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[ Ebook ] ➣ Waisted Author Randy Susan Meyers –

WaistedNamed A Hot Summer Read Of 2019 By The Boston GlobeIn This Provocative, Wildly Entertaining, And Compelling Novel, Seven Women Enrolled In An Extreme Weight Loss Documentary Discover Self Love And Sisterhood As They Enact A Daring Revenge Against The Exploitative Filmmakers.Alice And Daphne, Both Successful And Accomplished Working Mothers, Harbor The Same Secret Obsession With Their Weight Overshadows Concerns About Their Children, Husbands, Work And Everything Else Of Importance In Their Lives Scales Terrify Them.Daphne, Plump In A Family Of Model Thin Women, Learned Only Slimness Earns Admiration At Her Mother S Knee Alice, Break Up Skinny When She Met Her Husband, Risks Losing Her Marriage If She Keeps Gaining Weight.The Two Women Meet At Waisted Located In A Remote Vermont Mansion, The Program Promises Fast, Dramatic Weight Loss, And Alice, Daphne, And Five Other Women Are Desperate Enough To Leave Behind Their Families For This Once In A Lifetime Opportunity The Catch They Must Agree To Always Be On Camera Afterward, The World Will See Waisted The Documentary.The Women Soon Discover That The Filmmakers Have Trapped Them In A Cruel Experiment With Each Pound Lost, They Edge Deeper Into Obsession And Instabilityuntil They Decide To Take Matters Into Their Own Hands.

[ Ebook ] ➣ Waisted Author Randy Susan Meyers –
  • Hardcover
  • 288 pages
  • Waisted
  • Randy Susan Meyers
  • 24 December 2017
  • 9781501131387

    10 thoughts on “[ Ebook ] ➣ Waisted Author Randy Susan Meyers –

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    Keeping this one short and sweet, because I think I was not the right reader for this book It wasn t a bad read, as I gave it 3 stars, but I found myself putting this one down and picking it back up over a span of weeks due to my ...

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    I was very grateful to receive an ARC of this book from Netgalley and expected to love it but didn t This book tried to take on far too many social issues, some subtlety, some not at all and as a result it was often muddled I lik...

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    Daphne and Alice meet at a retreat that was advertised as a way to lose a lot of weight quickly, but allegedly healthily They agree to be followed by a camera crew because they think it s being filmed for a serious documentary.Daphne has a mother who has harped on her since she was young about how her weight is appalling Even though Daphne has a husband of nineteen years who always assures her that he is attracted to her just as she is, she can t shake her mother s disappointment and condescension Alice has a white mother and a black father, both of whom have always supported her unfailingly However, when she met her husband, a film director, she was super skinny because she was devastated by a breakup Since then, she s put on a lot of weight, and her husband doesn t bother to conceal his displeasure about this.Along with the other women at the retreat, Alice and Daphne discover the nefarious true story about what s being done to them in the name of entertainment by humiliation and they take action I m in OK shape, and there is no way I could possibly eat as little and work out tha...

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    .Awful really awful.Boring with cheesy dialogue..Too many characters with secondary characters not developed well.Shallow writingSuffers from bad editing syndromeThe descriptions bring the heart of the st...

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    So this novel is about a few women who go to a weight loss spa After a couple of pages describing the journey to the spa, the book delves into the backstory of one of the women, Alice Alice, the book would have you know, is hugely fat A new dress for Alice requires voluminous amounts of fabric When people see Alice s handsome husband, their disbelief that he s with someone like Alice is evident When Alice s mother calls her curvy, Alice is quick to correct her, saying she s not curvy, she s crossed over into just plain fat Alice also binges, stuffing down handful after handful of MMs in secret, then sending someone out to get her a burger and fries Sometimes she pukes after she eats too much, but not always, which is why she s so fat This couching of bulimia as nothing than a weight loss technique is only one of the things that s wrong with this book So by page 22 I d gotten the message i.e., Alice is monstrously fat , and I wanted information Just exactly how big is Alice, this disgracefully huge individual What size does she wear On page 23 I found out She s 5 10 and a size 18 A size 18 I guarantee you that if you saw a 5 10 size 18 woman out there in the wild, your first thoughts wouldn t be about how in...

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    You can probably count the women that don t worry about their weight on one hand As someone who has been overweight and managed to lose it, but constantly thinks about it, the premise of this book drew me in Seven women, seriously overweight, sign up for a weight loss farm where their efforts will be documented on film But is it a serious documentary or reality tv Or something else The book is told from the perspective of two of the seven women Alice, who married her director husband during the one period in her life when she was thin, only to find out how important looks are to him when she gained weight Daphne is a gifted makeup artist with a loving husband but the mother from Hell As soon as the women arrive at the weight loss farm, we know this is not going to go well A cross between army basic training and prison There are threats, taunts and punishments It only takes the reader seconds to realize that the methods are actually dangerous It s like someone took The Biggest Loser and mixed it with Cool Hand Luke There are a few interesting points, as the women put up with the humiliation and pain because they hate being fat so much What led them to obey these people Each day, Alice became frightened by the crap she took in her pursuit of this overwhelming desire to be thin My problem with this book is I loved the premise and was disappointed with the way it plays out It started much stronger than it finished One major plot line seemed to be started and then drop...

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    3.5 stars Waisted was an intriguing book that I devoured once I stared reading Alice and Daphane are very much different people but have one big thing in common They are both overweight Alice has a husband who isn t supportive and makes her feel less than because of her body, and Daphane s husband is the exact opposite He loves her for who she is no matter what Alice s mom is wonderful and supportive, Daphane s is always making her feel bad for her extra weight and pressuring her to lose the weight Both of them are sick of it and decide they need a change They sign up for Waisted, a documentary weight loss program but it s not what they bargained for at all The beginning and end of the story were the parts I found the most interesting I didn t like reading about the time they were filming Waisted Aside from the bond Alice and Daphane shared while there, I didn t care for it at all I felt it was over the top and brought out some not great emotions for me I did, however, appreciate that they came out of it ...

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    Thoughtful, honest, and dramatic Alice and Daphne have so many things of which to be proud They are moms, wives, successful at work, but all they can focus on is their weight Alice was thin when she first met her husband, and she feels her marriage is in jeopardy if she continues to gain weight.Daphne is overweight in a family of thin women, and her mother s approval is earned only if one is thin Alice and Daphne meet at Waisted, a weight loss program set in a Vermont mansion It s not just any weight loss program, though There are cameras there filming a documentary Five other women are in the program along with Alice and Daphne The women find out the program is even complicated they are actually in an experiment, so they decide to join forces and turn the tables on the producers I found the women s stories relatable We live in a weight centric society, and the background experiences of both Daphne and Alice were honest and could be accurate portrayals of real life women I know I enjoyed hearing from Alice and Daphne individually The weight loss program was tough to read about at times, but it also reminded me of The Biggest Loser and the harsh regimens the contestants were forced to adopt to lose weight in a short period of time I als...

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    Favorite Quotes She, along with six other substantial women, stood in the parking lot avoiding each other, as though their abundance of flesh might transfer from body to body I m in shock at the number Daphne refused to state the actual number Shock without any baseline of knowledge I don t know what I should weigh Last night, watching those men and women being weighed like heifers at market, I wanted to cry Mirrors engulfed them, mirrors sharper and brighter than Daphne imagined existed Mirrors courtesy of Satan Alive is a story decades old, but true of plane crash survivors in the Andes Mountains, Daphne explained The passengers who lived survived by eating the flesh of the dead A week ago, Hania would have groaned in disgust Now she looked as though she understood cannibalism.Fat women looked naked than normal weighted women Clothes made the woman Naked made the shame.When they learned that Susannah worked as a nursery school teacher, Daphne imagined toddlers climbing up onto her giant lap as though scaling the Matterhorn.Daphne snuck up on the scale as if approaching it slowly would trick the machine Like the smuggest of men, the scale mocked her.My Review Oh what wickedly clever insights Randy Susan Meyers skewered ...

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    Randy Susan Meyers has written a thought provoking story about women and their relationship with their weight Alice and Daphne befriend each other while at a weight loss retreat that turns into a weight loss nightmare Alice is a strong woman with a rewarding career, a loving family, and a beautiful daughter She met her husband when she was break up skinny and has always felt that he was not happy with her subsequent weight gain Daphne is a make up artist with two wonderful children and a loving husband Her mother however has always made her feel as though she was not good enough, because she was never thin enough The women are determined to lose weight and hopeful when they enter the weight loss retreat in Vermont, however their hopes are soon dashed The weight loss program is demanding, dangerous, and degrading The women are treated like prisoners then guests and soon they begin to wonder if they are even allowed to leave Parts of this book were so tough to read, these women were pushed to such limits I have spent most of my life working in the fitness industry My weight has yo yoed up and down throughout my life and I have had a healthy and an unhealthy relationship with my body image, so I get it I have done things that were not necessarily in my best interest all for that number on the scale It was sad and hard to watch these women push themselves so far just for that number Depriving them cells of ...

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