to look like Remi there s no way Ash won t be by her side.For this reader second chance romance is never really a trope I enjoy and sadly this lacked that special something in the romance department I think I just didn t understand exactly why Ash left town, changed career and just gave up on the woman he apparently loves so much I actually could understand how devastated Remi was although when Ash comes back to Chicago there was sadly a lack of tension between the couple which I would expect The killer was unfortunately not that believable although I do applaud the author for her originality and I hope when we get Jax s book that I can rate it much higher.This voluntary take is of a copy I requested from Netgalley and my thoughts and comments are honest and I believe fair

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    I ve not read the rest of the books that preceded The Intended Victim by Alexandra Ivy, but this is easy enough to get into as a standalone The premise is undoubtedly quite an intriguing one a serial murderer a.k.a The Butcher who s apparently back after five years and is now strangely obsessed with altering his victims faces to resemble Remi Walsh before killing them The suspense plot itself is sort of unique, with a twist that I sort of saw coming but was left skeptical in the end It did lack a bit of forward momentum even as the process of getting to know about the strange spate of murders was ongoing, getting even disconcerting at times with different POVs belonging to secondary characters popping up from time to time There s a second chance romance in here as well, but this was probably the weakest part of the story for me Ash Remi s history was sort of glossed over we weren t told much, only that Remi had pushed Ash away after tragedy touched their lives and that he was only back because she seemed to be in the sights of the same killer again I was obviously hoping for harder soul searching on Remi s part, but most of it dealt with her determination to try to just look at the future and not the past and that she only looked at Ash with regret In this way, Ash Remi s second chance romance didn t quite feel like a justified or a convincing one at all a pairing brought back together incidentally and not because both wanted it enough to look for each other Five years on, all we really had of Remi was her weak excuse of wanting to protect others by pushing them away and internalising her own mental mess that she d never bothered to sort out Through it all, I never quite got the idea that she wanted them as much as Ash pursued her, merely caving to Ash s insistent pressure and going along with it The uptick in the narrative happened at the last quarter, after which, it got engrossing, though everything was wrapped up quite neatly too neatly perhaps in the last chapter Would I recommend this Maybe It s a decent read if you like the usual red herrings and the clues that come with solving a murder mystery, though romance wise, it s not quite a satisfying one ARC by the publisher via Netgalley

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    This is my first book of the Agency series but was able to read it without having read the previous books There is plenty of romance, suspense and mystery to keep me very engaged in this book, I really enjoyed it and look forward to going back and reading the others.

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    If you love mysteries this book is for you And wow I didn t see the ending.When a serial killer has returned and he has to tell his brother that his ex fiance is in the morgue Jax Marcel isn t prepared for what s to come, and neither is Ash So when Ash looks and takes a good look and realizes it isn t Remi they are both equally relieved and petrified at the same time The Butcher tore their lives apart once and it looks like he s back to try and finish the job.I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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    Advanced Reader Copy ARC provided by the Author and Publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an fair and honest review.

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    Someone is targeting women who look like Remi Remi was Ash s fianc five years ago until the Chicago Butcher destroyed both of their lives The return of the Butcher not only reminded her that she was in constant danger, it had ripped open the wounds of her father s death.The Marcel brothers return in book 4 with Ash and Jax investigating a cold case from five years ago on the Chicago Butcher Ash was once a Chicago police officer until the Chicago Butcher destroyed what was left of his career No longer a detective Ash returned home after Jax alerted him to a dead s woman s body which looked like Remi s While his skills as a detective are rusty he no doubt is determined to close this Chicago Butcher case once and for all Overall The transitions between paragraphs within chapters wasn t smooth One minute I m reading about Ash and Remi in one paragraph then I m reading about the Butcher in the next with no indicators Kinda confusing trying to decipher who is communicating The rekindling of a relationship with his ex fianc was sweet and enduring, a nice mix to go along with detective work A little business with pleasure is always fun However, this second chance romance had me questioning whether book 1 or 2 was devoted to them because several references are made regarding their past relationship of which I would like to understand.With this being book 4 in the series I came in at a disadvantage having read book 3 but not books 1 and 2 Everytime this book mentioned Ash and Remi I felt like I missed a book dedicated to their relationship I m not sure if the story was intended this way or not Yet, these books can be read as a stand alone However, I m not convinced that s a good idea with prior characters being mentioned in previous books.With Ash s arrival and the fear of the Butchers return the story held a nice balance between the two topics Although I did prefer the paragraphs with the scenes regarding the Butcher I thought it was clever how the author took the guess work out of each suspect by proving Ash s theories which coincidently coincided with my hunches It s good but not epic by any means I like trying to piece together the clues even though they are few and far between The romantic relationship between Ash and Remi is a nice distraction from the detective work, yet it is a distraction from the detective work It was a double edge sword.Every character seemed to behave suspiciously making it difficult to pinpoint who the killer was The nature of detective work is finding hundreds of promising leads that fizzle out before finding the one that doesn t fizzle These scenes are what carry the storyneed of that.The ending was both shocking and not so shocking I kinda suspected who the butcher was although I wasn t certain about the reasoning The reasoning was shocking than revealing who the butcher was.

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    The Intended Victim The Agency 4 by Alexandra Ivy4 starsM F Thriller RomanceTriggers Stalking, Murder, KidnappingI was given this book for an honest review by Wicked Reads.This is the 4th book in the series, but I have not read the previous books I never felt that I was missing anything in the story Remi survived the Chicago Butcher But what she lost in the process was her lover, father and sense of security Now that she is doing something she loves, seeing Ash back, Remi knows that it can t be good news Ash removed himself from Remi s life after she was almost the victim and he lost his partner He also left the police force But, when an eerily similar crime to the Chicago Butcher shows up at his brother Jax s desk, Ash comes back to protect Remi and finally figure out who is killing these women.With a rush on time and people not telling the truth, Remi s dad s clues from the grave just leave of a puzzle to solve Jax, Ash s brother, Ash and Remi have their work cutout Can they figure out who has been killing women like Remi before she becomes a target again Ash will stop at nothing to protect her and figure it out This book is full of secrets and twists and turns It s haunting and thrilling all in one The romance was very much a secondary part of the story for me and I m glad that it was I think had it been a prominent part of the book, I wouldn t have liked it as much The only minor issue I had with the writing style was that when the killer was talking, it was sometimes hard to figure out that someone new was thinking and talking because it all blended together There wasn t any delineation when it changed.

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    Ash had a good career as a cop with a loving girlfriend but that all changed when his partner went missing presumed killed and Remi was attacked They never caught the serial killer and Ash left everything behind to start over But he has just been told by his brother Jax that they have found Remi and it looks like the serial killer is back Ash can t believe that she is dead and he will do whatever it takes to find the killer Things take a turn as the dead woman isn t Remi but someone that has had surgery to look like her and now Ash knows for sure that she is in grave danger but will she allow Ash back into her life.Remi can t believe that Ash is back she has missed him but after her father s death she needed time and her guilt ate at her every day since But does she believe that the killer is back now and that she could be the next victim Can she allow Ash back into her life can her heart handle him again Ash knows that he needs to start it slow with Remi and that he can find out who the killer is and hopefully find his dead partner Will they find the answers that they are seeking and will Remi get her life back on track Where will this leave them A good read, never saw the killer coming I was lucky enough to receive a copy via Netgalley the publishing house in exchange for my honest review.

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