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[Epub] ➢ The Summer of Sunshine and Margot ➣ Susan Mallery –

The Summer of Sunshine and Margot The Baxter Sisters Come From A Long Line Of Women With Disastrous Luck In Love But This Summer, Sunshine And Margot Will Turn Disasters Into DestinyAs An Etiquette Coach, Margot Teaches Her Clients To Fit In But She S Never Faced A Client Like Bianca, An Aging Movie Star Who Gained Fame And Notoriety Through A Campaign Of Shock And Awe Schooling Bianca On The Fine Art Of Behaving Like A Proper Diplomat S Wife Requires Intensive Lessons, Forcing Margot To Move Into The Monastery Turned Mansion Owned By The Actress S Intensely Private Son Like His Incredible Home, Alec S Stony Exterior Hides Secret Depths Margot Would Love To Explore But Will He Trust Her Enough To Let Her In Sunshine Has Always Been The Good Time Sister, Abandoning Jobs To Chase After Guys Who Used Her, Then Threw Her Away No She Refuses To Be That Girl Again This Time, She Ll Finish College, Dedicate Herself To Her Job As A Nanny, And She 100 Percent Will Not Screw Up Her Life Again By Falling For The Wrong Guy Especially Not The Tempting Single Dad Who Also Happens To Be Her Boss.Master Storyteller Susan Mallery Weaves Threads Of Family Drama, Humor, Romance And A Wish You Were There Setting Into One Of The Most Satisfying Books Of The Year

[Epub] ➢ The Summer of Sunshine and Margot  ➣ Susan Mallery –
  • Paperback
  • 368 pages
  • The Summer of Sunshine and Margot
  • Susan Mallery
  • 23 July 2017
  • 9781335008244

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    Favorite Quotes Just so you know, I m feeling especially pouty tonight If you hang out with me, I ll whine and be unreasonable I m the firstborn Responsibility is my middle name You re firstborn by eight minutes Margot sighed I did love being an only child From her perspective, there was only one surefire way to get him to back off She offered a regretful smile and lightly touched his arm I would love to only things are a little contagious She waved her fingers toward her crotch Down there, if you get my meaning It s not horrible but the rash can really burn Steven shifted away from her so quickly he nearly lost his balance and fell off his chair.We ve all done things we re ashamed of The point is to do better when we know better.My Review Margot and Sunshine Baxter were fraternal twins and I adored them and want to be in their circle of friends Both had started new jobs and had each reached an epiphany over their history of poor choices in their previous relationships with each sister actively striving to improve their lot in that department if only the past were so easy to leave behind The characters were beguiling and endearingly quirky with unique yet relevant challenge...

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    I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I really enjoyed this book and after reading California Girls, I wanted and this author delivered I probably could have read this in one sitting had I not required sleep,,,,,,,,,,I just could not put this down.Margot and Sunshine are sisters who have depended on eaxh other since their mother abandoned them at a young age Margot is poised and professional and lives a very controlled lifestyle Sunshine is the opposite Margot s business involves helping her clients improve their lives The story begins with her meeting a high profile client who is engaged to a diplomat Her client, Bianca, has self control issues and worries that her new role has a diplomat s wife could hurt the man that she loves Margot meets Bianca at her son, Alex s home where she is currently staying Bianca convinces Margot to stay at his large home if she is going to be effective with her work Margot believes she has bit off than she can chew as Bianca proves to be her biggest challenge, not to mention Alex is a bit eccentric with his own control i...

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    The Summer of Sunshine Margot by Susan MalloryA touching novel about two sisters whose goals are to make their lives better As they do their best at their respective jobs, each must learn to care for the new men in their lives It s a beautiful and heart appealing story of the sister duo falling in love Sunshine and Margot are so different Their connection and support to each other is lovely and the best kind of sister relationship to have An excerpt that describes Alec A sentiment I can totally understand Alec Mcnicol did not like having people stay in this house When visiting scholars came to study any of the ancient text, they worked in one of the archive rooms during the day, then retreated to hotel at night The same with the household staff Edna Stojicic, his very sensible housekeeper, brought a team of cle...

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    s s Susan Mallery has constructed a sunny lighthearted story perfect for the summertime Two sisters, two men,two complicated romances Margot and Sunshine are sisters with very different personalities, but very similar dreams Margot is the serious sister, the planner She is working as an etiquette coach when she meets Alec, The buttoned up son of her free spirited client Bianka Sunshine is the wild sister Always making the wrong decisions, always falling for the wrong man Determined to get her life on the right track Sunshine fights her feelings as she begins to fall for The man she is working for Oh life is so complicated, especially when it comes to matters of the heart Can two sisters with a history of making the wrong decisions actually find real love Predictable Yes But with romance it is...

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    EXCERPT Sunshine Baxter was done with love at first sight D.O.N.E More times than she could count, she d looked into a pair of insert any color here eyes and immediately given her heart The relationships had all ended in disaster and she d hated herself for being so incredibly stupid over and over again, so she decided she was finished with the falling in love concept Over it Moving on.ExceptABOUT THIS BOOK The Baxter sisters come from a long line of women with disastrous luck in love But this summer, Sunshine and Margot will turn disasters into destiny As an etiquette coach, Margot teaches her clients to fit in But she s never faced a client like Bianca, an aging movie star who gained fame and notoriety through a campaign of shock and awe Schooling Bianca on the fine art of behaving like a proper diplomat s wife requires intensive lessons, forcing Margot to move into the monastery turned mansion owned by the actress s intensely private son Like his incredible home, Alec s stony exterior hides secret depths Margot would love to explore But will he trust her enough to let her i...

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    Susan Mallery has done it again To this day she is one of my favorite authors she never dissappoints Whenever I need a pick me up or feel good book I know exactly where to turn every time This is a moving novel about Sunshine and Margot Baxter, fraternal twins, who have come a long way since their mother left them when they were very young These two sisters are so very different, but there is one thing that they are both searching for true love Sunshine and Margot have such a strong bond that you just can t help rooting for them to succeed Susan M...

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    I m always a fan of stories about sisters and if they re twin sisters, I m even interested I ve read quite a few books by Susan Mallery about sisters and this one may be my new favorite, she has a true gift for writing about sibling relationships in a really realistic and authentic way and the family dynamics between Sunshine and Margot were both interesting and also sweet, a perfect combination for a summer read.Like many siblings, Sunshine and Margot are polar opposites both in their appearance but also in their personalities Sunshine is carefree and vivacious and has been known to abandon everything on a whim Margot is serious and reserved, she thrives on structure and a routine and takes her professional life very seriously What they do have in common is their rotten luck with men, they say the Baxter family is cursed, but over the course of the story they both meet men who may end that string of bad luck for good I loved both of these women, they re far from perfect, therefore making them easy to relate to They both undergo some pretty heavy character development by the end and it was really ni...

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    Please note that I received this book via NetGalley This did not affect my rating or review.Well that was actually a good read compared to the other two books I finished this weekend There were some weak subplots going on, but I did love the two sisters Sunshine and Margot relationship For once we didn t get very little scenes with people who are related These two depend on each other and love each other The romantic interests were okay, I do have to call BS on Sunshine s though, there s a lot there that made me squirmy and I really wish that romance authors would stop with the boss employee relationship I read Ask A Manager too much because all I could think was the sexual harassment claims that can come in Sunshine is back trying to nanny again after finally ridding herself of the last guy she dated She is determined to go back to college and get her degree in child psychology Her new job has her being a nanny to a newly widowed father Declan of a young boy Sunshine is determined to try to date go...

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    The Summer of Sunshine and Margott by Susan Mallery is an ideal example of what I love in a light summer contemporary fiction charming characters, plenty of humor, family drama, just the right amount of romance and most importantly a satisfying and happy ending The author certainly knows how to tell a story and with easily flowing simple words she manages to keep her readers engaged, leaving them completely content towards the end.The plot revolves around two fraternal twin sisters Sunshine and Margot who are poles apart in both looks and temperament but share a deep sibling bond Margot is the practical sister, prim, proper and with a no nonsense attitude, she excels at her job as an etiquette coach But her most recent client Bianca, baffles her Bianca is an aging movie star who has had a glamorous and very scandalous youth Now that she s marrying a European diplomat she needs Margot to coach her to follow the rules of decorum in order to move among the political elite and be the dignified wife Teaching Bianca self control and the proprieties of aristocracy is much demanding than anything Margot has ever handled before, but what s even challenging is trying not to fall for Bianca s eccentric yet gorgeous son Alec.Sunshine on the other hand is a dreamer and a romantic to the extent of being gullible She has abandoned her life and job one too many times chasing after guys only to be dumped mercile...

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    There s a reason why Susan Mallery, till this day, remains one of my favorite author Her story is never complicated but full of goodness like a good, home cook meal Her characters are never over the top They are always relatable In my head, her characters are real Their problems are real Their issues and insecurity are real I think that, than anything else, is what makes me love her stories I love Sunshine and Margot I could relate to Margot , compared to Sunshine simply because I was never a bombshell like Sun...

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