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[Reading] ➭ Deathless Divide ➵ Justina Ireland –

Deathless DivideThe Sequel To Dread Nation Is A Journey Of Revenge And Salvation Across A Divided AmericaAfter The Fall Of Summerland, Jane McKeene Hoped Her Life Would Get Simpler Get Out Of Town, Stay Alive, And Head West To California To Find Her MotherBut Nothing Is Easy When You Re A Girl Trained In Putting Down The Restless Dead, And A Devastating Loss On The Road To A Protected Village Called Nicodermus Has Jane Questioning Everything She Thought She Knew About Surviving In S AmericaWhat S , This Safe Haven Is Not What It Appears As Jane Discovers When She Sees Familiar Faces From Summerland Amid This New Society Caught Between Mysteries And Lies, The Undead, And Her Own Inner Demons, Jane Soon Finds Herself On A Dark Path Of Blood And Violence That Threatens To Consume HerBut She Won T Be In It AloneKatherine Deveraux Never Expected To Be Allied With Jane McKeene But After The Hell She Has Endured, She Knows Friends Are Hard To Come By And That Jane Needs Her, Too, Whether Jane Wants To Admit It Or NotWatching Jane S Back, However, Is Than She Bargained For, And When They Both Reach A Breaking Point, It S Up To Katherine To Keep Hope Alive Even As She Begins To Fear That There Is No Happily Ever After For Girls Like Her

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    crying because I really want this book and need Jane McKeene in my life

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    How do I review a book that wrecked my heart so thoroughly without blubbering or spoiling everything or just keyboard smashing Not well But I ll try This was not the book I expected it to be I enjoyed it nevertheless I tried not to picture anything with Deathless Divide Still, I had a vague idea of what I thought might happen The book literally had nothing in common with my idea other than it being awesome But thank goodness, because I never would ve come up with this If Dread Nation is the awesome movie, then Deathless Divide is the gritty Netflix follow up series Like, eugh, my heart I literally teared up several times which is not an easy feat , and I outright cried once which is really hard unless an animal is involved I didn t predict one major theme and plot device and I didn t expect a character to play the vital role they did, but Ireland foreshadowed it in the previous book and it unfolded so beautifully and masterfully I literally went Wait, how did I not see this coming OF COURSE view spoiler The vaccine and bioethics, in case you were wondering I wondered why it didn t play a bigger role in the first book Also, of course Katherine Deveraux was right about trusting the people she trusts hide spoiler

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    the Most Important 2020 release after

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    Junstina Ireland did not come to play with us in book 1 alternative Historical zombie sci fi where the Zombie apocalypse abruptly ends the Civil War and black people are free but subject to a caste system that places them as trained zombie fighters to protect white people I m ready for book 2 and hoping for a Netflix series.

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    Seriously, thoughIs it February 4th yet

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    The survivalist utopia of Summerland fell to a horde Jane McKeene and Katherine Deveraux, along with six other survivors, escaped the death and destruction with one immediate goal to get somewhere safe But where can safety be found in a world where the dead walk the earth For Jane, wherever they go is just a stop along the way Now that she knows where her mother is, she plans to find her Plans tend to go awry, however, and the small group of survivors will face calamities resulting in devastating losses that test the bonds of friendship leaving one combatant questioning everything she thought she knew about the world, and struggling to find her place within it.Deathless Divide is a magnificent follow up to Dread Nation I had great expectations for this book, and high hopes for where the story might lead Even so, my wildest imaginings weren t sufficient in preparing me for what actually happened, and that turned out to be a very good thing.As noted in the book summary, their first stop is Nicodemus, described in the book as a Negro settlement founded by Freedman and runaways from the Five Civilized Tribes Several familiar characters reappear in Nicodemus, but there is little time for readers to get reacquainted with them before the first bit of trouble strikes.The story is told in two parts, the first dealing with the journey to Nicodemus, and the events that take place there This is the setting for THE most unexpected twist of the story While it wasn t unique for a zombie apocalypse story, the way it was handled left me reeling in shock and feeling completely devastated And that was it just like that, I knew what was going to happen next.Except, I didn t.The story took a major turn from there, leading in directions I would never have guessed it would go My imagination spun with all the possibilities, and I went into the second half of the story with an even greater sense of excitement.I won t mention anything beyond what I ve already stated or alluded to above Let s just say that the journey taken in this novel was intense than I expected it to be, and veered off into directions I wouldn t have expected it to New characters are introduced, and many of them were every bit as intriguing to me, in their own ways, as Jane and Katherine The ultimate payoff I expected when I began reading didn t materialize in quite the way I thought it would, but it was just as compelling to read if not so.The ending of Deathless Divide leaves open the possibility of a third book in the series, something I hope will come to fruition While I m completely satisfied with the way the story ended, there is clearly to be told in this story and I, for one, can t wait to find out what happens next If there is a next Please, let there be a next I want to know Highly recommended for readers who enjoy reading a mixture of young adult historical fiction with a big slice of horror courtesy of a zombie apocalypse With strong characters who face seemingly insurmountable odds at every turn from both the living and the dead , this book will leave you on the edge of your seat in breathless anticipation and dread of what will happen next.I received an advance reading copy of this book courtesy of Balzar Bray via Edelweiss.

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    This review was originally posted on The Moonlight LibrarySee original review for GIFs Deathless Divide was the perfect sequel to Dread Nation PERFECT.Whereas Dread Nation which everyone lost their minds for, myself included, because Civil War era zombies and a black female warrior lead Oh My God Yes sold itself on combat school for Negro girls , it really wove in a plot that expanded beyond the school and into a dystopic settlement called Summerland, where a young scientist was trying to find a cure for the restless dead that plagued the nation, threatening to wipe the continent off the face of the planet.However, the scientists experiments led to the fall of Summerland, and when Jane and Katherine escaped and headed off to another safe haven, disaster and heartache dogged their steps the whole way.This novel was an exploration of the Wild West zombies There was a fair amount of travelling, but I appreciated that, since literally nowhere is safe in this world The descriptions of the traveling and the world were so well done I could almost feel the road dust in my mouth, feel my feet aching after all that walking, and I was in a constant state of low key anxiety knowing that my beloved characters could be attacked at any moment and not just by shamblers, but by highwaymen bandits, white people, sheriffs, basically for any reason It is a terrifying world to be in, and I m no warrior, so I kind of felt like I was hiding behind Jane and Katherine at times, knowing they were the best girls at Miss Preston s.It didn t save my heartache Ireland s not a helicopter author Characters I cared about died, many with little ceremony Others swam in and out of the story, which was filled with betrayal and shifting loyalties and everything else that makes for great conflict.The one constant I had was Katherine and her point of view She was so loyal and brave and true I believe she even outshone Jane, who was driven by revenge for the entire novel, and turned into someone I still respected but didn t admire as much as Katherine Jane became hard and difficult to love, but Katherine always found a way, which I loved so much because it was such a huge character growth for her Like, she wears a corset because it helps her anxiety I totally get that Her response to every man that looks at her Not interested.I absolutely loved seeing everyone struggling with the same problem All the cities, even the ones that look safe, were faced with an overhanging threat of shamblers, but also dealing with racism, sexism, classism, and all the other horrible things that keep people not born into privilege down, while fancy white folk go about their business, safe and rich and reasonably healthy.I loved even the characterisation of our two leads, Jane and Katherine They were enemies at the start of Dread Nation, and I have loved so much seeing them come to rely on each other and consider each other friends not that they would admit it to each other Hard love I also love so much that while Jane is bisexual possibly pan Not really confirmed and it s just another label and Katherine is ace, they have such a strong platonic bond That is something I m always looking for, and I m so pleased that in this book there is diversity but no romance between the two female friends It s hitting bullseye on everything I love.I also have to mention how easy it was to read this book Both Deathless Divide and its precursor Dread Nation have the most phenomenal narrative voices, and they are by far the strongest I ve read in a long time I thoroughly enjoyed reading Deathless Divide, and I was always keen to get back to it after the real world took me away.I do however feel that there are a couple of threads still not answered, and I hope to god there s a third book exploring of this The first thing is will the cure become widely accessible and lead to America surviving this undead plague Or will the shamblers just slowly destroy everything like a successful Plague Inc game The second thing is what caused the undead in the first place I d really love to see those two questions explored and answered in a third book I think there s enough plot, characterisation, and demand for a third book I m basically begging down on my knees for a third book PLEASE I received a copy of this book from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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    Review to come

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    I don t have any clue what the next book will be but I need badass Jane Mkeene in my life So looking forward to the next book.The title sounds so alluring I better get another badass cover And we have to wait another year for this to come out No Edit we have a set date Yasss Update we have a cover Wellbook 1 s cover still seems pretty badass to and thisis nice but I still can t wait You can bet I will be reading this Now that I take a closer look,it seems to me that the girls on the cover are ready for anything Still,there could have been a better coverMaybe Jane looking around the fog with her sword with Catherine by her side as they are surrounded by Shamblers ready to fight Or better yet just Jane That would be niceand darn it I loved the first cover in the seriesit might not be bad though

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