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!!> Download ➾ Moon Magic (Clearwater Witches, #4) ➼ Author Madeline Freeman –

Moon Magic (Clearwater Witches, #4) What Force Can Stop Someone Who Will Stop At Nothing Haunted By A Single Night Four Months Ago, Krissa Has Cut Herself Off From Her Friends And Loved Ones, Afraid To Taint Them With The Darkness Swelling Within Her.Left Reeling From The Consequences Of The Spell That Removed An Unwanted Consciousness From Her Body, Crystal Will Do Anything To Reclaim The Magic She Lost.Set Adrift In A World She Never Prepared To Live In, Sasha Clings To The One Thing She Believes Will Bring Her Peace Seeking Revenge Against The Person Who Destroyed Her Future.When A New Threat Emerges Against Krissa And Her Friends, Will She Be Strong Enough To Do What Is Necessary To Save Those She Loves

    10 thoughts on “!!> Download ➾ Moon Magic (Clearwater Witches, #4) ➼ Author Madeline Freeman –

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    The last few chapters are the only thing saving this from one starThe series has been ok so far Nothing to recommended and get too excited over But it was a nice easy simple slightly interesting read That is until this book I...

  2. says:

    why Oy The only way to make this better is to make a list of Krissa s chapters Why the author decided to write this installment in multiple points of view, after the first three are in first person, is beyond me And the character points of view she chose are boring and add nothing to the overall...

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    Great seriesI m rushing through the series and can t stopI love the characters, the relationships, the suspense of the story, and the back drama The only reason I went with 4 instead of 5 stars on this one was because I didn t like how Krissa lost focus on the night of the eclipse to worry about a b...

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    Good teeny Bopper read when you need to get out of your head for a minute.

  5. says:

    Overall Good book series Only giving it 4 stars because of spelling and grammatical errors Overall, I really enjoy the series and will continue reading

  6. says:

    Awesome Just finished this one and have already ordered the 5th book Krissa is an awesome character Can t wait to see how everything plays out in the last book

  7. says:

    Lovely continuation of the paranormal story of the psychics and witches and their battles

  8. says:

    2.5This one was just a bit slow As interesting as the new POVs were, I think Sasha s was unnecessary I feel like she was only included to add drama at the start and although it was nice to see the world expanded a little, I just think the b...

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    I thought that I was going to love this book mainly because I ve loved all the ones preceeding it However, I m not very pleased with it I did like seeing things from Crystal and Sasha s view in addition to Krissa s, but other than that, it was a drag up until ...

  10. says:

    A truly great series.I can t wait for the next installment of this series It s been an interesting journey Love the plot twists and characters This is one of my favorite series.

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