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[BOOKS] ⚣ Disappearing Earth Author Julia Phillips –

Disappearing EarthFor Fans Of Anthony Marra S A Constellation Of Vital Phenomena And T A Obreht S The Tiger S Wife The Kidnapping Of Two Small Girls On A Remote Peninsula In Russia Sets In Motion An Evocative, Moving, Searingly Original Debut Novel By A Dazzling Young Writer.One August Afternoon, On The Shoreline Of The Kamchatka Peninsula At The Northeastern Tip Of Russia, Two Girls Sisters, Ages Eight And Eleven Go Missing The Police Investigation That Follows Turns Up Nothing In The Girls Tightly Woven Community, Everyone Must Grapple With The Loss But The Fear And Danger Of Their Disappearance Is Felt Most Profoundly Among The Women Of This Isolated Place.Taking Us One Chapter Per Month Across A Year On Kamchatka, This Powerful Novel Connects The Lives Of Characters Changed By The Sisters Abduction A Witness, A Neighbor, A Detective, A Mother Theirs Is An Ethnically Diverse Population In Which Racial Tensions Simmer, And So Called Natives Are Often Suspected Of The Worst As The Story Radiates From The Peninsula S Capital City To Its Rural North, We Are Brought To Places Of Astonishing Beauty Densely Wooded Forests, Open Expanses Of Tundra, Soaring Volcanoes, And Glassy Seas Disappearing Earth Is A Multifaceted Story Of The Intimate Lives Of Women Their Vulnerabilities And Perils, Their Desires And Dreams It Speaks To The Complex Yet Enduring Bonds Of Community As It Offers Startlingly Vivid Portraits Of People Reaching Out To One Another And, Sometimes, Reaching Back To Save Each Other Spellbinding, Moving Evoking A Fascinating Region On The Other Side Of The World This Suspenseful And Haunting Story Announces The Debut Of A Profoundly Gifted Writer.

[BOOKS] ⚣ Disappearing Earth Author Julia  Phillips –
  • Hardcover
  • 261 pages
  • Disappearing Earth
  • Julia Phillips
  • English
  • 06 September 2017
  • 9780525520412

    10 thoughts on “[BOOKS] ⚣ Disappearing Earth Author Julia Phillips –

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    What answers could Alla Innokentevna have for her Marina might ask what it was like to see your child turn thirteen, or fifteen, or graduate from high school How it felt to know, and not just suspect, that if you had been a better parent, attentive, responsible, then your baby would not be gone today How to go on. Disappearing Earth is quite an extraordinary novel There is a missing persons mystery at the centre of the book, but no one should go into this expecting a typical mystery Or a typical anything at all.I love it when an author tries something different and it just works Here, Phillips begins on the remote Kamchatka peninsula, in the city of Petropavlovsk Kamchatsky, with two young girls accepting a ride home from a stranger and then going missing The need to discover the girls fate offers an immediate emotional pull, but their disappearance hovers mostly in the background for the many different stories that follow it.And Disappearing Earth contains just that many stories It can be read almost like a short story collection, with all stories al...

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    The correct response to the ending of this book is a violently whispered, fuck Reading the last couple chapters, it felt like my heart sprang into my throat and seemed to hang there, hammering Five thousand sentences sprinted through my mind and none of them got to the finish tape It was as though the blanket of shock that had muted the events of this book was suddenly thrown off, and flooding my senses, was a seethe of feelings dread, fear, hope, relief, each entangled in the roots of the others.Julia Phillips does not make it easy on the reviewer charged with describing her book The first chapter opens with two young sisters Alyona and Sophia Golosovskaya, ages 11 and 8 soaking up the sun one August afternoon at the edge of a bay in far eastern Russia s Kamchatka Peninsula By chapter s end where the sisters had been there was naught but absence, like a rift in the world where something precious had been and then was lost They ve disappeared like windblown ghosts lured, it seems, into a strange man s shiny black car.From there, Disappearing Earth departs radically and refreshing...

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    NOW AVAILABLE this is one of those rare perfect books the fact that it s a debut only makes it impressive, and no matter what this author writes next, i will be on it immediately i was fortunate enough to stumble upon a free arc of this, thinking to self, this looks like it could be good, and then when i saw all the high praise it was receiving in its early reviews, i decided to bump it up the old arc stack and see what all the fuss was about.lemme tell you, the fuss is takes place on russia s kamchatka peninsula, and at its center is the disappearance of two little girls sisters eight and eleven, who get into a stranger s car and vanish.each chapter that follows carries the story forward a month from the girls abduction in august to the following july, and each is told from a different character s perspective the disappearance worms its way into every chapter, but is usually only used to season the stories how the situation affected different people who live in the area, most of whom had no direct connection with the girls themselves, and each chapter is gripping and fully realized enough to stand alone as a short story it s such an original way to tell a missi...

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    One hand came up to press on her sternum Her heart hurt If Marina could peel off her left breast, crack back her ribs, and grip that muscular organ to settle it, she would She started having these attacks last August, after her daughters had disappeared A doctor gave her tablets to relieve the anxiety Those did not help No prescription brought her children home Wow It s been a hot minute since a debut novel created such a deep well of emotion in me, so much so that I am shocked that Disappearing Earth is not written by a seasoned author It seems to me that a quiet buzz has grown around this book I hadn t heard of it before, but all at once I saw glowing review after glowing review roll in, while also finding it placed prominently in our local Barnes and Noble After seeing it newly placed on the shelf at the library, I decided to grab it before someone else did and jump on the hype train to see what all the fuss was about I m thrilled that I did, because I ve been in somewhat of a reading funk, and this was exactly the type of story I needed to focus my mind where I want it to be If you read the synopsis, it informs you that this is a story involving the disappearance of two young girls in a remote part of Russia, but the real gold here is the ripple effect of how this event disturbs the lives of a large cast of characters Don t worry, ther...

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    The premise of Disappearing Earth was the immediate reason behind choosing this novel The Kamchatka Peninsula is I guess 10 time zones away from where I live, and has always been mysterious and unreachable to me The landscape and its diversity regarding the population are the main themes of the novel The abduction of two girls is only the pretext for portraying modern inhabitants, their dreams and failures The first chapter tells the story of the kidnapping but if you want to read a thriller in which you might seek thorough investigation done by a team of clever police officers, you will be disappointed BUT you will not be disappointed if you want to learn about the lives of ordinary people living in that remote region Each chapter tells a story of a different female character who is loosely connected with the two abducted girls, and I was especially touched by two of them, one being that of the girls mother, and the other of a wo...

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    Kamchatka My only knowledge of Kamchatka was that it is the name of cheap vodka my friends and I drank during our salad days We re named it coming atcha when we became employed and could afford premium vodka Actually, the Kamchatka peninsula is located in the far east of Russia and is isolated by water and mountains Kamchatka is a land of extremes from tundra to volcanoes to verdant forests and the descriptions of the peninsula are jaw dropping I m not sure of the reason but I was startled that the indigenous people, the Evens, are treated with disdain by Caucasian Russians More than likely this is the result of yet another knowledge gap Anyway, it is in Kamchatka that two little girls go missing Despite the premise, this is not a thriller It reads almost like a series of interconnected short stories, that is, almost but not quite The disappearance of these girls has a ripple effect throughout the community over the course of a year Six degrees of separation, indeed This is a s...

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    Two sisters ages eight and eleven go missing on the Kamchatka peninsula Boy did I want to yell at my book No, no, no, no, no during the first story UGH The police are quickly called to investigate but find nothing no clues, no evidence, etc They are missing without a trace.This book spans the course of a year with each chapter being another month after the girls go missing Each chapter is also about a new character The characters have had their lives changed in some way due to the girl s disappearance Some being a witness, a detective, a customs officer, a student, a woman whose sister went missing, etc The final chapter is the girl s mother As the book suggests this book shows the lives of women and those in their lives who have been touched in some way due to the girl s disappearance I found this to be a fast read Due in part mainly to the fact that the chapters read like short stories and it was easy to go through them While reading about the lives of those in the community, I had a nagging thoughtwhat happened to those girls I really enjoyed how the stories were connected even if only by a small thread The connections are there Plus, the writing was beautiful Hats off to the Author for her unique and enjoyable story telling I found myself enjoying each story chapter a little bit than the last.Plus, the ending That is all that I will say Very en...

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    This could never have taken place in Soviet times,Valentina Nikolaevna said You girls can t imagine how safe it use to be No foreigners No outsiders Opening the peninsula was the biggest mistake our authorities ever made Now we re overrun with tourists, migraines Natives These criminals Olya should have kept her tongue behind her teeth But she asked, Weren t the natives always here They use to stay in the villages where they belong Ouch Two sisters were last seen kidnapped in Petropavlovski s center Kamchatka peninsula in the Far East area of Russia , which meant nothing in the city of 200,000 people and a peninsula 1200 km long Mothers like Valentina Nikolaevna, were panicked fearful afraid for their own children She no longer wanted her daughter, Diana to play with her best friend, Olya, any longer Valentina Nikolaevna felt Olga s family was a bad influence She was uncomfortable with their lack of structure and discipline Valentina was harsh and ruthless about Olya seeing her daughter outside of school The 13 year old girls, best friends, were only allowed to see each other und...

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    DnF at 40% Wanted to like this but I m just not connecting with the story Two you g girls go missing Each succeeding chapter covers a month since they are gone Each chapter also introduces new characters, whose life has been marginally impacted by...

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    I do wish people would read contemporary Russian literature instead of this Russia fanfic which doesn t evoke Russia in any way May I suggest Ludmila Petrushevskaya for example Imagine if I tried to write a book about American soul after leaving in the USA for 2 years P.S Herring again Goodness, why

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