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!!> PDF / Epub ☃ Lady in the Lake ✐ Author Laura Lippman –

Lady in the LakePDF Epub X Lady In The Lake X Author Laura Lippman Eiyo The Revered New York Times Bestselling Author Returns With A Novel Set In S Balti That Combines Modern Psychological Insights With Elements Of Classic Noir, About A Middle Aged Housewife Turned Aspiring Reporter Who Pursues The Murder Of A Forgotten Young Woman In , Balti Is A City Of Secrets That Everyone Seems To Know Everyone, That Is, Except Madeline Maddie Schwartz Last Year, She Was A Happy, Even Pampered Housewife This Year, She S Bolted From Her Marriage Of Almost Twenty Years, Determined To Make Good On Her Youthful Ambitions To Live A Passionate, Meaningful LifeMaddie Wants To Matter, To Leave Her Mark On A Swiftly Changing World Drawing On Her Own Secrets, She Helps Balti Police Find A Murdered Girl Assistance That Leads To A Job At The City S Afternoon Newspaper, The Star Working At The Newspaper Offers Maddie The Opportunity To Make Her Name, And She Has Found Just The Story To Do It A Missing Woman Whose Body Was Discovered In The Fountain Of A City Park LakeCleo Sherwood Was A Young African American Woman Who Liked To Have A Good Time No One Seems To Know Or Care Why She Was Killed Except Maddie And The Dead Woman Herself Maddie S Going To Find The Truth About Cleo S Life And Death Cleo S Ghost, Privy To Maddie S Poking And Prying, Wants To Be Left AloneMaddie S Investigation Brings Her Into Contact With People That Used To Be On The Periphery Of Her Life A Jewelery Store Clerk, A Waitress, A Rising Star On The Balti Orioles, A Patrol Cop, A Hardened Female Reporter, A Lonely Man In A Movie Theater But For All Her Ambition And Drive, Maddie Often Fails To See The People Right In Front Of Her Her Inability To Look Beyond Her Own Needs Will Lead To Tragedy And Turmoil For All Sorts Of People Including The Man Who Shares Her Bed, A Black Police Officer Who Cares For Maddie Than She Knows

!!> PDF / Epub ☃ Lady in the Lake ✐ Author Laura Lippman –
  • Hardcover
  • 352 pages
  • Lady in the Lake
  • Laura Lippman
  • 09 January 2017
  • 9780062390011

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    Cold, Dark, and Distant Lady in the Lake is a mystery about a want to be journalist who inserts herself into murder investigations in 1960 s Balti Maddie Schwartz, married to Milton for 18 years and mother to 16 year old Seth, decides she needs to do She makes a drastic change and leaves Milton and Seth to start over She lucks her way into a job at a newspaper and goes to extremes to move up on the ladder In order to succeed, she will cross boundaries and put herself into dangerous situations all to get the story even if it means hurting those she is closest to This is one of those books that I had to constantly coax myself into reading Once I had it in my hands, I was fine but when I put it down I was reluctant to go back to it I enjoyed the historical elements and Lippman s portrayal of Balti in the 1960s, but I had a hard time connecting to Maddie I appreciated her drive, but her character lacked emotion and seemed almost robotic I honestly didn t care what happened to her, which is why I could never fully immerse myself in the narrative She left me feeling cold I also struggled with the narrative structure, as there were multiple chapters told from the POV of side characters, including a dead girl, a waitress, a psychic, a cop, etc These are the people who touched Maddie s new life, but they are not the main players In order to better understand Maddie, I was interested in hearing the thoughts of her lover, her son, ex husband, mother, etc Instead, we g...

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    4.5 stars, rounded upI ve read almost all of Laura Lippman s books This one is a departure from her typical style For starters, it takes place in the past, the sixties to be precise It also involves a ghost Yet, it s still a mystery at heart Maddie Schwatz is recently separated and looking finally to become something other than a wife and mother Through a fluke, she finds the body of a missing 11 year old girl Playing off that and what follows, she manages to get a job at a newspaper As the story goes on, she becomes interested in the murder of a young black woman whose body was found in the Druid Hill Park fountain Each chapter is told from a different viewpoint, including the ghost s And I mean, a lot of different POVs If that bothers you, you won t like this book, especially because we are given everyone s background and thoughts It reminded me a little of Olive Kitteridge, the way each character moves the story forward As always, Balti is as much a character in the book as any of the people Maybe because I lived there for decades, I m always fascinated by how I know exactly the neighborhoods and locations Lippman is describing and what a great job she does doing it And the language Oh, she s got the language Does any other city say a police when referring to a policeman Lippman also totally nails the times When Tessie ...

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    I ve been wanting to read a book by this author for awhile now and the synopsis for this one sounded good so I finally took the plunge While this book can be classified as historical fiction, it also fits in the mystery and women s fiction genres I ended up really enjoying this novel and look forward to reading other books by Laura Lippman.It s 1966 and Madeline Maddie Schwartz lives in Balti with her husband and teenage son It might seem like she has it all but she wants than just playing the role of dutiful housewife In search of living a meaningful life, she leaves her husband and eventually finds work at a local newspaper She is on the low end of the totem pole there but she thinks the right story will get her some attention Maddie is particularly interested in finding out what exactly happened to Cleo Sherwood, a young African American woman who was found dead in the fountain of a city park lake However her eagerness to find out the truth could come at an awful price for some I was surprised at how many different things the story was able to touch on such as race, religion, women in the workforce, the newspaper industry, and politics to name a few For me what really drove ...

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    Maddie Schwartz has been a housewife for almost twenty years She thought she d resigned herself to this life as soon as she married Milton and became a mother to their son Seth It s a guest from her past at a small dinner party that reminds Maddie of her ambitions and she leaves Milton to begin a life of her own She assumed Seth would want to live with her and she s hurt when he decides to stay and finish high school at home with his father.When young Tessie Fine goes missing near Maddie s new Balti neighborhood, Maddie and another young woman form their own search party and as she follows streets that remind her of her past, she finds the body of the young girl This leads to a job at the afternoon newspaper the Star, where Maddie hopes to work her way up and eventually have her own byline Unfortunately she s relegated to sorting and answering questions from the public for a help column.Maddie believes her big break is the case of missing woman Cleo Sherwood, whose body is found in the fountain of a park lake She works on her own time to learn about Cleo s life and discover how she died.But what if there s something Cleo doesn t want Maddie to uncover Lady in the Lake is a slow burning noir novel that uncovers the secrets of Maddie Schwartz s past and present while she works a case no one else seems to care about Maddie understands what it s like to have secrets and yearn for a fresh start, just like Cleo learning ...

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    This is my first book by Laura Lippman and I am so glad I was introduced to this author s writing Lady in the Lake is a simply captivating book I absolutely loved the author s writing style and prose The storyline itself is really intriguing And the best part for me is there was a big unexpected twist I did not see coming from a million miles away I thought I was reading about Maddie on her hunt for the truth about how Cleo was killed and then BAM you are hit with this twist It s absolutely brilliant The book is structured by each chapter being from a different characters perspective You would think this structure would be confusing to follow However, Lipman s writing does just the opposite It flows seamlessly From a writing viewpoint it s beautiful, clever and masterful That is no easy feat and the author does this effortlessly From a reader s position it makes the book so enjoyable, satisfying and hard to put down This book has elements of love, mystery, desire, ambition, independence, and finding your own way all wrapped up together The character development is strong and the author is spot on with the rich history of Balti and the time period It s a solid and powerful read I can see this as a great beach read or Bookclub pick This book offers the platform for some engaging discussions on how life has changed from the 60...

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    Special thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for a free, electronic ARC of this novel received in exchange for an honest review Laura Lippman is not a new author, known for books such as Sunburn and After I m Gone For me though, Lady in the Lake was my first experience with this author Maddie Schwartz is trying to start over, a recent divorcee with an estranged teenage son, living in 1960s Balti Desperate to support herself, she gets a job at The Star newspaper as an assistant When she hears about the body of an unidentified young woman being pulled from a local lake, Maddie seizes her oppourtunity to finally get her own byline and make something of herself However, as she investigates and reports, lives are turned upside down, including her own, and Maddie is soon involved in the deep underbelly of politics, racial segregation and romantic entanglements that run the risk of revealing some powerful secrets, secrets that most people believe should stay hidden This was a difficult review to write The way the novel is written took me awhile to adjust to Maddy is the primary protagonist of the story, of course, but as she continues through her investigation, we are also ma...

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    3.5 starsI liked the feel of Lady in the Lake, but there was something a bit disjointed about it at times The story is set in 1966 Balti and focuses on Maddie Schwartz Maddie is somewhat at odds with the times She is restless in her marriage, has a healthy sexual appetite, is itching to work at something engaging and is willing to take risks But she s no hero She gets a job with a newspaper and starts meddling in the murder of Cleo Sherwood, and things become complicated for Maddie and people around her The story is told mostly from Maddie s point of few, with the occasional pers...

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    Whew, Lady in the Lake was a dizzying ride The basics of the plot do have a lot of potential the lady in the lake and her killer have to be identified, and recently separated Maddie Schwartz is on the case However, the rotating cast of narrators made my head spin Nearly every minor character Maddie meets ends up narrating a chapter These narrators are often one dimensional, and they tend to ramble, sending the storyline off on tangents that aren t central to the narrative It s 1966, and Maddie is a white Jewish woman who is regularly sleeping with a black police officer Why don t we hear a lot from him I d love to cut most of the minor narrators in exchange for insight into his perspective.Lady in the Lake would be a lot cohesive with fewer narrators and significant cuts to the manuscript It s roughly 350 pages, but it could easily be cut to 250 Three stars the premise is interesting, but the execution has its f...

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    Unfortunately, I didn t like this It started off promising, the voice of the Lady in the Lake beginning the story Then we get the voice of Maddie, the housewife who has ambitions beyond being a married woman Then we have another voice, then another, then another, then another..get the picture My interest was waning There were two murders but I couldn t have cared less about how or who or what happened I read the whole book but ...

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    The world kept telling her to look away, to pay no attention to an age old system, in which men thrived and inconvenient women disappeared One of my holy grails of off duty reading is the book that is engrossing without being silly, and packed with good storytelling without looking over its shoulder to make sure we understand how literary it is Lippman pulls it off There are two murders but this is not really a crime novel, however interesting the solutions are Instead it s a compelling recreation of mid 1960s Balti, a time when race was fraught as segregation was being dismantled but when mixed race relationships were still troubled, whether they involved black, white or Jewish participants Maddie leaves her wealthy, conventional Jewish husband and comfortable lifestyle, wanting something , wanting a career as a reporter, wanting to be a woman in her own right rather than an appendage to her husband Her involvement in two murders is intertwined with her attempts to be taken seriously by the newspaper office for which she works, and conduct a relationship on her own terms whatever rules society might lay down.The storytelling is intelligent, the characters deeper than stock traits, and there s an interesting mode of writing that swaps unevenly between Maddie in the 3rd person...

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