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[PDF] ✓ Dark Shores (Dark Shores, #1) ✫ Danielle L. Jensen –

Dark Shores (Dark Shores, #1) High Seas Adventure, Blackmail, And Meddling Gods Meet In Dark Shores, The First Novel In A New YA Fantasy Series.In A World Divided By Meddlesome Gods And Treacherous Oceans, Only The Maarin Possess The Knowledge To Cross The Endless Seas But They Have One Mandate East Must Never Meet West.A PIRATE WITH A WILL OF IRONTeriana Is The Second Mate Of The Quincense And Heir To The Maarin Triumvirate Her People Are Born Of The Seas And The Keepers Of Its Secrets, But When Her Closest Friend Is Forced Into An Unwanted Betrothal, Teriana Breaks Her People S Mandate So Her Friend Might Escape A Choice With Devastating Consequences A SOLDIER WITH A SECRETMarcus Is The Commander Of The Thirty Seventh, The Notorious Legion That Has Led The Celendor Empire To Conquer The Entire East The Legion Is His Family, But Even They Don T Know The Truth He S Been Hiding Since Childhood It S A Secret He Ll Do Anything To Protect, No Matter How Much It Costs Him And The World A DANGEROUS QUESTWhen An Empire Senator Discovers The Existence Of The Dark Shores, He Captures Teriana S Crew And Threatens To Reveal Marcus S Secret Unless They Sail In Pursuit Of Conquest, Forcing The Two Into An Unlikely And Unwilling Alliance They Unite For The Sake Of Their Families, But Both Must Decide How Far They Are Willing To Go, And How Much They Are Willing To Sacrifice.

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    I BOUGHT THIS BEAUTY TODAY YIPPEE According to the author, we should expect A world inspired by Ancient Rome Lots and lots of political intrigue A villainous, power hungry senator bent on conquest Slow burn romance Exciting sea voyages Legions engaging in epic battles on land Meddlesome gods A fierce heroine who says what she thinks and means wha...

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    I can t wait for readers to dive into DARK SHORES Here s a few things to expect A world inspired by Ancient Rome LOTS of political intrigue A villainous, power hungry senator bent on conquest Slow burn romance as if I could write a book without kissing Exciting sea voyages Legions engaging in epic battles on land Meddlesome gods Friendship, both new and old Family drama A fierce heroine who says what she thinks and means what she says A brilliant hero with far too many dangerous secrets that are coming back to haunt him A large cast of secondary characters who keep things from getting too seriousThings you will NOT find in this book Scenes where actual piracy takes place While some of the characters including Teriana are seafaring people, this novel is NOT about pirates capturing ships, etc Some of the marketing decisions for this novel were made because the sea voyage aspects have echoes of Pirates of the Caribbean Unfortunately, this has led many readers to believe that the nov...

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    A pirate A soldier.A dangerous quest.

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    A million years ago, back when I read than four books a month and actually had time to post reviews, I read Danielle L Jensen s debut novel, Stolen Songbird and really enjoyed it So, I was pretty eager to try out this book and see where this sweeping, epic story about pirates and soldiers was going to take me And where did it take me, you might wonder.Far But also not far enough.First of all, let it be known that despite what the synopsis tries to tell you, this book is not in fact about pirates In fact, the very word pirate is used exactly once in this entire book So, I accuse this synopsis of false advertising and getting my hopes up for a story that was very different from what this one turned out to be.That said, the story that we did get wasn t a bad story I was still entertained It was a quick, page turner that made you want to keep reading It s a book that according to Goodreads I had been reading for weeks But in reality, I only actually read it in a few hours.It was quick and fluid and easy to read and I m sure many of you will enjoy it.So, before you get too excited, allow me to point out some of its flaws.The pacing in this book is a bit off at times Sometimes it s good Like I said, it s fast and fun Other times it drags and it feels like we re a ship without a sail, waiting and hop...

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    This is a DNF for me I instantly knew after reading the first page that it would be a DNF Sometimes you just know It s like when you meet someone knew The first conversation you have with that person can determine whether you can connect on a deeper level or not Of course, it s good to give the other person a meaningful chance than one simple conversation, so I pushed through that boring first page But like most relationships, if the beginning isn t beautiful, the rest of it usually isn t It CAN get better, but that s extremely rare and involves growth.I m actually shocked this didn t work for me Aside from being one of my most anticipated adventure books of 2019, I just really enjoyed this author s debut Stolen Songbird which I found exquisitely written and very gripping But this felt as though it was written by another person entirely because although the writing flew, it did not have the magical quality Stolen Songbird did I also did not find the heroine particularly likeable or mature I kid you not, the first time I met Teriana, I thought she was eight or something, definitely not seventeen I had to smile a little awkwardly when I realized she was much older than I assumed in the first scene she was featured which ...

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    so many good fantasy novels this year, don t know where to start

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    Dark Shores is a tale of political intrigue that questions whether everything can be easily classified as right or wrong I really thought I d enjoy this book because the premise sounded amazing and so many other people adored it Sadly, it left me feeling disappointed.Plot 2 5Characters 2 5Writing 3 5As always, I ll start with the positives There was a very diverse cast of characters and the word building based off of Ancient Rome was convincing Throughout the novel, we are told that Marcus is a legendary commander and his tactic of conquering by gaining the trust of and then manipulating the people is brilliant but in the most terrifying and unsettling way.Teriana was a Maarin sailor, a part of a peaceful trading people There were two main continents, with a vast swath of sea between them and the Maarin were the only ones who knew that both these continents existed They lived by the principle, East must not meet West, because they thought that if the East and West knew that they both existed they would destroy each other I found this to be an interesting idea but I also found it hard to believe that they managed to...

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    Actual rating 3.75 5 stars.Dark Shores is the first instalment in the Dark Shores series, involving high stakes oceanic travel, piracy and plundering, and a world divided by religion and politics East must never meet West and West does not know that East exists at all But all that changes when the power hungry Western hierarchy long to stretch their reach and seek to discover if the famed never ending seas are hiding a secret they can dominate.Teriana is first mate of the pirate ship that sees itself as a central member of the unfolding story She wants nothing than the save her people, who have the echo of the sea within them, but learns she must fraternise with land dwellers and go against all her religion has taught her against if she wishes to truly save them.The first half of this story was everything I wished it to be There was political scheming in abundance and everyone had an agenda they wished to play It made for a complex plot line but the action at the heart of it also made this fast paced page turner that I consumed in one sleepless night.From the mid point on a romantic element entered into the story line that, whilst not unlikable or overdone, took away from the high stakes thrills that had so far domina...

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    This review can also be found on The Reader and the Chef Huge thanks to Tor Teen for the review copy in exchange of my honest review Dark Shores might very well be one of my top favorite reads of 2019 I know it s a bit early to say that but this book is simply fantastic Not only did I fall in love with a kick ass heroine who is a PIRATE, but also with the world and unexplored lands that make up the Dark Shores.One question I always wonder about Fantasy books and I m sure many readers are curious about is this does it have some form of magic And the short answer is YES Long answer some characters in this world are marked by one of the six Gods whose presence are only known in the West, aka the Dark Shores Those marked by one of the Gods get a certain type of ability in relation to the God Goddess that marks them However, the story starts off in the East, where the Cel empire with its power hungry senators have conquered that part of the world and forbids any kind of belief Our main character, Teriana, is a Maarin and while they DO believe in Gods, one of them even granting them passage to and from both worlds via Xenthiers so cool, btw Teriana ...

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    This book isn t about pirate piracy tho we got a glimpse of the adventure on the ship. the story is about empire and politics and battles and magic and gods inspired by ancient Roman The book told by 2 POVs Marcus and Teriana There were few things I love and don t like, so lets start with things I loved I love the main idea that Danielle tried to bring on this book the East continent people cant meet West continent people is such a unique idea and I also adore Marcus one of the main character on this book, I have soft spot for inner conflicted soldier with dark past or secrets I also love the friendship stories here The glossary behind the book is really helpful to understand some of the names and terms and mythsNow onto things I don t really like the pace sometimes super slow like almost. almost want to skim read ...

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