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☆ Necessary People Author Anna Pitoniak –

Necessary PeopleA Propulsive, Chilling Lee Child Novel Exploring The Dangerous Fault Lines Of Female Friendships, Necessary People Deftly Plumbs The Limits Of Ambition, Loyalty, And Love Named One Of The Best Books Of May By Marie Claire, Town Country, Refinery29, Cosmopolitan, Woman S Day, Bustle, CrimeReads, And O, The Oprah Magazine One Of Them Has It All One Of Them Wants It All But They Can T Both Win Stella And Violet Are Best Friends, And From The Moment They Met In College, They Knew Their Roles Beautiful, Privileged, And Reckless Stella Lives In The Spotlight Hardworking, Laser Focused Violet Stays Behind The Scenes, Always Ready To Clean Up The Mess That Stella Inevitably Leaves In Her Wake.After Graduation, Violet Moves To New York And Lands A Job In Cable News, Where She Works Her Way Up From Intern To Assistant To Producer, And To A Life Where She S Finally Free From Stella S Shadow In This Fast Paced World, Violet Thrives, And Her Ambitions Grow But Everything Is Jeopardized When Stella, Envious Of Violet S New Life, Uses Her Connections, Beauty, And Charisma To Get Hired At The Same Network Stella Soon Moves In Front Of The Camera, Becoming The Public Face Of The Stories That Violet Has Worked Tirelessly To Produce And Taking All The Credit Stella Might Be The One With The Rich Family And The Right Friends, But Violet Isn T Giving Up So Easily As She And Stella Strive For Success, Each Reveals Just How Far She Ll Go To Get What She Wants Even If It Means Destroying The Other Person Along The Way.

<PDF / Epub> ☆ Necessary People Author Anna Pitoniak –
  • Hardcover
  • 342 pages
  • Necessary People
  • Anna Pitoniak
  • English
  • 01 January 2017
  • 9780316451703

    10 thoughts on “ ☆ Necessary People Author Anna Pitoniak –

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    An interesting novel about what happens when two friends clash Stella and Violet are polar opposites Stella has it all beauty, money, personality Violet has ambition and brains She comes from the wrong side of the tracks, not just a lack of money but the mother from hell who doesn t even want to see her daughter succeed She s doing everything she can to put her past behind her Initially they bonded at college and bolstered each other After college, Stella takes off to travel the world but Violet is still using Stella s coattails to maintain a certain standard of living She carves out her own niche as she gains traction on a cable news show Pitoniak gives us an insider s view of the world of cable news the dynamics, the interaction of the team, the pressure It was the perfect industry for these two to face off What struck me as odd is that Violet, for all her intelligence, doesn t see Stella for what she is a spoiled brat But maybe that s 63 year old me seeing what the young cannot And like a typical spoiled brat, Stella wants what she doesn t have Jealous...

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    HITS SHELVES TODAY DON T MISS THIS GEM OF A NOVEL This book is everything I want in a novel I savored every single page In one word AMAZING Violet and Stella meet in college and quickly become best of friends The two young women come from very different backgrounds Violet, couldn t wait to escape to college from her poor upbringing in the middle of nowhere Florida by neglectful parents A quiet but determined young woman she s the perfect friend for the flighty Stella Stella, on the other hand, was raised in a wealthy family with little care and regard for anyone or anything around her Beautiful but reckless she adores it when Violet swoops in to save her time and time again When Violet finally gets her foot in the door at a cable news station it seems like a dream come true With hard work, ambition, and endless determination she quickly begins climbing the corporate ladder So what happens when Stella returns from traveling the world and sees just how successful Violet has become This wasn t my role in our relationship She could only stand the spotlight being on someone else if that spotlight was unflattering Stella, jealous of Violets success and her endless hours at work, decides to make a few phone calls that ultimately land her a job at the same cable news station While Violet frets behind the camera it appears that Stella s own star is beginning to rise in front of the camera and casts a shadow on everything that Violet has worked so hard for When best friends b...

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    4 Stars Two women who are oh so different, yet each has what the other wants Is it love or is it hate Why it s Necessary People Stella is gorgeous, rich and popular, with family everyone wants Violet is pretty, intelligent and hardworking Stella is jealous of what Violet achieves Violet is jealous of who Stella is Best Friends and frenemies who meet in College, without each other, they cease to exist Violet is down to earth, kind and decent Stella is unreal, wealthy, snobby and well, rude They go together like o...

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    I love, absolutely LOVE, reading about ambitious women In the context of this book, we re talking about women who put their careers before anything else romances, friends and even family members Because not everyone can do it Putting something above anything else requires sacrifice Strength Knowing what you want from and in life and going for it and not stopping until you reach your goal If what you want is a husband and children and you do everything and ANYTHING to have them and work hard on maintaining a good relationship with them, FABULOUS That s ambition, too But if you want a husband and children and don t go on dates or give good guys a chance, and yet every night you pout and whine and wonder why a woman like you can t have what so many others do, well that s not being AMBITIOUS What we have here is a young woman Violet who is used to being in her best friend Stella s shadow Until, one day, she has had enough No waiting around for texts to come No wondering how to capture Stella s attention No performing actions for the sake of HOLDING Stella s attention She wants her own life Her own shadow And does get it, because ambition produces concrete results But when she is forced in Stella s shadow again, her ambition takes her down a dark path I have read the author s deb...

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    Four conspiracy, news worthy, ambitious, passionate, eternal darkness of spotless female rivalry stars Meet with Stella makes you scream like Brando on Streetcar names desire but not for bringing her loved one back, it is for cursing her and putting nasty adjectives before her name Because this character is notorious, nasty, pretentious, spoiled trust fund babe who has a family cherish all the steps she takes and literally worship her She always gets what she wants She s rich, good looking and she knows how to kick you under belt And let s meet her sidekick, best friend at least Violet thinks like that but she has to know, a narcissist person like Stella, who thinks she is the center of the universe can only love and admire herself so she can never have real friend Violet She s hard worker, dependable, trustworthy, genuine, good hearted, helpful friend who always save Stella s ass without taking any thank you or you re the best friend compliment in return Violet was used by Stella and her family She was still patient with their obnoxious antics because she loves them and her own family was the worst who were real verbal abusers Violet starts to work in network channel as intern and with her passion, hard working and talent, she starts to...

  6. says:

    Necessary People by Anna Pitoniak explores the complicated toxic relationship between two very different best friends They live very different lives but are intertwined together by their ambitions.I was drawn into this character study into the dark side of friendship family and privilege I loved the dynamics here between two best friends Violet and Stella Stella is rich, privileged and ambitious when it comes to besting her bestie She really thinks she is pretty special Violet is struggling to stay afloat and is dependent on Stella s family She really is trying to be something special at her job This made for an interesting dynamic between the friends.Both characters are unlikable and I was on my toes guessing who was the toxic one to each other I couldn t feel any sympathy for either character and didn t find too ...

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    Bottom of the 9th2 outs3 balls2 strikesPitcher throws a fast ball right over the plate Batter swings for his life, this is going to be the homer of his careerhe swings so fucking hard that the bat flies out of his hands and soars into the stands, knocking out a toddler in the 4th row.That...

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    Frenemies anyone Holy crap if these two girls are best friends as they claim, I would certainly hate to be their enemy Absolutely scandalous is what this book is This was a buddy read with myself and one of my best book buddies Brenda from Two Sisters Lost in a Coulee Please pop over to her blog and check out what she thought It was a great buddy read because there was a lot to talk about Stella Bradley gets every thing she wants.always She comes from a wealthy family and never seems to have a consequence for her actions, not matter how outlandish She is reckless and has self proclaimed that she is rich and lazy You get the picture She is gorgeous and everyone wants to be her and be with her Her family supports her no matter what she gets herself into.Violet is the polar opposite and it is interesting when they become friends in college Violet has to work hard for everything and has no family support Soon Stella and her family become her support system, except they always ...

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    DNF 170 pagesI have been trying to get into this book for weeks I keep picking it up and putting it back down again and I really wanted to love it but I just feel so meh about it I love thrillers, especially thrillers that revolve around female friendships where there i a competitive nature between them it s one of my favorite tropes to read about But I was just so bored out of my mind reading this and it felt like nothing was happening They literally tell you in the description that Stella gets a job at the same place Violet does and then that doesn t even happen for than 100 pages in, so the description low key kind of spoils you which I hate and why I never like to read the descriptions when I read thrillers But Stella just felt like the typical spoiler brat of a character, there was nothing particularly interesting about her or our main character Violet We don t get to see much of their friendship before Stella disappears and we are left with Violet dealing awkwardly ...

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    SPOILERS HIDDEN Necessary People is like most contemporary suspense thriller offerings It s page turning it s really easy to read and it s exciting But that s it I took a chance on this book because author Anna Pitoniak once worked as an editor at a major publishing house I figured this kind of author is likely than most to write something that s a cut above Unfortunately, it s just another mindless soap opera ish read in the genre I kept thinking airport, as in, well suited for plane reading.The story is about two friends humble Violet, who comes from a poor family and is ambitious, and conceited Stella, her opposite Violet narrates, and, as an everywoman type, is immediately likable Stella, as viewed through Violet s eyes, fits all the clich s of the filthy rich she s selfish, narcissistic, and spoiled These two nonetheless strike an unlikely friendship from the moment they meet, though it s an unusual one, marked by an undercurrent of resentment It exists only because of a dysfunctional symbiosis Violet is in awe of rich Stella and enjoys the tastes of wealth she gets while with her, and Stella relies on Violet s responsible nature to get her out of jams and generally take care of her Events are set in the years immedi...

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