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[Reading] ➯ Separated by the Border ➷ Gena Thomas –

Separated by the Border In Five Year Old Julia Traveled With Her Mother, Guadalupe, From Honduras To The United States Her Harrowing Journey Took Her Through Mexico In The Cargo Section Of A Tractor Trailer Then She Was Separated From Her Mother, Who Was Held Hostage By Smugglers Who Exploited Her Physically And Financially At The United States Border, Julia Was Put In Detention As An Unaccompanied Minor Gena Thomas Tells The Story Of How Julia Came To The United States, What She Experienced In The System, And What It Took To Reunite Her With Her Family A Spanish Speaking Former Missionary, Gena Became Julia S Foster Mother And Witnessed Firsthand The Ways Migrant Children Experience Trauma Weaving Together The Stories Of Birth Mother And Foster Mother, This Book Shows The Human Face Of The Immigrant And Refugee, The Challenges Of The Immigration And Foster Care Systems, And The Tenacious Power Of Motherly Love

[Reading] ➯ Separated by the Border  ➷ Gena Thomas –
  • Paperback
  • Separated by the Border
  • Gena Thomas
  • 03 July 2017
  • 9780830845750

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    This is a narrative about the lives of two families one from Honduras and the other the United States It looks at the costs of one immigrant women, her daughter and her family she made the decision to come to the United States with her daughter, and make the dangerous trip out of desperation It is not a pretty story, but it is a story of redemption for both families In many ways it is a story that reflects many of the experiences immigrants face in the decision to migrate to a safer place in spite of the dangers The beauty of this book is that it is written in light of the experiences of those directly involved It reflects the struggle, suffering, pain and hearbrake of parenting foster parenting Gena does not present herself in a savior like role, but rather as a human being facing the challenges of caring for immagrant children separated from their parents Her story shows the deep connection between orthodoxy and orthopraxis It is a story of faith lived in the messiness and tragedy of human life.It is a story that is lamentful in how immigrants are treated Gena writes Lament might look like cuss words that are wrong and shameful, because human suffering is wrong and shameful Lament might look like a constant flow of tears, an inability to get out of bed, an angry rant, an emotional prayer I highly recommend this book as it is The call to Christians is to work for and usher in shalom here and now while simultaneously esperando waiting for or hoping for the renewal of all things when the upside down kin dom comes for good Gena Thomas writes, The church tells women to tell the pretty stories, because when you tell us the ugly stories, you make us feel uncomfortable Thank you Gena for making me feel uncomfortable

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    I really enjoyed this book Not only was it a powerful and heart wrenching story of a mother s love, the realities of sacrificial cross cultural love, and the horrors of family separation it was also a thought provoking read that forced me to ask some hard questions What does it mean to be among the most privileged in the world white, Christian, wealthy, secure , living in a time of great need How does my faith intersect with the political and humanitarian realities that others face, who only differ in that they were born in a different country Despite my desire for justice and my humanitarian concern for others, what are my blind spots that keep me from the kind of proximity that Jesus exampled for us What terms and concepts do I unconsciously buy into that lead to separation from the people around me There is a lot to think about with this one I recommend it to anyone who wants to honestly consider how our faith can inform our action in regards to immigrants, refugees, and those who are in need right outside our door.

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    This is the interwoven story of Gena, Lupe, and Julia It is a hard and beautiful story Our immigration system is broken and reading this book helps shed a light on those challenges The book brings you into the desperation of family separation Gena is amazing at identifying and being honest about her own inherent bias and mindsets throughout her life journey Her perspective is refreshing, open, and told from a space of humility She writes, When we learn about history and we hear stories of people involved, we start to see the complex reality beyond headlines and soundbites This book is a must read to feel the heartbeat of loss, fostering, the push and pull factors that lead people to leave their homelands and to understand the healing and response brothers and sisters in Christ deeply need In the relentless love of Lupe, I saw the tenacity and power of God s abundant love that disregards boundaries and borders Indeed, there is no border that can separate us from the mother love of God.

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    This really is an important read for people who are on any side of the immigration debate I feel like the best way to summarize the book is lament Gena does a wonderful job narrating her journey as well as Lupes and Julia s even though it is a mournful journey almost the whole step of the way Lamenting the pain, injustice, and heartache for two mothers caught in a painful situation But this book also does justice for their story sharing with a larger audience the human side of immigration all the whole contemplating where Jesus is in the whole story.

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    A beautifully written, powerful, and needed story for everyone We cannot hide from the immigration issues that are occurring in the United States Author Gena Thomas helps us remember that there are real people behind the headlines that we see on the news Separated by the Border is a prophetic book not only when it comes to immigration but also on the importance of foster care A stunning memoir, this is a must read.

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    Separated by the Border is a beautiful narrative that highlights a intense personal struggle related to a massive political agenda Gena, Andrew, and Lupe s ability to rely on God and trust Him with such insurmountable faith in the midst of trauma and crisis speaks to the hope we can find in our belief as Christians The strength and faith of the mothers discussed in this book are a blessing and inspiration May all mothers be as motivated for humanity and love.

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    This was a tough book to write I didn t want to know Lupe s story was full of such heartache and trauma I didn t want to recognize my own brokenness, and we fully intended on adopting through foster care Sometimes I can t make sense of this cruel world, and sometimes I want to flip over whatever table God is sitting at Yup, I do But God is still faithful, and God showcases Her inclusive mother love through Lupe, and I hope readers can see and experience a full perception of God Our Parent And maybe that deeper robustness will lead us to treat each other like humans and less like exploitable others

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