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[Reading] ➶ The Porpoise ➽ Mark Haddon –

The Porpoise PDF Epub X The Porpoise Author Mark Haddon Undercostruction From The Whitbread And Los Angeles Times Prize Winning Author Of The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night Time , A Stunningly Ambitious, Fantastical Novel About The Theft Of Female Agency By Rapacious Men And The Ways In Which Archetypal Stories Can Warp History And The Present Mark Haddon S Breathtaking Novel Begins With A Harrowing Plane Crash Maja, The Pregnant Wife Of The Unimaginably Wealthy Philippe, Is Killed, But Their Daughter Angelica Survives Philippe S Obsession With The Girl S Safety Morphs Into Something Sinister And Grotesque As She Grows Into A Beautiful Teen A Young Man Named Darius, Visiting Philippe With A Business Proposition, Encounters Angelica And Intuits Their Secret He Decides To Rescue Her, But The Attempt Goes Awry And He Flees England By SeaThis Contemporary Story Mirrors The Ancient Legend Of Antiochus, Whose Love For The Daughter Of His Dead Wife Was Discovered By The Adventurer Appolinus Of Tyre The Tale Appeared In Many Forms Through The Ages Apollinus Becoming The Swashbuckling Pericles In Shakespeare S Eponymous Play In The Porpoise, As Angelique Comes To Terms With A Life Imprisoned On Her Father S Estate, Darius Morphs Into Pericles, Voyaging Through A Mythic World In A Bravura Feat Of Storytelling, Haddon Recounts His Many Exploits In Thrilling Fashion, Mining The Meaning Of The Old Legends While Creating Parallels With The Monstrous Modern World Angelica Inhabits The Language Is Rich And Gorgeous The Conjured Worlds Are Perfectly Imagined The Plot Moves Forward At A Ferocious PaceBut As Much As Haddon Plays With Myth And Meaning, His Themes Speak Deeply To The Current Moment As Profound As It Is Entertaining, The Porpoise Is A Major Literary Achievement By An Author Whose Myriad Talents Are On Full, Vivid Display

[Reading] ➶ The Porpoise  ➽ Mark Haddon –
  • Hardcover
  • 294 pages
  • The Porpoise
  • Mark Haddon
  • 16 December 2018
  • 9780385544313

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    Mark Haddon has written a terrifically exciting novel called The Porpoise Could we just stop there Almost anything else I say about this book risks scattering readers like startled birds Indeed, if Haddon weren t the author of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time, I would have darted away from his new book, too.The plot is based on a Greek legend, but not a sexy one like Madeline Miller s Circe was No, The Porpoise reaches back to the story of Apollonius, who exposes a king s incestuous relationship with his own daughter When the king moves to silence him, Apollonius flees and endures a string of harrowing exploits and far fetched coincidences That moldy tale served as the outline for several versions during the Middle Ages and then a chaotic Jacobean play called Pericles, which was probably written by Shakespeare and a London pimp named George Wilkins.Still with me Just wait To read the rest of this review, g...

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    My first experience with Mark Haddon s writing was a short story included in the marvelous collection 8 Ghosts That story was the only one I didn t like but I decided to give him a chance when The Porpoise came my way Unfortunately, I found out that we don t match Pericles has never been one my favourite Shakespeare plays Nevertheless, when you decide to reimagine one of his plays, you need to be careful In my opinion, Haddon doesn t have the chops to carry out such a task Pericles is arguably the most enigmatic play in the canon but Haddon s writing was anything but enigmatic or cryptic In my opinion, it was flat, unengagin...

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    Mark Haddon s latest novel moves into markedly different territory from his previous work, it shifts into different time periods, from the modern to ancient times, with strong elements of the fantastical Haddon draws on Greek mythology, the story of Appolonius and Shakespeare s Pericles, reworking them but with differences, and for those readers unfamiliar with them, it will pay to become acquainted with at least the broad outlines of what happens in them prior to reading this The novel has a haunting dreamlike quality in its telling, of the tragic, a need for justice and revenge, and with its depiction of strong and resilient women I should point it has some gruesome aspects and includes the dark, unsettling and disturbing themes of abuse and incest.Philippe s wife, Maja, is killed in a plane accident, and he is overcome by grief His baby daughter, Angelica survives, untimely ripped from her mother Angelica is raised in splendid isolation by her over protective father, she is to become the focus of a deeply unhealthy and troubling obsession She finds herself escaping into literature Darius makes a failed attempt to rescue Angelica from her well guarded father, only just managing to board The Porpoise and embarking on a series of adventures The multiple threads interconnect in this complex, ...

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    This book is Haddon s contribution to the already pretty vast canon of reworkings of the Appolinus Apollonius tale illustrous authors like Gower, Wilkins and Shakespeare already took the ancient Greek material and remixed it, always slightly changing the plot, introducing new characters and twisting the themes see Pericles and Emar , e.g Haddon now sets out to create a pastiche, connecting and partially overwriting what s already out there with his own ideas He lets his characters wander through different scenes and time frames, connecting their stories through mirror images and plot details you better pay close attention, this is no beach read The narrative frame and also the main strand is the story of Angelica, a young girl who, although it s not explicitly stated, apparently lives in postmodern times When her mother was pregnant with her, she got into a terrible plain crash that Angelica only survived by being cut out of the womb Her rich and powerful father is first overcome by grief, and later starts isolating, controlling and sexually abusing his daughter whom he sees as a substitute for hi...

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    The Porpoise starts off with the tale of a widowed father raising his daughter after his wife is killed in an airplane crash At first, all seems well, but soon it becomes apparent that there is something off about the relationship between father and daughter In comes a young man named Darius who discerns the secret, and the father drives him away while mortally threatening his life Darius on the run then morphs into the story of Pericles, the daring adventurer from the Shakespearean play.This book was hard to rate because there was so much I liked about it, but there was also a lot that didn t work for me I really enjoyed the portion of the story that is about Pericles, which is the majority about two thirds of the book I ve never read the Shakespearean play, but Haddon made the character, his adventures, and his heartbreaks come alive for me Even though the Pericles story is based on an ancient character, his issues feel relevant and interesting The story of the father and daughter is interesting enough too,...

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    My thanks to Penguin Random House UK and NetGalley for a review copy of this book.Part of the description of this book on NetGalley was this A newborn baby is the sole survivor of a terrifying plane crash.She is raised in wealthy isolation by an overprotective father She knows nothing of the rumours about a beautiful young woman, hidden from the world.When a suitor visits, he understands far than he should Forced to run for his life, he escapes aboard The Porpoise, an assassin on his tail Reading this, the book sounded pretty interesting, according to me, perhaps a retelling or modern version of the Tempest, but turns out I didn t pay enough attention to the last part, and got the wrong Shakespeare play This is a retelling or version of one, but the play in question is Pericles But because of the wrong assumption I started with, my reading experience turned out to be a little strange the book is a little strange actually , which started on an interesting note, then got to a point where I wasn t sure I wanted to continue, and then ended with me actually pretty much enjoying the book quite a bit.When the story starts, we meet Phillipe who loses his much beloved wife Maja in a plane accident, leaving behind their baby Phillipe who is very wealthy is devastated and retreats from society with the child, but his affection for the baby, Angelique who reminds him of Maja takes a...

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    The Porpoise is by far Mark Haddon s strangest and most unique novel, and that s exactly what I loved about it From the beginning, you are launched head first into the action which is quite a shock to the system It is apparently inspired by Pericles, Prince of Tyre, written in part by Shakespeare, so those who enjoy Greek Mythology will likely find much to love here Exquisitely written, fascinating and a highly original and dramatic story which broaches some dark and disturbing topics, this is a difficult book to put down Due to divisive topics and it being than a little odd I feel this is what readers call a Marmite read one you ll either love or hate.This is a thoroughly ambitious novel that switches between reality and myth many times until the two merge An engaging, absorbing and surprising page turner with its roots set deeply in the 16 century tales o...

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    Mark Haddon has written widely differing kinds of novels and here we find the sort of experimental treatment displayed his short story collection The Pier Falls and other Stories , which marked such a departure from his previous best selling work.Tragedy, revenge and retribution are given a spell binding modern day twist in this fantastical re working of an ancient Greek myth Haddon is a master story...

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    If 2016 18 were the years of modern Shakespeare rewrites of the major plays, notably but not exclusively the Hogarth series, the 2019 trend seems to be Shakespeare plus time travel see also Sandra Newman s The Heavens which I read immediately after this and Pericles see also Ali Smith s Spring.Porpoise is Mark Haddon s take on Pericles, Prince of Tyre, itself a retelling of a much older story but normally told of Apollonius Co written with George Watkins, isn t generally regarded as the Bard s finest moment with a historically incoherent setting and a plot as rusty as Pericles suit of armour after it is, conveniently, retrieved from the sea by a fisherman at just the right time at one point And indeed Mark Haddon has admitted to picking one of the lesser works so he felt less constrained about taking liberties with the text The first chapter updates the father daughter incest suspecting suitor storyline to the modern day, with Haddon keen to emphasise that this is in fact rape by Antiochus here rich businessman Philippe , not incest, and to give his abused daughter a voice and indeed, unlike the original, a name, here Angelica When a young man ...

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    I received a copy of this book from Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review.Beautifully different, ethereal and drifting clever writing indeed.I do so like it when authors take risks As far as I m concerned, these are the books that last the ones that dare to deliver something thought provoking, challenging and different The Porpoise is all of those things, and very beautifully written too.It starts with a plane crash and a death A baby is left alone with her doting father, who turns out to be far too doting for comfort A daughter starves herself to exert some form of power, and in doing so, drifts into a world of myth and make believe What are stories and what is reality That s essentially what lies at the heart of this book.When The Porpoise first dramatically changed direction, I ll admit that it threw me One moment I d been reading about a sad little girl and her father, the next, I was suddenly plunged into an ancient myth However, once adjusted, I liked this format very much The author was adept at slipping the d...

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