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[Read] ➲ Night Boat to Tangier Author Kevin Barry –

Night Boat to Tangier In The Dark Waiting Room Of The Ferry Terminal In The Sketchy Spanish Port Of Algeciras, Two Aging Irishmen Maurice Hearne And Charlie Redmond, Longtime Partners In The Lucrative And Dangerous Enterprise Of Smuggling Drugs Sit At Night, None Too Patiently It Is October And They Are Expecting Maurice S Estranged Daughter Or Is She , Dilly, To Either Arrive On A Boat Coming From Tangier Or Depart On One Heading There This Nocturnal Vigil Will Initiate An Extraordinary Journey Back In Time To Excavate Their Shared History Of Violence, Romance, Mutual Betrayals And Serial Exiles, Rendered With The Dark Humor And The Hardboiled Hibernian Lyricism That Have Made Kevin Barry One Of The Most Striking And Admired Fiction Writers At Work Today

[Read] ➲ Night Boat to Tangier  Author Kevin Barry –
  • Hardcover
  • 224 pages
  • Night Boat to Tangier
  • Kevin Barry
  • English
  • 26 June 2018
  • 9780385540315

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    Delighted to see this on the Booker Longlist Kevin Barry is one of my favourite Irish writers and I approached this, his latest novel with a sense of great anticipation and delight His prose is sublime and lyrical, with his adept shifts in tone, his use of the vernacular, his inclusions of the fantastical, the bad luck of fairy mounds, spells and curses, and the mystics conversing with the dead It has shades of Waiting for Godot, Maurice Hearne and Charlie Redmond, are old before their time, ageing has been Irish gangsters, searching for Maurice s daughter, the pretty, pale green eyed, dreadlocked, 23 year old, Dilly, whom they have not seen for 3 years at the Spanish ferry port of Algeciras They used to be drug smugglers, tainted with the life of danger and fear that the drugs business guarantees, but the market fell through the floor, now its all about slavery and the misery of human trafficking The two still exude an air of menace, glimmers of piratical smiles and an edgy jauntiness, despite Charlie s limp and Maurice s damaged eye or perhaps because of this They have information that Dilly will either be arriving or leaving on the night boat to Tangier, so they hand out flyers, interrogating the crusties as they converse about a past that has led to their presence here at the ferry port Their fractured cacophony of memories, often morbid and maudlin, take in Cork, Barcelona, Malaga, London and Cadiz, and the love of Maurice s life, Cynthia, Dilly s mother Their fracturing lives encompass betrayal, the night at the Judas Iscariot club, the plethora of misfortune, lust and other women, paranoia, the fights and fury of drug fuelled lives, the violence, familial mental health issues going back to ancient times, of what it is to be an Irish man and a impoverished future that lies in tatters around them And within the struggle to bear the weight of their past traumas and toxicity lies the answer as to why Dilly left.This is a read to be savoured, for its language, for its depth, for the stellar and memorable characterisation, my only complaint is that the novel finished far too soon It touches on profound issues of what it is to live, identity, love that leaves indelible permanent scars, masculinity, the price of criminality and violence, loss, grief, residing in a landscape of madness, and being a father A riveting and absorbing novel that I know I will be reading again Highly recommended Many thanks to Canongate for an ARC.

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    Anguish Night Boat to Tangier is a powerful and expressive novel with fascinating characters that have corrupted and harmed themselves and those around them for years Kevin Barry s unflinching poetic style nails the moments that linger in the mind well after the book is closed Maurice Hearne and Charlie Redmond are two ageing, disfigured, Irish gangsters, waiting in a lifeless ferry terminal in Algeciras They are waiting for Maurice s daughter, Dilly, whom he hasn t seen in 3 years She will reportedly leave or arrive on a boat from Tangier within the next 24 hours Now the hours melt one into the other at the port of Algeciras For the fading Irish gangsters, the long wait continues Life is a series of memories and as they wait for Dilly they reflect on their past, and flashbacks take us to their lives fuelled with sex, drugs, crime, alcohol, sex and drugs They were hammering into the Powers, the John Jameson, it was breakfast from the bottle and elevenses off the mirror The child would as well be raised by the cats that sat lazily in what April sun troubled itself to come across the rooftops of Berehaven As drug dealers they made money, as poor investors and a wasteful life, they lost money Haunting, Irish, Bad Luck, mythical forces have been disturbed as Maurice tried to excavate a fairy mound during a building project Not a bit of wonder his life has gone to shite He lost the only woman he ever loved, Cynthia Dilly s mother, and his memories of her, torture his waking and sleeping moments He knew he was bad for Cynthia but he also truly loved her too much to completely let go As we get to know their demons and failings and the reason Dilly left, do Maurice and Charlie deserve our empathy or forgiveness, as our judgement gets blurred seeing the softer side of violent men Kevin Barry is such an exceptional author, with writing to be relished for its striking eloquence and absorbing depth The harsh dialogue and caustic history of Maurice and Charlie are so stunningly portrayed that you gasp and shudder His books are shorter than average but contain meaning that would take books 3 times the length to achieve.I would highly recommend this book and I d like to thank Canongate and NetGalley for providing me with an ARC copy in return for an honest review.

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    Night Boat to Tangier is not a caper or a crime novel, but a character driven story that just happens to be set in a gangster milieu Along the way there is tragedy, comedy and the peculiar durability of friendships formed in youth.Irish crooks Maurice and Charlie, lifelong partners in drug smuggling, are hanging about the ferry terminal at Algeciras hoping to locate an estranged daughter As they wait for long hours, the story unfolds of these two colourful, wizened beyond their years gangsters over decades of shared criminal exploits, love and loss It s Maurice s tale really, with Charlie playing a key, but secondary, part Barry takes some creative approaches here in particular, one tense confrontation between Maurice and Charlie in a shebeen is related entirely from the POV of onlookers and eavesdroppers We only get snippets of Maurice and Charlie s conversation in what is essentially a dumbshow, and there s palpable menace in the air Placing the reader at a distance for such a climactic moment shouldn t work but it does, brilliantly It s taut, suspenseful, cut the tension with a knife stuff that culminates in a chilling act of violence This single chapter is so good it would make for a 5 star short story in its own right.Page by page, Barry s writing skips with Irish vim and vigour he s equally adroit at the comedic and the poignant The dialogue is snappy, banter between characters delightfully dry, the descriptive prose lyrical and melancholy Canny encapsulated images abound, like these The city ran a swarm of fast anchovy faces their smiles are high and piratical their jauntiness has a cutlass edge Charlie got up out of the bed, paced the room like a single human shriek made flesh and bone her sighs opened pockets of woe in the cold, bright air If I have a criticism it is only that I would have liked of Charlie s back story, and Cynthia Maurice s wife is barely sketched too, despite her being at the centre of everything Quibbles aside, Night Boat to Tangier was a thoroughly enjoyable read, with the added bonus of discovering a terrific new to me author 4 stars.

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    He adored Cynthia the first time he saw her When she turned the twist of a smile on him, he felt like he d stepped off the earth Two Irish gangsters, well past their prime, wait for a ferry in the sleepy Spanish port of Algeciras Maurice Hearne, the one with the missing eye, is hoping to find his daughter Dilly, whom he hasn t seen in over three years The limping Charlie Redmond, his old pal and business associate, hands out flyers of the missing girl and pesters the poor attendant at the Informaci n desk The pair have seen better days but they still exude an air of menace They reminisce about their glory days and mourn for lost love We also learn how they got their injuries.The story starts off as a kind of black comedy, the two men cracking jokes and telling stories about their early years, the dialogue singing in their bouncing Cork brogue The tone often shifts however, into something dark and tragic Flashbacks explain how they came to make their fortune, a drug dealing venture providing profit than they knew how to spend The relentless danger and pressure took a toll on Maurice He was than possessed by his crimes and excesses he was the gaunt accumulation of them He felt his mind begin to unravel and believed that this illness was in his blood He was from a line of madmen centuries deep Who have all these years crawled beneath the skin of the night and trembled there Who were found waking in the corners of wet Irish fields Who were found crawling the rocks and in the seacaves Found on hospital wards, and in bars, and in the depths of the woods Truthfully, Night Boat to Tangier is a love story Cynthia, Dilly s mother, is the sun, moon and stars for Maurice, always has been We deduce that she s not in the picture right now and read on to discover why There were happy times, often drug fuelled, and plenty of heartbreak, but they produced a beautiful daughter Cynthia still fills his every waking thought, whether he likes it or not He will never lose the feeling of the love that they had together, or the nausea of its absence Hate is not the answer to love death is its answer Eventually we get to hear from Cynthia herself, and we find out what the relationship meant to her The sleeplessness and pain of the long absences, the hot lurches of emotion, the sudden reversals of fortune, the endless pleadings, the slow relentings, the golden times of morphiate heaven, the atrocities on both sides, the shock tactics, and the giddy joy of their lavish sexual reunions It s a story of lasting friendship and doomed romance It s a tale of terrifying madness and reckless humour Violence always seems to be on cusp of breaking out, but the tension is undercut with surprising tenderness and an unshakeable melancholy It is written with the agility and conviction of a master storyteller Night Boat to Tangier is another wild, lyrical dream from the unique imagination of Kevin Barry.

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    Now longlisted for the 2019 Man Booker Prize.I came to this book with very high expectations the author s two previous novels each won a major prize the Dublin Literary Award and the Goldsmith Prize the Big Issue recently proclaimed this book already the best novel of 2019 a Goodreads friend gave it 5.This book started as a screenplay commissioned for Dublin Abbey Theatre but never performed it seems, and has ended up as a rather odd hybrid.Alternate chapters are set in the seedy Spanish port of Algeciras and are in large part effectively the play with what seem to be stage instructions and a mainly two part dialogue loosely disguised as chapters of a novel The dialogue itself is Beckett inspired with a sharp ear for two way dialogue between characters fully conversant with each other s history and character, and how that can be conveyed both in words and in unspoken or unfinished sentences Much of it however is too masculine and in particular two sub UK gangster movie for my tastes and by the end I rather tired of You wouldn t be right in yourself Maurice , Which is the what Charlie and of the rather repetitive use of a single adjective.The second part roams backwards in time and across Europe to provide the back story to the two parter, and features some brilliant writing in its descriptions of countryside or weather The two characters in the first part are two 50 Irish gangsters drug smugglers Maurice Hearne and Charlie Redmond they are searching for Maurice s early 20 s daughter Dilly who they believe will be passing through the port that evening on a Night Boat either to or from Tangier with a group of other crusties Alternate chapters fill in some of the back story of the two characters, Dilly and her mother Maurice s wife Cynthia.Now the author clearly has a great talent for description particularly of weather or countryside, take for example October The month of slant beauty Knives of melancholy flung in slivers from the sea The mountains dreamed of the winter soon to come The morning sounded hoarsely from the caverns of the bay The birds were insane again And for evocative sentences written in a distinctive style And the pattern sound of the family at plan down on the strand shrieks, soft coaxing, recrimination There was a great stillness in the air The catherdral bells did not pierce but made a frame for it The hours were heavy and cumbersome and moved by like old horses Which makes the profane laden and rather clich d nature of so much of the dialogue such a shame I have seen it described as pastiche homage but that is just another way of saying derivative and unimaginative I was reminded of Lisa McInerney s two novels Glorious Heresies where I wrote that the often depressing subject matter, violence, nastiness of characters and behaviour, sex, drug taking and swearing is offset by the author s empathetic portrayal of the characters and their inner struggles, and her ear for dialogue and her vivid and original use of imagery and language and The Blood Miracles where the balance shifted too far the other way.This is somewhere in the middle and overall a book I will quickly forget, mainly due to its lack of inspiration, poetry and narrative arc, which is in complete contrast to the moment which occurs part way through the book Out of nowhere and the London sky a wonder goal occurred at Highbury it was a flying volley, an educated volley

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    Do you think about Cynthia, Maurice I try not to She goes through me sometimes Into the middle distance they train their hard stares There is a stock of hard knowledge to be drawn on They know what they had once and what was lost.Moss and Charlie are waiting for their daughter niece Dilly who has been missing for three years to step off or onto the ferrys coming in and out from Tangier into the port of Algeciras, Spain Over the next couple of days we learn about their youth, the drug running, the women To say much would not do justice to either the book or the author I need to seek out some of his other books.

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    It s sad, it s rough and it s beautiful.

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    The most beautiful, tender, nostalgic book you will ever read about gangsters.Maurice and Charlie, pair of gangsters in the twilight of their careers, wait on a night boat at the Spanish port of Algeciras They are expecting Maurice s daughter, missing three years and suspected of living in a sort of commune on one side or the other of the Mediterranean.As they wait, they interrogate various crusties anyone with dreadlocks and a dog about her whereabouts There is a cloud of threat and some minor violence, all presented with Barry s signature style and bags of humour.But, as we delve into the back story of Maurice and Charlie s intimately linked history, the novel evolves into something tender, emotional and wholly refreshing A very special book.

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    What s genre fiction And why should I care Four great characters Charlie Charlie Red Redmond Maurice Moss Hearne Cynthia Maurice s wife and Charlie s occasional lover and Dilly Hearne, Maurice and Cynthia s daughter Charlie, Moss, Cynthia, all drugged out, with Cynthia s eyes warm on the needle s tip Moss and Cynthia timing their drugging according Dillys little girl schedule The need had taken hold Soon he would have to take the pain from the day He arranged the clock of his day precisely He would shoot up at one or at ten past in the back bedroom Cynthia was already looked after They had worked out between them a schedule adapted for the child Great loves Maurice and Charlie for Cynthia Maurice, Charlie, and Cynthia for Dilly Here s Cynthia and Maurice shortly after they first get together He really fucking liked her hands In the narrow bed in the cottage they whispered and tunneled together to the bottom of the night and lay there dazed and happy afterwards We re after making pigs of ourselves again, she said Here s Maurice speaking to Charlie I fully accept there s a thing called love, Maurice says Haven t I been half my born days up to my sucker eyeballs in it And there s sentimentality, which is all tied up with the love and the lust There s grief and the longer we go on, the of it we ve the burden of Incidentally, ending this sentence with we ve the burden of is perfect Great palship Charlie and Maurice, a vaudeville pair , their smiles are high and piratical their jauntiness has a cutlass edge Trouble finds me, Charlie said, and a stray tear rolled down his sentimental cheek I don t go looking for it, Maurice It come knocking for me Trouble With a big ignorant face on him You ll be fine here awhile Fine You haven t seen what I left behind me on that toilet fucken floor on Barfleur Lane Charlie carries the stigmata with his lame leg of Maurice s anger and revenge for Charlie s affair with Cynthia both patiently yearn to find Dilly, waiting interminably in the Algeciras port terminal, listening to the tannoy announcements Great dialog You know what I get to wondering, Maurice Tell me, Charlie About death, Moss Here we go Is it as raw a deal as they make it out to be Come again Is it not in some way an ease when she comes calling Great atmospherics with the stories and reminisces skittering over time and places, from 2018 in Algeciras to Milaga, Cork, Barcelona, Seville, London, and even Berehaven from 1994 to 1999, to Cork again in 2000, to C diz, Barcelona, Segovia, M laga, and then back to Algeciras from 2000 to 2004, and then to the bughouse in Cork in 2013, in Cork yet again and on Beara from 2013 to 2015 Wrapped up in this brief noir novel are timeless reminisces of friendship and love The fear of turning into our parents, she said, is what turns is into our fucking parents She was not wrong the mind designs the body Night Boat to Tangier is a beautifully executed novel, which gives the impression that Kevin Barry knew exactly what he wanted to accomplish and fully accomplished it.4.5 stars

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    An unprepossessing pair, Maurice and Charlie, a couple of hoodlums past their prime, but they grew on me as their story unfolded Neither has much to be proud of in their past years a mixture of drug taking, drug running and the kind of violence involved in that both men bear the outward scars of old injuries We come to learn of their inner scars too, their lost love for a woman and a daughter The woman has died and the daughter has fled Ireland and buried herself in a hippy world in southern Spain and Morocco, which is why they are hanging out at the grungy ferry port in Algeciras Will they meet and reconcile with her in this tawdry setting So much for the plot My enjoyment of this story came not from the characters but from the atmosphere of the ferry terminal, as soulless as only such places can be, of hot, sultry cities in Spain and of the far southwest coast of Ireland Kevin Barry s writing is inspired, such original turns of phrase on every page He arranged his face for Irish weather This was not to be under estimated He scrunched his eyes against the wind He twisted his mouth against the rain Take these gestures and repeat them, times ten thousand for the life, and times the generations, and times the epochs and the eras, and see how the effect digs beneath the skin, enters the racial soul, prepares its affront to the world, and offers it With thanks to Canongate via NetGalley for the opportunity to read an ARC.

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