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!!> PDF / Epub ☃ Dragonslayer (Dragonslayer #1) ✐ Author Duncan M. Hamilton –

Dragonslayer (Dragonslayer #1) BuzzFeed Greatest Fantasy Book Of The Year AuthorIn His Magnificent, Heroic, Adventure Fantasy, Dragonslayer, Duncan M Hamilton Debuts The First Book In A Fast Moving Trilogy A Dangerous Tale Of Lost Magics, Unlikely Heroes, And Reawakened Dragons.Once A Member Of The King S Personal Guard, Guillot Dal Villevaurais Spends Most Days Drinking And Mourning His Wife And Child He S Astonished And Wary When The Prince Bishop Orders Him To Find And Destroy A Dragon He And The Prince Bishop Have Never Exactly Been Friends And Gill Left The Capitol In Disgrace Five Years Ago So Why Him And, Importantly, How Is There A Dragon To Fight When The Beasts Were Hunted To Extinction Centuries Ago By The Ancient Chevaliers Of The Silver Circle On The Way To The Capitol City, Gill Rescues Sol Ne, A Young Barmaid, Who Is About To Be Burned As A Witch He Believes Her Innocentbut She Soon Proves That She Has Plenty Of Raw, Untrained Power, A Problem In This Land, Where Magic Is Forbidden Yet The Prince Bishop Believes Magic Will Be The Key To Both Destroying The Dragon And Replacingthe Young, Untried King He Pretends To Serve With A Pliable Figurehead Between Gill S Rusty Swordsmanship And Sol Ne S Unstable Magic, What Could Go Wrong

!!> PDF / Epub ☃ Dragonslayer (Dragonslayer #1)  ✐ Author Duncan M. Hamilton –
  • Paperback
  • 304 pages
  • Dragonslayer (Dragonslayer #1)
  • Duncan M. Hamilton
  • 17 April 2018
  • 9781250306739

    10 thoughts on “!!> PDF / Epub ☃ Dragonslayer (Dragonslayer #1) ✐ Author Duncan M. Hamilton –

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    Not a review just a placeholder where I can post some updates to keep you all informed of how things are progressing 2 7 19 My final update here Dragonslayer is now released, and available in Hardcover, Paperback, Ebook, and Audiobook Thanks for following the book in the pre launch, and I really hope you like it 19 2 19 Tor are running a Goodreads Giveaway for some advance copies of Dragonslayer There are 100 copies up for grabs You can enter here Dragonslayer Goodreads Giveaway18 2 19 Advance Reader Copies are starting to percolate their way out into the world, so Dragonslayer is really starting to feel like the completed article There will be some ARC giveaways happening in coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled for a chance to get your hands on an pre re...

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    Read the full review at my site Digital Amrittl dr Dragonslayer is a character driven fresh take on a classic storyline.IntroductionDragonslayer is the first book in a trilogy by the same name from one of my favourite authors Duncan M Hamilton.Gill, our protagonist, is a famous soldier who is now an alcoholic mourning his family He is tasked by an old enemy of his Amaury, to find and kill a dragon one which has appeared centuries after the species was thought to have been hunted to extinction Along the way, he discovers Solene, a young woman who happens to be a powerful natural mage There is plenty of machinations, politics and action as the story unfolds.CharactersThe main aspect of Dragonslayer that really stood out is the amount of depth in each and every character that you meet Needless to say, Gill Solene who are the protagonists have plenty of de...

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    Thank you to netgalley and Macmillon Tor Forge for the review copy in exchange for an honest review This does not change my opinion in anyway.TW Burning People Alcoholism Suggested Hanging I am at a loss as to how to rate this book On the one hand I enjoyed it On the other hand there were things missing The missing thing Worldbuilding And let us just start right off with that This book is a high fantasy, inspired by our own Medieval history There is a map at the front of the book Which is good because I would otherwise have no idea There are three surrounding countries regions of which two were mentioned in the book But nothing that really gave me much on where they were and what the relations really were But even worse I have no idea about this country Most of it took place in a few towns and cities but I could not tell you anything of interest about any of them well except the witch hanging perhaps The biggest problem is that all the world building and even character histories though I ll get back to that are only there when it serves a purpose to the plot And even then it is thin And from an adult fantasy I have quite a bit expectations than that.And it is a shame because this author clearly can write I enjoyed his writing style I enjoyed most of the plot The dragon s few point of views were really interesting to read about though I do have a lot of question marks regarding the dragon population and how long this particular dragon s...

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    literally anything will have me at the word dragons okay I m a simple person

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    A solid epic fantasy that puts an exciting new spin on the classic let s go slay the dragon trope, Dragonslayer won me over with the first glimpse of Alpheratz Duncan M Hamilton humanizes dragons, gives them memories and purpose and emotion, and flips our sympathies from cheering on the deaths of monsters to mourning the loss of these magnificent beasts.In fact, I d liked Alpheratz far than most of the humans, but there were two exceptions Sol ne is a character I liked from the first moment we met her She was strong, confident, and charismatic, her magic making her than a match for a back alley assault The whole she s a witch, burn her trope was handled nicely here, with Gil calling out the villagers, shaming them for their deeds, and raising a few philosophical questions in his rescue of the young woman You might expect that scene to scar her, possibly even define her, but Sol ne shrugs it off to not only return the favor in saving Gil s life, but in demanding her place in his quest.Now, as for Gil, he s a man I was prepared not to like Mysteriously tragic backstory aside, we first meet him as a lazy drunk, too wrapped up in his own problems to do his job and care for his people He s standoffish, rude, self pitying, and has trouble sticking to his own vows to better himself The...

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    Dragonslayer by Duncan M Hamilton was a slightly below average reading experience for me The hero is of the drinking myself into oblivion variety The dragon is the kill and burn everything variety The magic was not interesting to me at all There isn t any worldbuilding to speak of So If you are a fan of Duncan Hamilton s, you are going to like this one just fine and you won t agree with me at all I simply found it all too average not an original element in the whole story I was not convinced that a former champion dragon slayer who had pickled himself in alcohol for over ten years could come back and do a few sword waving exercises over a few days time and be able to kill the dragon e...

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    This was a great book and beginning to a series I ll keep this review spoiler free I am a big fan of Duncan Hamilton s books This new book continues in the same world where Wolf of the North takes place, although you won t have to have read that series to appreciate this one There isn t any overlap of characters or anything You will recognize the magic system and history though This book is about Guillot Gill a banneret that had previously been the greatest swordsman of the kingdom and champion of the king When the book starts he s been away from the capital for about 5 years and has become a drunk and let himself go He s out of shape and basically just drinking away his money The arrival of a dragon rampaging through the kingdom wakes him up to some sense of responsibility This is a great story of his attempt to redeem himself, take responsibility and try to make things better There is a lot of intrigue in this story We learn some of his background throughout the book and why he c...

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    I enjoyed this book, it s a very solid epic fantasy novel There are three things I look for when reading a big fantasy so I m really going to talk about those things One is world building, two is development of characters, and three is the over all story 1 the was the weakest point, the world was interesting, I love dragons but I needs just a tiny bit I understand this author has written other books from this world so maybe I just needed to read something else so I am immersed in this world but I just felt like every once in while I was missing a piece of information 2 Gill was great, fantastic main character Flawed yet I could empathize with him, and I was interested in what he was doing or saying Loved him 3 Well done story I have a soft spot for a dragon story, whether ...

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    Dragonslayer is a non stop fast paced fantasy with a slew of key players that all intersect to create a story rich in detail and adventure I m torn about this book On the one hand I loved it I loved Guillot, a tarnished knight, a laid back Hero you can t help but like the you get to know him I loved Solene She was strong, capable and there is so much potential in her that you know she s gonna become a total bad ass when she grows into her powers But my biggest love was for Alpheratz Thank you to the author for writing Alpheratz POV Getting to know this dragon and his true motivations was so freaking perfect Alpharatz is my favorite character in this book and his POV was what kept me coming back for .On the other hand, the story lacked a bit of background information This is my first book by this author so maybe that s why I m not familiar with the world he s created but it did feel like you were dropped into the story with a world already long established Favorite Line s He hungered for the moment when he burned the first large town to ash Only then would the humans understand the pai...

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    Absolutely fantastic read, I really felt connected with the characters and was genuinely disappointed when the book ended, I need to know what happens next Dragons, swords, magic, everything I need in a bo...

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