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[Ebook] ➧ Dear Mrs Bird ➦ A.J. Pearce –

Dear Mrs BirdThis Charming, Irresistible Debut Novel Set In London During World War II About A Young Woman Who Longs To Be A War Correspondent And Inadvertantly Becomes A Secret Advice Columnist Is A Jaunty, Heartbreaking Winner People For Fans Of The Guernsey Literary And Potato Peel Pie Society And Lilac Girls Emmeline Lake And Her Best Friend Bunty Are Doing Their Bit For The War Effort And Trying To Stay Cheerful, Despite The German Planes Making Their Nightly Raids Emmy Dreams Of Becoming A Lady War Correspondent, And When She Spots A Job Advertisement In The Newspaper She Seizes Her Chance But After A Rather Unfortunate Misunderstanding, She Finds Herself Typing Letters For The Formidable Henrietta Bird, Renowned Advice Columnist Of Woman S Friend Magazine.Mrs Bird Is Very Clear Letters Containing Any Unpleasantness Must Go Straight Into The Bin But As Emmy Reads The Desperate Pleas From Women Who Many Have Gone Too Far With The Wrong Man, Or Can T Bear To Let Their Children Be Evacuated, She Begins To Secretly Write Back To The Readers Who Have Poured Out Their Troubles Fans Of Jojo Moyes Will Enjoy AJ Pearce S Debut, With Its Plucky Female Characters And Fresh Portrait Of Women S Lives In Wartime Britain Library Journal A Love Letter To The Enduring Power Of Friendship, The Kindness Of Strangers, And The Courage Of Ordinary People In Extraordinary Times Headlined By Its Winning Lead Character, Who Always Keeps Carrying On, Pearce S Novel Is A Delight Publishers Weekly Irrepressibly Funny And Enormously Moving, Dear Mrs Bird Is Funny And Poignant About The Strength Of Women And The Importance Of Friendship Star Tribune, Minneapolis.

[Ebook] ➧ Dear Mrs Bird ➦ A.J. Pearce –
  • Paperback
  • 288 pages
  • Dear Mrs Bird
  • A.J. Pearce
  • 15 October 2017
  • 9781501170072

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    With a blend of lightheartedness and a dose of the heartbreaking reality of wartime, A.J Pierce gives recognition to the women at home during WWII in this story taking place during the London blitz Emmeline Lake s lofty ambition to be a war correspondent isn t meant to be when she finds out the job she applied for as a junior secretary for The Evening Chronicle was actually for a weekly magazine called Woman s Friend, working for Henrietta Bird She s a straight laced advice columnist who will not respond to any letter that mentions Marital relations, Premarital relations, Extramarital relations, Physical relations, Sexual relations in general all issues, mentions, suggestions, or results of , Illegal activities, Political activities and opinions excl queries regarding church groups and services , The war excl queries, regarding rationing, voluntary services, clubs, and practicalities That is until Emmy decides to take things upon herself because she genuinely feels sorry for and wants to help these women who write in asking for advice that Mrs Bird won t think about giving.This tribute to the the women remaining at home during wartime is not just reflected with Emmy who is also a volunteer with the Fire Brigade, answering calls each night as the bombings occur, but with those who lose loved ones, and those who write letters to Henrietta Bird seeking advice as they try to deal with their real problems It ...

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    Emmeline Lake takes the bus home from work carrying her handbag, gas mask, and an onion for stew She dreams of becoming a war correspondent or a journalist covering political intrigue Discovering a newspaper ad for part time work at The London Evening Chronicle, she believes the world is her oyster Wrong Part time work will fit in with Emmy s job three nights a week as a volunteer telephone operator for the Auxiliary Fire Service It is 1940 London is being blitzed regularly by the Luftwaffe Emmy is dumbfounded when she finds out the job of her dreams is nothing than a junior typist job She has been hired to type responses written in a column of Woman s Friend Magazine Cantankerous Mrs Bird picks and chooses which letters are worthy of a written response in her column Henrietta Helps.Emmy has been hired to say nothing at all Mrs Bird maintains a list of unacceptable topics Letters mentioning divorce, unhappiness and intimacy are among the unmentionables to be cut up and sent to the bin But, war is hell on the home front,too Emmy secretly decides to send kindly responses to women desperate enough to ...

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    A fizzy, frothy little novel that takes place in London during WWII That is, it s frivolous until it isn t With bombings occurring nightly there is bound to be sadness and tears The main character, Emmeline, is a shoe in for Honeysuckle Weeks as Samantha Stewart in Foyle s War She has spunk to spare Emmy lands a...

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    When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, Look for the helpers You will always find people who are helping Fred RogersAll in all, this is a story about the helpers of World War 2 amongst all the atrocities, there was a bit of light in those who came to the rescue of others The author drew inspiration for the book after finding an advice column in a women s magazine from 1939 love this so much AJ Pearce has done some beautiful justice to the people who had to experience the atrocities of the terrible bombings in London and ...

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    This story shows us the rolls of women in wartime Britain during the early 1940 s A young Emmeline, who works a couple part time jobs, one at the fire station to answer calls after bombs from Hitler go off on the city She gets a third job at a newspaper in hopes of it being as a wartime journalist, but she is disappointed when it is to help out a Mrs Bird who writes an advice column to people who send in letters.This is also a story ...

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    3 stars Charming Witty Entertaining.This was a light hearted romp in 1940 s London that centered around Emmeline Emmy Lake, a strong and determined young woman doing her part to help the war effort Emmy finds herself employed as the typist for an eccentric and outrageous advice columnist, Mrs Bird While the job isn t exactly what Emmy had hoped it would be, she puts forth her best effort and tries to help improve the columns dying fan base.The novel gives interesting insight into a women s side of the war effort Women s determination to stay strong and continue living their lives, all the while the horrendous wartime atrocities lingering in their minds Their men gone to fight the brutal war with no end in sight, yet they continue on helping where they could while longing for their men to return home safely This was an entertaining story with likeable characters and witty humour While I enjoyed the characters and their relationships, I didn t feel completely invested in them or fully engrossed in their lives It was of a light, surface glimpse into their story without a true connection The novel had a lot of sarcastic humour which had me chucking a few times, but for the most part, felt overdone I enjoyed the advice column letters scattered throughout the novel and wished the story had a stronger focus on the column i...

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    DEAR MRS BIRD by A.J PEARCE was an absolutely wonderful, charming, fun, and for the most part an all around light hearted read that immediately grabbed my attention and had me totally engaged right to the very end Although there were definitely some very emotional, moving and heartbreaking scenes though that pulled at my heartstrings.A.J PEARCE delivers an intriguing and well written tale here with very interesting, real, and loveable characters The story was told from the perspective of Emmeline Emmy Lake and the setting takes you back to the streets of London during World War II Emmy Lake was such a delightful and fun loving character and I thoroughly enjoyed how optimistic, caring, kind and positive she was during such a heartbreaking time The storyline was extremely amusing at times and I thoroughly enjoyed the advice column aspects to it and everything that it entailed from the inappropriate topics to Mrs Birds intense and no nonsense character After reading the Author s Note in the end and learning how the...

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    I had taken entirely the wrong job Emmy Lake thinks she s interviewing for a war correspondent job Finally, she will become the hard hitting journalist of her dreams But as she daydreams through her job interview, she misses that she s really taking a typist position at a stodgy women s magazine Far from being on the front lines, she ll be producing copy of Henrietta Helps, an advice column that does not offer much in the way of advice at all Henrietta refuses to deal any reader problems she classes as unpleasantness, which is just about anything apart from table settings and nylons Feeling boxed in by restriction in a job she didn t mean to take and wanting to help the women who write in desperate for advice, Emmy starts impersonating Henrietta and responding to letters It s a victim less crime Right This book is charming a lot ...

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    A charming story about Emmeline Lake who accidentally takes the wrong job I think Emmy s enthusiasm for becoming a reputable World War II correspondent clouded her understanding of the job description at the London Evening Chronicle I loved her optimism and how upbeat she felt even after realizing she was only hired as a typist for a woman s advice column.Her uptight boss, Mrs Bird was anything but an endearing lady She was overbearing and wanted Emmy to trash all letters containing what she perceived as unpleasant which turned out to be just the kind of problems that many were writing to her about.Emmy starts secretly corresponding to some of the letters flagged unpleasant by her boss and may have put herself in a bit of a pickle So many laugh out loud moments in this book, even with the back drop of bombed out buildi...

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    4.5 Stars We ll meet againDon t know whereDon t know whenBut I know we ll meet again some sunny dayKeep smiling throughJust like you always do Till the blue skies drive the dark clouds far away So will you please say helloTo the folks that I knowTell them I won t be longThey ll be happy to know That as you saw me goI was singing this song We ll Meet Again, Vera Lynn, Songwriters Hughie Charles Ross ParkerOverflowing with charm and humour, Dear Mrs Bird is a treat as sweet as that favourite one your mother made specially for you, just the memory of it makes you smile I laughed out loud, I cried, I fell in love with Emmeline Lake and her best friend, Bunty, and all of the people inside these pages.Still, it s not at all light and fluffy, as this begins in London in December of 1940, and there are bombings People s nerves are frayed than a bit, but it seems Emmeline really wants to set the tone for all about her Air raids abound, and buildings about are crumbling, but she kee...

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