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✸ Naturally Tan Epub ✻ Author Tan France –

Naturally Tan In This Heartfelt, Funny, Touching Memoir, Tan France, Star Of Netflix S Smash Hit QUEER EYE, Tells His Origin Story For The First Time With His Trademark Wit, Humor, And Radical Compassion, Tan Reveals What It Was Like To Grow Up Gay In A Traditional Muslim Family, As One Of The Few People Of Color In Doncaster, England He Illuminates His Winding Journey Of Coming Of Age, Finding His Voice And Style , And How He Finally Came Out To His Family At The Age Of 34, Revealing That He Was Happily Married To The Love Of His Life A Mormon Cowboy From Salt Lake City.In Tan S Own Words, The Book Is Meant To Spread Joy, Personal Acceptance, And Most Of All Understanding Each Of Us Is Living Our Own Private Journey, And The We Know About Each Other, The Healthier And Happier The World Will Be.

✸ Naturally Tan  Epub ✻ Author Tan France –
  • Audio CD
  • Naturally Tan
  • Tan France
  • English
  • 15 April 2018
  • 9781250211071

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    My reviews can also be seen at Wasim Tan France is an English fashion designer He is one of the Fab 5 from Queer Eye on Netflix Tan is the fashion expert on the series.I really didn t know a lot about Tan before reading his book I had heard of the Netflix series, Queer Eye but had never watched it.Tan was raised in a traditional Muslim family in South Yorkshire, England If you ask him when he first knew he was gay, he ll tell you he s always known He loves women, but he never thought of them as an option for his romantic future Tan never felt that his feelings were wrong or that he had to put a stop to them, but explains what it was like growing up Tan always knew he d marry a man Of course, he didn t know it would be a Mormon cowboy from Salt Lake City.Tan didn t care much for school but still managed to get very good grades Getting to and from school was dangerous due to the threat of physical violence from the groups who yelled racial slurs at Tan and his siblings on a regular basis.Tan gives us insight into his first relationships as well as his marriage to husband, Rob His love for Rob really comes across and is lovely to read about He talks about the casting process for Queer Eye , how he became one of the Fab 5 , and some other bits about the show and his cast mates.I liked the PSA S public service announcements about T shirts, jeans, and There is some relationship advice First Date Do s and Don ts ,...

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    This is a insightful memoir of the life of Tanweer Wasim, otherwise commonly known as Tan France, as one of the Fab Five of Queer Eye, a hit show on Netflix It takes an easy, casual conversational approach that makes this a comfortable immersive reading experience as we learn of Tan s past and how he ended up on the much loved TV show in a non linear narrative peppered with his fashion tips and advice What makes this a fascinating read is that he is South Asian, gay and muslim, from a traditional and conservative family background, with a challenging childhood of growing up in Doncaster, Yorkshire, facing bullying and racism He comes across as warm and humorous, a real personality, a fashion designer who worked his way through a myriad of jobs prior to his audition for Queer Eye He relates falling in love with his husband, Rob, from Salt Lake City, a Mormon cowboy, giving us an endearing account of their relationship There are aspects of his life that Tan chooses to be less than forthcoming about, but that is his right and does not detract from the authenticity of who he is and the life he has lived This is an entertaining, often humorous and thought provoking memoir in which Tan comes across as so very human, touching on important issues such as the experience of being a muslim gay man in our contemporary world There was much that I could relate to, and Tan...

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    I started reading Naturally Tan on 5 11 2019 and finished it on 5 16 2019 This book is an excellent read Normally memoirs put me to sleep but this book is actually written in a way that I feel like Tan is talking to me It s upbeat and honest and I found myself wanting to get to know him and learn from his experiences I have never heard of Tan France and the Netflix show Queer Eye until I receive the surprise book mail, advance copy for review I went on Netflix right after I open my book mail to watch two episodes from season 1 Tan worried about himself not being silly enough on the show compared to the other guys, but I thought their silliness is a bit annoying I do love the end of the show because the transformation is gorgeous From this book I learned that racism do exist in England too and not just in USA that I know of.This book is told in the first person point of view following Tan France, a Netflix Queer Eye star specializing in fashion He was born in England and experienced racism against Pakistanis for being a person of color He learn...

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    3.5 stars I m a fan of Tan France, and I find him to be charming, funny, but a bit aloof His book feels the same way Naturally Tan was an easy, enjoyable read that actually felt like Tan wrote it instead of the book being fully reworked by a ghostwriter It had his voice and cadence, and I loved that about it Tan s upbringing, love life, and religion aren t new to anyone who watches his show, but we learn a bit about the details in his book I liked the anecdotal details about his childhood and family, and I loved his very firm commitment and love for his husband, but if you are expecting a lot of very personal details, you will won t really find them here Tan stays a bit guarded while telling his story, and any details about his religion, further details about his romance, and many of the ju...

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    Tan France is the style expert on Netflix s Queer Eye and part of the Fab 5 I am a huge fan of the show and like all 5 of the men, though I knew very little about Tan prior to reading this book Naturally Tan is part memoir and part advice The advice is dispensed in a casual, friendly manner and includes numerous style related tips, as well as a few regarding the management of relationships, and how to not let instant fame and wealth go to your head Tan is playful, thoughtful, and maintains an upbeat, positive outlook on life I learned a lot about Tan through reading the book, for example, that he lives in Salt Lake City, he worked at numerous clothing retail operations had his own fashion lines prior to the show, and, he met his husband while vacationing His stories, much like the advice included in the book, are told in a friendly ton...

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    I adore Tan France so much I was highly anticipating this book, and I received a copy of it from BookSparks, and I couldn t wait to read it And I m so glad I did I m a huge fan of Queer Eye and I absolutely adore Tan I loved getting insight into his childhood and his marriage and getting casted for Queer Eye and meeting the other guys for the first time Reading some of those stories from his childhood were heartbreaking, because he dealt with a lot of racism growing up brown in the UK I love his passion and love for his husband Rob, I could really feel through his writing how much he loves him I also loved reading about his first impressions of the rest of the guys on Queer Eye and how wrong he ended up being haha I appreciate Tan s honesty about things in this book like how things made him feel The only reason I knocked off a star is because this writing doesn t seem the best I appreciate the fact that Tan actually wrote this instead of using a ghostwriter you can obviously tell it was written by him I can hear his voice in this words but with that being said the writing still isn t the best, and this book kind of jumps back and forth and all over the place, which I know is the case for a lot of memoirs but I like a little structure when reading I also couldn t care less about fashion so I found myself skimming those sections where he went on and on about fashion, I know that s a huge part of Tan so I expected it in this book but I was mostly here ...

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    How I got to reading this book is a mystery to me surely I m not the only book lover for whom one book can sometimes follow another as if by magic What I m trying to say is that I loved this even though I ve never watched Queer Eye, I enjoyed Tan s s...

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    Thanks to Netgalley and St Martin s Press for providing me with an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.I loved this book Non fiction is rarely my genre of choice, and I don t read a lot of memoirs I can count on one hand how many non fiction books I ve read in the past five years But I saw the Fab 5 member Tan France had written something and I just had to read it As a gay man, this new Queer Eye has been a revelation I adore them all the cast members, the heroes as they call them meaning the people they re going to help , everything and everybody.It was so interesting to get insight into who Tan is as a person both before his time on the show, and after And I love that he s pretty much exactly the same person as before, just recognizable on the streets.I won t say the writing is perfect It wasn t There s a lot of train of thought writing and incomplete sentences and sometimes even the paragraph splits don t seem just right but it didn ...

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    I didn t know what the show Queer Eye was about until I saw everyone talking about it on twitter last year and then I decided to binge watch the two seasons wow was that an experience I sobbed in almost every episode and fell in love with the Fab 5 and it s been wonderful getting to know them better since then It was also very surprising to see a gay South Asian person on such a mainstream popular show and he quickly became my favorite and I ve really wanted to know about Tan So I was so so excited when I got approved for the advance copy of his memoir and I think it s awesome that I m able to review this today, the premier of Season 3 Tan has always come across as the reserved one among the Fab 5, so I definitely was expecting to get a better read on him through this book and I wasn t let down His narrative style is witty, sassy and charming and this is a memoir you won t mind finishing in a single sitting He is also quite self deprecating, pointing out his own flaws and owning them while also being very forthright about some of his own opinions Peppered among the anecdotes from his life are some of his signature fashion tips and I definitely loved them Some of ...

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    I listened to Naturally Tan on audiobook I do not watch the show Queer Eye and I did not really know who Tan France was but I was seeing this book all over bookstagram so I had to check it out Well let me just say, I thought this was such a great book Tan narrated the audiobook himself, which was fantastic because it really felt like he was talking to me His personality really shone through I m not a huge memoir fan but I was impressed with this book So much truth about how he grew up, feeling he had to hide who he was And the racism he has dealt with Parts that were heartbreaking And then there was so many parts that...

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