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!!> Reading ➶ The Flatshare ➮ Author Beth O'Leary –

The FlatshareTiffy And Leon Share An Apartment Tiffy And Leon Have Never Met.After A Bad Breakup, Tiffy Moore Needs A Place To Live Fast And Cheap But The Apartments In Her Budget Have Her Wondering If Astonishingly Colored Mold On The Walls Counts As Art.Desperation Makes Her Open Minded, So She Answers An Ad For A Flatshare Leon, A Night Shift Worker, Will Take The Apartment During The Day, And Tiffy Can Have It Nights And Weekends He Ll Only Ever Be There When She S At The Office In Fact, They Ll Never Even Have To Meet.Tiffy And Leon Start Writing Each Other Notes First About What Day Is Garbage Day, And Politely Establishing What Leftovers Are Up For Grabs, And The Evergreen Question Of Whether The Toilet Seat Should Stay Up Or Down Even Though They Are Opposites, They Soon Become Friends And Then Maybe.But Falling In Love With Your Roommate Is Probably A Terrible Idea Especially If You Ve Never Met.What If Your Roommate Is Your Soul Mate A Joyful, Quirky Romantic Comedy, Beth O Leary S The Flatshare Is A Feel Good Novel About Finding Love In The Most Unexpected Of Ways.

!!> Reading ➶ The Flatshare ➮ Author Beth O'Leary –
  • Hardcover
  • 325 pages
  • The Flatshare
  • Beth O'Leary
  • English
  • 04 July 2018
  • 9781250295637

    10 thoughts on “!!> Reading ➶ The Flatshare ➮ Author Beth O'Leary –

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    And here you are, book, going on my favourites list This was a pleasant surprise in the best way possible I knew that I would enjoy it, but I fell in love instead It s a quiet, heartwarming story that follows Tiffy and Leon Both have agreed on an unusual arrangement between themselves and are sharing not only a flat, but a bed together But they don t see each other Tiffy has the apartment to herself in the evenings, and when she s off to work, that s when Leon comes home During this arrangement, they exchange very simple, ordinary notes that are left around the apartment and slowly their lives starts to intertwine without them meaning to I was expecting something fluffy and cute and whilst those elements were there, the underlying tone of the story was a lot serious They re dealing with their own demons and struggles and are on survival mode, till that fails them It all felt very realistic, and honest and true to real life I just loved everything about this story, the format it was told in, the alternate POVs, how well we got to k...

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    I loved this I loved this I loved this I LOVED THIS Oh my god, I loved this TW gaslighting, emotional abuse, stalking

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    this story really grew on me, in the best way possible i guess its true what they say, that opposites attract, because a couple of things that would normally be off putting to me as a reader tiffy being stereotypically quirky and the odd writing formatting of leons chapters turned out to be very endearing and made me enjoy the story that much i love how this radiated british humour its so understated, undervalued even, and i thought leon was hilarious both characters are charming and i thought tiffy went through an amazing character development for being a light and fluffy book, there...

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    now available in both hardback and eBook format in the UK IrelandYasssssss Oh I have been waiting for a book like this one to come along FOR YEARS The Flatshare is exactly what I want from a romantic comedy dramedy type book It s got hugely likeable protagonists in the form of Tiffy and Leon, a highly original setup for the meeting of these two characters, a cast of interesting supporting characters and side storylines but most of all It feels fresh Hallelujah for that I have found myself getting so jaded when it comes to this genre of book but this one is a veritable diamond in the rough The Flatshare does not feel like so many of the countless romantic comedy dramedy books I ve read throughout the years.The setup for this book is a bit bonkers but it really works Tiffy and Leon are flatmates with a twist They share a bed But Leon is in the flat only during the day as he works night shifts Whereas Tiffy is in the flat at nights and on the weekends Their lives are so separate that they haven t even met I mean we know where this is going right BUT THE JOURNEY IS FABULOUS Tiffy and Leon start leaving generic post it notes for each other around the flat regarding things such as bin day, leftover food etc but these notes gradually evolve into a deeper intimacy and the two find themselves wondering a lot about ...

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    4 Adorable, Left Me Feeling Content Stars for Beth O Leary s The FlatshareThis book worked its way into my heart with its slow burn romance and I m usually not a slow burn fan adorable post it notes I LOVED reading the back forth notes fierce, quirky hilariously inappropriate friends everyone needs a Tribe like this in th...

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    Three dull, unsatisfied stars gave my shiny place in the minority among the readers who gave so much stars to this one I mostly like chic lit books especially written by Irish and British writers I like Marian Keyes books which shouldn t be defined as soft chic lit ones because of the characters heavy baggages and emotional problems alcoholism, denial the dead of loved ones, abuse victims On this book our heroine Tiffi suffers from emotional abuse and with flashbacks of her relationship she starts to realize she was gaslighted by her ex s manipulative lies But the way of storytelling about the heroine s trauma wasn t strong enough, it didn t make me feel sorry for her I found her emotional turmoil a little superficial and unreliable.And of course I didn t like our hero so much I found him a little indecisive, passive, boring At the end as soon as he thought he was rejected by heroine, he just gave ...

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    This is a charming and lovely piece of contemporary fiction from Beth O Leary that takes an interesting premise of a one bedroom flat in London being shared by two occupants who never meet, each in residence, sleeping in the same bed, when the other is out or working A exploitative version of this is the overcrowded sharing of accommodation in the desperate working conditions experienced by trafficked, illegal and migrant workers This is a benign and comic take focusing on the dire financial straits many workers face in a city with sky high rents Compassionate palliative care nurse, Leon Twomey, a man of few words has a girlfriend, Kay, and a younger brother, Richie, in prison after being framed for armed robbery Leon needs money to pay Richie s lawyer to secure an appeal hearing, so Tiffany Tiffy Moore moves in, and for months they never meet, their paths never cross, but a quirky and offbeat relationship develops between the pair of them through the form of post it notes.Tiffy is still hankering after her ex boyfriend, the wealthy and manipulative Justin who has evicted her from his flat after getting involved with another woman She is an assistant editor for a niche independent DIY and crafts publisher, overworked and paid a pittance Her star client author is Katherin, a woman who writes books on the art of crocheting, and who will do nothing without Tiffy in ...

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    It s weird how easily you can get to know someone from the traces they leave behind. The best kinds of books are those that surprise you with their perfection I was expecting this to be a cutesy light hearted read It was and it wasn t The characters were complex than I had anticipated and so was the plot Tiffy is desperate for a place to live and Leon is short on cash They come to an odd arrangement They will share not only a flat but the same bed Leon has the flat for the day until he starts his shift at the hospital and Tiffy gets it at night But the strangest part of the arrangement is that they never meet What starts as leaving a note to remember to leave the toilet seat down turns into a correspondence between friends Both have their own life problems to deal with and it was so beautiful to see how they supported and helped one another A book with a written correspondence between the main characters are one of my favourite kinds Be it email or letter or text, I just love seeing how two ...

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    4.5 stars I almost can t believe that The Flatshare is a debut novel Beth O Leary delivered an original and fun to read romance that I adored.Tiffy is looking for a place to live in London after another break up with her on again, off again ex boyfriend Justin The problem is, she can t afford much When she sees an ad for a Flatshare with a guy who works nights and is away on weekends, she jumps at it Even if it does seem a bit odd at first Leon is a hospice nurse who works nights and is looking for some extra cash to help his brother Renting out his flat is a quick and easy way to make it He and Tiffy share the flat and the bed and even though they haven t met in person, they quickly get to know each other.The notes they write back and forth are adorable It was one of my favorite things about this story I loved the build up and the anticipation of when they would finally meet And let me tell you their first meeting didn t disappoint.Both Tiffy and Leon were exceptional characters There were also some great secondary characters Leon s brother being my favorite This book is a lovely romance, but it s than that It s a story of finding yourself and coming into your own It s beautiful, unique and complex I listened to the audio version of this story and the narrators were great It was easy to listen to, well Tif...

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    This book and I had a second chance love affair At first I didn t like the way that one of the main characters spoke, without many pronouns, like he was speaking in note form, rather than in full sentences I very nearly gave up on it But then I wouldn t have gotten to know Tiffany, Rachel, Gerty, Mo, Leon and, Richie Then I wouldn t have witnessed Tiffy s amazing character Arc.I wouldn t have seen all the cute little notes, and seen these really different people get to know, each other.Then I wouldn t have cried at how cruel and controlling some people can be to others, but how they can be overcome, with the right support.I wouldn t have seen what an amazing man Leon was, in his job a...

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