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!!> Read ➮ Blood Countess ➲ Author Lana Popović –

Blood CountessA Historical YA Horror Novel Based On The Infamous Real Life Inspiration For Countess Dracula In Th Century Hungary, Anna Darvulia Has Just Begun Working As A Scullery Maid For The Young And Glamorous Countess Elizabeth B Thory When Elizabeth Takes A Liking To Anna, She S Vaulted To The Dream Role Of Chambermaid, A Far Cry From The Filthy Servants Quarters Below She Receives Wages Generous Enough To Provide For Her Family, And The Countess Begins To Groom Anna As Her Friend And Confidante It S Not Long Before Anna Falls Completely Under The Countess S Spell And The Countess Takes Full Advantage Isolated From Her Former Friends, Family, And Fianc , Anna Realizes She S Not A Friend But A Prisoner Of The Increasingly Cruel Elizabeth Then Come The Murders, And Anna Knows It S Only A Matter Of Time Before The Blood Countess Turns On Her, Too

!!> Read ➮ Blood Countess ➲ Author Lana Popović –
  • Hardcover
  • 320 pages
  • Blood Countess
  • Lana Popović
  • English
  • 18 October 2019
  • 9781419738869

    10 thoughts on “!!> Read ➮ Blood Countess ➲ Author Lana Popović –

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    Did somebody say a dark horror book based on Elizabeth Bathory a.k.a Blood Countess And I m not dreaming right This book is on my shelf My fairy God mothers a.k.a Amazing NetGalley crew left this special gift for me My second favorite fairy godmothers First one is always Olivia Colman from Fleabag So what am I waiting for Get your hands on it and start flipping pages I literally danced in the street, singing theme song And I got a ticket from a police officer he didn t get jealous off my signature dance moves I crossed the street at the red light, when I was dancing and he didn t buy my act that I was tourist and I didn t know where I am So I excitedly began reading but unfortunately I found out this is another Switzerland book for me But my I didn t like it but I also I didn t hate it definition about Switzerland kind of staying in the middle stars system worked differently Because at the beginning I loved the book and first half of it really worked well for me but then pace slowed down and story got dull, long, boring, kept repeated itself And the ending didn t reflect the real life events so conclusion of the story was a little dissatisfying for me I didn t hate it but I didn t truly enjoy it, too So I recently fell out love from the book and sighed slowly because I was expecting so much .What I liked most Characterization and writing In the late 16th century, we re firstly introduced Anna Darvulia, a talented healer, living in a Hungary village, inherited her skill from her mother, knows how to tend to the ill herbs Her gift attracted the attention of notorious Countess Bathory So Anna starts to work for Countess as a maid, sleeping with the rats and spiders and then promoted to be a chambermaid.I loved the naiveness and determination of Anna who is trying so hard to bring out the humanity and goodness the countess hid But she chose an impossible task because she is a golden hearted lamb dealing with a vicious, dangerous, manipulative wolf, a real serial killer of the history As she gets closer to the countess, Anna finally realizes she cannot find any concrete excuses for the countess cruelty.The depiction of a killer s psychology and her unbalanced, devious motives are impeccably told.What I didn t like Thee entire half of the book seemed like written by another writer because the pace got slower and repeating sequences bored me to death and forced me take a few nap breaks The story seemed like going nowhere and of course predictable, not so surprising conclusion made me disappointed.As a summary I loved to read books of the author and I wished this story could fit with my expectations but naturally it didn t Special thanks to NetGalley and Abrams Kids Amulet Books to share this ARC COPY with me in exchange my honest review.

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    Did someone say blood

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    true rating 3.5 stars I received an ARC by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review This story is darkkkk, but very intriguing and started out really strong I LOVED the MC Anna s storyline with her family and apprenticeship under her mother as a midwife and healer From their tragedy strikes Anna s family and she winds up working as a scullery maid under the Countess Elizabeth The Countess was really intriguing and layered, and the budding relationship between the two was really interesting and unique The two characters are extremely well written and their relationship is beautifully tragic I also enjoyed the nature vs nurture aspect of the Countess cruelty and the dilemma Anna had to face when coming to terms with the Countess true nature However, towards the second half of the book, the plot simmers down and becomes very bleak Anna begins to let herself be manipulated by the Countess, even though she had a strong, clear mind through the first half of the book The scullery maids, having turned on Anna, continue to loath her and call her a witch even after she helps them and tries to protect them I was hoping for Anna to wake up, and for the maids to join her in taking down the Countess, especially Krisztina or Ilona However, Anna stands by for much too long and there is no reconciliation between her and the other girls The ending was good, I just think the climax and resolution could have been satisfying.

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    I feel like I kept waiting for something big to happen, and it never really did About halfway through, I thought maybe, but it just kind of blahed out I know this is YA book, but I was expecting gore, suspense, of everything Decent read

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    From synopsis A historical YA horror novel based on the infamous real life inspiration for Countess Dracula.

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    This book just really worked for me from start to finish It was creepy and tense and sexy and dark, and most importantly to me well told I ve always been fascinated by Elizabeth Bathory but even so, I couldn t tell exactly where this book was going and that meant the tension pulled me along at a break neck pace, straight through heaps of sinister atmosphere.If you don t like reading about moral ambiguity, people doing bad things, people making bad decisions, then you probably won t like this Lucky for me, that s the sort of book I can t get enough of.Like a creepy historical YOU, tinted with shades of Jacqueline Carey.A perfect fall read

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    oh my god, 13 year old me, who was so obsessed with elizabath bathory she wrote an entire report on her for english class a report that landed her in the guidance counselor s office is so excited right now

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    I have received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I was honestly really excited to dive into Blood Countess It was interesting in the beginning, but then I slowly started to lose my interest in it In this book, you will meet Anna Darvulia She lives in Hungary as a healer of sorts On her way home one day, after saving a little kitten from being tortured, she runs into the new Countess Elizabeth From this one moment, her life was forever changed.Okay so I had high hopes on this book I know, I know, I shouldn t do that to myself before diving into anything but I did I was really psyched to read about the Countess Dracula However, what I got was boredom Not a lot happened in this book until the end Yeah, people feared Elizabeth and at one point Anna is under her spell because she feels loved Yet, not a lot happened So view spoiler a few people died from their experiments hide spoiler

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    Based on the infamous real life inspiration for Countess Dracula YES Thank you to Amulet Books via NetGalley for an ARC of this tile in exchange for an honest review.

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