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Read ➭ Acid For The Children Author Flea –

Acid For The Children The Iconic Bassist And Co Founder Of The Red Hot Chili Peppers Tells His Fascinating Origin Story, Complete With All The Dizzying Highs And The Gutter Lows You D Want From An LA Street Rat Turned World Famous Rock StarMichael Peter Balzary Was Born In Melbourne, Australia, On October , His Famous Stage Name, Flea, And His Wild Ride As The Renowned Bass Player For The Red Hot Chili Peppers Was In A Far And Distant Future Little Michael From Oz Moved With His Very Conservative, Very Normal Family To Westchester, New York, Where Life As He Knew It Was Soon Turned Upside Down His Parents Split Up And He And His Sister Moved Into The Home Of His Mother S Free Wheeling, Jazz Musician Boyfriend, Walt Trading In Rules, Stability, And Barbecues For Bohemian Values, Wildness, And Sunday Afternoon Jazz Parties Where Booze, Weed, And Music Flowed In Equal Measure Michael Was Frightened By The Lack Of Order In His New Reality And His Volatile New Stepfather, But Found His Salvation In The World Of Passionate Musicians The Walt Exposed Him To There Began His Life Long Journey To Channel All The Frustration, Loneliness, Love, And Joy He Felt Into Incredible RhythmWhen Michael S Family Moved To Los Angeles In , His Home Situation Was Rockier Than Ever He Sought Out A Sense Of Belonging Elsewhere, Spending Most Of His Days Partying, Playing Basketball, And Committing Petty Crimes At Fairfax High School, He Met Another Social Outcast, Anthony Kiedis, Who Quickly Became His Soul Brother, The Yin To His Yang, His Partner In Mischief Michael Joined Some Bands, Fell In Love With Performing, And Honed His Skills But It Wasn T Until The Night When Anthony, Excited After Catching A Grandmaster Flash Concert, Suggested They Start Their Own Band That He Is Handed The Magic Key To The Cosmic KingdomAcid For The Children Is As Raw, Entertaining And Wildly Unpredictable As Its Author It S Both A Tenderly Evocative Coming Of Age Story And A Raucous Love Letter To The Power Of Music And Creativity

Read ➭ Acid For The Children  Author Flea –
  • Hardcover
  • 400 pages
  • Acid For The Children
  • Flea
  • English
  • 07 April 2017
  • 9781455530533

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    Originally published on The Nerd Daily Review by Beth MowbrayMichael Balzary You probably know him as Flea, bassist and co founder of the iconic band Red Hot Chili Peppers Observing him in the public eye, playing intensely energetic rock shows for over three and a half decades, one may think Flea is just your typical rock star an over the top persona However, after reading his memoir, it is clear this would be a monumental misrepresentation and oversimplification of a quite complex human soul.In Acid for the Children, Flea shares, in great detail, the first 20 years or so of his life, from his childhood all the way up to the inception of the band that would forever change his world and that of rock music As readers may expect, this memoir has no shortage of wild and crazy tales From family and friends to music and drugs, this book covers it all Even the influence of literature on Flea s life from a very young age Did you know that he is an avid bookworm, influenced by the likes of Vonnegut and Bukowski The short chapters, filled with little vignettes specific scenes he recalls from his past keep the book moving forward at a good pace, providing the life highlights of a man who surely has many tales to tell and adventures left to experience.Readers are, however, likely to be surprised by the deeply touching nature of the narrative Flea moves on from simply telling these stories to create a much richer context by embedding them in the surrounding emotions, the impact of the events, and even sharing insights that are only visible now looking back into his past He examines how his childhood experiences have caused him to struggle with finding a sense of self and loving others, explores how using drugs opened him up to a new spiritual world at least initially and helped him feel free to express himself.Reading this book is akin to having a conversation with the man himself candid and stripped down, like hearing Flea speak his own story aloud, just as a memoir should be There is a lyrical lilt to Flea s prose His voice is clear and authentic, without a tinge of pretension His enthusiasm for life, the way that he has always been unapologetically himself, is evident through his writing Despite being a self defined outsider, his purity of heart shines through, as he is clearly an individual full of kindness and empathy who seeks interconnectedness with those around him and with the universe on a larger scale Perhaps most importantly, this memoir is utterly thought provoking It challenges assumptions It reflects on the past, shining a light on how decisions have a ripple effect throughout our days And it meditates on the beauty inherent in both life and those who walk through it with us.I highly recommend picking it up You are certain to walk away from the reading experience feeling as if you actually know Flea himself.

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    I got an ARC via a goodreads giveaway This definitely was not what I was expecting from a rock n roll hall of famer It is an unusually self aware, non self serving autobiography Instead of regaling you with romanticized stories of sex, drugs, and alcohol Flea lets you into his mind as he dealt with his very dysfunctional family severe emotional neglect among other issues from when he ran the streets as a child to using hard drugs to present day to show what really happens in the head of many musicians The book is made up of short chapters 3 4 pages each , that are well written but emotionally heavy.

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    I have to admit, I knew very little about Flea bassist for the iconic band Red Hot Chili Peppers before reading this book Of course I grew up listening to their music I remember skating around outside, free as a bird, to the tune of Aeroplane Driving around in my first car with the Californication album blaring And perhaps a performance or two with the guys wearing some strategically placed socks But I knew nothing about his life story.In Acid for the Children Flea shares, in great detail, the first 20 years or so of his life As you may expect, there is no shortage of wild and crazy tales From family and friends to music and drugs, this memoir covers it all Even the influence of books on Flea s life from a very young age The reader is, however, likely to be surprised by the deeply touching nature of Flea s narrative I imagine that reading this book is akin to having a conversation with the man himself candid and stripped down, like hearing Flea speak his own story aloud, just as a memoir should be.There is a lyrical lilt to Flea s prose, his voice clear and authentic I was moved by his enthusiasm for life, the way that he has always been unapologetically himself And perhaps most surprisingly, this memoir challenged my assumptions, making me think in unexpected ways and reminding me of the beauty inherent in life and those who walk through it with us.Many thanks to Grand Central Publishing for this giveaway win You can find Acid for the Children in a bookstore near you on November 5th

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    When Flea, puts out a book titled Acid For The Children, it got my attention right away I really didn t know anything about the entertainer other then I enjoyed the movies he was in and love Red Hot Chilli Pepper music I was in for treat as I kicked back to read about the young man Michael Bazlzary and his evolution into being Flea First this is no standard autobiography, this is an adventure ride into Flea s youth.I was captured by his tales growing up The crazy home life The music around him that would assist later in life I enjoyed reading his journey from Australia to New York, and eventually California Only Flea could tell you this journey.Many readers may find some shock value in the book but shouldn t Being a bit naive on the drugs in the book added to my learning about the time, place, and the world around I enjoyed hearing about Flea s musical influences and his love of jazz His journey into rock, punk rock, and all the LA underground music.I would enjoy reading a column from Flea reviewing books His discussions on lots of books that influenced him was great I think he could add a new prospective on books off today.I would like to meet Flea I think he would be fun guy to kick back with and no holding back look on life I enjoyed this memoir and reccomend it.

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    Obviously five stars What else could I give I ll be reading this for the rest of my life Eye opening and intriguing and meditative and beautiful I hope he writes a thousand .

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    Found out while reading this inspiring memoir music, all kinds, jazz books, films that Flea lived for a while in the same town as my grandparents, just a few blocks away and used to goof around at the duck pond, same duck pond that I played around with my family nearly every Sunday We could ve locked eyes at some point.

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    Flea has an interesting writer s voice, part hard scrapple street kid, part mystic I enjoyed the beginning and related to his p.t.s.d having been raised by inconsistent and sometimes neglectful parents I was amazed at how fast he grew up, but then not, considering his wandering the crazy streets of Los Angeles as a tweener His wild and crazy glory day drug stories were interspersed with tiny bits of I m glad I m alive platitudes But he did make up for it by book s end with a plea to others not to make the same mistakes he did To his credit as well, much of his book shows his dedication and need for close friendships which helped make up for his lack of parental guidance.Definitely worth the read especially for young musicians discouraged by not finding the like minded people to jam in synchronicity with to you he d say, just keep trying

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    Not at all what I expected, which is why it s brilliant Flea gives you all of his best, and what a funky fresh reveal it is Seriously enjoyed.

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