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Where the Desert Meets the Sea An Illuminating And Heart Stirring Historical Novel Set In Post WWII Palestine, Where The Boundaries Of Love And Friendship Are Challenged By The Intractable Conflicts Of War Jerusalem, 1947 Judith, A Young Jewish Survivor Of The Dachau Concentration Camp, Arrives In Mandatory Palestine, Seeking Refuge With Her Only Remaining Relative, Her Uncle When She Learns That He Has Died, She Tries To Take Her Own Life In Despair.After Awakening In The Hospital, Judith Learns That Hana, A Muslim Arab Nurse, Has Saved Her Life By Donating Her Own Blood While The Two Women Develop A Fragile Bond, Each Can T Help But Be Drawn Deeper Into The Political Machinations Tearing The Country Apart After Witnessing The Repeated Attacks Inflicted On The Jews, Judith Makes The Life Changing Decision To Join The Zionist Fight For Jerusalem And Hana S Star Crossed Love For Dr David Cohen, An American Jew Out Of His Element And Working Only To Save Lives, Will Put Her Own Life In Danger.Then The Political Situation Worsens When Tensions Erupt, A Shocking Act Of Violence Threatens Judith And Hana S Friendship And The Destinies Of Everyone They Love.

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    The time setting for this novel is just after WW II, and the freed Jews from the concentration camps are trying to get to their historic homeland, the Holy Land As the Jews arrive, they become embroiled in age old disagreements over territory It is the story of the wars between the Jews and Arabs, as they fight over Palestine and Jerusalem, after the State of Israel is established in 1947 Needless to say it is a bloody story of massacres, terrorism, pillage and rape No mercy was shown, no quarter given, by either side The British military occupied the area, but did little to...

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    The history is correct, but the story told through these fictional characters is very bland and melodramatic It flip flops all over with hyper hot headed Arabs and Jews massacring each other while the British smoke cigarettes and ignore the mess that they have created by their 31 year Mandate in Palestine Israel...

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    Got this one for free through First Reads as one of this month s selections, and, first and foremost, it was worth every penny I paid for it Sorry, I couldn t resist But it is what it is, and most months I find that the allure of free books just isn t that alluring, particularly because we have an excellent public library. But, having said that, I have enjoyed a few of the freebies I ve obtained this way It was a relatively quick read, and a few of the characters were at least somewhat compelling, and I don t regret reading it, but it wasn t particularly memorable or uniquely well crafted in my opinion.As historical fiction goes, it might be informative to someone unfamiliar with the post WWII creation and early conflict surrounding the new State of Israel, which, of course, was a tumultuous period But, well, for anyone who read Leon Uris 1958 classic Exodus, it seems like a poor thin substitute Granted, Exodus is significantly one sided e.g., pro Israel , at least as I recall it, and this author tries to my mind, rather unsuccessfully to be a bit even handed or balanced, but nah, I m guessing not many readers find this one to be fair or balanced view which, granted, is a tall order Also, to be fair, Exodus weighs in at twice the length, so it s not a fair comparison but, still For modern Israeli fiction, I recommend Amos Oz who r...

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    Boring BookThe dialog is stilted and the characters are not realistic I would rather read a straight history book accounting of this time instead of this boring set of characters and setting.

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    The Social Studies documentary films about the Creation of Isreal encouraged me to read about the Creation of Isreal This book is about the Israeli Arab conflict ongoing in the 1940s 1950s I learned how wars surrounding culture and religion incited many and changed their lives forever.One of the most fascinating character developments in this story is about a British soldier born Jewish.He was born Jew, but he owes his life to the British It was they who raised and brought him up, it was the British uniform he d worn with pride for many years He was sent to Israel to enforce order to the Jewish and the Arabs He watched as the British shoved and drove away Jews from Palestine He watched as his fellow soldiers and co workers shipped Jews back to the crowded inhabiting camps in Europe.He was born Jew But now he has to force his own people back to desolate places He was born Jew But he never once practiced his religion with devotion The war of Arabs, Jews, and the British in Palestine was a war of discovering Instead of killing his own people, his own blood this officer decided to quit To quit enforcing laws and cruel restrictions upon his kin, the Jewish people The war allowed this officer to find his roots, and fight for a faith he was born into ...

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    While this book does a good job of showing multiple perspectives surrounding the birth of Israel, the switch between the characters isn t very well done at all The characters are flat, and I just didn t enjoy this book, which kills me because this area of history appeals so highly to me.

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    I wanted to like it I usually love historic fiction But the characters are poorly developed I didn t really feel connected to them or cared much what happened Also the story flops around a lot Very unsatisfying.

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    A topic I had limited understand of, but will read about in the futureI believe that a historical fiction should want you to dive deeper into the non fictional history in which the story is set Two books that come readily to mind, that did exactly this for me, were Killer...

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    Priced correctly a freebie from Flat characters, overly dramatic but then again it was historical fiction regarding the Mid East and the creation of Israel, so perhaps maybe some of the drama was warranted I did learn about the British involvement in Palestine So, while not the wors...

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    German author Werner Sonne provides the viewpoints of both Jews and Arabs in his insightful novel, Where the Desert meets the Sea Filled with perceptive information, Sonne s book takes the reader into the despair and passion that is endemic in this epic struggle that has long involved German Jews, former Nazis, Jews fighting for an independence, and Arabs vowing to take back their land.It is a complicated battle with many different factors influencing the ideologies on all sides Sonne manages to explain many of the elements that have affected the passions and, after some difficult reading, I have a better idea of what s at issue To completely understand it is probably not a realistic goal and Sonne has not addressed all the discrepancies But the effort was noble and I enjoyed my journey.A distraught young Jewish woman who survived Dachau arrives in Palestine seeking refuge with her uncle only to find he has died In despair, she tries to take her own life but is saved through a blood donation from an Arab nurse They establish a tenuous relationship that, over time, has some rough moments The nurse has a radical Arab fia...

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