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[Reading] ➶ Dust of the Earth By Ian Winchester –

Dust of the EarthDust And Tachi Are International Data Thieves Who Have Just Stolen The World S First, Truly Sentient Artificial Intelligence.Now All They Have To Do Is Live Long Enough To Sell It.But Between The Elite Of Cyborg Assassins, A Rebel Hacker Cabal Who Want The A.I For Their Own Ends And The A.I S Own Quest For Identity, It S Going To Take Every Trick Dust And Tachi Know To Stay One Step Ahead, Finish The Job And Get Paid.

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    An exciting novel set in a full metal cyberpunk dystopia that still takes the time to give its characters heart and life.We follow and get to know a ragtag crew after they pull off the heist of the century, stealing a piece of technology that everyone with a gun and a will wants to possess With powerful foes hunting them they make their way throu...

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