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Fight To Survive (Eva Driscoll #3) She S Working For Her Enemies Or So They Think Ex CIA Assassin Eva Driscoll Has Found A New Life In Australia And Believes She S Outrun The Executive Security Office, The Most Powerful And Secretive Organization On The Planet But The ESO Has Been Watching Her Every Move And When They Approach Her With A High Risk Mission In North Korea, Eva Is Forced To Co Operate With The Organization She Once Vowed To Destroy.But Releasing A High Ranking Defector Proves Costly, And Driscoll Is Captured And Imprisoned In A Secret Camp On The Chinese Border What She Witnesses There Will Haunt Her Forever So She Decides To Take Matters Into Her Own Hands But How Long Can She Keep The ESO Thinking She S Working In Their Interests Rather Than Her Own When Her Handlers Become Suspicious, Eva Knows Time Is Not On Her Side Can She Defeat The Evil At The Heart Of The Camp And Get Out Alive Or Will This Final Installment Really Be Her Last

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    I had previously read the first book in Alan McDermott s Eva Driscoll series, Run and Hide, which I had found lacking in several areas I skipped book 2 but decided to take a chance on book 3, Fight to Survive While it is slightly better than the first in the series, it still has a way to go before I could recommend this book.Mr McDermott has slimmed down his cast of thousands to a manageable group of characters, which is an improvement Eva Driscoll, ex CIA assassin and a millionaire hundreds of times over, is the main character and we see the story primarily through her eyes Other characters get their turns, in order to flesh out the story The author has also pared down the habit of retelling the exact scene than once through the eyes of a second character, committing the act only once this time around.Unfortunately, the improvements ended with those categories The plot ranges from one unbelievable chapter to the next If you can swallow the basic premise ex assassin who has stolen over 100 million from the bad guys is allowed to live even though they know where she is and could hack her bank acc...

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    Once again, one of my favourite authors has delivered another cracking book to add to his already impressive back catalogue I have read and thoroughly enjoyed every book by this author, since the early days when he used to self publish, before he got his well deserved break and became a full time author And I have to say that although he set his own bar very high from the off, with Gray Justice still being one of my favourite books, he has continued to impress me with every new release This book, the third outing for Eva Driscoll was no exception Time has passed since the shenanigans that occurred in the previous book and Eva has reinvented herself once again in her ongoing challenge to evade the ESO Sadly, her freedom is shattered when she receives a communication from them and she is devastated to find that they have known her whereabouts throughout But, this time, they don t want to kill her, they want to employ her, they need her special skill set for a very high risk operation to extract a valued defector from North Korea Given no option other than to accept, Eva t...

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    I was looking forward to this book, but it didn t start too well The story begins with the premise that the ESO can get at all of Eva s very carefully hidden bank accounts and instantly empty them, very believable They then use this to blackmail her into a dangerous job If you forget about the ESO involvement, then what follows is a decent thriller as Eva takes on the North...

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    McDermott has done it again and delivered a solid third entry into his Driscoll series Without a doubt, this is the most action packed of the trilogy The action never seems to stop, but it is well interlaced with moving the plot forward This book does a masterful job of blending the series long saga of the ESO with a stand alone plot revolving around North Korea Both narrative threads are equally as interesting and well detailed To fully understand the ESO plot, you would need to read the first two books in the series However, you could read this as a stand alone, and still understand it well While it does not end on a major cliffhanger, there is definitely potential for a sequel.I felt this book had the strongest characterization of the three We got to know Eva on a deeper level her thoughts, motivations, and core values I thought the romance element ...

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    Eva Driscoll has moved to Melbourne, Australia in the search for anonymity but will she achieve her goal Unfortunately life doesn t go as planned and she is back saving the world, in one of the most closed countries on earth Will she escape the freezing cold, the deprivation and her capture unscathed Despite a cateract operation a few days before, I read this book in 8 hours and just couldn t leave it alone Alan McDermott has such skill in writing tense situations without the need for swea...

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    Having missed the previous books in this series, It took a little time for me to get into the flow of the story The beginning seemed a little contrived as Eva has to be convinced to get back in the saddle Twists and turns aboun...

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    SupurbNever disappoints love the Eva Driscoll books always tense exciting and the friendship between the group is brilliant as you know they would do anything for each other if you have not yet read any books by Alan McDermott you do not know what you are missing cannot wait for next one.

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    Fight to survive Alan McDermottI chose a 5 rating for this book because the content meant I couldn t put it down it was a compelling read as were the Tom Gray series Alan is a talented writer in my book and I look forward to reading the next in the Eva Driscoll series.

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    I really enjoyed this addition to the Eva Driscoll saga A fast paced tale which I raced through It s best to have read the previous books in this series they too are worth a read Highly recommended.

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    A nice finale to this trilogyThis book wrapped up any loose ends in the series which was great A good and concise book for anyone to enjoy.

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