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[PDF] ↠ Ohio Author Stephen Markley –

Ohio Since The Turn Of The Century, A Generation Has Come Of Age Knowing Only War, Recession, Political Gridlock, Racial Hostility, And A Simmering Fear Of Environmental Calamity In The Country S Forgotten Pockets, Where Foreclosures, Walmarts, And Opiates Riddle The Land, Death Rates For Rural Whites Have Skyrocketed This Is The World The Characters In Stephen Markley S Brilliant Debut Novel, Ohio, Inherit This Is New Canaan.On One Pivotal Summer Night In 2013, Four Former Classmates Converge On The Rust Belt Town Where They Grew Up, Each Of Them With A Mission There S Bill Ashcraft, An Alcoholic, Drug Abusing Activist, Whose Fruitless Ambitions Have Taken Him From Cambodia To Zuccotti Park And Now Back To The Cane With A Mysterious Package Strapped To The Underside Of His Truck Stacey Moore, A Doctoral Candidate Reluctantly Confronting Her Former Lover S Mother Dan Eaton, A Veteran Of Three Tours In Iraq, Home For A Date With A Woman He S Tried To Forget And The Beautiful, Fragile Tina Ross, Whose Rendezvous With The Captain Of The Football Team Triggers The Novel S Shocking Climax.

[PDF] ↠ Ohio  Author Stephen Markley –
  • Paperback
  • 512 pages
  • Ohio
  • Stephen Markley
  • 26 July 2018
  • 9781501174483

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    4 Stars.Four former friends converge on the town they grew up in New Canaan, Ohio Bound together for better or worse, each have their own reasons for returning and each person s story intertwines in a way that is dark, evocative and simply jaw dropping This town is desolate, depressed and ravaged by war They have nothing to give, except for their opinions and those are in abundance Alcohol and drugs run rampant with addiction on the rise People drive cars that are 20 years old, dealerships and factories are shut down and the only place to shop is Walmart It s Rock and Roll, it s anarchy, it s life Back in High School, there was nothing to do besides taking lots of drugs, talking sh t, getting laid and getting into trouble These former friends did their fair share Bill Ashcraft is high when he rolls into to The Cane, and I don t mean high on life He is a man on a mission and he is counting down the seconds Stacey Moore arrives in town hoping to find an old friend She gets than she bargained for Dan Eaton s short life haunts him If only forgetting his past was an option.Tina Ross comes to New Canaan with something on her mind Her High School experience was unlike the others When these four collide, there are fireworks.For most of us, High School still feels like yesterday The friendships, the rivalries, the memories This is true for Bill, Stacey, Dan and Tina, as well as for a few ot...

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    Ohio by Stephen Markley is a 2018 Simon Schuster publication New Canaan, OhioThe Rust Belt By now the plight of those living in a what is commonly known as The Rust Belt , is etched into our consciousness A marginalized area simmering in hostility, hammered by a stubborn economic depression, and an unprecedented epidemic opiate crisis.This atmosphere is in the forefront than in the background as Stephen Markley captures the mentality of those born and raised in this environment Four high school friends, all of whom took a different path in life, all of them haunted by actions, decisions, and memories of the past, compounded by their current day realities, return home at the same time, with shocking results The novel begins in 2007 with the funeral of former football star Rick Brinklan, killed in Iraq This surreal parade sets the stage quite effectively as the author leads the reader quickly to 9 11 the event that cements a before and after time frame for our main characters.Separated into four segments, giving each character the power of the first person narrative to describe their youthful experiences, the angst of needing to belong, the compulsion to express individuality, or their forced conformity All four voices are connected by their upbringing, their history, and their knowledge of certain crimes, their mistakes and regrets Their shared memories, especially centered around rumors of and evidence of certain events tha...

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    I picked this up because someone compared it to The Big Chill, one of my favorite movies of all time The book starts with a prelude, a stream of consciousness narrative during a parade in memory of Rick, who was killed Iraq The book then jumps 6 years to 2013 Then it divides into four parts, each told from the perspective of a different character returning home for their own reasons But each was a school mate of the others and have a history from those days The writing here is gorgeous I realized I was highlighting phrases almost every other page We begin with history s dogs howling, suffering in every last nerve and muscle I don t think I ve ever seen someone able to turn a phrase like Markley Which isn t to say this is an easy read When you re into Bill s brain, it can seem down right twisted And when Dan remembers his time in the army, it hit me like a fist to the gut And Tina s section will just make you cry This book delves into the issues of the rust belt Drugs abound The recession is still in existence here, years after the rest of the country has recovered Hope seems to be a forgotten concept New Canaan looked like the microcosm poster child of middle American angst This isn t an easy read by any stretch of the imagination At times, it s so dark, so brutal, I had to put it down It also needed a better editing job, as it...

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    Where to begin At the beginning, I guess Ohio is a sprawling novel that s divided into four sections, each told from the point of view of one of four high school classmates all reappearing in their hometown of New Canaan, Ohio, on a night ten years after their graduation The first section, centering on an addict and left wing activist named Bill Ashcraft, is one of the most overwritten things I ve ever read I ll include some choice passages at the end of my review The vast array of adjectives, metaphors, and similes not only made this section a slog, they eventually made me downright hostile toward the book My patience wore thin and my eye rolling muscles became fatigued Fortunately, this section did finally end, and when the next sections were somewhat less overwritten, I came to understand that all of the weird imagery was I guess meant to be the product of Bill s drugged mind This was a relief.The second and third sections of the book, one from the point of view of a grad student who d recently come out as gay and the other from the point of view of a veteran of three tours of Iraq and Afghanistan, were moderately less infuriating than the first, but all three sections did share one flaw an overkill amount of reminiscing about high school I did appreciat...

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    NOW AVAILABLE 4.5 Stars Everybody knows that the dice are loadedEverybody rolls with their fingers crossedEverybody knows the war is overEverybody knows the good guys lostEverybody knows the fight was fixedThe poor stay poor, the rich get richThat s how it goesEverybody knows Everybody knows that the boat is leakingEverybody knows that the captain liedEverybody got this broken feelingLike their father or their dog just diedEverybody talking to their pocketsEverybody wants a box of chocolatesAnd a long stem roseEverybody knows Everybody Knows, Leonard Cohen, Songwriters Leonard Cohen Sharon RobinsonUnrelenting pain, broken people, a country torn apart by recession and an act of violence against America, people everywhere hurting, the opiod crisis, wars, and the damage they invoke on those fighting in them, who carry that damage with them after they ve returned home to this small town in northeastern Ohio they refer to as The Cane There are four who return there the summer of 2013, each having lived all of their years with this country in a state of war, with recession destroying what was once the town they lived and loved in They have memories of those years, and they are not always particularly ...

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    Everything in life depends on the decisions that you make, some important than others Sometimes the most innocuous decision has the greatest ramifications and effect on our lives.Ohio by Stephen Markley is a fictional account of a town that prosperity has forgotten New Canaan, Ohio is a town where the effects of war, drugs, suicide, unemployment and a host of other epidemic problems have left it without hope.New Canaan represents what has befallen Ohio and so many Midwestern rust belt towns Tragedy one is followed by tragedy two which is followed by tragedy three and so on.Prosperity did not stop in, it just passed by Compounding the external woes are the woes inflicted by friends, family, classmates and neighbors.Markley s book focuses on the stories of four high school friends ten years after graduation This dark and sad tale of four separate lives is the story of how life is really a game of inches The feeling that I got from all four stories is that while each story is unique and different, in life we face the consequences from one bad decision, one what if , one regret, one time we didn t listen to our conscience, the one time I should have said ...

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    Stephen Markley s first fiction book, OHIO, is definitely not for the faint of heart Having written previous non fiction books, Markley undertakes an ambitious project writing about a rural, Northeaster, Ohio town suffering from the Great Recession, the opioid crisis and the after effects of 9 11.OHIO centers around the story of four high school friends who are reunited a decade after their graduation It also circles around the story of one of those friends who was killed in Iraq In fact, the entire beginning of the book is one long running commentary on the funeral parade for this man which occurs months after his actual burial, and which features an empty casket on loan from Wal Mart There were many part of this exegesis that reminded me of Garrison Keillor and his Tales of Lake Wobegon The writing flows with excess and verbiage that is both descriptive and, well, over the top To a certain extent, though not as talented, it also reminds of William Faulkner who could describe a scene to death.After this opening finally ends, Markley presents us with characters that are quite nearly a stereotype for small, Midwestern, rural towns I should know, I live in one and I ve known many from the area from which Markley is drawing his inspiration In fact, Markley was reared in such a small town very much like the one he is describing but he has been living in L.A for many years.OHIO is an examination of the fervor that occurred in many small towns after the attacks on the World Trad...

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    After chatting with a friend in great detail, I ve decided to cut my losses and DNF this one I totally respect what the author is trying to do here, but this one just isn t for me, and if I had pushed through, I w...

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    Ohio is fiction that probes issues that have received a lot of news attention the past two years marginalization, loss of hope, disillusionment, economic decline, and drug addiction in middle America The personal fallout is seen through the eyes of four main characters in their twenties, with flashbacks to their high school years, who unexpectedly reunite one fateful night in New Canaan, Ohio By examining these issues through fiction, where individual experiences and emotions are at the forefront, it allows readers to gain a greater understanding of the reality of their impact on people s lives, hopes, and dreams These are hard times and there are no easy answers or simple solutions Markley has written literary fiction at it s finest, and it s also important fiction It shines a thought provoking spotlight on what life in currently like for many people in America, particularly in the Heartland Intensely realistic, epic in scope, and exceptionally written, this is a c...

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    Riding backTo where the highway metDead end tracksThe ground is now cement and glassAnd far awayHeal her soul, carry her, my angel, OhioGreen green youthWhat about the sweetness we knewWhat about what s good what s trueFrom those daysCan t count toAll the lovers I ve burned throughSo why do I still burn for youI can t saySorry thatI could never love you backI could never care enough in these last daysHeal her soul, carry her, my angel, Ohio Carry Me Ohio Lyrics by Mark Kozelek I m not sure I can give this book the review it deserves Ostensibly, it is a novel about turmoil, the inner feelings and the outer experiences, that transpired in the years since 9 11, specifically for a group of small town high school friends who came of age during this time However, as I read it, I felt a pull back to my own youth and the observations and feelings we experienced during the Viet Nam war There are many differences, to be sure, but the same conflicted emotions and beliefs, the same struggles to make sense of it all in the midst of the exuberance and wild excesses of youth none of that has changed.This novel weaves in and out, backward and forward, among students in New Canaan, Ohio They are the jocks, both football heroes and the hero worshipping volleyball playing girlfriends or cheerleaders They are ...

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