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[ Reading ] ➾ The Mersey Girls Author Katie Flynn –

The Mersey GirlsRead The Mersey Girls Katie Flynn Spring 1913, And Seventeen Year Old Evie Murphy Is Leaving Her Native Ireland For The City Of Liverpool With Her Baby Daughter Linnet But Leaving Linnet S Frail Twin, Lucy, Behind These Are Mixed Fortunes Ahead For Evie, And While Lucy Grows Up In The Beautiful Irish Countryside, Linnet Is All Too Often Forced To Throw Herself On The Mercy Of The Enormous, Impoverished Sullivan Family Life In A Slum Court During The Thirties Is Far From Easy But When Tragedy Strikes It Becomes The Only Existence Possible For Linnet Destitute, She Disappears Into The Liverpool Slums Like An Teardrop In An Ocean Lucy, Meanwhile, Urgently Needs Her Sister By Her Side But She Has Little Idea, When She Leaves The Farm And Sets Off To Look For Linnet, How Their Meeting Will Change Their Lives For Ever.

[ Reading ] ➾ The Mersey Girls Author Katie Flynn –
  • Paperback
  • 400 pages
  • The Mersey Girls
  • Katie Flynn
  • English
  • 15 March 2017
  • 9780749316280

    10 thoughts on “[ Reading ] ➾ The Mersey Girls Author Katie Flynn –

  1. says:

    A gentle, heart warming tale of twin sisters, Linnet and Lucy Murphy, who are parted as babies and lead very different lives as a result One stays at home on Ivy Farm in Ireland and the other ends up in the big city of Liverpool, having to rely on the hospitality of others and eventually make her own way to make ends meat From reading the blurb, I was expecting the sisters to meet up much sooner and so for me, the story seemed to be going at a very slow pace and really focussing in on what each girl s upbringing was like and the experiences they had and the people they met But about halfway through I realised, their meeting is going to be the climax of this story and I started to enjoy the book much I couldn t figure out why it was called The Mersey Girls and even began to consider that the front cover was a mistake as the girls surname is Murphy But I knew, really, that that couldn t be the case and I was looking forward to finding out why they receive the name Mersey I m guessing a little knowledge of Liverpool might have helped me, but I won t give anything else away.There are some lovely snippets of imagery in this book which really place y...

  2. says:

    Having recently visited Liverpool I wanted to read a social history book set in that city This tale begins in 1913 and spans a couple of decades but there is not a single mention of the Great War, which I thought unlikely We also don t see much of the docks, hear nothing of the sugar or ship building industries and never see the two Liver Birds.A young single mother in Kerry goes to find fame and fortune in Liverpool taking one baby girl and leaving the other Little Evie is not much of a presence in this tale, which is about her two daughters and their aunt Maeve Linnet is raised in the city among poor Irish families while Lucy remains on the Kerry farm, not surprisingly emerging the healthier of the two This is not a tale of drama, politics or strife, just an account of their different lives, loves and how they meet up aga...

  3. says:

    A lovely story, you are there with the characters be it on Ivy Farm with Lucy or the streets of Liverpool with Linnet It kinda of ended quickly and would have been good to end with Maeve coming back for Lucy s wedding and being reunited with Linnet.

  4. says:

    A good read for a trip.

  5. says:

    If you ve read other Kate Flynn novels and enjoyed them, you will enjoy this A thoroughly enjoyable read, was almost disappointed to finish reading it.

  6. says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book It has loss, romance and long lost family , fighting poverty and ties to Ireland An interesting read

  7. says:

    This was the first time I ve read a Katie Flynn book and although it was a very easy read and flowed brilliantly, there were a few things that I didn t like about it.The main issue I had was that the first few chapters started off with listing the year it took place which made it easy to know the ages of the characters and how long has passed However it wasn t long before this dropped off and the rest of the book didn t mention the year This meant that sometimes I could be halfway through a chapter before I realised that years had passed since the previous chapter so the timeline felt a bit all of the place.Flynn however has made some very likeable characters, the twins in particular Although I preferred Linnet s story as I found it so much...

  8. says:

    This is the first book of hers that I have read Quite good, quick read.Back Cover Blurb Spring 1913, and seventeen year old Evie Murphy is leaving her native Ireland for the city of Liverpool with her baby daughter Linnet but leaving Linnet s frail twin, Lucy, behind But there are mixed fortunes ahead for Evie, and while Lucy grows up in the beautiful Irish countryside, Linnet is all too often forced to throw herself on the mercy of the enormous impoverished Sullivan family Life in a slum court during the thirties is far from easy but when trag...

  9. says:

    I have read quite a few of Katie Flynn s books as I like the light historical genre I enjoyed this one, the switching between the two characters gave it variety, and a comparison of the lives led by the separated twins in the different types of area i.e urban Liverpool and rural Ireland plus of course the historical perspective Both of the heroines were likeable, optimistic characters who rose to the ch...

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