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Showers, Flowers, and FangsPDF Epub Showers, Flowers, And Fangs Author Aidan Wayne Darren Is Your Average Half Human, Half Fae Trans Teenager, Busy Figuring Out His Powers And Puberty While Trying To Survive Finals When Vlad, A Newly Turned Vampire, Moves In With The Witch Down The Street, He And Darren Get Off On The Wrong Foot Darren Is Always One To Give Somebody A Second Chance, Though, And As They Become Friends, He Realizes Vlad Is Just Lonely And Struggling With His New Powers That S Something Darren Can Definitely Relate To, And He S Happy To Lend His Support But While He Coaxes Vlad Out Of His Shell, Darren Ends Up Learning About Vlad S Past And The Danger Vlad Is In Darren Only Wants To Help Help Vlad Feel Comfortable In His Own Skin And Help Him Feel Safe.He Hadn T Planned On Falling In Love.

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    4 StarsThis was a very sweet, witty, and wildly imaginative fantasy themed LGBT YA story Set in an alternate universe where magical beings co exist with humans, this story follows half human, half fae transgender teen Darren, as he meets, befriends, and eventually forms a romantic relationship with Vlad, a moody and mysterious newly turned vampire teen who moves in down the street and is haunted by his past.The two magical teens get off to a rocky start, but I enjoyed watching their relationship unfold First they became friends and allies, supporting each other in times of personal need and helping one another cultivate and control their magical abilities It was only once these strong bonds of friendship and trust were formed that romantic feelings evolved, making their transition from friends to boyfriends natural and authentic I really enjoyed the cast of characters present here Darren, in particular, was a great YA lead His personality was highly entertaining, often saying and doing things that had me chuckling in delight I also appreciated how candid and relatable he was, particularly in relatio...

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    Darren is a half human, half fae transgender teen and when we first meet him on the first page, Darren is suffering from menstruation cramps I don t know why, but I really love that the author adds this scene to the book Anyway, Darren then meets this newly turned vampire, Vlad the Vampire he s from Ukraine , who s also a newcomer in town Their first meeting is not exactly meet cute Darren thinks Vlad is sniffing him, which is RUDE laugh but then Darren befriends Vlad, because he seems lonely, this vampire.This is a delightful and wonderful read I LOVED Darren so much I loved his positivity I loved the way Darren approached Vlad, and slowly coaxed this vampire out of his shell I loved how their friendship bloomed I loved how Darren sometimes acting a bit dramatic yes, he s a teenager after all when he thinks he hurts Vlad or when he thinks Vlad is being sad.I think I spent reading this book with a lot of smile to my face because Darren is just ADORABLE and his moments with Vlad were super cute There s a slight mystery be...

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    I started reading this on the Kindle app, and I liked it so much that I had to buy a physical copy Then the physical copy arrived, and it was so tiny just over 170 pages and I already knew I was gonna be disappointed What was good was VERY good, but the length of the story, and therefore the pacing, left me really dissatisfied The story is about Darren, a half fae trans high schooler who s just doing what half fae trans high schoolers do And he meets Vlad, a newly turned vampire who just moved in with the witch down the street Vlad is running from something They become friends, develop crushes on each other, help each other through the trials of being supernatural teenagers supernatural problems and regular human problems both , and deal with some brief terrifying experiences together There are lots of laughs and feels throughout, as well as SASS.Darren is a sort of hyperactive type, he talks constantly and sometimes awkwardly, but he is a good person, and often than not he s talking so much to try to make Vlad feel comfortable He s a total teenager A...

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    A Joyfully Jay review 5 starsHow is it a story about a half fae and his vampire boyfriend can be so wholesome Not only is Darren adorable, but he manages to be charming and sweet and good Vlad may not be Prince Charming, but he has some smooth moves, such as coming to visit bearing chocolate after Darren mentions it in passing as a wonderful way to start a relationship, though he s talking about an almost boyfriend from when he was thirteen Darren is a little oblivious and Vlad is a little subtle fortunately, though, Darren eventually manages to catch on After Vlad tells him what he s trying to do It s cute.Darren is a good person He s willing to give everyone he meets a chance and is willing to forgive most slights so long as they weren t intentional Even when he s showing Vlad his magic, it s not so much showing off as sharing wi...

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    4.5 stars I have one word for this adorable This was such an enjoyable read Due to the shortness of this book the worlbuilding is a little bit I dunno what word to use,maybe brief but actually not in a bad way we get enough information that we need to understand what who the main characters are,the supernatural elements are explained and I really liked how unique this little world is The fae stuff especially was delightful I would love to read in this universe because I loved all the little glimpses into some other supernatural creatures Darren,the main character,is incredibly likeable I was in love with him from page 1 basically I don t want to make false assumptions about the author but judging from the use of they them in the description,this is an ownvoices story It showed I liked how Darren being trans wasn t just used as an afterthought this is Darren,he is trans and then it s never mentioned again or something like that I ve seen that in other books It plays a big role because you have the experience of a trans person combined with the unique experience of a supernatural being I loved that Vlad is a great character too Naturally w...

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    I WAS GIVEN THIS BOOK FOR MY READING PLEASURE Reviewed for Divine Magazine Showers, Flowers and FangsAidan Wayne 190 PagesPOV 3rd person, one characterWould I read it again Of course Genre LGBT, YA, Fae, Trans, Fantasy, MM, Paranormal, VampirePairings MM Ugh, this was justlovely, sweet, and everything I needed from a book.First off, kudos to Aidan Wayne for writing a trans, FTM main character who is REAL And for understanding the plight that is period week I mean, thank you This was everything I hoped for and everything teenagers need Whether a trans kid picks this up and feels better about not being alone in the struggle, or a cis kid picks it up and can understand their trans friend better, this story has a lot to give It has the understanding, a non lecturing exploration of trans life as a teenager, and a really beautiful romance and self discovery plot that leave you with the warm and fuzzy feeling that says this was so good I ll read it again It had real struggles for a teenager going through puberty, while dealing with the emotional and physical fallout of being a trans teen Binding, periods, the self doubt and self acceptance, the self image issues, and all while being a half Fae, adding in magical abilities to everything else Darren is going through AND exams This story felt so much like an authentic ownvoice story that ...

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    Charming, interesting, sweet Loved the pacing, how things unfolded gently while still moving forward and including drama excitement Loved the matter of fact exploration of Darren s being trans, and explanations of magic felt very natural to the sto...

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    So much cuter than I thought it would be

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    3.5 stars

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    Some books just have all the elements I love to see when diving into a story, and Showers, Flowers, and Fangs checked all the boxes for me The worldbuilding is excellent with a mix of supernatural species set in a unique world with its own history and rules that added a sense of mystery and enabled me to discover its secrets as events unfolded The main character, Darren, is trans, half human and half fae, but his special power only emerges slowly and the reveal is very well done The plot focuses on Darren discovering the truth about vampires, dealing with challenges in school, and figuring out his mysterious powers There is the threat of Vlad s mother , but it bubbles along in the background while Darren and Vlad deal with the rest of their problems until everything comes to head and there is an epic confrontation, a fight, a retreat, and another battle I found it very engaging and was almost unable to put the book down for much needed breaks It s one of the best YA books...

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