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[Epub] ↠ Some Like It Scandalous Author Maya Rodale –

Some Like It ScandalousThey Are Sworn EnemiesTheodore Prescott The Third, One Of Manhattan S Rogues Of Millionaire Row, Has Really Done It This Time The Only Way To Survive His Most Recent, Unspeakably Outrageous Scandal Is Marry Someone Respectable Someone Sensible Someone Like Daisy Swan Of All The Girls In Gilded Age Manhattan, It Had To Be Her Pretending To Be Lovers Daisy Swan Has Plans And They Do Not Involve A Loveless Marriage With Anyone But When A Devastating Family Secret Threatens To Destroy Her Standing In Society, Suddenly A Fake Engagement With Theo Is Just The Thing To Make All Her Dreams Come True And Now It S Time To Kiss And Make UpDaisy Swan Aspires To Sell Cosmetics That She Has Created, But This Brainy Scientist Needs A Smooth Talking Charmer S Flair For Words And Eye For Beauty To Make It A Success Before Long, Daisy And Theo Are Trading Kisses And Secrets And Discovering That Despite Appearances, They Might Be The Perfect Couple After All.

[Epub] ↠ Some Like It Scandalous Author Maya Rodale –
  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 357 pages
  • Some Like It Scandalous
  • Maya Rodale
  • English
  • 23 June 2018
  • 9780062838834

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    ARC received from publishers in exchange for an honest review.Daisy is set on life as a spinster She is one year away of getting her degree in science and finding herself a comfortable spot on the dreaded shelf Growing up in a society where women are only praised for their outward features, Daisy has had it difficult But when she is coerced into an arranged marriage by her mother to her mortal enemy Theodore Prescott the Third she and Theo come up with a plan Just go along with it to get their parents off their backs and until they can find a solution before their time runs out What Theo wants most in this world is his father s approval and to have a purpose But the only way to gain his father s approval would be to work in the family business of steel Together they start a small business and Theo and Daisy become a team They both come to realise as the days to the wedding date goes by, that it might not be so bad shackled to someone you hate But perhaps hate is no longer the right word A big theme of this book was the rights of women at the t...

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    This was an enjoyable read listen and I thought the romance was woven into the story better than the first in series.

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    4.5 stars Historical Romance

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    I really loved this book Daisy and Theo are such an amazing couple and I LOVED their banter.Daisy Swan has never been considered pretty, unlike her gorgeous mother and sister, but she is smart and believes in herself She has also hated Theodore Prescott the Third since she was 13 years old and he gave her the nickname Ugly Duck Daisy, on that day she decided three things, she will never marry, she will find a way to cut ties with society and she will hate Theo until the day she dies.12 years later at 25 Daisy is still not pretty, but she is in college and hopes to get a degree in chemistry, be declared a spinster and start a cosmetics company Her plans are progressing nicely until her mother demands that she marry and not just anyone Theo the Worst as Daisy likes to call him her mother explains that her father is up to something that is sure to cause a huge scandal and Daisy needs to be married to protect herself NO Daisy refuses to even consider the idea and needs to get away she runs outside and enters the park.Up the street, Theo has been called into his father s library, his latest scandal is the final straw for Prescott the Second He demands that Theo ma...

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    Well, this was a delight I loved Daisy and Theo She s so smart and he s so charming and together there s chemistry and banter I loved their mutual exasperation and how they discussed various ways to jilt the other one at the alter There are some other ladies as secondary characters and I m absolutely here for any of their books Plot wise, it was nearly all fluff and I loved it There s conversation and a natural progression from casual acquaintances to friends to lovers There is a very small bit of conflict but it s not between them and it doesn t last long Additionally, there s an entire plot line about Daisy making cosmetics and women bucking societal rules to support her and do what they want for...

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    This second installment in Maya Rodale s Gilded Age girls club takes us back to Manhattan in the late 1800s, where Daisy Swan wants nothing than to live out her life as a spinster, selling her very own complexion cream Her mother, though, has other ideas Not only does she want Daisy to marry, she wants it to be with the pretty playboy who made her teenage years miserable Theo is the one who dubbed her Ugly Duck Daisy and he s never done anything since to raise her opinion of him In fact, he is best known for being ornamental and vapid, and is no interested in marrying her than she is interested in marrying him.Their parents aren t interested in what they want, so they launch a fake engagement to get them off their backs The first half of the book focuses on their begrudging pact the second half shows them falling for each other, despite their best intentions I enjoyed the book, even if I didn t love LOVE it the way I did the first book in the series I liked that Daisy s brand of feminism still managed to celebrate a feminine pursuit like cosmetics being pretty Feminism is about the freedom to be who you want, even if what you want is to be a princess.What kept it from being 100% for me was Theo in the first half He was pretty self involved and was oblivious to th...

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    My Rating 4.5 Stars When they were children, Theodore Prescott the Third, of one of the richest families in Manhattan, called Daisy Swan a horrible name It was so bad, in fact, that she has never forgotten it nor forgiven him Theo has recently experienced an incredible scandal and the only way to save face is to marry someone with respect The best woman for this, encouraged by both families, is none other than Daisy Her family is facing scandal, but most are unaware of that fact How can the two of them work this out It is than clear that they still hate each other all these years later However, Daisy has taken on a huge endeavor, and it seems that Theo is just the man that can help her with it She has developed a product for women Daisy is a brilliant scientist, but not very creative when it comes to marketing, so Theo is sure with his ideas, he can get her business off the ground Theo and Daisy come to an agreement They will pretend to be in love and engaged to quiet their families This will obviously further her business, while at the same time helping Theo overcome his scandal It doesn t take them very long to realize that there is indeed a thin line betwee...

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    SOME LIKE IT SCANDALOUS by Maya Rodale is book Two in The Gilded Age Girls Club Series This is the story of Daisy Swan and Theodore Theo Prescott I have read the previous book but fee this can be a standalone book Theo and Daisy knew each other when the where younger where Theo teased her about her looks This set in motions her feeling that she would never marry, that she would become her own person and not what society puts on her But now in the present day her mother is urging her to marry The...

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    New York City 1883 In her youth Daisy Swan was looked down upon by her peers and fellow children of some of the elite of Manhattan because she was not pretty Unfortunately she was teased and when an incident occurred with her landing in a duck pond due to Theodore Prescott, she knew at that moment she would hate him forever Fast forward 12 years and at twenty five Daisy felt she was still not pretty as her mother and sisters I felt so bad for Daisy because a lot of have felt this way, but I have to give her credit She was smart, determined, and about to finish college and would be free and independent Plus with her studies in chemistry she had ideas about creating and selling cosmetics to women to make them look and feel beautiful Unfortunately her plans seemed about to be crushed when her mother brings up Theodore Prescott, yes the hated Prescott and demands she marry him What It seems her father is about to bring scandal down on them and Daisy needs to be married and protected Really No She leaves and goes to the park.Meanwhile Theo s father is telling him that he has done his last scandalous incident and he demands he marry Daisy or he will cut him off He says NO and runs off to the park The adve...

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    Daisy Swan is determined to finish her education and make something of herself She has no interest in matrimony, much less to her arch nemesis Theodore Prescott the Third Dubbing her Ugly Duck Daisy as children started her lifelong dislike of everything Theo, with his handsome looks and loaded social calendar, so what on earth could her mother be thinking to make Daisy marry him There s to Theodore Prescott the Third bedsides his best dressed self and booked social calendar Too bad he hasn t figured out what that something isyet He knows he doesn t want to work for his father, nor does he want to marry Daisy Swan, regardless of what his father thinks But what s a guy to do when said father cuts off access to his pin money, clubs, and life as he knows it Daisy and Theo were total opposites, that I honestly didn t expect them to have such chemistry Granted, it was a very slooooow burn, but their mutual wonder of discovering deeper feelings for one another made the anticipation so worthwhile Another thing I loved about t...

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