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!!> PDF / Epub ✅ Things My Son Needs to Know about the World ❤ Author Fredrik Backman –

Things My Son Needs to Know about the World The 1 New York Times Bestselling Author Of A Man Called Ove Shares An Irresistible And Moving Collection Of Heartfelt, Humorous Essays About Fatherhood, Providing His Newborn Son With The Perspective And Tools He Ll Need To Make His Way In The World Things My Son Needs To Know About The World Collects The Personal Dispatches From The Front Lines Of One Of The Most Daunting Experiences Any Man Can Experience Fatherhood.As He Conveys His Profound Awe At Experiencing All The Firsts That Fill Him With Wonder And Catch Him Completely Unprepared, Fredrik Backman Doesn T Shy Away From Revealing His Own False Steps And Fatherly Flaws, Tackling Issues Both Great And Small, From Masculinity And Mid Life Crises To Practical Jokes And Poop.In Between The Sleep Deprived Lows And Wonderful Highs, Backman Takes A Step Back To Share The True Story Of Falling In Love With A Woman Who Is His Complete Opposite, And Learning To Live A Life That Revolves Around The People You Care About Unconditionally Alternating Between Humorous Side Notes And Longer Essays Offering His Son Advice As He Grows Up And Ventures Out Into The World, Backman Relays The Big And Small Lessons In Life, Including How To Find The Team You Belong To Why Airports Explain Everything About Religion And War The Reason Starting A Band Is Crucial To Cultivating And Keeping Friendships How To Beat Monkey Island 3 Why, Sometimes, A Dad Might Hold Onto His Son S Hand Just A Little Too TightThis Is An Irresistible And Insightful Collection, Perfect For New Parents And Fans Of Backman S Unparalleled Understanding Of Human Nature Shelf Awareness As He Eloquently Reminds Us, You Can Be Whatever You Want To Be, But That S Nowhere Near As Important As Knowing That You Can Be Exactly Who You Are.

!!> PDF / Epub ✅ Things My Son Needs to Know about the World  ❤ Author Fredrik Backman –
  • Hardcover
  • 208 pages
  • Things My Son Needs to Know about the World
  • Fredrik Backman
  • English
  • 11 February 2018
  • 9781501196867

    10 thoughts on “!!> PDF / Epub ✅ Things My Son Needs to Know about the World ❤ Author Fredrik Backman –

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    I don t often think about the personal lives of authors of the books I read Once in a while I get a glimpse of something from their life if they mention it in a note usually related to why they wrote that particular book I ve read a couple of memoirs by writers, but mostly they remain separate from their work for me I try not to think about Fitzgerald or Hemingway after reading their biographies, choosing to focus on their books that I love With Fredrik Backman, this will be different I have been a fan of Fredrik Backman from when I read A Man Called Ove Since then I have read every novel, novella or short story that he has written and that has been available in the US One of the things I love most about Beartown and Us Against You is how he turns seemingly simple phrases and perfectly depicts unconditional parental love This book is a perfect illustration of why he can so beautifully convey that in his fiction This collection of essays with advice to his son about what it was like to become a father for the first time, the love, the care, the mistakes, things he wanted to impart to his son about stuff , about life, the everyday things like poop diapers as well as the big picture, but mostly about love It actually reads like love letters to his son and also to his wif...

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    Things My Son Needs to Know About the World by Fredrik Backman is a 2019 Atria publication.I knew I loved this author for a reason Fredrik Backman stole my heart with A Man Called Ove but he has been keeping it in safekeeping ever since This is Backman s first non fiction book, a series of essays about parenting that nearly anyone who has children, no matter what age they are now, or cared for them, can relate to His musings are laugh out loud funny, chronicling the insanity an infant can spawn on two reasonably well adjusted adults The mistakes, the fears, the special moments between father and son, and the future hopes and dreams for his child are all beautifully captured in this book The snicker bar recipe won me over early in the book because Backman apparently feels the same way I do about a certain over rated actor Still chuckling and feeling so totally vindicated All gushing aside, though, there were times when I thought the author rambled, almost illogically, about things that didn t seem to have much of a connection to parenthood It only happened once or twice, but when it did, all I could do was shake my head and move on the next essay Other than that, I can t tell you how much fun this book is Not...

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    Once again, Fredrik Backman has managed to nestle his writing deep into the souls of parents everywhere with his latest book, Things My Son Needs to Know about the World He manages to cover a lifetime s worth of wisdom in under 200 pages, but that s just icing on the cake I managed to devour this tiny powerhouse in a single sitting today, and I can say that in that time, I laughed, I c...

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    4.25 Stars rounded down Fredrik Backman throughout every single essay in Things My Son Needs to Know About the World I felt your immense love for your son and of course your wife It bursts forth like the air escaping out of a balloon whoosh It s mad, crazy, fabulous love Reading this, I laughed hysterically at times, where I felt my whole body convulsing with laughter and then there were moments, where I felt my eyes fill and I felt tears at the back of my throat and I knew that you had done it yet again My personal favorites What you need to know about my expectations of you Laugh, laugh, cry cry Utterly brilliant Superpowers, right on Professor X would be proud Marked for Life So hysterically funny that I belted out laughing in public and had to put my head down to hide my face Milk puke. yeah, that s good stuff right there I ll be wrong no matter what you do That s how it feels Good one Enough Said I m not saying it s the only reason I love her Pure perfection Why it s not worth arguing with your mother Lesson learned Bawahaa What you ne...

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    Over the last few years, Fredrik Backman has been one of my favorite authors, with Beartown, Us Against You, A Man Called Ove and And Every Morning the Way Home Gets Longer and Longer capturing my heart and winding up on my year end lists of the best books I ve read So when I had the chance to get my hands on his new collection of essays, Things My Son Needs to Know About the World , I jumped on it, despite not having a child.Once again, Backman s writing is imbued with tremendous heart, emotion, and utter charm While he s certainly proven his ability to make his fiction utterly compelling from the very first page, this book proves his talent isn t exclusive to fiction, but you can see why his writing has made fans of so many of us.In Things My Son Needs to Know About the World , Backman gives advice to his young son, about everything from love to finding the right friends to surviving a trip to IKEA The essays are punctuated with humorous anecdotes of Backman s interactions with his wife, episodes where his parenting skills and even his thinking skills are called into question, and declarations of love for his wife and child We want you to be better than us Because if our kids don t grow up to be better than us, then what s the point of all this We want you to be kinder, smarter, humble, generous, and selfless than we are We want to give you the very best circumstances we can ...

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    I was the small kid in school Everyone was taller My mom use to tell me, great things come in small packages It s true. Things My Son Needs To Know About The a great small package It s only around 200 pages Some pages only have a few words A father loves his sonis the most important message in this great little package Because we love you.That s all this is about We want you to be better than us Because if our kids don t grow up to be better than us, then what s the point of all this Fredrik wants to tell his son to be kind He hopes he s not the kid on the playground off in a corner, sitting by himself, because he did the hitting He also hopes he isn t the kid sitting alone in the corner having been hit Fredrik wants to tell his son that he can be whatever he wants to be, but that s nowhere near as important as knowing that you can be exactly who you are Dad also hopes his son will learn important things in life that he himself struggles to inequality I am A white, heterosexual western European man with an education and a job There s not a single organism in the entire universe who knows LESS about inequality than me But I am trying to learn And I hope you ll know than I did.Fredrik tells his son about good and evil, about belonging and being part of a team, about forgiveness, about holding hands, compromise, about the ordinary mundane things in daily life, about humor, about falling in love, about s...

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    4.5 Stars

    Laughs.lots of laughs, words of wisdom.oh so true observations.and mishaps, can t forget the mishaps

    THINGS MY SON NEEDS TO KNOW ABOUT THE WORLD brought back so many, now laughable, memories from when my son was a baby and toddler Although times have greatly changed, some things just don poop

    Backman begins with poop.lots of poop.all different kinds and colors of poop When will it arrive, always at inopportune times, of course, will never forget the explosion my son served up at his baptism and why doesn t it arrive Hillarious

    And, besides the discussion of poop, and the crap you have to buy for poop like a Jabba the Hut potty, lol here are a few other favorite Backman moments of mine in this work of non fiction.

    Omgosh, the Jurassic Park T Rex stare down event I can just picture it and am still cracking up about it

    The spit incident of how not to...

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    Finding and reading a book that makes one laugh out loud, is to me priceless Anyone who has parented, knows how easy it is to get overwhelmed Even if you have watched someone close to you become a parent you will be able to relate to many of the incidents in this book Some go on a little to long, some are sharp, ironic conversations, but the majority are just too funny When I read a book that shows some insight into the life of a favored author,...

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    Man Backman is bitter and cynical about being a Dad While he has put a lot of humor in this memoir for his infant son to read later, he is often frustrated, annoyed, messing things up, and just being a general dumpster fire of a Dad To all this I ask how is it possible that his experience raising kids is so much like mine This is a very Dad humor book for Dads who appreciate a self deprecating approach to parenthood While we often feel like we cannot possibly be any worse at doing our Dad duties, we also know that we are pretty awesome no matter how much we screw up or frustrate our wives.This is a very quick read Possibly a good gift for a new Dad on his first Father s Day or birthday after becoming a Dad It is nothin...

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    Note Thank you Fredrik Backman, Simon Schuster and NetGalley for the preview copy of this nice book, in exchange for an honest review Words matter Be better Fredrik Backman s Things My Son Needs to Know about the World is in many ways similar to his other books, yet this book is quite different Part memoir and part guide from a father to a son, this book is a wonderful collection of many of life s lessons.It takes a short while for this book to get engaging and interesting, and then there s no looking back Things My Son Needs to Know about the World is essentially a series of letters from a new father to his son about Life, Parenthood, Love, Soccer and other such important stuff And I know all kids sooner or later reach a point in their lives where they realize their dads aren t actually superheroes These letters are interesting, insightful and at times, funny Because if there s just one thing I really wish I could teach you, it s to be kind As it happened with all the other books by Fredrik Backman, Things My Son Needs to Know about the World will leave you feel...

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