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[PDF / Epub] ✅ Into the Jungle By Erica Ferencik –

Into the Jungle In This Pulse Pounding Thriller From The Author Of The Haunting, Twisting Thrill Ride Megan Miranda, New York Times Bestselling Author The River At Night, A Young Woman Leaves Behind Everything She Knows To Take On The Bolivian Jungle, But Her Excursion Abroad Quickly Turns Into A Fight For Her Life.Lily Bushwold Thought She D Found The Antidote To Endless Foster Care And Group Homes A Teaching Job In Cochabamba, Bolivia As Soon As She Could Steal Enough Cash For The Plane, She Was On It.When The Gig Falls Through And Lily Stays In Bolivia, She Finds Bonding With Other Broke, Rudderless Girls At The Local Hostel Isn T The Life She Wants Either Tired Of Hustling And Already World Weary, Crazy Love Finds Her In The Form She Least Expected Omar, A Savvy, Handsome Local Man Who D Abandoned His Life As A Hunter In Ayachero A Remote Jungle Village To Try His Hand At City Life.When Omar Learns That A Jaguar Has Killed His Four Year Old Nephew In Ayachero, He Gives Lily A Choice Stay Alone In The Unforgiving City, Or Travel To The Last In A String Of Ever Isolated River Towns In The Jungles Of Bolivia Thirty Foot Anaconda Puppy Sized Spiders Vengeful Shamans With Unspeakable Powers Love Struck Lily Is Oblivious She Follows Omar To This Ruthless New World Of Lawless Poachers, Bullheaded Missionaries, And Desperate Indigenous Tribes Driven To The Brink Of Extinction To Survive, Lily Must Navigate The Jungle Its Wonders As Well As Its Terrors Using Only Her Wits And Resilience.Primal, Gripping, And Terrifying, Into The Jungle Features Erica Ferencik S Signature Visceral, White Knuckle Entertainment Weekly Prose That Will Sink Its Fangs Into You And Not Let Go.

[PDF / Epub] ✅ Into the Jungle  By Erica Ferencik –
  • Hardcover
  • 327 pages
  • Into the Jungle
  • Erica Ferencik
  • English
  • 11 November 2017
  • 9781501168925

    10 thoughts on “[PDF / Epub] ✅ Into the Jungle By Erica Ferencik –

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    3.5 stars rounded to 4 Hold on to your little flame of self, because the world wants to blow it out, my beloved son This is one of those books that feels difficult to review, because it s heavy on plot progression and action, and those are all the things that I do not want to spoil for you As in her previous book, Erica Ferencik has brought forth a suspenseful endeavor into nature, one I would never want to take myself, but I feel brave enough to tackle vicariously through the characters in her story The strongest aspect of her two novels to date, in my humble opinion, is how nature is a prominent character throughout the story she is unyielding and indiscriminating when it comes to who and what she decides to obliterate, which adds an extra level of tension throughout the read While this isn t a realistic story by any means, if you can put aside your need for something founded in the natural, I think you ll enjoy the ride that Into the Jungle has to offer There is a backstory featuring a woman who grew up in the foster care system, followed by an adventure through the rainforest inclu...

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    NOW AVAILABLE Well I am happy to report that this is one book that really delivered It s not a thriller in the sense of a psychopath on the loose but I certainly found it thrilling and exciting to follow this young woman into the Bolivian jungle This was real, true adventure, with thrilling scenes between people and animals and this is the animals home and we are not welcome All that the indigenous women do every day are the things they need to do to survive, helping prepare the animals after they are killed, washing clothes, tending to many children and waiting for their hunter husbands to return I think I know a bit about the jungle than I did before, enough to know that I won t be visiting it any time soon Reading the prologue I was already pulled into the book, unable to really fathom what the author had in store for me The scene where Lily was being constricted by a python was in part I couldn t take my eyes off the grace of her as she coiled her ever thicker body around my knees now, wrapped herself around my thi...

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    Verdant, vibrant, pulsing with life and an infinite number of ways to die this is the jungle Merely brushing against a plant may kill you so one must always be hyper vigilant when within the depths of the jungle It is easy to become bewitched by the sounds and colors and to lose one s readiness for the imminent danger concealed within the beauty The indigenous Tantiga tribe has a word for this umahtar A late teenaged foster kid from Boston, through a series of immature decisions, winds up living in the Bolivian jungle This work of fiction tells the story of her life in the tropical rainforest complete with a prowling jaguar, a shaman, slithering anacondas, howler monkeys, poison dart frogs, four foot capybaras, tapirs, caimans the list goes on and on Poachers steal game that provides food for the people and manmade roads leading to valuable mahogany g...

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    If you look up into the canopy and see nothing don t believe your eyes, because a thousand things are looking back at you Lily Bushwold, all of nineteen and a product of continuous foster care homes, has felt eyes locked on her since she was a child Scrutinized, criticized, and rebuked for years, Lily decides to flip the switch on a teaching job in Cochabamba, Bolivia Fending forever for herself, foster care survival taught her to slip essentials into pockets and snatch anything useful for later Those skills are gonna have a big payoff later.Lily becomes a magnet for young women like herself trying to make it on their own in Cochabamba When prospects dry up, Lily and her friends take a job cleaning hotel rooms that never look quite clean On a typical night at a local bar, Lily will meet someone who will forever change her life and her personal attitude long term Omar is a motorcycle mechanic who spots Lily He bargains with her to teach him English Soon they only have eyes for one another.Omar receives news that his four year old nephew has been killed by a panther in his village of Ayachero His family needs him Unable to let go, Lily boards a rickety plane with Omar that almost doesn t make its landing This ...

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    Ah the things you learn from reading with Into the Jungle by Erica Ferencik I learned that a trip into the Bolivian jungle will never be put on my bucket list I m not one that has a fear of snakes or spiders but when things are bigger than you are and quite hungry I think I ll go the other way.Lily Bushwold is an American teenager that has only known the life of bouncing from one foster home to the next Lily wants nothing than to escape that kind of life having grown up living out of her backpack so when she hears of a job in Cochabamba, Bolivia she scraps all the cash she can and buys a plane ticket.Unfortunately for Lily things aren t much better in Bolivia when her job falls through Finding a few other girls she goes back to her stealing ways living at the local hostel and wondering where her next meal will come from The Lily meets Omar, this handsome local wins Lily s heart and when he is packing up to head deep into the jungle to his remote village Lily decides to go with him.Into the Jungle is one of those books that is the perfect read for those curious about other countries and like to travel there through the stories they read Erica Ferencik brought the Bolivian jungle to life to keep the pages turning wondering what hazard would come Lily s way next and would she survive them all For somebody like myself used to a McDonald s or Starbucks at every turn it was fun to read about Lily s adventure but I sure don t ...

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    A unique tale where the chills are provided by the dangerous South American rainforest, the jungle where lives can easily be lost to nature.Growing up in South America, we would often spend holidays or vacations on the cold and beautiful Andes mountains or the pristine beaches of the Caribbean, a few driving hours would get you out of the city and into these marvelous places However, the jungle was never an option, it was out of the question, forbidden To this day, I have never visited it or gone nearby, its reputation would prevent...

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    Decided to DNF at 38%..I just can t get into these characters at all I thought the setting would be interesting, but it isn t Really enjoyed this authors novel, The River at Night.I just can t force myself to read on..

  8. says:

    Jaguars Snakes Tarantulas

    INTO THE JUNGLE follows a resilient 19 year old Lily Bushwold from foster home to job opportunity in Cochabamba, Bolivia There she meets up with a kind, gentle man who turns out to be a badass native ian who leads her.and her heart on a dangerous journey to his homeland in the unforgiving Bolivian jungle.

    The four hour flight over on a bush plane is a roller coaster of a nightmare in itself, but nothing compared to what lurks in the jungle at night.and day.

    INTO THE JUNGLE has evil and deadly creatures, both animal and human, as well as infectious diseases and horrendous weather.with quite a variety of cool and unusual characters.

    While not all situations seem plausible in the storyline, this very entertaining novel is eerily descriptive of jungle life and a journey well worth taking for this reader as it develops ...

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    Find all of my reviews at I m scared to death of this place It s just life, Lily You can t be afraid of life Sure I can Lily isn t like most 19 year old travelers She had no silver spoon in her mouth or bottomless trust fund available for her to backpack around Europe However, she still had a wanderer s heart so when an opportunity to teach in Bolivia appeared she was all over it When the job fell through, she holed up in the cheapest youth hostel she could find and ended up falling for a local named Omar who will show her the most people only read about Expecting something picturesque like this Lily quickly discovers life in Ayachero is like this Is surprised to find this And even surprised by others like this Who have been trying to find a mahogany grove for ages which will lead to deforestation and obliteration of the Tatinga tribe I loved The River at Night by this author and loved this one just as much I don t care if it was farfetched or unrealistic or whatever else naysayers want to point out All I know is that Ferencik s storytelling is hypnotizing, I enjoyed the...

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    Unputdownable You ll want to put a Do Not Disturb sign on the door before you start reading this Heart stopping, Powerful, Terrifying, 5 thriller Love the cover, too Something silky slid across my ankles, followed by a heavy, heated weight over my toes Solid warmth oozed under my calves Still half asleep, I got to my elbows and looked down my body at the wide, trapezoidal head of an anaconda, neon green with flecks of yellow around her cleft mouth As if suspended by some mad puppet maker, she hovered at eye level, swaying hypnotically My eyes followed hers back and forth, my head doing this little dip along with her I didn t scream because even as I watched, I wasn t sure what I was seeing.I couldn t tell if she was real She encircled my ankles Pellet eyes locked on mine, her head made its way up the length of my body as she languidly wreathed herself around my legs and oh dear God why, I don t know but I didn t feel like struggling She had me I could feel her eggs, solid lumps just under the satin of her white belly The meat of her was soft and blood warm I couldn t take my eyes off the grace of her as she coiled her ever thicker body around my knees now, wrapped herself around my thighs, ...

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