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Read ✓ The Worst Kind of Want By Liska Jacobs –

The Worst Kind of Want A Trip To Italy Reignites A Woman S Desires To Disastrous Effect In This Dark Ode To Womanhood, Death, And SexTo Cool Headed, Fastidious Pricilla Messing, Italy Will Be An Escape, A Brief Glimpse Of Freedom From A Life That S Starting To Feel Like One Long DeclineRescued From The Bedside Of Her Difficult Mother, Forty Something Cilla Finds Herself Called Away To Rome To Keep An Eye On Her Wayward Teenage Niece, Hannah But After Years Of Caregiving, Babysitting Is The Last Thing Cilla Wants To Do Instead She Throws Herself Into Hannah S Youthful, Heedless World Drinking, Dancing, Smoking Relishing The Heady Atmosphere Of The Italian Summer After Years Of Feeling Used Up And Overlooked, Cilla Feels Like She S Coming Back To Life But Being So Close To Hannah Brings Up Complicated Memories, Making Cilla Restless And Increasingly Reckless, And A Dangerous Flirtation With A Teenage Boy Soon Threatens To Send Her Into A TailspinWith The Sharp Edged Insight Of Ottessa Moshfegh And The Taut Seduction Of Patricia Highsmith, The Worst Kind Of Want Is A Dark Exploration Of The Inherent Dangers Of Being A Woman In Her Unsettling Follow Up To Catalina, Liska Jacobs Again Delivers Hypnotic Literary Noir About A Woman Whose Unruly Desires And Troubled Past Push Her To The Brink Of Disaster

Read ✓ The Worst Kind of Want  By Liska Jacobs –
  • Hardcover
  • 224 pages
  • The Worst Kind of Want
  • Liska Jacobs
  • 21 November 2018
  • 9780374272661

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    Liska Jacobs second novel is again about a woman on the path of self destruction and she writes this character well.Cilla has spent many years of her life grieving the loss of her sister and taking care of her mother Her longtime boyfriend, nearly 20 years her senior, is pursuing women half her age Now pushing her mid 40s, she takes a trip to Italy to check up on her teenage niece, Hannah While there, she gets swept up into an affair with Donato, a 17 year old Italian boy who Hannah loves.At a pivotal time in her life where Cilla is confronting a myriad of different things death, childlessness, her own approaching menopause and the loss of her youth Donato seems to fill the voids created by these uncomfortable realities.But of course this fling is no than a temporary distraction, and as it spirals out of control, Cilla is forced to reckon with the consequences of her actions and finally confront the grief she s had bottled up all this time.Though her decisions are obviously questionable, Cilla isn t an entirely unlikeable character In the face of the inevitable voids that expand throughout life, it s sometimes impossible to avoid the allure of recklessness any brief respite from the pain of reality.

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    3.5 rounded downA great read for those hot summer days, The Worst Kind of Want follows Cilla on a trip to Rome In her early forties and escaping from having to care for her deteriorating mother back in America, Cilla travels to Rome to spend time with her brother in law, Paul, and teenage niece, Hannah During the heady summer days Cilla becomes embroiled in the life of Donato, an Italian teenager who has befriended her niece Things spiral from here to an inevitable and dramatic conclusion.Cilla s character was particularly well done in my view a woman confronting her own ageing and her mother s decline in a way which was realistic and relatable but never cliched On the strength of this I ll be looking to read by Liska Jacobs Thank you Netgalley and Farrar, Straus and Giroux for the advance copy, which was provided in exchange for an honest review.

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    via my blog I have not thought about my wants in so long that the flood of them makes me light headed Priscilla Cilla is only 43 but feels like life has aged her beyond her years, living with her mother whom is now in rehabilitation at a nursing home Mother, needy, bitter and resentful, forcing her to placate her demands Every visit feels like drudgery, reminding her of how stifling her life has become Since the death of Cilla s sister, her brother in law has lived with their daughter, her niece Hannah in Italy who is acting out, Cilla, please You will come, won t you It s been a year since Hannah lost her mother, surely acting out is noraml, right Yet if she goes, it would be an escape from the dullness of her life, but the idea of caring for yet another person is the kiss of death Yet even the thought of babysitting her fifteen year old niece is better than dealing with her impossible mother and her demands It s been a full year of dealing with her mother s bottomless grief and ill health Then there is her longtime boyfriend Guy, who spends his time directing tv series, once her own deceased father s prot g who hungered after her all those years ago He is distracted by all those young actresses dripping in dewy youth How can she possibly shine by comparison when time takes it s toll on the body Italy it is Hannah is becoming quite the young woman, and with the son of family friends Donato s attention she beams with youth and joy, infusing Cilla with life Spending time with the pair feels like a seduction what with all the confidence, the freedom, indulging in the pleasures of Italy Cilla is meant to be looking out for Hannah, keeping her on the straight and narrow, instead she is the one throwing caution off the cliff Her adult confidence, and Hollywood ties makes her fascinating in Donato s eyes.He longs to impress her, he is beautiful, could himself be a celebrity, right Basking in the days and nights beside them feels erotic, as if she is going through a second awakening by accompanying the pair through their own If she was a better woman, she wouldn t smudge the lines between moral and immoral, she wouldn t succumb to the charm of a teenage boy but her body is so hungry, and the chemistry is electric, who would it really hurt if no one ever knows The scenery itself begs to be explored, it urges release, to abandon one s every inhibition She hasn t given a thought to her own desires, needs in so long, how can anyone blame her for finally thinking of herself first She should stop what is happening, but she doesn t want to deny herself one second of it Romans love to have a good time at any age , so when in Rome Why should she behave , nothing interesting comes of that, being old doesn t make a person dead, we still long for the thrill of things.Being around Hannah takes her back to the beginning of her relationship with the much older Guy When she was no longer a little girl but not yet a woman , same phase her niece has entered, playing grownup How easy it is to play at being a sexual creature, emulating womanhood The carelessness of her own parents in the past, too much freedom for she and her sister,Hannah s mother, youthful flirtations gone too far Maybe Cilla isn t the best choice in caging a teenager s impulses, especially when in her shoes she didn t cage her own Maybe despite being so much older now, she is just as likely to jump into the lion s mouth.A woman will be punished for letting herself go, for indulging Cilla isn t going to be the dutiful aunt, she is going to taste life while she still can even if it could hurt those she is there to protect Like so many human beings, despite what we know will follow, we still act on impulses How easy it is to ignore the darkness in the distance All she has is here and now, to focus on what could come of her reckless abandon would be a betrayal, especial to herself But indulgence and deception always comes at a price, is considered downright criminal when a woman of a certain age misbehaves It s an indulgent and shameful novel, as most things we know better than to partake of are and engaging because of it We know the entire time, this isn t going to end well.Publication Date November 5, 2019Farrar, Straus and Giroux

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    DNF at 10%Maybe readers who aren t Italian or know very little about Italy might be able to overlook the clich s and blunders in this novel In this day and age, it s fairly easy to find out information about other countries You could just ask on Quora.The thing is that it is tone deaf there are the occasional Italian words peppered here and there I guess to give it a genuine flavour but, for the most part, the way these Italian characters speak sounds false.Jacobs applies English formulas to what the Italian characters are saying, for instance English speakers would tell someone to mind their language by saying Language please or something of that sort In Italy, no one would say Linguaggio and would likely say something along the lines of Fai attenzione a come parli which roughly translates to watch the way you speak My point is that the average Italian would likely translate word for word the Italian way of saying mind your language, and probably wouldn t be aware that in English people would say watch your language or just language So if you have an Italian character, who isn t all that fluent in English, say in English Language it will strike Italian speakers as inaccurate Additionally, I doubt many Italian women would refer to their teenage son s friend as mia cucciola a not widely used term of endearment that is suited to small children, especially if they are related to you ie an aunty calling her 4 year old nephew cucciolotto.Why have the American girl whose lived in Italy for a year or so refer to her dad as Papa which is not the correct spelling for dad in Italian dad is pap , pope is papa.Another thing that annoyed me is that if the author tries to make her setting authentic by using the full names of certain Italian dishes usually in italics but couldn t lookup wherever Italian names Marie is not an Italian name, Maria is an Italian name There are a lot of Italian names which are used only in certain regions of Italy, and often you can tell if a person comes from the South or the North of Italy through their name I doubt there are many men who go by Tonio or Donato in Rome.Lastly, what is the point in saying that an Italian woman s English has a lilting accent Like Fellini films, like postwar Italian actresses I m fairly sure that Fellini films are not dubbed, but subbed, so the Italian actresses in those film would not be speaking an accented English, but their own language And isn t saying that she sounded like an actress in old Italian films a bit of a cheap trick

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    Full disclosure Liska Jacobs is a good friend.Liska Jacobs writes bad women well Fans of her 2017 novel, Catalina already know this there s a thrill in watching her heroines self destruct In her newest book, The Worst Kind of Want, Jacobs delivers again Priscilla Messing is a 43 year old former producer living in Los Angeles in the shadow of her parents celebrity Rejecting the doldrums of caring for her ailing mother, she escapes to Italy, ostensibly to help her widowed brother in law with her teenage niece, Hannah But balmy Italian nights and sea air awaken something within Priscilla Jacobs writes about the Italian ruins and landscape with a humming, sexual energy Priscilla is transformed she entertains reckless lust while ignoring responsibility and familial obligation She s another beautiful trainwreck You won t be able to look away.

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    Priscilla has been asked by his brother in law to spend time with him and his troubled daughter in Italy Priscilla jumps at the chance because she wants to get away from her overbearing mother and her ex boyfriend Italy provides plenty of distraction in the form of a young Italian who happens to be the crush of her niece Sexy, atmospheric and flanked by a flawed and complex character, this is great for fans of Delia Ephron or Matthew Weiner Thanks to the publisher for a review copy.

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    I absolutely loved Liska Jacob s first novel, Catalina so I was super excited to receive an advance copy of her upcoming book in exchange for an honest review The description A trip to Italy reignites a woman s desires to disastrous effect in this dark ode to womanhood, death and sex There s something special about Jacob s writing It s sinister and a little tense the characters are complex and though I didn t necessarily relate to them, I was intrigued Similar to how she portrayed Catalina in her first novel, Italy acted as of a character throughout the story than s simple location, and it made me want to book a trip there ASAP I will say it irrationally irked me how much she referenced the noise of cicadas as a setting description no less than 25 times But overall really enjoyed There were hints of Catalina in this one good in the sense I could tell they were the same author, but not so much that it felt like reading the same book twice.

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    A woman gives in to her dark, and very human, impulses in this twisted, compelling, and ultimately moving novel The writing is excellent, reminding me of Deborah Levy and Michel Houellebecq.

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    Pricilla Messing needs a bit of a break Having to deal with the loss of her sister and dad, as well as having to play constant caregiver for her aging mother, she is starting to feel much older than her 43 years So when given the opportunity to go to Rome to help watch over her niece, Hannah, she doesn t hesitate to experience not only a completely new culture, but give herself the opportunity to live a little But the picturesque sites spark painful memories while the friendly natives, including a friend of Hannah s named Donato, call into question just how free she can truly be In many ways, The Worst Kind Of Want, is a sort of spiritual sequel to the novel and recent movie adaptation Call Me By Your Name, not only in its vivid descriptions of idyllic Roman cityscapes, but in the delicate and entangling relationship that develops between Pricilla and Donato Hinging heavily on the growing psychological dramas that dance around her at all times, this is a slow burner whose rather surprising ending will come as a bit of a shock Much of what makes this novel as good as it is is in how Liska Jacobs is able to shape Pricilla into a complex yet sympathetic character, especially in how she documents the complicated relationship between her, her mother and her deceased sister, Emily Rome too, plays a large part in furthering Pricilla s frayed emotions, as touristy ruins, trendy nightclubs, and warm, oppressive temperatures make it that much harder to truly break repeating patterns Beach read meets psychological drama in this slim, but meaty character study You may not necessarily agree with Pricilla by the end of it, but you will certainly come to understand her I received an Advanced Reader s Copy of this novel, coming out in November, from a Goodreads giveaway This had no influence over my overall opinion of the work As always, I really appreciate the opportunity to get to critique upcoming works

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    I received an advanced copy of this book through NetGalley and the publisher for an honest review I had read Jacobs 1st novel Catalina and liked it enough This book has a few strengths in the setting where most of the book takes place in Italy, which is very much a character of itself Priscilla is a caregiver for her aging mother who is in a rehab facility for a bad fall Her actual job is unclear, or if she is well off Her proximity to the movie industry in Hollywood is interesting, as her background growing up, but it wasn t really well explored There is an ick factor in the relationships that Cilla has with Guy, a long time on and off lover who is a good 20 years older than her that it started when she wasn t legal and that her parents didn t seem to care would be alarming if they were central characters in the book Cilla goes to Italy, to stay with her 15 year old niece and her father, just a few years after her sister Emily died of cancer The time in Italy Rome, and by the Adriatic Sea is a little blurry and while well written, not very detailed on some aspects Cilla s affair with Hannah s crush is hard to imagine she is 43 years old seducing being seduced by a 17 yr old Italian boy I know some things are lax in Europe, with drinking and sex but I found the relationship farfetched, as well as her need to keep things secret It seemed so obvious to me as a reader The ending of the book is quite abrupt just like Catalina was, I wanted of the relationship between Cilla and her niece, but the focus on Cilla s lust for a 17 yr old was too much She may have perpetuated what Guy had done with her Also I wanted descriptions of the food they ate, they were in Italy after all

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