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!!> Read ➶ La hija olvidala ➺ Author Armando Lucas Correa –

La hija olvidalaBERLIN, 1939 The Dreams That Amanda Sternberg And Her Husband, Julius, Had For Their Daughters Are Shattered When The Nazis Descend On Berlin, Burning Down Their Beloved Family Bookshop And Sending Julius To A Concentration Camp Desperate To Save Her Children, Amanda Flees Toward The South Of France, Where The Widow Of An Old Friend Of Her Husband S Has Agreed To Take Her In Along The Way, A Refugee Ship Headed For Cuba Offers Another Chance At Escape And There, At The Dock, Amanda Is Forced To Make An Impossible Choice That Will Haunt Her For The Rest Of Her Life Once In Haute Vienne, Her Brief Respite Is Inter Rupted By The Arrival Of Nazi Forces, And Amanda Finds Herself In A Labor Camp Where She Must Once Again Make A Heroic Sacrifice.NEW YORK, 2015 Eighty Year Old Elise Duval Receives A Call From A Woman Bearing Messages From A Time And Country That She Forced Herself To Forget A French Catholic Who Arrived In New York After World War II, Elise Is Shocked To Discover That The Letters Were From Her Mother, Written In German During The War Despite Elise S Best Efforts To Stave Off Her Past, Seven Decades Of Secrets Begin To Unravel.Based On True Events, The Daughter S Tale Chronicles One Of The Most Harrowing Atrocities Perpetrated By The Nazis During The War Heart Breaking And Immersive, It Is A Beautifully Crafted Family Saga Of Love, Survival, And Redemption.

!!> Read ➶ La hija olvidala ➺ Author Armando Lucas Correa –
  • Hardcover
  • 320 pages
  • La hija olvidala
  • Armando Lucas Correa
  • English
  • 03 December 2018
  • 9781501187933

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    Horrible things happened during WWII as we know Books were burned Jews arrested Millions were killed Children were separated from their parents sometimes initiated by mothers and fathers in efforts to save their children In this story, based on true events, a small village is destroyed with almost no survivors This novel reflects the strength of the people in the French resistance and tells the story of difficult decisions a mother makes to save her children Memories are pushed back and a life of secrets was led for decades by Elise Duval I read a lot of WWII books and it seems there is always something to learn In this case, it was the horrific fate of the people who lived in a small French village, Oradour Sur Glane While it has its merits and is meaningful in that it based on real events, I have to judge this book against other WWII novels I have read This is important and sad, but I can t give it than three stars The writing style, flat and straigh...

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    I know it s only January but I have a feeling this could end up being my favorite historical fiction read of 2019 This book gripped me pretty darn near close to the start and didn t let up until the last page I highly recommend this one even if you feel like you have read one too many WW2 historical fiction books It s worth reading.Eighty year old Elise Duvall has been living in New York for the past seven decades when she receives quite a shock A woman has contacted her and wants to deliver letters written to Elise by her mother during World War 2 Time has a way of helping you forget your past but now all of it will come back to the surface for Elise along with so much she never even knew about.I like when historical fiction books are able to teach me something In this case there were two things I didn t know about prior to reading One was the tragic massacre of a village in France in 1944 Another thing that was part of the plot was the ship that left Germany with refugees bound for Cuba The way both were weaved into the plot made for a compelling story and I am thankful the author chose to include them as it made me interested in looking up information about both after I was done reading Most people liked The Nightingale by ...

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    NOW AVAILABLE I loved The German Girl by this author and was excited to read his new novel From reading the blurb for this book I was hoping that there would be and continued events and stories from people aboard the St Louis This is the ill fated ship that carried German Jewish families who had some funds hoping to land in Cuba Unfortunately by the time the ship lands the Cuban officials refuse most of the passengers for political reasons and only a handful are allowed to disembark This sent the rest to other countries that wouldn t accept them and eventually back to Germany and for some concentration camps.The book starts with a phone call that an older woman Elise Duval receives from someone who had recently visited Cuba A woman and her daughter visit Elise and bring with them an ebony box containing letters, photographs and It is such a shock that Elise collapses and has to be taken to the hospital.This book ultimately is a story of mothers and daughters and the difficult decisions that sometimes had to be made to protect their children Some got sent away to live in another, safer country, some were sent to live in the French countryside which was felt to be safe I thoroughly enjoyed these parts of the book and felt for the terrible decisions that people ha...

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    Amanda and Julius Sternberg were soon to be first time parents to a baby girl they would name Viera in 1933 They owned a book store in Charlottenberg, Germany Amanda was supposed to get rid of all the books that were considered offensive, unpatriotic, or not sufficiently German The intention was to eliminate all Jewishness from the printed universe Julius had just started a new medical practice which was growing nicely.Amanda ran the bookshop Bookshelves were piled high with Amanda brother s books He was a Russian poet but he had left Germany several years earlier for a Caribbean island She also had many of her father s storybooks that he had read to her when she was a child She was trying to figure out which book she would save only one The others she was going to be burned She decided to protect the French botanical album with its hand painted illustrations of exotic plants and flowers that her father had given her Getting rid of all the wonderful books felt like a mother casting her child into oblivion Devastating The era of extreme Jewish intellectualism has come to an end, and the German revolution has again opened their way for the true essence of being German National socialists were boasting the new era Frau Strasser was part of an army of women pretending to be soldiers ...

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    3.5 Stars rounded down A Story of Heartbreak, Loss and Family Amanda Sternberg is crushed when her husband is taken into custody by the Nazi s His fate is sealed Amanda is left to care for her two children, Viera and Lina Her husband left strict instructions for her to send them on a refugee ship The St Louis to Havana Amanda cannot bear the thought of losing both her girls Viera is old enough to take care of herself, Lina is not, thus Amanda makes an impossible choice, sending Viera on her own to Cuba Amanda and Lina are then taken by the Nazi s into a Labor Camp, where Amanda endures and sacrifices for her daughter, until the day Lina can escape to a French Village There, Lina, now known as Elise, learns what it means to survive, to exist, to persist and to love The Daughter s Tale is a novel that grapples with the relationship between mothers and daughters and sisters and the family you make in the most difficult of times I had previously read Armando Lucas Correa s The German Girl and loved it and while I liked The Daughter s Tale I w...

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    Multitudes of families were decimated or shattered by the holocaust Based on a true story, this is a fictionalized account of one of them We bear witness to a mother s anguish and desperation as she tries to save her two daughters Substitute families, in various forms, are constructed in order to survive and the outcome is nothing short of astonishingly miraculous One of the most traumatic scenes occurs as the villagers of Oradour Sur Glane are savagely slaughtered and the town annihil...

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    This was a compelling story about love, heartbreak, and sacrifice No matter how many books I read about WWII I am always shocked by the horrors of war and The resilience of humans Amanda was a happily married mother and the owner of her family bookshop Then things begin to change The books were ordered to be burned, her husband was sent away, and her daughters lives were in danger Amanda s one goal now is the survival of her daughters and she will sacrifice whatever it takes to ensure their safety 80 years later Elise receives letters written by her mother all those decades ago Letters that make her face secrets, some she has live with and some she never knew Who are you really, when you ve lived someone else s nlife This book wove some true events into the story Including book burning, the annihilation of a French Village, and a boat of German refugees heading to Cuba This is something I really love about historical fiction, you always learn something while reading This book grab me from the first page The writing was straightforward and concise, and I thought that was perfect for the subject matter My heart broke for Amanda and I was humbled by her strength The atrocities of war are so disturbing, so dark, so unfortunate The bulk of the story was bleak but there was hope peppered throughout Although I have to say as dark as most WWII books are I always...

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    A mother s heartbreak, impossible choices, desperate circumstances, and a daughter s secrets to survival The Daughter s Tale is an unforgettable heartbreaking family saga that follows The German Girl It explores the heart wrenching decisions of one mother s choices made out of love and for survival The story pulled at my momma heartstrings and I could feel our main character s Amanda s desperation to save her daughters and her strength as she made the impossible, haunting decisions she had to.Armando Lucas Correa does a good job here evoking the horrors here in the story but keeps the details lighter compared to some historical fiction I have read It did lack some emotional pull and depth to some of the characters needed to connect on an emotional level However, it did leave me a sobbing emotional mess in the best way in the end, thinking about all the mothers out there that had or have to make ...

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    The soldiers are fleeing, ashamed of the crime they ve committed, Elise dared to hope She was sure they wouldn t come back just for her The German soldier must have thought she was a ghost Or maybe he didn t see her because she no longer existed She had died several hours earlierShe had also died two years earlier, that night in the forest, before she woke up burning with fever in Maman Claire s arms Now she was living another of her deaths God only knew how many deaths she would have to escape We all die at least once But what must it be to experience what feels like the end multiple times How much of who we are remains after each passing Who do we become What do we owe to the lives we ve lived before Armando Lucas Correa image from his FB pagesWorld War II and the outrages of the Nazis never seems to fade as a source of story telling treasure Armando Lucas Correa adds two factual period elements that are less than common knowledge to distinguish his story The first is from a lane he has sailed before In his 2016 international bestseller, The German Girl, Correa followed a twelve year old Jewish girl...

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    Like his The German Girl this story includes the historic voyage of the S.S St Louis which left Germany with the intention to deliver these passengers, most all of whom were Jewish, to Cuba Political issues prevailed upon their arrival, and a small handful of passengers were allowed to disembark, taking a smaller boat to come ashore in Cuba, but the rest were turned away The release of The German Girl brought forth survivors who shared their personal stories with Correa, and out of those painfully shared personal histories, the idea for The Daughter s Tale began to take shape.Mothers and daughters, how one mother is forced to make one decision after another in order to save the lives of her daughters, often at her personal expense Sending them to a place she believes will offer them safety, to become part of another family, a family that will change over time, as well Names are changed Life changes, and lives change And war changes everything Once again, Correa shows us another historically significant event the horrific slaughter in the village of Oradour Sur Glane, in Haute Vienne, France portrayed with accuracy, but without being overly gruesome in detail This story begins, briefly, in New York City in 2015 with Elise Duval, an eighty year old woman, and weaves it s way back to 1930s Germany, to the lives of Amanda and Julius Sternberg, and their two daughters, Viera and Lina In part, this is also an epistolary novel, including letters ...

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