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[Ebook] ↠ Marriage for One Author Ella Maise –

Marriage for One Jack And I, We Did Everything Backward The Day He Lured Me Into His Office Which Was Also The First Day We Met He Proposed You D Think A Guy Who Looked Like Him A Bit Cold Maybe, But Still Striking And Very Unattainable Would Only Ask The Love Of His Life To Marry Him, Right You D Think He Must Be Madly In Love Nope It Was Me He Asked A Complete Stranger Who Had Never Even Heard Of Him A Stranger Who Had Been Dumped By Her Fianc Only Weeks Before You D Think I D Laugh In His Face, Call Him Insane And A Few Other Names Then Walk Away As Quickly As Possible Well I Did All Those Things Except The Walking Away Part It Took Him Only Minutes To Talk Me Into A Business Deal Erm, I Mean Marriage, And Only Days For Us To Officially Tie The Knot Happiest Day Of My Life Magical Pop The Champagne Not It Was The Worst Day Jack Hawthorne Was Nothing Like What I D Imagined For Myself I Blamed Him For My Lapse In Judgment I Blamed His Eyes, The Ocean Blue Eyes That Looked Straight Into Mine Unapologetically, And That Frown On His Face I Had No Idea I Would Become So Fascinated With In Time It Wasn T Long After He Said I Was The Biggest Mistake Of His Life That Things Started To Change No, He Still Didn T Talk Much, But Anyone Can String A Few Words Together His Actions Spoke The Loudest To Me And Day After Day My Heart Started To Get A Mind Of Its Own One Second He Was No One The Next He Became Everything One Second He Was Unattainable The Next He Seemed To Be Completely Mine One Second I Thought We Were In Love The Next It Was Still Nothing But A Lie After All, I Was Rose And He Was Jack We Were Doomed From The Very Beginning With Those Names Did You Expect Anything Else

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    A slow burn romance that will have your toes curling for the unexpected, yet endearing love and passion that comes from Jack and Rose Let s begin this review by simply stating that Ella Maise is a hidden treasure that needs to be expanding and , and be cherished in the romance world She already is but she needs attention that s for sure because there is no denying that the true magic that flows from her words is something that is forever engraved in my heart and mind Ella as an author has so much power in her words and characters make you fall in love with them through every aspect Ella warned me that this book would not be my cup of tea because of the slow burn, and she was right about 35% through the novel The rest of the novel however, Jack just became this rugged, yet emotionless expressive kind of character that made me want to keep on reading until Rose would finally be able to cram him There is also no denying that this novel would not be a novel that I would actually go out of my way to reading or signing up for because of the slow burn And because I am not never NOT honest in my reviews, the only reason why I truly enjoyed this masterpiece is because it was written by the sweetly minded, yet dirty thinker that is Ella Though you also have to admit tha...

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    MARRIAGE FOR ONE Is a full length romance novel by author Ella Maise Spoken in Dual Perspectives Rose s dream since she was eighteen years old was to open up her own coffee shop, something that would solely be hers But that dream was merely a pipe dream, just when it s nearly in her grasp it s ripped right out of her fingers Enter Jack He can help her but it comes with strings attached And this is where it all started A loveless marriage of convenience between two strangers for two years, all in the name of a business transaction, then they would go their separate ways As one would say were doomed from the start The man Rose was about to marry could ve been created by stone going by how he didn t show his emotions A frown had set up residence on his handsome face permanently The man didn t know how to smile The number of times Jack Hawthorne smiled Zero He was standoffish, this prickly and rough around the edges man, arrogant at times Aloof Easiest five stars given My heart so many times whilst reading this was...

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    Marriage For One is now LIVE Are you planning on meeting Jack Rose I hope you do They own my heart And if you love slow burn, this is it This is the one for you I hope 3 I m so over the moon about this release Paperback US UK

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    Full disclosure, I gave up at the 40% mark to take a nap you make of that what you may I would say the best thing about this book is that cover My opinion, of course.

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    5 stars I want to be that person to you, rose I want to be the person you lean on You and I, we re the same We have no one but each other You ll lean on me and I l do the same We ll learn how we re in this together I think that this book was worth almost failing my exam for.I was so looking forward to reading this book Unfortunately, i got it on the day before my final exam I was like i m just gonna check it out See if it s good Make sure that it s worth the wait And you know what I couldn t stop Yeah I know, not one of my smartest decisions.So, about the story, Rose has always dreamed about opening her coffee shop, when she was finally close to achieving her dream, everything changes That s when Jack Hawthorn came with a plan He offers her a business deal that she can t refuse Let me just say that I really do love marriage of convenience novels I love watching them acting like yeah we are cool There s nothing happening between us It s all just pretending Then I love when things start getting...

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    The words of the male protagonist pretty well summarize the storyline I still couldn t believe she had forgiven me without making me work for it .

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    5 emotional stars Ella Maise has done a fantastic job There is no way to read this story and not feel a thing I don t want to give much away but this book is about the strength of love Despite deceit and hopelessness, love has an amazing power to heal Now this is honestly my first venture reading EM and I m glad I did cause what excellent writing This book was emotional, heartbreaking, and had me on the edge of my seat until the very end Jack and Rose s love story was engaging and heartfelt, brilliantly told from start to finish Marriage For One is amazing and now added to one of my favor...

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    One of those books that leave you speechless All I can say is, READ THIS ONE

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    First off, how much does that cover model look like Sam Hueghan, aka Jamie Fraser from Outlander That caught my eye first Then, when I read the synopsis and saw this was a marriage 0f convenience novel, I was willing to try this new to me author Rose thought she was going to marry the love of her life while completing her dream and opening her own coffee shop Instead, she finds herself marrying a man she just met Jack Hawthorne Cold and stubborn, Jack offers Rose a business proposition she can t refuse But the she melts Jack s cold exterior, the Rose finds herself falling for her husband Holy moly, talk about slow burn This romance was everything and I was DYING over every touch and every rare smile from Jack when it came to Rose This romance was just so so cute I love a good marriage of convenience novel because the two have to pretend to love each other in public and that s when the lines blur between pretend and real feelings I loved how much Rose would bicker with Jack, even when he wouldn t bicker back His honesty was so fun and ...

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    5 All I Want Is You Stars ARC provided by Social Butterfly PR He looked amazing when he frowned which happened often, as I could attest to and I was starting to like that expression on him and He didn t need the frown to make him look all intense and broody, but it definitely worked in his favor Rose Coleson lives in New York, and all her dreams are about to come true when everything she had planned for her future suddenly falls apart Her fiance broke up with her a few weeks ago, and the career she s wanted since she was eighteen is slowly slipping through her fingers Then she meets a man named Jack Hawthorne who proposes to her out of the blue and completely changes her life He offers to help her with a crazy plan that is to benefit them both Two strangers marrying for all the wrong reasons was insane, but this charade had nothing to do with love Love for her had only ended in heartbreak, so why not have a marriage that was strictly a business deal On the outside he was truly striking Male perfection in every way, but he wasn t her type Even though he was some serious eye candy, he was grumpy, cold and distant Standoffish with a prickly personality They were opposites, and he was the kind of guy she usually steered clear of She didn t generally date the fancy, rich types, so her heart wa...

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